Paul Dean

Spy Hunter
Guinness Book High Score

Years I was Published in the Guinness Book of World Records
[1986] [1987]

Game Facts
Guinness Book Discontinued Publishing Video Game High Scores After 1987 then stared up again in 2007 republishing my Spy Hunter Score
My High Score
June 28, 1985
Court Huish Upland Family
Fun Center
Undefeated For Over 20 Years
Year Released: 1983
Class: Wide Release

Associates Of Science Computer Information Systems
Bachelor or Arts in Sociology
1985 Video Game Masters Tournament
June 28 - 30 1985
Court Huish Upland Family
Fun Center

1500 West 7th
Upland, CA 91786

College Affiliation For My Degrees
University of California Riverside
Cal State San Bernardino
Cal State Fullerton
Riverside College
Valley College

Video Game Operator of Route
Trade Show Installer

IATSE Stage Show Employee
Teaching Credential
Bonded Pari-Mutuel


CBEST Licensed Teacher K-12
Licensed Realtor
IATSE Member
Local Painters & Allied Trades Member
Tradeshow Installer
Alumni Cal State
Alpha Gamma Sigma
Paramutual Credential


This web site was developed on 3/17/2004 so video game players could find the high scores of the early 1980's and be able to learn how Video Game Score Keeping came about and to explain how the video game craze began and who was involved in its inception.

There are many rules that have to be followed in order to be allowed onto the Twin Galaxies High Score Board

There is some controversy in getting onto and staying on this list. This site gives some light on the stringent rules and other such matters with the controversial high score challenge.

Please enjoy my site:

Thank you,

Paul Dean

June 28, 1985 Undefeated Spy Hunter Video Game
Guinness Book Champion

Family Album
Iron Man High Score

Frenzy World Record of Paul Dean - December 4, 2005
Mark Smith of Shelby, NC, United States has lost his 1983 golden era Frenzy Title of 4,804,540, to Paul Dean, 4,874,931, of Riverside, CA, on December 4, 2005 at the Totally Amused Classic Players Reunion at Humble, Texas. This classic era players reunion and competition was run by Dwayne Richard, Famous for many world record titles, and Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxies. This 41 hour game was grueling and probably will not be matched in the future unless another iron man comes around in the next 20 years. Mark Smith's held his title for 22 years, as his score was a tough score to beat because of the time involved to marathon this title. Dwayne Richard and Walter Day confirmed the entire Frenzy Game, and the Four Roll overs in which a referee must be present at all times to confirm this difficult to follow game. When ever there is a roll over present, there must be triple checks on the score to make sure it is legitimate. This score was made the official world record on December 4, 2005 by Walter Day.


The first Coin-Op Video Game I ever played was a cocktail version of the 
arcade game pong in 1972.  This video game was in the Caboose waiting room
of The Railroader Restaurant of Riverside converted from an old train that
had seen better days on the railroad lines on Arlington/Magnolia Avenue,
Riverside, CA. 

Serving famous hamburgers, malts, omlettes, and dinners in authentically decorated
railway dining cars. Enjoy family meals in the atmosphere of turn of the century 
train travel. ALL ABOARD! Redlands, Riverside, Claremont, San Bernardino, Hemet
Riverside - ex-UP #5111 and ex-UP club-lounge #6205 "MOJAVE RIVER"

Unfortunately, this Train, Restaurant disappeared and made way for an office 
building -- Thus my memories are all that is left.

Pong Trivia
The legend of Nolan Bushnell and Pong being rejected by Bally, and putting 
the prototype into Andy Capp's Tavern, a "rustic location" in Sunnyvale, CA,
is true -- at least, most of it is. According to the legend, the bartender 
called Al Alcorn (who built the machine) two days after it was installed and 
told him, "The f---ing thing is broken, get it out of here!" When Alcorn went
to check on it, he discovered that the jury-rigged coin box was overflowing,
preventing the mechanism from registering coins.

pong upright video game

The real story is that it was a polite call two weeks after it was installed, where the tavern manager, Bill Gattis, said to Alcorn, "This is the weirdest thing. When I opened the bar this morning, there were two or three people at the door waiting to get in. They walked in and played that machine. They did not buy anything. I have never seen anything like this before." He suggested Alcorn should fix the machine since it had developed a following. Alcorn opened the coin box to treat himself to a free game when quarters came gushing out. He scooped up some of the quarters, put them in his pockets, gave Gattis his business card and said, "Next time this happens, you call me at home right away. I can always fix this one." After that, Bushnell decided Atari would manufacture Pong itself.
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