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August 19, 2004:
Jack --Entee, CEO and S. Lacey, President of Nth Degree awards Paul Dean the highl regarded Extreme Award for upholding the standards of perfection and for supporting the companies vision and mission statements in serving others in the Industry. January 28, 1998

This award was put forth after Paul Dean worked a 24 hour shift setting up and installing in the Broadcast and Media event in Anaheim, Ca in 1997. The industries perfection of standards were met and praised after much effort and after many last minute detailed changes which required maticulious perfection and speed down to the wire in order to make the show date opening deadline of that event. Biography: Paul Dean states that I (Paul Dean) do much better under stress. It puts my mind on full throttle and I am able to figure out things at a rapid fire pace. I don't know why this is and I can't say that I enjoy being under any stress but that just seems to be when my best work comes out.

My spy hunter guinness book world record was done under the tournament stress on June 28, 1985 in which I excelled beyond my wildest possible dreams and made it into history with a score that was ten times higher than any other high score to date.

Walter Day, Editor of Video Game World Records has stated that Paul Dean's score was possibly the greatest in the 1980's and the greatest score yet seen even now 20 years later. That is quite a compliment considering Walter Day has recorded thousands and thousands of World Record scores since he started recording scores in 1981 for world records books.

In 1998 Paul Dean continues perfection, not in video game playing but in exhibits building in the Tradeshow Industry in California and Las Vegas, NV. Paul Dean has been a leadman in the number one installation company in the world, Nth Degree, Inc.

Paul Dean has also enjoyed being an route owner and operator so that he can keep in touch with the video game industry and remember his days as a video game player. At one time Paul Dean had games in just about every city in five counties of southern, california. One account had over 123 locations (Little Caesars) and other accounts were arcades with all sorts of equipment besides video games. I (Paul Dean) have tried vending candy bars, drinks and have owned cranes that would pick up stuffed animals and even had record machines (Juke Boxes) along with video game routes.

Unfortunately, Paul Dean had a fall while building exhibits in Anahiem, CA on April 4, 2001 which has stopped him from progressing in any type of work. The surgeries needed were a discectomy of the L5 S1 disc which herniated at 7 millimeters and a piriformis release of the right hip which the nerve had become entrapped and damaged in the work related injury of April 4, 2001. Paul Dean is now resting and gradually recovering to what extent he can and hopes to again put forth excellence in the work place when he has healed enough to return back to work.

I (Paul Dean) believe that if you try your best, good things will happen, so I just keep pushing along and doing what I can to make the world a little bit better.

Thank you,

Paul Dean

PS: My friends and brother who were all Guinness World Record Players in Riverside, CA during 1985 were the following:

Mike Quarles (Crystal Castles), Mike Sullivan (Kung Fu Master), Phil Britt (Paperboy), Dave Dean (Mappy), Jeff Peters (Pole Position, Etiwanda, and CA, Mike Umbarger) (Castle Amusement Park, Riverside, CA.)

They were all so modest and stand-up guys that they never bragged or even mentioned to me how good they were on any games all though they were all the best in the world. I never even realized how good they were until now, 20 years later when I started doing research on getting my high score re-recognized and taken out of hiatus status for the new 2005 World Record Book. Our scores were printed in the 1986 Guinness Book and the 1998 Twin Galaxies Official Video Game and Pinball World Records Book.

My hat is off to my friends, who helped me and pushed me to do better in those Castle Park Practice sessions in Riverside, CA 20 years ago. It is to bad you can't go back in time and relive those golden years all over again!

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