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Originally published in the

American Edition
of the Guinness Book of World Records®

Note: The following has the spelling errors from the Original edition corrected.

To ascertain what scores in video games are actually world records, a nation wide competition was held under the auspices of Twin Galaxies with Walter Day as coordinator, across the continent.

The results of the competition are in the accompanying chart. The winners and their scores have been verified by qualified judges. This was the first competition of this kind and plans are to continue this under the same auspices annually.

Game Score Player's Name
Alpine Ski 241,525 John T. Gordon
Arm Wrestling 781,030 Mark H
Baby Pac-Man 1,220,800 Tim Uyeda
Badlands 146,080 Gary Hatt
Battlezone 10,000,000 David Palmer
Berserk (Fast) 104,680 Ron K. Bailey
Bosconian 615,490 Frank Rion
Bubbles 1,365,970 Joe Malasarte
Bump-N-Jump 421,760 Chris Cummins
Burgertime 4,978,550 Bill Mitchell
Catch-22 (Combat) 4,532,950 Douglas DePirro
Centipede 5,500,000 G. Ben Carter Jr
Cerberus 101,500 Robert Haukap
Cheyenne 319,209,350 Donn Nauert
Choplifter 1,781,000 Charles Collins
Commando 835,700 Jeff Wakefield
Congo Bongo 379,500 Steve Harris
Crackshot 4,885,140 Pat Harmon
Crossbow 9,212,500 Donn Nauert
Crystal Castles 881,306 Mark Alpiger
Defender 230,125 Gino Yoo
Dig Dug 1,847,960 Ken Eshtiaghi
Discs of Tron 418,200 David Bagenski
Donkey Kong 874,300 Bill Mitchell
Donkey Kong Jr 957,300 Bill Mitchell
Donkey Kong 3 2,132,100 Lloyd Bromola
Elevator Action 143,450 G. Ben Carter Jr
Empire Strikes Back 1,345,049 David Palmer
Express Raider 197,200 Gary Hatt
Firefox (9000 Mile) 707,790 David Palmer
Flicky 4,548,540 Jonathan Long
Frogger 86,880 Todd Walker
Frontline 268,000 William Joyce
Galaga 2,278,190 James Vollandt
Galaxian 186,770 Lloyd Dahling
Galplus 1,320,500 Bill Bradham
Gimme A Break 599 Carlos G. Gonzales
Gunsmoke 1,348,850 Richie Paul Woodward
Hang-On (Simulator) 40,715,030 Don Novak
Hogan's Alley 2,738,100 Jack Gale
Hyper Sports 538,340 Kelly Kobashigawa
Indiana Jones 1,176,520 Ronald Mangio
I, Robot 1,383,959 Dave Ryan
Joust 1,537,500 Brett Watt
Junior Pac-Man 331,000 Kevin Fischer
Jungle King 198,280 Andy Noriega
Karate Champ 239,900 George Weller
Krull 323,780 Mark Rodobaugh
Kung-Fu Master 1,349,040 Mike Sullivan
Lode Runner 162,340 David Leicht
MACH 3 (Bomber) 361,900 Sur Baycroft
MACH 3 (Fighter) 455,600 Randy Albright
Mad Crasher 844,988 Jack Gale
Mad Planets 129,714 Janice Rose
Major Havoc 1,940,078 Ettore Ciaffi
Mappy 573,450 Mike Reynolds
Mario Bros 1,758,800 Perry Rodgers
Marble Madness 187,880 Stan Szczepanski
Mario Bros 1,758,800 Perry Rodgers
Mat Mania 3,722,600 Jon Sitzman
Mayhem 2002 10,200 David Leicht
Megazone 973,190 Stephen Joseph
Millipede 4,822,800 James Schneider
Missile Command 1,695,265 Roy Shildt
Mr Do 1,390,350 Desiree McCrorey
Mr Do's Castle 370,520 Roy Sidor
Ms PacMan 874,530 Chris Ayra
Nibbler 390,156,320 Marc Wertheim
Pack-Rat 630,157 Bill Carmichael
PacLand 874,330 Scott Hilty
PacMan 3,155,320 Patrice Corbell
Paperboy 1,002,018 John Philip Britt
Pengo 460,650 Terry Tanaka
Pole Position 67,260 Les Lagier
Pole Position II 79,890 Jeff Peters (Test Track) (Fuji)
Pole Position II 44,150 George Fabela (Sazuka)
Pole Position II 75,390 Jeff Peters (Seaside)
Popeye 351,150 Steve Harris
PunchOut 15,019,240 Dale Klaus
Q*bert 1,895,565 Tom Gault
Rally-X 51,660 Tad Perry
Red Baron 214,230 David Palmer
Robotron 960,350 Robert (Bonney) Griffin
Rush-N-Attack 447,140 Dave Lopez
Sarge 137,575 Dale Klaus
Satan's Hollow 18,098,450 Michael Ward
SiniStar 282,225 Jeff Peters
Space Harrier 31,077,900 Richard Hunter
Space Invaders 29,090 Sonny Shum
Speed Buggy (Offroad) 101,440 Tim Mereno
Speed Buggy (South) 177,480 Mark Foster
Speed Buggy (West) 83,990 Tim Mereno
Spy Hunter 9,512,590 Paul Dean
Star Gate 194,200 Scott Heyano
Star Rider 339,015 David Palmer
Star Trek 1,723,175 Maurice Disciullo
Star Wars 31,660,614 David Palmer
Stocker 53,970 Cody Jones
Super Basketball 1,394,930 Tim McGuire
Super Mario Bros 2,229,350 Michael Perring
Super PunchOut 182,980 Sean Jensen
Tapper 9,068,625 Michael Ward
Tempest 822,852 Jeff Seymour
Ten-Yard Fight 295,100 Mike Macy
Tiger-Heli 659,960 George Cifrancis III
Time Pilot 5,197,100 Jeff Peters
Time Pilot 84 342,900 David Presley
Track & Field 95,040 Kelly Kobashigawa
Tron 1,695,463 David Palmer
Turbo 53,179 Wish Stuckey
Turkey Shoot 74,650 Stefan Pare Delisle
Tutankham 205,780 Jorge Matsufuji
Vanguard 317,330 Thomas Chaka
Vertigo 595,028 Donn Nauert
Wizard of Wor 80,300 Mark Longridge
Zaxxon 804,150 Dave Ander
Zoo Keeper 20,063,920 Jack Gale

January 18, 1982 - January 5, 1986.
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