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Originally published in the

Twin Galaxies Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records by Walter Day

Note: The following has the spelling errors from the Original edition corrected.

To ascertain what scores in video games are actually world records, a nation wide competition was held under the auspices of Twin Galaxies with Walter Day as coordinator, across the continent.

The results of the competition are in the accompanying chart. The winners and their scores have been verified by qualified judges. This was the first competition of this kind and plans are to continue this under the same auspices annually.

January 1985, L.A., California: Captain Video Arcade
North American Video Game Challenge
10672 W Pico Blvd - Los Angeles, CA (310)-837-4195

Captain Video Arcade Owners: Mr. Mike McClelland and Mr. Gary Gullette

Phil Britt -- 1st Place Winner Coronation Day 1985 And player of the year 1985

[ Mike Sullivan, Jeff Peters, Phil Britt, Jack Gale, Donn Nauert ]
Kung Fu, Pole Position, Paperboy, Zoo Keeper, Donkey Kong

Phil Britt, Mike Sullivan, Dave Dean, Paul Dean, Mike Quarles all of Riverside, CA.
Paperboy, Kung Fu, Mappy, Spy Hunter, Crystal Castles

All are Guinness Book Champion Players who lived and practiced in Riverside, CA.
During the Twin Galaxies [Video Game Golden Age.]
January 18, 1982 - January 5, 1986.

[ Player of the Year Winners 1984-1987 ]

Thank you, Paul Dean, spy hunter champion, June 28, 1985

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