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San Jose California Extreme (July 8-9, 2006) Pinball Masters Tournament to be Spectacular

California Extreme

Funspot and Midwest Classic Video Game Tournaments are running concurrently in June 2006 followed by California Extreme in July of 2006

California Extreme Final Results to be Announced July 9, 2006
California Extreme Official Announcenment Jonathan Koolpe - Organizer (CGE 2006) Link CA Extreme Official Announcement! From " on: May 19, 2006, 11:41:22 AM " California Extreme to be held in San Jose, CA. - 10th annual show -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey all! Just wanted to post the official announcement here...this went out to folks on our mailing list a few weeks ago actually... Check out some of the included links for some cool movies, reviews, and other stuff related to the show. Also, be sure to check out the T-shirt design contest that's on right now! Jon (CE organizer/staff member) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> California Extreme, the pinball and classic video games show held at the San Jose Convention Center, is gearing up for our big 10th annual show. That's right - it's our 10th year and we're working to make this the biggest and best year yet! It will be held on July 8 and 9, 2006 at Parkside Hall. Some of the plans for this year include: - Win prizes! As always, you could win a pinball or video game in our raffle. Or, enter our pinball tournament and play with the best in our A Division, or for fun and prizes in B Division. Also, there will be a "No-Limit Pinball" match-play tournament. Link - Speakers - as always, we'll have a full schedule of speakers on both the pin and video side, including many of the big names behind the biggest games. Past speakers have included Atari video alumni like Mike Albaugh, Ed Logg, Al Alcorn, Owen Rubin, and pinball legend Steve Ritchie. The always popular "How to Play Pinball" seminars will definitely be back as well as the expert video panel who will discuss their favorite games and give out tips and tricks so you can improve your own scores. We are also currently lining up a talk about pinball prints and art and how it is done. Look for more speaker announcements soon. - Lots of games to play! Last year there were more than 400 games all set on free play: Everything from the favorites like PacMan, Asteroids, Twilight Zone, and Funhouse to rarer games that you just don't see everyday like Quantum, Journey, Fathom and Pinball Magic. And don't forget the smattering of "other" games like the unmissable Ringer, Cosmo Gang, Panic Park, and Prop Cycle. Every year we also have a huge selection of rare, prototype, and one-of-a-kind games on both sides. Last year's rare pins included Big Bang Bar, Kingpin, Spectrum, and Orbitor 1; last year's videos included Freeze, Akka Arrh, Marble Man (Marble Madness 2), 6 linked Rush 2049 Tournament Editions, and Primal Rage II. In addition, there will be at least 2 prototype games this year that have never been seen before! See the list games at: Please note that this list is only a partial list… many more games than are listed will be at the show! We're planning some big surprises for our big 10th show, and, we want to get your help! Here are some ways you can help us make this a great show: - A t-shirt design contest. It's our 10th year and we would like to commemorate it with a cool t-shirt, maybe yours! You are encouraged to submit designs for what you think would make for a great CA Extreme T-shirt. Submitted designs will be voted on and if your design is selected, you'll get some cool stuff including free admissions and other goodies. Please see The 7th Annual D-L-P Gathering at CALIFORNIA EXTREME 2006 Link San Jose, California - July 8th / 9th, 2006 California Extreme (CAX) is an annual celebration of coin operated video games, pinball machines, and other novelties you once found in arcades and game rooms across the world. It's two days that celebrate this exceptional entertainment medium, featuring tournaments, speakers, parts vendors, and an opportunity to see and play HUNDREDS of games you may have not seen for years. The D-L-P will have their 7th annual gathering at CAX 2006. Come out to meet D-L-P members and many others for a weekend of fun and games. Below is a list of the laser disc games that will be at CAX 2006 and a list of the "D-L-Pers" who will be attending the show. More to be added soon! LASER DISC GAMES Dragon's Lair Freedom Fighter M.A.C.H. 3 Road Runner Space Ace California Extreme Event (2006) For more details. This contest is on now so don't delay if you're interested! - Are you a show veteran? We're looking for those people who attended the show's humble beginnings in the bookstore in 1997 and have made it to every show since then. We'd also really love to see pictures that people have from previous shows, particularly the early shows. Drop us a line at if you are a veteran and/or have some cool pictures to share. - Bring games! We're really excited to make the 10th show the biggest yet. And the best way for us to do this is to have as many games as possible in attendance. A big "thank you" goes out to everyone who has brought games previously and we hope to see many of your games again, but if you haven't brought games previously, this is the year to do it! Even if you have just 1 game, dust it off and bring it on down to the show for the fun. You will find information about bringing your games to the show (bring a game for admission discounts and early access to the show floor ... bring 3, get in free! - Bring a fourth, get a free t-shirt) by checking our website at The Pinball Rodeo is coming back! We are pleased to announce that Dann Frank and the Pinball Rodeo will once again make an appearance at California Extreme. Come and try out some of the zany, modified machines to see how you do! Can you flip your flippers with your feet? Can you do Tag Team Pinball? Come and find out! Added to the speaker list this year is a panel on pinball photography, arcade murals, and video game music. These speakers/artists were inspired by the imagery of arcade games and amusement parks and have come up with some fascinating things to show and tell. More details to be announced. Come and see why over a thousand people have become regular participants at California Extreme. Link California Extreme (2005) Last years Post Link

San Jose Pinball Masters Tournament to be held on July 8-9, 2006

California Extreme 2006 July 8 -9 , 2006 Parkside Hall San Jose, California
California Extreme Classic Arcade Games Show An annual celebration of coin operated pinball machines, video games and other novelties. Video games and pinball machines are set to invade San Jose ... soon!
Guinness Book of World Records and Twin Galaxies Presentation

Guinness Book Video Game & Pinball Masters Tournament Twin Galaxies creates a poster for California Extreme 2006 Link Walter Day of Twin Galaxies to follow the tournament results Link All the games on display are set for free play, so leave your quarters in the ash tray in your car. You won't need 'em. Many great players will be attending California Extreme. Jim Belsito is ranked 6th in the entire world among pinball players by the newly-resurrected International Flipper Pinball Association and he either wins or places in every pinball tournament he plays in often times being in the money with a cash purse. (Pinball World Rankings) Jim Belsito is to pinball tables as Billy Mitchell is to video games: A Grand Master Champion. Link
2006 San Jose Pinball Tournament
(Jim Belsito - Co-Chair; 2006 San Jose Pinball Tournament July 8-9, 2006)

Jim Belsito to co-chair the 2006 California Extreme Masters Pinball Event which should bring some real competition. Jim Belsito resides in Southern California and is President of the Inland Empire Pinball League at Lake Alice, Riverside, California. Each year Jim Belsito and his Pinball League friends join him from Southern California for the annual trek to Northern California for the big San Jose California Extreme pinball competition. There are hundreds of classic pinball games to play as well as classic vintage stand-up video games. 2005 California Extreme Pinball Championship Results Results for California Extreme (2005-08-06) The points below are those which were rewarded for California Extreme (2005). It does not show any weightings that might be in effect. World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR) points for this event: Link California Extreme (2005) Points Received Total Points Player Awarded Jim Belsito 28.0000 Bowen Kerins 25.0000 Keith Elwin 10.0000 Neil Shatz 5.0000 Chris Newsom 1.0000 Rick Stetta 1.0000 Andrei Massenkoff 1.0000 Greg Dunlap 1.0000 Top (10) World Ranked Pinball Players as of (2006) Updated: 6/1/06 Link Latest World Rankings 6/1/06 Rank Name Points 1 Keith Elwin 361.0 2 Bowen Kerins 285.5 3 Neil Shatz 212.6 4 Lyman Sheats 201.0 5 Chris Newsom 200.3 6 Josh Sharpe 178.8 7 Jim Belsito 170.6 8 Jörgen Holm 166.6 9 Trent Augenstein 155.9 10 Zach Sharpe 151.9 This World Famous Pinball Tournament is considered a Masters Level Tournament in which those who place will get World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR) points from the International Flipper Pinball Association. There is also in the money cash prizes for those who put in the highest scores. California Extreme (Missile Command/Disc of Tron) California Extreme 2006 Come celebrate the 10th Annual California Extreme show on July 8-9, 2006. Hundreds of games are on free play and their are more pinball machines and arcade games collected than at any other public show. A whopping 450 games were at the year 2005 California Extreme Show. There is the World Famous pinball Tournament, to find the best player in the world. World renowned Guest speakers from the pinball and video game industry will be speaking about their careers and many mini tournaments will take place. The Extreme Team The official Web Site: What is the event? The Galaxy's Premier Arcade Game Show When is the event? July 8th & 9th 2006 Who is invited? Anyone who remembers the best games to be played for a quarter. Revisit the arcade games from past to present. Hundreds of Pinballs, Video Games, and other arcade items. Food Fight Standup Video Game - Side Art Where is the location? Parkside Hall, next to the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose, CA. Bring (3) games and get in for FREE! Bring games to the show for free or discounted admission. Show off your games, share with others enthusiasts, and get involved. Discounts for 1 or 2 games, 3 gets you in for FREE. See official California Extreme website for details. Become an exhibitor and get in for free! Varkon Standup Video Game Bring three approved games (or two EM's; Electric Mechanical Pinball Games) and get in free for the weekend, and for Friday Exhibitor Preview. Contact California Extreme for exact details. If you only have 1 or 2 games available for the show there is a discounted admission. Some games will be never seen before prototype games that cannot be played anywhere else. Volunteers also get in for free. Those who take tickets, move games, watch the door or are guest lecturers will get in for free or for a reduced admission. Time donated must be approved by California Extreme and will be on a sliding scale. California Extreme General Admission Sat., July 8th - 11AM to 12 Midnight Sun., July 9th - 11AM to 9 PM Pre-register and get in a half-hour early (10:30 AM) on Saturday and/or Sunday.
California Extreme - Asteroids
California Extreme Mailing Address: 13436 Pastel Lane Mountain View, CA 94040 Two days of classic arcade madness, no quarters necessary! Blow the dust off of your games and bring'em down to the show. Three approved games gets you in free! 1 or 2 gets a discounted admission! Pre-Register by June 30th, 2006 California Extreme phone: 1-408-390-PINS Pre-Registration Weekend Pricing for Adults: Saturday $30.00 Sunday $25.00 Weekend (Sat. & Sun) $50.00 Weekend plus T-Shirt* $65.00 Drawings 2/$5, 5/$10 All checks and info. must be directed to California Extreme, Promoter of Show. California Extreme Email: How California Extreme Started The Brain Drain Team - "Classic Arcade Games Show". Arcades were once a fixture on the American urban landscape, and games were plentiful in rural cities too. The closest heir of today is the so-called "Family Entertainment Center", but there are a few people who would like to relive the 1980's. Under the title California Extreme, Chaney, Louie, TJ Beyer, Brad Martinson and Alan Whittle started the convention in 1995 after the demise of Wild West Pinball Fest. The idea was to integrate the all-pinball Wild West Fest with video games. The first California Extreme took place at a Bamboola-type kiddy land called Playland at what was then a fire-retardant Town & Country Village. You had to know someone in order to get in, so the attendance level wasn't nearly as high as it is in today's annual California Extreme event. Now that the event is at Parkside Hall in San Jose, it attracts many of the old-school video game and pinball enthusiasts from around the world. California Extreme (Space Duel Released 1982) California Extreme This a geekfest of gigantic proportions. Classic vector video games like Battlezone and Tempest will be hooked up to a laser and shot up on the big screen for all to see. The games come from private collections throughout the world and many are in pristine condition. Games are disappearing San Jose Area and the 1980's There was a time when arcades were part of the Silicon Valley landscape. Workers would duck into Time Zone at Oakridge Mall, Merlin's Castle in El Paseo de Saratoga, Bullwinkle's in Sunnyvale, Eli McFly's in Campbell, Chuck E. Cheese on Tully or Tilt at Vallco to drop quarters and let off some steam. Today, Dave & Buster's, Chuck E. Cheese, Golfland, Nickel City and a few independents dedicate rooms to games. The stand-alone arcade is a rarity, especially outside of the Silicon Valley. Blame home consoles and PCs. Atari The Weekend of Speakers - Atari panel In the California Extreme weekend, there is a panel discussion with Atari programmers Mike Albaugh, Ed Logg and Owen Rubin. Albaugh, referred to as a "guts monkey," did a lot of the behind-the-scenes technical work for Atari. Logg was the man behind Asteroids, Centipede, Millipede and Gauntlet. Owen Rubin did a lot of the classic vector games, including Major Havoc, Space Duel, Orbit, Tunnel Hunt and Battlezone. A lot of old-school games will be in there, but there will be a few "new classics" as well. The weekend is a video game nut's dream come true. It's the dream-house picture blown up to IMAX proportions. It's like entering a galaxy where it's 1982 again! 2006 Location of Event Parkside Hall on the corner of Almaden and Park avenues, across from the Convention Center and behind the Civic Auditorium in downtown San Jose. 2006 SHOW GAMES LIST SO FAR Last updated March 4th, 2006 Video Games:

10th Degree Akka Arrh (Atari Proto) Asteroids Battlezone Mini Beavis & Butthead (Atari Proto)J Black Widow Blood Lust (Prototype) Blueprint Mini Bosconian Mini Bounty Hunter (Prototype) Bubbles Bump N Jump Bugertime (Deco) Centipede Mini Championship Sprint Crazy Climber Crystal Castles Defender Defender (Cocktail) Dig Dug (cocktail) Discs of Tron (Upright) Donkey Kong Steve Lin Donkey Kong (w/ DK 2 ROMS) Donkey Kong, Jr. Elevator Action Eliminator (4 player cocktail) Fire Beast (Prototype) Fire Truck Steve Lin Fishing Frenzy Food Fight Freedom Fighter (Atari lassr disc prototype never seen before!) Front Line Galaga Gauntlet II (4p) Gravitar Gyruss I Robot Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Irritating Maze Journey Joust Joust Cocktail Joust 2 Kick Killer Instinct (dedicated) Klax Mini Proto Klax Liberator Looping (Mini) Mach 3 Steve Hertz Macross Mad Planets Major Havoc (dedicated) Mappy Marble Man (Atari Proto) Staff Mario Bros Marvel vs Capcom Metal Maniacs (Atari Proto) Mickey's Magical Tetris Millipede MK3 Ultimate (dedicated) Mookquake (prototype) Mr. Do! (custom mini) Ms Pac Man Mini Ms Pac Man Namco classics (cocktail w/Rally X, Dig Dug, & Pac-Man) PacMan PacMan (With MAD PAC kit) PacMan (cocktail w/96-in-one kit) Paperboy Kevin Rhinehart Pooyan Qix Quak (Touch Screen) Quantum Radikal Bikers Reactor Rescue Roadrunner (Rare Atari laserdisc prototype. First appearance at CAX!) Sinistar Space Ace Space Duel Space Harrier Spy Hunter Starhawk Star Rider Star Trek Star Wars (Cockpit) Star Wars Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back Stargate Street Fighter 2 CE HF Super Puzzle Fighter II Tapper Tempest Tempest (multigame) Tempest Mini Timber Time Pilot Toobin' Track & Field Track & Field (cocktail) Tron Tutankham Uo Poko Venture Vicious Circle Warlords (Cocktail) Warrior Williams Multigame Wizard Of Wor Xevious Xybots Zeke's Peak Zookeeper


Black Hole Black Knight * Black Knight 2000 Centaur Doodle Bug Dr. Dude Eight Ball Deluxe F-14 Tomcat Firepower Flight 2000 Flip Flop Galaxy Genie Randy Woolf Hook Hyperball Joust Lightning Medievil Madness Meteor Pinball Pool Randy Woolf Rollergames Sally Scared Stiff Bob Ellingson Silverball Mania Space Shuttle Tales of the Arabian Nights Taxi Time Machine Vector Whirlwind World Cup Soccer '94 World Series Mark

Steve Wiebe and Roy Shildt (Mr. Awesome) showing their stuff at Califonria Extreme (2005) Will Steve Wiebe from Redmond, Washington and Roy Shildt from Los Angeles, CA come again to California Extreme in July 8-9, 2006? Or to the big event at New Hampshire's Funspot Arcade on June 1-4, 2006 to support "TEAM USA" when the Britt's invade the Third Floor of Funspot World Famous Classic Coin-Op Video game & Pinball Tournament VIII? Will Paul Dean, Spy Hunter Champion, show-up for California Extreme July 8-9, 2006? YES! Last Years triple hitter predictions for California Extreme Link Last Years 2005 California Extreme Speakers and Seminars were great, they entailed the following: Atari Film Festival (What happened at California Extreme in 2005) The Atari Film Festival returned and had some fresh footage unearthed from the archives featuring some great Commercials, game test footage, and the height of fashion sensibilities! Al Alcorn, Ed Rotberg, Owen Rubin, and Kelly Turner were scheduled to help you fully appreciate what you've watched watching. (Hey Atari alum ... let us know if you'd like to get involved!) Pinball creators Greg Dunlap, Ted Estes, and Steve Ritchie were on hand to discuss game design. Find out about how a rule set evolves for a game and why your favorite shot is so easy or impossible to hit! Pinball Tournament Results of "A" and "B" Tournament Play. 2005: How to Play Pinball: Bowen Kerins, Rick Stetta, Jim Belsito We learned the tricks and techniques - straight from the wizards themselves! Why California Extreme Exists A dedicated band of enthusiasts wants to share their passion and nostalgia for the Halcyon days of their mis-spent youth, when quarters did not last long in their pockets, And fun was measured out in "Specials" and not tickets.. and it's all on Free Play! (2005) California Extreme Time Warp! Pinball machines take you back to the malt shops of the 50's or the pool halls of the 70's… Video games to transport you back to the days of disco and pizza parlors. Come get Warped with us! Featured Attractions: Hundreds of games on Free-Play Pinball Machines, Classic Video Games, arcade rarities and Coin-op diversions. Two days that celebrate this exceptional entertainment medium Here is an opportunity to play games you may have not seen for years. Drawings, tournaments and seminars. Speakers, forums and panels consisting of Pinball experts, Atari Alumni, Industry Insiders, Cinematronic Cognoscenti and as added attraction, a nearly complete Showing of rare Cinematronic games including a comprehensive vector-game line-up! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Midwest Gaming Classic (June 3-4, 2006) Twin Galaxies and Billy Mitchell Present Midwest Gaming Classic The Midwest's Largest Electronic Gaming Event June 3-4, 2006 Midwest Classic Electronic Gaming Midwest Gaming Classic An all Encompassing Electronic Gaming Event Poster of Event Link Featuring 21,000 Sq. Ft. of home video games, pinball machines, arcade video games and computers. Saturday June 3, 2006 - 10:00am to 8:00pm Sunday June 4, 2006 - 10:00am to 5:00pm Single Day Ticket: $10 Two-day Ticket: $20 Tournament Package: $65 Olympia Resort and Conference Center 1350 Royale Mile Road Oconomowoc, WI 53066 1-800-558-9573
Speakers: Ben Heckendorn - Creative portable console hacker and author Scott Adams - Creator of the adventure genre and PC Gaming Pioneer Ellen Lurie - An Audio Lead with Raven Software Tournaments Midwest Pinball Championships Midwest Video Championships Pac-Mania Tournament Numerous Pinball Mini-Tournaments Pac-Mania Video Game, Manufacturer: Namco, Year Released: 1987
(June 3-4, 2006) Midwest Gaming Classics Pac-Mania Contest
Pac-Mania Game Introduction In this 3-D sequel, Pac-Man gets to eat and run from ghosts in four different mazes, each complete with its own theme music and name. Some of the levels include the LEGO-like Block Town, the original maze Pac-Man's Park, the closed-off top Sand Box Land, and the extremely large Jungly Steps which looks like a bunch of steps. Steve Epstein and Roger Sharpe of IFPA will be contest referees After a day of judging intense pinball competition, Steven Epstein and Roger Sharpe will be sitting down and talking... but it won't just be any speech -- it will be the Midwest Gaming Classic's "Suite Talk," a Saturday night after-hours event in which these two fascinating men will field your pinball questions and answer them with stories that they have compiled from years of being instrumental in the pinball industry. link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Classic Coin-Op Video Game & Pinball Tournament Funspot VIII Tournament (June 1-4, 2006) Weirs Beach, New Hampshire, USA Funspot 8th Annual Classic Coin-Op Tournament BurgerTime Manufacturer: Bally Midway, Year: 1982 FUNSPOT HIGH SCORE NEWS UPDATE: BurgerTime New World Record Bryan Wagner - BurgerTime 6/2/2006 From Twin Galaxies Message Board reporting Bryan Wagner's New Higher BurgerTime World Record of 9,000,000 done at Funspot Arcade at Weirs Beach, NH on 6/2/06. Link Simultaneously he got a world record high score of 485,200 on Rolling Thunder beating the previous world record score of 254,840 done on July 15, 2002 by Jon Dworkin from Brooklyn, NY. Rolling Thunder - Manufacturer: Atari, Year: 1986 Bryan Wagner was able to get to world records Burgertime and Rolling Thunder simultaneously because there is a slow down on screen number 28 on Burgertime giving him ample time to get another world record while waiting for screen 28 on Burgertime to cycle through. Link "High Score" - A Missile Command Documentary. This documentary follows Portland gamer Bill Carlton as he attempts to break the world record. Link Funspot International Classic Videogame & Pinball Championships 2006 Funspot Tournament (June 1-4, 2006) Gary Vincent at Funspot Walter Day Immediate Release Video Game "High-Scores" Funspot News Release Link WEIRS BEACH, NH -- International Event Classic Video & Pinball Tournament Weirs Beach, NH, with camcorder-totting video game addicts Breaking video game world records June 1-4, 2006 Funspot Family Entertainment Center in Weirs Beach FUNSPOT is a family owned and operated entertainment supercenter, founded by Bob Lawton in 1952. Classic Games have always been a passion and now it is a museum of sorts with many classic games to play. Some of the games involved in possible record breaking scores on the classic video games from the early 1980s, include: Arkanoid, Berzerk, Carnival, Congo Bongo, Crystal Castles, Elevator Action, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong, Jr., Frogger, Galaxian, Galaga, Hypersports, Joust, Kangaroo, Kung-Fu Master, Mappy, Marble Madness, Missile Command, Ms. Pac-Man, Pole Position, Popeye, QIX, Rally-X, Robotron and Track and Field. The Funspot tournament will see competitors try to establish new world records on over 100 other classic titles. The highest scores logged during the four day event will be published in the Twin Galaxies' Official Scoreboard of the worldwide electronic gaming industry. Organizers of the event describe the Funspot contest as "a gathering of the tribes." Walter Day, editor of the Book of Records and chief scorekeeper at the event, has been receiving emails from players in Europe, Canada, Mexico and South America who are not only planning to come, but are contributing games and labor. Billy Mitchell has a new poster made up for this event. Link Funspot VIII Champions In Attendance Billy Mitchell Commissioned Champions in Attendance Funspot Poster #77 for the June 1-4, 2006 Funspot Event 8th Annual International Classic Game Tournament - June 1 - 4, 2006 Funspot VIII This Funspot VIII 2006 poster, being read by a young lady in hand (above) has been signed by the prominent players in the classic gaming hobby in attendance at the Funspot Tournament and is one of 50, used as a collectable, as well as the Billy Mitchell commemorative hot sauce labels on the collectables table. British Invasion at Funspot VIII - Billy Mitchell Hot Sauce Label Given to Gary Whelan, British Galaxian Champion Commemorative Hot Sauce Label for British Invasion American, Perfect Pacman player Billy Mitchell has made a special sauce for British Gamer Gary Whelan, (Above) and his comrades, for traveling from Britain to America to compete at the Funspot Event, in which Gary Whelan set a new world record on Galaxian. Gary Vincent, Operations Manager at Funspot, sees classic video game playing as a burgeoning new hobby. "Not only are old-time players in their 40's coming to this event," explains Vincent, "but newer, younger players will be competing who missed the video game 'golden age' of the 80's, but learned Galaga, Tetris and Arkanoid much later on their Playstation or Dreamcast game consoles." The event is decidedly breaking down the barriers between the diverse segments of electronic gaming. Robert Mruczek, Twin Galaxies head referee, believes all video game players share the classic titles as a common cultural experience. He says: "Even though many of these younger players are more at home with Playstation, Dreamcast or PC-based games, they all know Pac-Man and Zaxxon and are inspired to attend this contest." Numerous Playstation champions will be trying to translate their PS skills into big-score performances on classics like Tetris and Excitebike at the tournament. "Right now," says an anonymous superstar, "I am a contender on Playstation's Tony Hawk Pro Skater but believe I can convert my talents over to some of these older games." Other console champions are equally as confidant. Among them are David Nelson, New Hampshire Video Game Team of Laconia, New Hampshire and Brian Laskiewicz of Morris Plains, NJ, who plan to utilize their home game skills to break arcade records. Laskiewicz, in particular, thinks his world record on Playstation's Pac-Man World; has prepared him for success on the 1987 arcade hit, Pac-Mania. And with big cash bounties promised for new world records, "high-score-fever" is gripping the hearts of players, making a trip to Funspot a major summer destination for the whole family. One such family is that of Zack Hample, a 262-year-old English major from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, who recently joined the ranks of the video game elite when he managed to break the world record on the arcade edition of Arkanoid. Guinness Players Biographies Link Funspot British Invasion Walter Day claims that these British Masters of classic arcade video games are possibly as great or even greater than the most famous video game champs produced by the legendary arcades of Los Angeles and New York City back during the "Golden Age" of video game arcades. There will be many legendary playoffs with the Americans against the Brits, this year. Some of these great British players include Tony Temple; Missile Command and Gary Whelan; Galaxian Champion and Greg Mott; Robotron Champion. Paul Drury, of Retro Gamer Magazine from England will be at Funspot to report the record breaking scores back to his homeland across the pond. CGEUK 2005 London, England: Classic Gaming Expo UK CGEUK European Championship - August 13, 2005 "Team USA" went to England last summer to play these same Britt's and USA did very well at the CGEUK Event. See US NATIONAL VIDEO GAME TEAM Link The "Team USA" team members were USA Champions Doris Self; Q*bert, Perry Rodgers, Galaxian, Donald Hayes; world record holder on Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Burgertime and Donkey Kong. Donald Hayes has now pulled down five big ones, too: Tron, Centipede, Dig Dug, Domino Man and Super Zaxxon. Shawn Cram, Brian Kuh, and Steve Sanders; Joust Champion. Joust Donald Hayes - ONE MILLION on "Joust" (TGTS) !! May 27, 2006 Donald Hayes clears 57 ultra tough Joust waves on him own coin-op Joust Video Game, to set a final score of 1,008,500 points, eclipsing the previous Twin Galaxies World Record of 1,002,500 set on 6/30/1984 by Don Morlan. Donald Hayes squeaked by the previous world record by approximately 6,000 points. See the Joust High Score Table Link Tron New Update at Funspot: 06/03/06 Tron Link David Cruz did it again surpassing his old world record on 06/03/06 at the Funspot Tournament VIII. He beat his old world record of 6,768,288 which was done on 09/05/2005 with a new world record of 7,148,220 on 06/03/06, pushing his score further away from previous world record holder, Donald Hayes. Link Robert Bonney's 12M Tron Score was removed, which was from the Wild West Days Link Survival Of The Fittest - Joust 2 - Manufacturer: Williams, Year: 1986 New Update from FUNSPOT: 06/03/06 Joust 2 Link Robert Griffin got 13,012,450 joust II that's thirteen million points on 'marathon' mode after 8 hours of continuous game play for a new world record on Joust 2 at the Funspot Tournament on June 3, 2006. This surpassed the old world record of 2,655,600 done on Thursday, June 16, 2005 by Dwayne Richard from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Link 6/3/06 Funspot - Robert Griffin made a new world record on (TGTS) 5 men only tournament settings with a superb score of 572,800. Link --- Brian Kuh, Hoboken, NJ United States Donkey Kong and Brian Kuh Brian Kuh may never beat Billy Mitchell's 1,047,000 Donkey Kong score but he is mastering the games one by one and getting more consecutive world record scores than Billy Mitchell ever had in the early 1980's. Donald Hayes has been noted for owning more major classic arcade world records at the same time than any other gamer in Twin Galaxies history until now. I'm waiting to see if he will go after some of the harder "Holy Grail" high scores such as that of being first to score 1 million points on "Ms Pacman", or being one of the very few scoring 1 million points on "Donkey Kong" or 1 million points on "Joust". Achieving a score of 1M on "Joust" at TGTS ranks as one of the top five "Holy Grail" score s from the classic arcade era in TG history. Twin Galaxies Holy Grail of High Scores: Link Holy Grail of Video Game High Scores 1. Achieving a perfect game of "Pacman" of 3,333,360 points 2. Achieving one million points on "Donkey Kong" 3. Achieving one million points on "Robotron" at TGTS 4. Achieving one million points on "Joust" at TGTS 5. Achieving one million points on classic "Ms Pacman" See Below: Brian Kuh from Team USA, takes over with the most Funspot Standing World Record's in One Day - June 1, 2006. He's showing the Britt's what the US National Video Game Team is all about. The 2006 Funspot Event just broke through a new level of world records accomplished by one person. Brian Kuh, who won Mark Alpiger's Tournament at Challenge Arcade last March of 2006, broke more world records than anyone else has at the first day of the June 1-4, 2006 Funspot Event. Brian Kuh Coin-Op 15 First Place World Records done on June 1, 2006 at Funspot: APB, Chase H.Q., Guerrilla, Heavy Barrel, Hot Rod, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indy 4, Lemans, Lazarian, Paperboy, Radical Radial, Super Sprint, The Real Ghostbusters, Turbo Out Run and Xenophobe. He also got a second place world record on the game Road Runner, almost beating the previous world record of 2.2 M by Mark Haber. Brian Kuh's exact world record scores will be posted in the very near future! I'm sure he will be back to participate in California Extreme on July 7-8, 2006 as he did in 2005. ---- FUNSPOT HIGH SCORE NEWS UPDATE: The Final Results are in for the Winners of the Funspot Event As originally reported by Gary Vincent, Funspot Family Entertainment Center Operations Manager for the Funspot 8th Annual International Classic Game Tournament on Thursday, June 1st through Sunday, June 4th, 2006: Link Funspot (2006) Classic Arcade Player of the Year: Michael Sao Pedro Player of the Year: Michael Sao Pedro (Mike Pedro) Mike Sao Pedro Mike Sao Pedro has put pen to ink and signed the official Funspot VIII poster #77 which will be signed by all namesake attendees. Poster #77, (above) is one of the latest posters commissioned by Billy Mitchell as a gift to the gaming hobby. Only 50 copies, individually numbered in sequence will be produced to commemorate the Funspot VIII event. The poster was designed by the noted graphic artist and singer/songwriter, C.J. Hoose of Fairfield, Iowa. 2006 Funspot Competition Results: 2006 Player of the Year: Michael Sao Pedro (Mike Pedro) Pinball: Michael Sao Pedro Color: David Nelson Monochrome: David Nelson Ladies: Christian Cram Mystery games: The End: Perry Rogers Spy Hunter: Steve Gumtow Duck Hunt: David Cruz Phoenix: Adam Wood Michael Sao Pedro (Mike) 2006 Funspot Player of the Year 2006 Funspot Championships (PoTY) Classic Arcade Player of the Year Link Michael Sao Pedro - 2006 Player of the Year and Pinball Champion Pinball: Michael Sao Pedro David Nelson 2006 Winner of Two Funspot Tournament Challenges: "Color Video Game: Challenge" "Monochrome Challenge" Color: David Nelson Monochrome: David Nelson Ladies: Christian Cram Mystery games: The End: Perry Rogers Spy Hunter: Steve Gumtow Duck Hunt: David Cruz Phoenix: Adam Wood Funspot Player of the Year Poster (2005) Player of the Year (2005) David Nelson and Dave Sao Pedro shared player of the year in 2005, but this year, in 2006, Dave Sao Pedro takes the honors all by himself as Funspot Player of the year. His percentages on each game in the tournament put him in first place this year and he will receive all of the accolades. Adam Wood - 2006 Funspot Tournament Champion of Phoenix Perry Rodgers - 2006 Funspot Tournament Champion of The End New World Records ---- Posted: 6/8/06 Funspot World Records set at Funspot VIII Competition ---- New World Records based on titles that already had established World Records: 1942 - 12,677,320 by Martin Bedard Astro Fighter - 26,670 by Fred Pastore Astro Invader - 56,330 by Fred Pastore Blueprint - 146,300 by David Nelson Burgertime - 9,000,000 (even) by Bryan Wagner Buster Brothers - 2,228,150 by Greg Mott Galaxian - 503,710 by Gary Whelan Indiana Jones (Hard 3 lives) - 1,260,570 by Darren Harris Indy 4 - 162 by Brian Kuh Joust 2 (Marathon) - 13,012,450 by Robert Griffin Kiss (pinball) - 2,696,420 by Michael Sao Pedro Land, Sea, Air Squad - 683,200 by Tim McIlroy Lazarian - 166,620 by Brian Kuh Leprechaun (TGTS) - 567,475 by Todd Rogers Paragon (pinball) - 1,374,470 by Michael Sao Pedro Playboy (pinball) - 1,722,420 by Michael Sao Pedro Quartet - 815,200 by Adam Wood Radical Radial - 432,850 by Brian Kuh Rampage - 153,530 by Jason Cram Ring King - $2,378,00 by Walter Glassett Rolling Thunder - 645,860 by Bryan Wagner Sega Hot Rod - 272,380 by Brian Kuh Superbug (Expert Course) - 360 by Martin Bedard Tron - 7,198,220 by David Cruz ---- CGEUK 2005 Classic Gaming Expo-UK (CGEUK) CGEUK location: Croydon, south London, Saturday 13th August 2005 Twin Galaxies has one thing in mind for coming to the UK. That is to identify the champions of the UK and get them into the book (Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game and Pinball Book Of World Records). There are many deserving UK superstars which are being overlooked by the Book Of Records. They need to be found, like the Holly Grail of Video Game Champions. The CGEUK Classic Video Game Titles for the competition were the following: Millipede, Robotron, Kung Fu Master, Galaga, and Joust. The notable British players at the CGEUK 2005 Contest were the following champions: Nick Hutt; Space Harrier, "TT" Tony Temple; Missile Command, Gary Whelan; Galaxian (was sick on day of the event.) British Gamer, Nick Hutt (Space Harrier Champion) British Gamer, Gary Whelan, Galaxian Champion sits with his Cocktail Table Galaxian Coin-Op Video Game British Gamer, Tony Temple (Missile Command Champion Medallion) Tony Temple Tony Temple, Missile Command Champion from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, United Kingdom Missile Command - 3/30/06 1,967,830 points The only world record broken during the CGEUK was Space Harrier in which Nick Hutt wiped out the previous 20 year old record. Link CGEUK Rallies British Gamers to Challenge France to 'London vs Paris' video game championship in summer 2006. Link After many CGEUK mishaps the Brits are going to get to play against the Americans at the 2006 New Hamphire Tournament. Twin Galaxies reports that the London vs Paris challenge will take place after finding an appropriate venue for that match up. Link Despite financial difficulty in 2005, CGEUK went ahead and had a great show. Unfortunately, some sponsors didn't pay their share so Chris Millard, Organizer has to figure out another way to come up with the money in order to have a CGEUK show in 2007. Link I would safely say that the Americans took that crown, and the Britt's want their Crown back, so here they come on June 1-4, 2006 to New Hampshire, America to do some damage with video game high scores. The Brits are coming to America! These Englishman are ready to take on the best of the best of America in a challenge. Arkanoid champ, Stephen Krogman, of Boca Raton, Florida will be showing his skills as well as many other champion players. Donald Hayes is the superstar of this century and he may be able to hold back those Britt's as well as Abdner Ashman, the Robotron and Ms. Pacman Champion from New York. Here is a brief list of some of the Legendary players and sponsors who will be at the Funspot VIII Tournament: Some of the famous video game attendees and staff to attend Funspot VIII include the following: Attendees to participate on June 1-4, 2006: Sandra Lawton, Bob Lawton, Randy Lawton, Steve Lawton - (Owners of Funspot). Gary Vincent (General Manager of Funspot) Greg Mott, Paul Drury, Tony Temple, Gary Whelan - England Video Game Competitors Robert Mruczek - Chief Referee Twin Galaxies Walter Day - CEO/Author Twin Galaxies (2006) American Champion Video Game Players: Martin Bedard, Tom Votava, Greg Erway, Donald Hayes Shawn Cram, Christian Cram, Anna Cram, Jason Cram - Family Champions of New Hamphire Funspot: Shawn & Christian Cram
Brother and Sister Classic Video Game Team (2006)
Shawn Cram "Team USA" (Playing Joust) at European Tournamnent (CGEUK 2005) Champion Players to be at Funspot VIII David Nelson; New England captain US National Video Game Team, Derek Fonda, Adam Wood, Joel Hedge Richard Marsh, Pete Whittle, Abdner Ashman, Cameron Feltner, Steve Wiebe, April Simmonds, Pat Laffaye, Troy Whelan, Derek Litton, Nik Meeks, Robert Griffin, Tim McIlroy, Mr. Kelly R. Flewin, Darren Harris, Greg Bond, Bryan Wagner, Nick Ortakales, Todd Rogers, David Cruz, Perry Rodgers, Dave Demers, Steve Kyriakides, Scootie Ahlers, Fred Pastore, Steve Sanders, Emily Hughes, Justine Baker, Mark Alpiger, Mark D. Boolman, John Zabel, Michael San Pedro. US National Video Game Team USNVGT: Official New England Team Roster Anna Cram Christian Cram Jason Cram Shawn Cram Andrew Gardikis Donald Hayes Jennifer Moore David Nelson - team captain Michael Sao Pedro Adam Wood Video taped Performances Players must commit their stellar performances to videotape in case a surprise world record falls in their lap. "The world's top players now rely on videotape as the medium of proof to authenticate their high-score achievements," says Funspot's Vincent. "And, during the contest, some players will even go so far as to bring their own film crews to Funspot." Interestingly, the trend to videotape has spread even beyond the confines of Funspot. Tim Curtis, a recreation director for the Kentucky state park system has booked a Louisville pizza parlor as the site of his world record attempt on Space Firebird, a 1980 classic video world record. "You can bet we will videotape the entire game." This removes any shred of doubt in the other players' minds. "The video game phenomenon back in the early 1980's was not just an American experience. There are a group of players coming to Funspot from Finland who knew and loved Pac-Man and Centipede just as much as any kid from New York City or Detroit and have just as much right to take home some world records." Funspot is famous for owning one of the world's largest collections of classic games and is one of the largest indoor arcades in the United States. Located on a 33-acre site near Lake Winnipesaukee, it draws between 500,000 and 600,000 people a year to its 60,000 square-foot-entertainment complex. Operated by the Lawton family for 55 years, Funspot offers over 500 games, ranging from the classics to today's high-powered interactive games such as Daytona II and Star Wars Trilogy. The Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard, based in Fairfield, Iowa, has been keeping score for the world of video game and pinball playing since 1982 and monitors the highest scores on all home and arcade video games, PC-based games and pinball. Call Gary Vincent at Funspot at (603)366-4377 or go to for further contest information. Please visit the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard and message board at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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