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Spy Hunter 1986
Guinness Book High Score of 9,512,590

Years I was Published in the Guinness Book of World Records [1986] [1987][1997] Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records. The photo below is my 1981 Asteroids State Championship Buckle
for a 12 Hour Game

My Earned 1981 Asteroids (Silco West) State Championships Buckle Story

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My [June 28, 1985] Spy Hunter Video Game Guinness Book High Score Has Not Been Beaten In Over 19 Years 2004®

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Frenzy World Record of Paul Dean - December 4, 2005

Mark Smith of Shelby, NC, United States has lost his 1983 golden era Frenzy Title of 4,804,540, to Paul Dean, 4,874,931, of Riverside, CA, on December 4, 2005 at the Totally Amused Classic Players Reunion at Humble, Texas. This classic era players reunion and competition was run by Dwayne Richard, Famous for many world record titles, and Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxies. This 41 hour game was grueling and probably will not be matched in the future unless another Iron Man comes around in the next 20 years. Mark Smith held his title for 22 years, as his score was a tough score to beat because of the time involved to marathon this title. Dwayne Richard and Walter Day confirmed the entire Frenzy Game, and the Four Roll overs in which a referee must be present at all times to confirm this difficult to follow game. When ever there is a roll over present, there must be triple checks on the score to make sure it is legitimate. This score was made the official world record on December 4, 2005 by Walter Day. Paul Dean Video Game Biography: Arcade Video Game Paul Dean from Riverside, California, born October 1, 1964 was named All Star Marathon crown at Totally Amused Arcade on December 4th, 2005 in Humble, Texas during the highly-acclaimed "Legends of the Golden Age" classic gamers reunion after playing Frenzy, the sequel to Berzerk, for over 41 hours for a new world record. He also took first place on Spy Hunter after an 11 hour marathon at the Third Annual Masters Tournament on June 28, 1985, beating the legendary players Phil Britt and Jeff Peters at the Huish Family Fun Center in Upland, California. This high score put him in the 1986 Guinness Book of World Records. Paul Dean was in the finals of the California Silco West Asteroids State Championships in 1981 after winning the regionals with a 12 hour marathon game on Asteroids at a Silco West 7/11 on Arlington Avenue in Riverside, California. He has been playing video games and pinball on and off for about 30 years as he has an arcade route which keeps him busy as well as being in two pinball leagues and running his own web site, www.spyhunter007.com. His other work is that of a Tradeshow Installer in which his most recent work has been getting the Microsoft X-Box 360 exhibit ready for the Los Angeles, CA. E3 Event in 2006. Paul Dean Milestones World Ranking Game Title Score Marathon Hours Location Date 1 Frenzy 4,874,931 41 Hours Humble, TX 12/4/2005 1 Spy Hunter 9,512,590 11 1/2 Hours Upland, CA 6/28/1985 Top 20 Asteroids 7,000,000 12 Hours Riverside, CA 6/01/1981

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