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Your Spy Hunter adventure starts as the Weapons Van rolls up from the bottom of the screen
and pulls over to the shoulder of the road. The Van stops and your Spy Car rolls
out the back, armed with machine guns. The name of the car, the G-6155, is a clever tribute
to designer George Gomez - the numbers stand for the programmers birthdate.
G6155 Definition of programmer/coder: Creator CIA CAR: Prototype Interceptor
Full Reading of : Gomez, June 1, 1955 Birthdate

G-6155 Specifications:
C.I.A. Protytpe Interceptor
(With S.U. Marine Counterpart)

Sports Car Interceptor: High performance, all terrain vechicle which
can drive on land or water because it has the ability to morph into
a speedboat.

Automatic Transmission:

Turbine Engine:
826 H.P.
0 - 60 m.p.h. in 2.3 sec

Weapons Aboard:
Dual 50 Caliber Continuous fire Leon type Machine Guns
Surface to air infra red heat seating tomcat BC Missiles
800 Horse Power D.O.H.C. (Double Overhead Cam)
Twin Turbo injected JCK Engine
2-80 Based Tom L Total Control System
Audio System by Libbe-Meal
Artistic Renderings by Tony Ramunni

Offensive and Defensive Weaponry: G6155

Smoke screen
Oil slick
Oil ignited Flame Slick in Water
Smoke Screen

The car in the
game was modeled after a 1983 Z28,

which is featured in the brochure for the game.


George Gomez, Lead Programmer, on Spy Hunter: Link

My original design for both upright and sit-down
were identical. And they were produced that way if
only because of the economies of manufacturing.

Which means: why make different parts, since it will
cost less to make more of one design.

Spyhunter 2 which I had nothing to do with was

On my game both left and right grips should each have a
trigger and a thumb button, in addition to the center
button (call weapons van). The shifter was a 2 position
device, low and high. Of course there was the gas pedal
and a series of dashboard weapons lights for machine
guns, missiles, oil slick and smoke. After the first
few thousand games the grips were retooled in plastic
and they went on to be used in hundreds of different
games. They were licensed to Happ controls in the
late 80's and they have been on almost every manufacturer's
games at one point or another.

The original sand cast aluminum grips(painted black) were
actually molded directly from patterns that I carved and
they had softer contours and were more comfortable but they
were also very expensive. So to cost reduce them the company
took the grips and retooled them to be injection molded
plastic. However the patterns for the plastic grips were
made off the engineering drawings and the drawings of that
era were not as representative of the actual parts I carved,
since they were made after my patterns instead of before.

I have the original wood patterns along with some other
stuff from development of the game in a box somewhere.



Spy Hunter in Stereo
Besides Dragons Lair, spy huner was another of the first stereo
sound games, Spy Hunter has one channel dedicated solely to the
familiar Peter Gunn spy caper theme and the other dedicated to
activated game sounds--machine guns, helicopter blades, and
other in-game action noises. It's a classic game, and Spy Hunter's
reputation is marred only by the fact that it produced--in the
words of the Simpsons' comic book guy--the "worst sequel ever."

Game Description

Spy Hunter is an action/driving game. It places the player as
the driver of a "spy" vehicle. The object of the game is to
travel the freeways and hunt down and destroy as many enemy
vehicles as possible, all the while protecting and not harming
innocent civilian vehicles.

The view is top-down, much like a helicopter vantage point.
The screen scrolls verticly underneath the player's car. An
addictive arrangement of the "Peter Gunn" theme music by
Henry Mancini plays throughout. As an interesting side note,
Henry Mancini also wrote the Pink Panther theme and Baby Elephant
Walk theme music that was used in the classic Crazy Climber
video game from 1980.
Here the Peter Gunn Jazz & Orchestra Sound Track

The game begins with the player driving a vehicle, a generic
white sports car. Since the view is top-down, it may be more
appropriate to say "controlling" the car via remote control
since the view is not from the driver's seat. Soon, the player
starts to encounter enemy vehicles which try to force the
player's car off the road and crash. Each enemy vehicle has
its own special feature, such as tire slashers or bulletproof

Points are scored for staying alive (a counter increments the
score while the player is driving) and destroying enemy vehicles.
There is a lead-in time where the player does not score points
for time, but has an initial endless supply of cars. After the
lead-in time expires, the player must earn extra cars with high
scores. The first extra cars is earned at a default value of
10,000 points, but this value can vary depending on settings.

The player must be careful to avoid harming innocent civilian
vehicles on the road. There are only two types—a pink automobile
and a motorcycle. Destroying these vehicles causes the score
meter to halt briefly, in effect subtracting points from the
player's score.

Initially, the only weapon the player's car has available are
two front-mounted machine guns (with an endless supply of
ammunition). Early on, these guns and the player's driving skill
(the player can attempt to force or ram enemy cars off the road)
are his only means of defense from the "bad guy" hordes.
Eventually, however, the player encounters and ally, the "weapons
van." The player drives past the weapons van parked on the side
of the road. The van accelerates past the player's car and
positions itself in front of it and drops a ramp. The player
can then drive up the ramp and enter the back of the van. The
van then pulls to the side of the road and the spy car is equipped
with a new weapon. A symbol atop the weapons van indicated which
type of special weapon it carries. The player is in no way obligated
to use the weapon supplied by the van. If uninterested, the player
can simply ignore the van and drive past it.

There are three special weapons in all and they can all be equipped
simultaneously (though this is rare). The special weapons consist
of an oil slick, a smoke screen and missiles. Each special weapon
has a limited number of uses. For example, the smoke screen can be
used four times. The special weapons are activated via dedicated
buttons on the steering wheel. Once the weapons ammo is depleted,
the car can be refitted with a new supply from the weapons van
(actually, the ammo can be refilled in this manner before it is
totally depleted).

There are four enemy vehicles in all, each with their own special

"Switchblade" or "Never To Be Trusted" with tire slashers (knives
pop out of this car's tires and can force the player's car to
crash if they touched his tires)

"The Road Lord" or "Bulletproof Bully" with bulletproof armor
plating (the machine guns are ineffective against these cars)
Limousines called "The Enforcer" or "Double Barrel Action" with
a shotgun toting thug who attempts to shoot the player's car
Helicopters called "The Mad Bomber" or "Master Of The Sky" which
attempts to take out the player with bombs. This enemy can only
be destroyed with missiles.

It's possible for the player to convert his car into a boat by
driving through a special boat house located infrequently alongside
the road. The boatdriving sequence is almost identical to the normal
driving sequence, but provides a nice break from the regular action.
The enemies in this sequence are different but similar to the normal
ones. At the end of this sequence, the player drives through another
boathouse and his vehicle is instantly changed back into a car.

       You maneuver your car onto the road as the action begins. If you accelerate at full speed your car will
disipate fire out of the back tale pipes, a cool visual. The same goes for your spy boat when
it is at full acceleration.

Weapons van
Oil Drums On Top for Spy Hunter Car

Here's how to activate your various weapons: Playing computer

Joystick - Bottom Fire Button activates Machine Gun and Missiles
                   Top Fire Button activates Smoke Screen and Oil Slick

Keyboard - "A" activates Machine Gun and Missiles
                     "Z" activates Smoke

Screens and Oil Slicks

The weapons you have available to you at any given time are
displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

You can also use your Spy Car to destroy some enemy agents by
ramming them off the road for points.

The Spy Car faces various Enemy Agents along the course. Each
Enemy Agent, except the Road Lord, has its own unique weaponry.
They are:

The Road Lord (bulletproof)

The Road Lord
The Enforcer Limo
The Enforcer

The Enforcer

Enforcer must be rammed off road by Spy Car Fires a shotgun

Switch Blade
Extended buzz--saw-hubcaps to slash tires

Barrel Dumper

Barrel Dumper
Dumps barrels in water ahead of Spy Boat

Doctor Torpedo
Fires torpedos at Spy Boat

Doctor Torpedo
Spy Speed Boat with guns, Anti-Torpedo missles and oil which turns to fire on the water.
The last two weapons are earned by going into the weapons van and collecting them before going into the water.

The Copter (Mad Bomber)
Drops bombs onto Spy Car/Or Spy Boat

Mad Bomber

Running off the road, or running into a screen boundary, at any
time will also cost you a Spy Car.


Ready-To-Play Mode
starts when enough coins have been accepted for a 1
player game.

Ready-To-Play Mode
Ends when the "WEAPONS VAN" push button is pressed (it also
serves as a "START" button).

The Play mode begins when the "WEAPONS VAN" push button is pressed
(it also serves as a "START" button).

The Play mode ends when all of your CARS have been elimated. When
this happens, "GAME OVER", is written across the monitor screen.

If your score was high enough to become one of the ten best scores,
the game will go into the High Score/Initial mode immediately after
the "GAME OVER" display. If your score is not high enough to cause
the game to go into the High Score/Initial mode, it will either go
to the Attract mode (if there are no more credits left in its
memory) or into the Ready-To-Play mode (if there are still credits
left in its memory).

Follow the ON-SCREEN instructions to enter your initials next to
your score in the leagure of the best ten players to date.

After the High Score/Initial mode3, the game will either go to the
Attract mode (if there are no more credits left in its memory) or
into the Ready-To-Play mode (if there are still credits left in
its memory).


The player's score is displayed at the bottom left corner of the
screen. Current High Score is displayed on the menu screen.

Here's how the scoring adds up: Traveling on the water 15 points for every 1/4 of screen

Traveling on the road 25 points for every 1/4 of screen

Enemy Agents Point Distribution
Enemy Spy Boat Destroyed

   If you destroy:           
   The Road Lord                  150 points
Switch Blade     150 points
The Enforcer     500 points
The Copter (Mad Bomber)    700 points
Barrel Dumper     150 points
Doctor Torpedo     500 points

Each time you enter or exit the boathouse, as you move from land to
water and back again, you earn 1500 points.

Description          Points Awarded    Notes
----------- -------------- -----
Bumper Car     150 Points    On the Road
Tire Slasher     150 Points    On the Road
Limo     150 Points    On the Road
Speed Boat     150 Points    In the Water
Torpedo Boat     500 Points    In the Water
Helicopter     700 Points    Road & Water
Staying on Road    15 Points    For Each 1/4 Screen Traveled
Staying in Water   25 Points    For each 1/4 screen Traveled

Description of Spy Hunter the Video Game

The player is a secret agent driving a car or a boat, rigged with
all sorts of weapons, who fights other bad guys in various vehicles.
The player drives on a vertically scrolling road on both dry pavement
and snow. The theme music is Peter Gunn.

The Peter Gunn theme plays once at the initial start of the game
and then goes silent until the player re-enters the Weapons Van.
Then it will play continuously provided the player does not crash.

Spy Hunter was produced in a sit-down version and as a standard upright.
The upright version is much more numerous. The game's controls consist
of a steering wheel with several special-purpose buttons, a two-position
stick shift ("low" and "high" gears) and a pedal used for acceleration.
This game is single player and has no two player mode.

   A flight yoke type steering wheel). A trigger and
   thumb button for each side, and a yellow button
   in the middle which called the truck when flashing.
   Also a start buttons and high low shifter.

The road will branch and fork as you go. You must be careful
as you dodge and chase enemy agents not to swerve of the road.
If you do, you'll lose one of your Spy Cars. When you lose a
Spy Car and you still have Spy Cars in reserve, a Weapons Van
appears from the bottom of the screen and pulls onto the road
shoulder to let the new Spy Car roll out the back and onto the
road for more action.

Gaining New Weapons:

Each time you enter a new terrain the Weapons Van appears on the side
of the road, ready to supply your Spy Car with the appropriate new
weapon. To gain access to the new weapons, you must "dock" with the
Weapons Van. To do this, allow the Van to pass you, then get behind it
and drive up into it. The Van will automatically let the Spy Car roll
out once the weapons have been transferred.
If you have no remaining Spy Cars, the
game is over.

The terrain will change as you traverse the course. Screen backgrounds
will change color as indication of a new terrain. As the course continues,
you'll come to a waterway. Here your Spy Car enters a boathouse and
automatically becomes amphibious and skims along the surface of the
water. Don't think you're safe. The water is teeming with other Enemy
Agents. It is best to collect oil and missiles before entering the boat
house so you can use these weapons on the water. The oil becomes fire
in the water and a missle can knock down an ememy helicopter. You can
only have three missiles at a time so use them sparingly. Oil is also
limited. The only way to get more is to leave the water scene and go
back on to the road and call the weapons van, which may have the weapon
you need.

There is also a stretch of bridges and a stretch of Icy Road in other screens.
On the Icy Road, the surface is slippery and your car is harder to control.

Each time you enter a new terrain the Weapons Van appears on the side of the
road, ready to supply your Spy Car with the appropriate new weapon. To gain
access to the new weapons, you must "dock" with the Weapons Van. To do this,
allow the Van to pass you, then get behind it and drive up into it. The Van
will automatically let the Spy Car roll out once the weapons have been

C H E A T S    T R I C K S

Cheats, Tricks and Bugs

If the road is drawn to the extreme right side of the screen when
the car is dropped off by the weapons van, one can drive across the
grass and Water to pass any difficult areas that might be ahead.
The Accelerator can be dislodged to increase the default speed.
See [Questions/Answers] for more tricks enabling you to get a

high score.

After being let out of the semi, due to crash or weapons upgrade, one
can use the truck itself as a buffer to smash other cars off the road!

G A M E    C O N T R O L S

Controls And Sequences

Basically an all-around great game with superior play, music, and
sounds. A unique driving game that was one of the first to combine
driving and shooting at the same time during play. There are a
variety of weapons that become available during gameplay -- 4 in
all: Machine-Guns, Oil Slick,
Smoke Screen, and Missiles.

The game also features the ability to take a side road during game
play and turn the car into a boat by going into a boathouse, taking
the battle onto the water.
Bridgeout Boathouse
Boathouse for
finding Speedboat

There are five different enemies in the road sequence: tire slashers
called "Switchblade" or "Never To Be Trusted"; armored cars called
"The Road Lord" or "Bulletproof Bully"; limousines called "The
Enforcer" or "Double Barrel Action"; and helicopters called "The Mad
Bomber" or "Master Of The Sky".

Game Play

This driving game has a gas pedal, steering wheel, gear shifter, and
four buttons on the wheel. The driver is a secret agent driving along
a vertically scrolling highway to the tune of Peter Gunn.

The bad spies drive blue cars that resemble '57 Chevies. They can
disable the player with wheel-mounted spikes. These make the player
spin out and explode. The player can shoot these enemies from behind
with grill-mounted machine guns or ram them off the road (assuming
their spikes are not deployed).

Other enemies, called 'Bullies', drive armored cars that try to
ram you off the road. The machine guns are ineffective, but they
can be rammed. The boss bad guy drives a limo and attempts to pull
up beside you and shoot you with a shotgun. This limo can be gunned
down or rammed.

Periodically, you pass an ally, the weapons van. The van will catch
up to you and extend ramps. You can drive into the van and obtain
special weapons: oil slick, smoke screen, or missiles. The oil slick
and smoke screen can be used to wreck or slow down all three of the
ground-based enemies. If you need to stop quickly, use the smoke
screen when stopping and cars will not be able to hit you from behind.

Occasionally, a chopper flies overhead and tries to kill you with
bombs. These bombs do not have to hit you to kill you. If you drive
through the pothole that they leave, you are just as dead. They
also kill the bad guys. You can use the missiles to blow the chopper

As you progress, you can voluntarily swerve into the boat house
and proceed on water. Your boat also has machine guns and the special
weapons. Enemy boats try to kill you by throwing floating charges
in your path. The big boat fires torpedoes at you from behind or in
front. The chopper also harasses you in the water. You can be forced
into the water when a
bridge is out.

Sometimes you must also drive on snow. This makes it very tricky
to swerve enemies that you have just shot.

The whole time, civilian traffic is on the road. If you shoot or ram
them, you lose points.

Civilian Volkswagon
Civilian Motorcycle
Civilian Red Car

Your Spy Car (In Large Detail - Machine Gunning)

Take the Spy Hunter Quiz
Play Spy Hunter Game

S p y    H u n t e r    L I N K S

Spy Hunter Flyer: (Year: 1983)

Spy Hunter Name:

Roland DeLuga

Alias: Lucky
Height 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Mercenary Terrorist serves the highest bidder, should be considered ruthless and deadly.

A mercenary is a person who takes part in an armed conflict, does not work for
the State, who is not a national or a party to the conflict, and is "motivated
to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private (monetary)
gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a party to the conflict,
material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants
of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party".

Bally Midway Spy Hunter

The Mission is Risky

A Turbo-charged espionage thriller!

The weapons deadly

The enemies diabolical!

Spy Hunter Confidential
Sure, I'd taken on other games. I'd played them all. But until I became the SPY HUNTER,
I never knew how electrifying life in the fast lane would be.

International espionage was on my mind from the minute I slide behind the SUPER-STYLED
STEERING WHEEL/WEAPONS CONTROLLER of my turbo sports car. Maybe it was the mood of the
again, it could have been the surge of power from my 2-SPEED SHIFTER. All I knew was
that I felt compelled to start driving. Fast... hard... furious.

I drove with confidence. The kind that comes with knowing you have an UNLIMITED ARSENAL.

Weapons that could ultimately destroy a barrage of enemy spies. Starting in low gear,
I combed the roads in search of dark blue enemy vehicles. I steered clear of danger with
the help of my STREAMLINED MACHINE GUN TRIGGER... driving far enough to earn extra weapons.
Eventually I would have what it takes to overpower the enemy.
SMOKE SCREENS... OIL SLICKS... MISSILES... and the guts to use them.
Call me crazy, but somewhere down the road I wanted even more thrills. It was only a
matter of time before I slipped into HIGH GEAR and madly maneuvered past the fork in
the road towards the beckoning beach house. That's where I traded my turbo for a
HIGH-SPEED HYDROPLANE. My boat raced down the river recklessly flirting with impending
Mad Bombers and Torpedo Cruisers. Eventually I powered my way back to land only to
emerge with a new turbo car, more weapons, and further fuel-injected thrills ahead!
SPY HUNTER. More than just an action packed, super-charged video game experience.
For some of us, it's a way of life.

Top Secret:

Spy Hunter has all the required equipment for a riveting espionage adventure!

Compelling controls!
Available weapons indicated on Spy Hunter's impressive front panel. A flashing light
indicates the approach of each new weapons van. Players must ward off 4 deadly enemies:

Bullet-blasting ROAD LORD - 150 points
Tire-slashing SWITH BLADE - 150 points
Wave Jumping BARREL DUMPER - 150 points
Double barreled ENFORCER - 500 points
Sinister Dr. TORPEDO - 500 points
Master Sky Chopper MAD BOMBER - 700 points

As they accumulate mileage, players earn an increased arsenal of weapons activated on
the control panel:

Machine Gun - Right Trigger
Smoke Screen - Right Trigger
Missiles - Left Trigger
Oil Slick - Left Trigger

Intriguing Operation!

SPY HUNTER comes complete with newly designed compact cockpit styling that optimizes
player and spectator interaction. Fully integrated game play, music, packaging and
graphics all add to the excitement of the theme.
Also available in upright model featuring same game play.
Combination Base/Clock game. The advantages of timer play with the base feature
players expect.

Enthralling Sound System!
SPY HUNTER reaches a new plateau in fully dimensioned sound and music with the
advent of Bally/Midway's ARTIFICIAL ARTIST" sound system. Fully integrated with
the state-of-the-art MCR III computer system, "Artificial Artist" combines both
sound and intelligence to play its own solos along with programmed music. In
SPY HUNTER, music is creatively keyed to follow the pace of the game, offering
added excitement and intrigue to the spy theme.

Miscellaneous Spy Hunter Links
Play the game on-line
(requires Shockwave) at Dave's Spy Hunter
Web Page Link

D I P    S W I T C H E S


Manufacturer: Bally Midway
Year: 1983
Genre: Racing
Orientation: Vertical
Conversion Class: See Pinouts
DIP Switch Settings:
DIP SW. 1 (@ B3 on Sound I/O board)

sw 1-9: Not used
sw 10: 0 = Norm. operation
1 = Freeze video

DIP SW. 3 (@ D14 on Sound I/O board)

sw 1: 1 = sound i/o diagnostic mode
0 = normal mode
sw 2: 1 = RAM/ROM test mode
0 = normal mode
sw 3: 1 = oscillator test mode
0 = normal mode
sw 4: 1 = filter test mode
0 = normal mode

Note: - if sw 1 is 0, all other switches are ineffective.
- during RAM/ROM test, "fast" yellow LED flash = bad ROM,
"slow" = bad RAM
- for other settings, see self-test mode.

                            S P Y  H U N T E R



DURING GAME PLAY: SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW#8 SW#9 SW#10



SW#1 *SW#2 *SW#3 *SW#4




PART NO. MO51-00307-a007

Spy hunter has three main PCB boards, 1 for the music, and 1
for the controls and 1 for the lights.

Things that could go wrong with the hardware of Spy Hunter Video Game,
in case you are planning on owning one:

There are three essential parts of the game that must function
perfectly in order for the game just to be able to come up.

The power transformer block. (Two huge computer grade capacitors
that will go bad with time.)

This feeds the power supply board which in turn powers all boards.

Any of these go bad, there will be no "Peter Gunn" theme a-playing.

The power supply needs relatively low ripple DC from the low-voltage
rectified AC, something that is almost flat-out non-existent after
15 years due to the electrolytic capacitors going bad.

The power supply board must be working perfectly to produce a clean
+5 VDC for the logic boards. It must also generate a master reset signal
and VBATT for the main boardset. The trouble with the VBATT (Ni-Cad
rechargeable cell) is that it tends to leak with age and puke its
guts out all over the board. Unfortunately, the power supply board
is mounted with the Ni-Cad cell on a top corner of the board, so when
it leaks (if it was going to leak, it would have probably done so
many years ago and the damage is already done) it will leak DOWN
onto the board and other components, corroding them.

An alternative is to by-pass the old linear power supply and install
a newer switch-mode power supply. One will need to improvise for
the master reset circuit and also the VBATT.

The main logic board is a major pain. (Just ask the MacMan.)
Almost every one I have run into has a problem of one kind or another.

Problems with the Video Generator board may or may not prevent the
game from booting up/resetting but more often than not cause corrupted
graphics to get displayed. Many of the video RAM chips go bad, and the
direct replacement IC's are no longer available. (Someone had suggested
an alternative.)

The CPU board also goes bad, and when it does, the game will usually
freeze/reset continuously on power-up.

Then there's the Super Sound Input/Output board. A malfunction here may
cause improper player input/bad or missing sounds/loss of Peter Gunn theme.
Also note that there are 2 different SSIO boards, one for the sit-down
model and another for the upright model.

Then there are 4 other smaller boards:

The Cheap Squeak Deluxe (music) board which is responsible for the cool
"Peter Gunn" theme (or lack thereof.)

Malfunction of this board is also common and can cause no theme to be
played or even worse, give 'scratchy' music to be played. (Cure presented
in an earlier post.)

Dual Amp Board W/ Mixer is the power amplifier board for sounds/music.
This is not a failure-prone component.

Absolute Position PCB: may have malfunction causing erratic player control
input from the steering or accelerator pedal.

Lamp Driver PCB: malfunction may cause player weapons status lamps not to
operate. This is not critical for game play.

Picture 1 - SPY HUNTER E-BAY Picture 2 - SPY HUNTER E-BAY
Spy Hunter Technical [CPU Board]
DIP switch settings: Spy Hunter has three banks of DIP switches, but only one two-switch
bank is used. Most of the options on this game are set in the on-screen
setup, which is activated by placing the machine in test mode using
the switch on the right just inside the coin door. The asterisks
(*) indicate the factory default settings.

DIP Bank 3 : 1 : 2
Game Timer : 100 : on :
: 130 * : off :
: : :
Demo Sounds : : Off : off
: On * : : on
: : :
1983 Spy Hunter [Video Game Manual]
1983 Spy Hunter Bally/Midway - [Dip Switch Settings]
[Guinness Book History]
[My Biography] [Questions/Answers] [Masters Tournament Article]
[Coin-Op World Records]

Spy Hunter Pictures

TWIN GALAXIES RULES 8.6 Steps to Challenge 1. Send your challenge in writing. Explain the reasons why you believe this player should prove their score via a public replay. ------------------------------------------------------------ 2. A player’s score can be challenged only once. If, during a replay, the challenged player gets 90% of their claimed score, they are awarded the score – unless the game in question is a “mature” game. -------------------------------------------------------------- THE SPY HUNTER HIGH SCORE FROM 1985 IS A "Mature" game score, almost two decades old. [New Spy Hunter Beat]

The Re-Enforcer
Screen I'd like to see on a New Spy Hunter Remake
Paul Dean

The Boat House
Screen I'd like to see on a New Spy Hunter Remake
Paul Dean

[Coin-Op World Records]
Top Praise For Video Twin Galaxies gives Best Game of the Year Award to Bally/Midway's Spy Hunter (1984) Top Praise For Video CHICAGO- In a special award ceremony here at the Amusement Showcase International (ASI) Show Twin galaxies International Scoreboard (Kansas City, MO.)(1984) Presented plaques to four video game manufacturers whose games have earned their acclaim. Walter Day, President of Twin Galaxies, presented the award for Best Game of 1984 to Bally Midway for "Spy Hunter". Awards for the best games at ASI went to Data East for "Kung Fu Master", to Digital Controls for "Lode Runner", and to Atari Games for "Paper Boy". Also appearing with Day at the ceremony were Steve Harris, executive director of Twin Galaxies, and some of the top video game Tournament champions, who will be listed with their top scores and games in The Guinness Book of World Records.

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The James Bond Theme music was originally picked for the Spy Hunter Video Game but was to expensive to purchase, so the Peter Gunn theme was chosen instead. The Peter Gunn theme song became the most popular theme song of all video games. The G-6155 spy car was a 007 Themed James Bond Spy Car with all the weapons included. Below is the first James Bond Sean Connery movie, "Dr. No" which began shooting on January 16, 1962. This movie sperned on the growth and conception of Spy Hunter the 1983 Driving and shooting Video Game in Arcades.

Aston Martin DB5: "Goldfinger" Open Two Seater: Sunbeam convertible, silver, sports car, no special weapons: "DR. NO"

James Bond It was 1962 and for the first time the world would hear the question asked, "And you are?." Like a shot across the bow Bond, James Bond would take the world by storm. The brainchild of author Ian Fleming, agent 007, license to kill, would define manhood for more than one generation. Link The gadgets would come later but the style, courtesy of Director Terence Young, was present from the very beginning. Since 1962, 19 official James Bond films and 5 James Bonds have passed us by. Keeping track of who was James Bond when and in which movies can be a daunting task; Link The world of espionage powerfully grasped the popular imagination over the past fifty years, and James Bond was the main reason for this. Bond's impact on the public's perception of espionage. Spy Hunter the video game made in 1983 is really an imaginary take off on the movies that started in 1962 with James Bond 007 the secret agent sent to save the world. Some memorable movie moments are below: January 16, 1962 The Sean Connery James Bond Movie Shooting Begins The Jumper, Melody of Jamaican Music in James Bond First Film, "Dr. No" (The First James Bond film - "Dr. No") Screen Play by Richard Naibaum, Joanna Harwood and Berkely Mather Produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Hary Saltzman Terence Young, Director, "Dr. No" Although Terence Young was not the producers' first choice to direct Dr. No (they had already approached Val Guest, Guy Green, Guy Hamilton and Ken Hughes), he was the best choice. His love of adventure and travel, plus his sense of charm, elegance and wit, put a stamp of style on the series that continues to the present day." Gross box office takings were $59 Million. Release Date: 1961-1962. Dr. No (1962) Release Data UK: 5th October 1962 (PG) USA: 8th May 1963 (PG) Worldwide Box Office: $59.5m "Dr. No" opened in London to an unomious praise, of which President Kennedy received a private screening at the White House fullfilling the presidents request. excerpt "James Bond: The Legacy" published by John Cork & Bruce Scivally. Published by Boxtree. Starring Sean Connery as James Bond, Ursula Andress as the Honey Rider (abbreviated from Honeychille in Fleming's book), and Joseph Wiseman as the villain, Dr. No. Directed by Terence Young. With Jack Lord (of Hawaii Five-0) as CIA agent Felix Leiter. The movie takes place in Jamaica.

Ursula Andress
as Honey Rider (Leading Lady in "Dr. No")

James Bond is known for its One Line Humour and Sophistication and Dark Dry Whit. M: When do you sleep, 007? Bond: Never on the Crown's time, sir. Ian Flemings, "Goldfinger" prevented Goldfinger (in the third film) from rendering the Ft. Knox gold reserves radioactive (1964) Ian Fleming (1909-1964) created the character of James Bond, who debuted in the 1952 novel Casino Royale. The James Bond novels, penned by Ian Lancaster Fleming, first appeared in 1953, with Casino Royale. Fleming wrote a total of fourteen novels and short stories about his character, until his death in 1964. Goldfinger is the quintessential Bond film firing the Aston Martin on all cylinders. Trademark Introduction: What is your name? “The name is Bond...James Bond.” One of the most famous lines ever spoken in a movie by a character acclaimed and adored by crowds as the most charismatic character of the 20th century- James Bond! According to the James Bond historian, James Chapman, one quarter of the world's population has seen at least one Bond film. CHRONOLOGY OF BOND NOVELS, BY IAN FLEMINGS 1953 - Casino Royale 1954 - Live and Let Die 1955 - Moonraker 1956 - Diamonds Are Forever 1957 - From Russia, With Love 1958 - Dr No 1959 - Goldfinger 1960 - For Your Eyes Only 1961 - Thunderball 1962 - The Spy Who Loved Me 1963 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1964 - You Only Live Twice 1965 - The Man With The Golden Gun 1966 - Octopussy & The Living Daylights Join the James Bond Fan Club Ursula Andress James Bond: One medium dry vodka martini, lemon peeled, shaken but not stirred Alternative titles: James Bond Chases Dr No (Germany), James Bond Vs Dr No (France & Belgium), Licence To Kill (Italy), Agent 007 Vs The Satanic Dr No (Spain & Portugal), 007 Is The Killing Number: Dr No (Japan), Agent 007: Mission: Kill Dr No (Denmark), Agent 007 With A Licence To Kill (Sweden).
Dr. No 1962 First James Bond Movie United Kingdom, 1962 Running Length: 1:51 MPAA Classification: PG (Violence, sexual innuendo) Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 1.75:1 Cast: Sean Connery, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, John Kitzmiller, Ursula Andress, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell Director: Terence Young Producers: Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli Screenplay: Richard Maibaum, Johnanna Harwood, and Berkely Mather based on the novel by Ian Fleming Cinematography: Ted Moore Music: Monty Norman U.S. Distributor: United Artists Cast James Bond: Sean Connery Honey Rider: Ursula Andress (dubbed by Monica van der Zyl) Dr No: Joseph Wiseman Felix Leiter: Jack Lord M: Bernard Lee Professor RJ Dent: Anthony Dawson Miss Taro: Zena Marshall Quarrel: John Kitzmuller Sylvia Trench: Eunice Gayson Miss Moneypenny: Lois Maxwell Major Boothroyd: Peter Burton Sister Lily: Yvonne Shima Sister Rose: Michel Mok Photographer: Marguerite Lewars Superintendent Duff: William Foster-Davies Mary Trueblood: Dolores Keator Jones: Reginald Cater Plydell-Smith: Louis Blaazer General Potter: Colonel Burton Uncredited: Commander Strangways: Tim Moxton Puss-Feller: Lester Prendergast London Radio Operator: John Hatton Communications Foreman: Maxwell Shaw Concierge at Casino: Stanley Morgan Stewardess at Kingston Airport: Margaret Ellery Dr No's Guard: Milton Reid Decontamination Technician: Anthony Chin Sean Connery was just 32 years old when he won the role of Agent 007. All James Bond films feature clever opening title sequences and trademark theme music, sexy and beautiful women, great diabolical villains, exotic, international locales, the calm manner and witty, subtle humor and repartee of the mythic hero 007, violence, terrific action sequences. Its predictable formula stars the debonair, dashing and charming British "Secret Agent 007," James Bond, with great taste in clothes, wine, food, and exotic, sexy women. Although 'Casino Royale' is accepted as being the first adaptation of Ian Flemming's Bond novels to film, the 1962 release of 'Dr. No' was the first Bond story to be produced by Albert Broccolli. Broccolli's films would become the most recognized spy films to this day. It was also Connery's first appearance as the suave and steel-willed British secret agent. Dr. No was a member of the Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion (or SPECTRE), an independent organisation headed by "the world's greatest minds. In this film, Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the death of fellow agents. With the help of his CIA contact, Felix. The build-up to the introduction of the famous secret agent in the fancy gambling casino, Le Cercle (Les Ambassadeurs, London) Club is established with over a dozen different camera angles before Bond's face is actually seen. Playing cards at one of the chemin de fer gaming tables against a beautiful, wealthy and sexy brunette named Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson), James Bond (Sean Connery) introduces himself onscreen for the first time. He admires her willingness to continue playing against him (and losing elegantly), in a series of famous lines: Bond (offscreen): I admire your courage, Miss...? Sylvia: Trench, Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck. Mr...? Bond (while casually lighting his cigarette): Bond - James Bond. [Sylvia Trench has the dubious honor of being the very first Bond girl (even introduced before Bond himself), and she also reappeared in From Russia With Love (1963) briefly. She was to be a re-occurring character, but the idea was dropped. Trivia: she was the only Bond girl to appear as the same character twice in the films.] His secretary was called Mary Trueblood (although her name is not actually used on screen) Mary Trueblood opens up a bookcase which conceals a hidden ham radio set. She makes a call from there - "W6N" (Jamaica) to "G7W" (London), but from her sense of agitation, she expects someone to arrive who is overdue. There is a screem, glass breaks and she is spun to the ground when shot three times by the silenced guns. The killers enter and while two of them carry the woman's body out the door, a third rifles through a filing cabinet, locates and removes two folders titled "CRAB KEY" and "DOCTOR NO." In London, headquarters realizes that contact was broken with "W6N" in Jamaica, signalling trouble "during a routine transmission" and "it's not a technical fault." Mystified by the sudden disappearance of Commander John Strangways, their agent in Jamaica, the British Secret Service sends for agent 007. Following an urgent briefing, agent double-0-seven, armed with his new Walther PPK, is dispatched to Jamaica. His mission: To investigate the disappearance of Strangways and whether it is linked to the recent 'toppling' of American missiles - the disruption of a guided missile by radio beam. Bond goes to investigate the mysterious Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman)who seems to have had a hand in the murders. In his investigation, Bond discovers a secret plan to extort the world powers of their wealth. Typical of Bond, there's no reason to avoid mixing business and pleasure in such exotic assignments, and no company could be more pleasant than that of the gorgeous Bond Bunny of the film, Ursula Andress. The allure of James Bond was best described by Raymond Chandler, who insisted that 007 is "what every man would like to be and what every woman would like to have between her sheets." Introduction of Dr. No James Bond Movie Seated in a leathery chair, Bond is told that fellow S. S. agent Strangways in Jamaica has disappeared, along with his new secretary. Strangways was making an inquiry of the Americans into massive interference with Cape Canaveral (Florida) rockets. M (Bernard Lee) describes Agent 007's new assignment - he is to investigate whether the agents' disappearance is linked to the interference with the flight paths of Cape Canaveral's nuclear rocket launches, since the source of the trouble appears to be in the Jamaican area. Bond is to speak with Felix Leiter (Jack Lord), a long-time compatriot in the U.S. CIA who was working with Strangways in Jamaica. James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate what is causing interference with American space launches on the island of Crab Key. Bond and adventuress Honey Ryder find the answer to the mistery and come face to face with the diabolical "Dr. No." Bond is reminded of his special status in the Secret Service, told to be careful, and instructed to carry a different gun than his beretta: Bond's new 7.65mm Walther PPK ("the American CIA swear by them"). If you carry a double O number, it means you're licensed to kill, not get killed. It is made clear early on that Bond's Double 0 designation gives him a licence to kill. The Secret Service's weapons expert cautions Bond to carry a smaller weapon for his protection. Don Perrier 1953 is preferred.
DR. NO runs 1:50. It is rated PG for violence and sexual innuendo. Jamaica; the island of Crab Key James Bond (Sean Connery) at Beach with Honey Rider(Ursula Andress) OFFICIAL SITE WITH MUSIC INTRODUCTION TO DR. NO Mystified by the sudden disappearance of Commander John Strangways, their agent in Jamaica, the British Secret Service sends for agent 007, Following an urgent briefing agent double-0-seven, armed with his new Walther PPK, is dispatched to Jamaica. His mission: To investigate the disappearance of Strangways and whether it is linked to the recent 'toppling' of American missiles - the disruption of a guided missile by radio beam . Upon his arrival, Bond soon realizes that the Caribbean island holds many mysteries, and that his visit is not so secret after all. Why is the woman at the airport so insistent on taking his photograph ? Who has sent the taxi to collect him? And why does his encounter with a local taxi driver end with the man committing suicide - what was he so terrified of - and why was death an easier option ? During a search of Strangways' home, Bond finds a receipt from Dent Laboratories, and also learns that the agent had recently hired the services of Quarrel, a local fisherman. Bond meets Felix Leiter a CIA agent who has enlisted the services of Quarrel to try and locate the source of a radio beam that could disrupt the forthcoming launch of a rocket from Cape Canaveral. A search of the local islands has proved fruitless, but one island, Crab Key - owned by a Chinese man called Dr. NO - is private property, and no one is allowed ashore. However, Bond learns that Quarrel has taken Strangways to the island at night to collect rock samples without explanation. The following day, Bond questions Professor Dent about the rock samples, but Dent dispels any significance to their geological value, nervously denying that their origins lie in Crab Key. Unnerved by Bond's questioning, Dent takes a boat out to Crab Key, undeterred that visits during daylight are strictly forbidden. He is shown to a small cell-like room where a sinister voice over the loudspeaker gives him an ultimatum for his incompetence: kill or be killed - Bond must die! That night, Bond receives a visitor of his own. But Dent isn't the only suspicious character Bond encounters. Whilst visiting Government House he catches their secretary, Miss Taro, listening at the door - maybe she is the reason his arrival on the island is no secret? Intent on discovering the truth, he suggests that she might be a good 'guide' to what the island has to offer - she agrees, and he invites her to meet him at his hotel that afternoon. After checking Quarrel's boat with a geiger counter, Bond soon discovers that the rock samples were radioactive, confirming his suspicions that Dent and the island of Crab Key hold the answers to Strangway's disappearance. Undeterred by Quarrel's fear that the island is inhabited by 'dragons', Bond arranges to go that night - with or without the fisherman's assistance. Quarrel relents, and agrees to go with him. Planning to collect Miss Taro at her home in the hills, Bond narrowly escapes death at the hands of the 'three blind men' who assassinated Commander Strangways sending them to an explosive death at the bottom of a ravine. Surprised at Bond's 'safe' arrival , a scantily-clad Miss Taro succumbs to his advances. After their lovemaking, Bond spurns her offer to cook a meal, and calls for a taxi to take them to a restaurant, However, the 'taxi' turns out to be the police. Back at her apartment, Bond lies in waiting for his assassin, which turns out to be professor Dent. After a botched attempt on Bond's life, Dent manages to get the upper hand and grab his gun. Unfortunately, his knowledge of weaponry is not as profound as his opponent, Confident now that Strangways was murdered, and that the impending missile launch could be in jeopardy, Bond decides it's time to visit Crab Key and discover its secrets. That night Bond and Quarrel head for Crab Key. Hiding their boat in the undergrowth, they sleep on the beach. Bond is awakened by the sound of a woman singing, and is amazed to see a gorgeous bikini-clad girl rising from the surf. Ursula Andress, AKA Honeychile (Honey Rider) Profile Report: Ursula Andress was born on 19 March 1936 in Berne, Switzerland. Ursula Andress Birthdate: March 19, 1936 Birthplace: Bern, Switzerland She has one son from the 4 years she lived with Harry Hamlin. Biography for Ursula Andress Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m) Spouse: John Derek (1957 - 1966) (divorced) Trivia: Lived with Harry Hamlin from 1978-82. They had a son in 1980. Living with Lorenzo Rispoli. [1983-?] Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the sexiest 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#53). [1995] -- Profile For Movie -- Name: Honeychile (Honey) Rider Mission: "Dr No" Age (approx.): 21 Height: 5'8" Weight: 136lbs Hair Colour: Blonde Eye Colour: Brown Distinguishing Features: - Vices: - Spoken Languages: English Status: Single Biography: Honey Rider, the daughter of a marine zoologist who grew up moving around the world with her father, learning from an encyclopedia. She came to Jamaica when her father when he was studying the local sea life. He disappeared at the island of Crab Key, where he apparently drowned, but she believed that Dr No actually killed him. After her father's death, Honey stayed on in Kingston where she was raped by her landlord. She took her revenge by leaving a black widow spider under his mosquito netting, after which he took a week to die. She helped 007 on his mission in Jamaica and after he brought her back to England she met a Canadian and moved away with him, she has not been heard from since. Swiss-born actress Ursula Andress shot to stardom when she emerged from the sea wearing the white cotton bikini in the 1962 movie "Dr No." Known Aliases Ursula Andress - Swiss She is startled by his appearance, and after assuring her that he is not intent on stealing her shells, he discovers her name is Honey and that she regularly visits the island unnoticed by the security guards which patrol its shores. This time, they are not so lucky, as it is soon apparent that their presence is known. Quarrel is killed by the flame-throwing 'dragon' on patrol, while Bond and Honey are taken prisoner by the guards. Bond and Honey find themselves the 'guests' of a tall, soft-spoken Chinese man, with, what appears to be, metal hands - Dr. NO, Over dinner, the doctor explains that he works for SPECTRE - Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion - who intend to sabotage the American missile launch, as suspected earlier, Not amused by Bond's constant quips, and dismissing him as "just a stupid policeman," the Doctor orders his guards to "soften him up," and lock him away. With the missile launch imminent, Bond makes his escape via the ventilation system surviving electrocution and scalding, in the process. Disguised as a lab technician, he infiltrates the control room overpowers one of the guards, and proceeds to cause havoc with the atomic reactor. Bond battles with Dr. NO, and finally overcomes the megalomaniac villain as he slides into the reactor's boiling waters - his metal hands unable to grip the steel structure of the gantry. With the underground island headquarters exploding around him, Bond discovers Honey manacled before a huge sluice gate. Rescuing her from a watery grave, they both make their escape by boat, as Dr. NO's island HQ comes to an explosive end. John Woo Sets His Eye on Spy-Hunter Link Source: The Hollywood Reporter May 20, 2004 First reported back in April by Latino Review, The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed that director John Woo is in talks to Spy-Hunter, the action-adventure film that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is attached to star in. Based on Midway Games' popular arcade game of the 1980s, Spy-Hunter will see Johnson portray Alec Sects, a former F-15 pilot employed by International Espionage Services as a member of the Spy Hunter team. The film is set up at Universal. G-8155 Spy Hunter Prototype Interceptor The evil Nostra Corporation is preparing to unleash havoc on the world and the Spyhunter is the world's last chance. Thank you for visiting Paul Dean - World Champion Spy Hunter