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Posted September 24, 2005

US National Video Game Team (1985)

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Photo 1,2,3: Donn Nauert, Photo 4: Left to Right: Jim Allee, Donn Nauert, Shane Olivo

Donnell W. Nauert Austin, Texas

Other players with Donn Nauert are Jim Allee and Shane Olivo from the US National Video Game Team.

The "American Video Game Players League", made up of 3 guys and 2 girls is the alternative to competing against the US National Video Game Team.
Donn Nauert, January 13, 1985 The 3rd Annual Player of the Year Coronation Day contest was conducted at Captain Video in Los Angeles. It was covered by ABC-TV News, USA Today and ABC-TV's Entertainment Tonight, and the results were featured in the 1985 Guinness Book of Sports Records. This tournament was one by Phil Britt on January 13, 1985. The Fourth Place winner of the Player of the Year Contest at Captain Video, Los Angeles, CA. was Donn Nauert. He was also listed as being the third person ever to be listed in the Video Game Hall of Fame as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records 1985 edition. December 14th, 1984 The 1985 GUINNESS BOOK OF SPORTS RECORDS will be giving a full page to the new Video Game Sporting Event: Guinness Sports Record Book (1986) Player of the Year 1985 First Place, Phil Britt, Second Place, Mike Sullivan, Third, Jeff Peters (1985 Player of the Year) Phil Britt, Mike Sullivan, Jeff Peters Jeff Peters (1986) US National Video Game Team
In the early 1980's Jeff Peters was a founder of the U.S. National Video Game Team and has organized the international video game contests and promotions on its behalf. He further went on to co-found a publishing company, and help to create "Electronic Game Player; 1988", and "(EGM) Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine; in 1989." Latest News Link In 2003 EGM became the largest circulation multi-platform magazine in United States.
US National Video Game Team (1985) Chicago Tradeshow Dwayne Richard, Gary Hatt, Brent Walker, Donn Nauert, Steve Harris, Jeff Peters, Perry Rodgers In 1986 US National Video Game Team was present at many Tradeshows and Video Game Expo's and several were flown to San Diego to test the new Atari Video Games and were questioned on how to make the prototype game better and more interesting for the video game player. Gary Hatt made the suggestion of putting numbered levels as a distinction instead of the previous color non numbered system that was being used. Many prototype games had bugs in which the game could not continue to the next section, so the US National Video Game Team would play the game to were the game got stuck on a level and would say, fix this, there is no way to continue the game because of a programming error. The US National Video Game Team would also go to arcade locations were new prototype games were put into these test arcade locations. Everybody wanted to be the first to play the new games and the US National Video Game Team knew exactly when and where the new test video game would be located. Some of the popular Los Angeles area test arcades were the following: 1. Aladdin's Castle in the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA, Link 2. Starship Video Arcade, Upland, CA. The Upland, CA, contest site - a place called Starship Video - was billed as "The Arcade Shaped like a Starship." 3. Captain Video Arcade, Los Angeles, CA. All three 1985 Coronation Day Winners, Phil Britt, Mike Sullivan and Jeff Peters lived within twenty minutes of each other in Riverside, California Link Paul Dean, Spy Hunter Champion of June 28, 1985 Third Annual Masters Tournament as well as Mike Quarles, Crystal Castles Champion, January 15, 1985 also lived in Riverside, Ca. Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard "3rd Annual North American Video Game Challenge" - The yearly invitational video game challenge that crowns the "player of the year." The US National Video Game Team was sponsored by Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard and (later) Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, and then (TGIS) Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard took back that sponsorship back from Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine a few years later. This event was sponsored and funded by the U.S. National Video Game Team and numerous video game manufacturers. The tournament features the invitation only, 50 best players, in North America facing off in a two-day classic, Jan. 12-13, 1985, at Captain Video, an important and well known Los Angeles competition game room. The premier stars of the event will be invited to sign professional video game players' contracts with the U.S. National Video Game Team. Perry Rodgers (1986) (Perry Rodgers United Kingdom 2005) US National Video Game Team - 1986 Perry proved his skills as a player in the early 80's earning world record scores on Galaxian, Mario Bros., and Centipede, and a spot on the U.S. National Video Game Team. Billy Mitchell wearing the vintage Coronation Day T-Shirt from the 1980s. Billy Mitchell Billy Mitchell Centipede High Score (1982) Billy Mitchell Centipede High Score of 25,000,000 in 1982 with a bug hunting technique which took 47 hours. US National Video Game Team The 1984 Coronation Day Ceremonies was on January 14, 1984. The best three players of the year were Billy Mitchell, Tim Collum and Ben Gold. The three 1984 Coronation Day winners are on Billy Mitchell's T-Shirt. (Photo Above) Ben Gold (1982) (1982) Ben Gold Stargate High Score of 40,001,150 It took 36 hours of game to achieve the Stargate world record at Richardson, Texas. Ben Gold 1983 - Stargate Ben Gold Achievements: (link) US National Video Game Team 1983 North American Olympics, Third Place in "That's Incredible" TV Show. Link Ben Gold - That's Incredible Event That's Incredible Ben Gold played Stargate at Prowood Video Arcade near Prestonwood, Texas for Thirty-five hours and 50 minutes for a new world record of Star gate – 40,001,150 that lasted two weeks according to the Manufacturer Williams Electronics. By Maggie Kennedy, Dallas Times Herald, January 26, 1983. Ben Gold won the "That's Incredible" competition for a first place prize which was a gold medal which he later donated to Twin Galaxies. He had just Won history's first Video Game World Championship Link Ben Gold (20 year Reunion) Funspot, Wiers Beach, New Hamphire 1984 Tim Collum, co-player-of-the Year and winner of "ABC-TV's "That's Incredible Ms. Pac-Man Contest (October 11, 1982). In January 1983 Billy Mitchell appeared in the Life Magazine, and the Electronic Circus" as well as heading up the US National Video Game Team. (Actually, clean cut, Steve Sanders was made the Leader) January, 1984, Billy Mitchell was selected by his peers as the 1984 Player of the Year during a cold ceremony broadcast on CBS News. Also in 1984, Billy Mitchell was recognized as the "world's most famous video game player." because of his amazing feats. Phil Britt was the first to sign such a Professional contract during the Coronation Day Ceremonies" on January 13, 1985. He won the Player of the Year Competition at Captain Video Arcade, Los Angeles, Ca. This event went from January 12-13, 1985. Phil Britt was named player of the year on January 13, 2005 after winning the Coronation Day event at Captain Video Arcade at Los Angeles, CA. Hall of Fame in the 1985 Guinness Book of World Records followed by Phil Britt and Donn Nauert. This was the first and last time the Hall of Fame was ever received in the Guinness Book of World Records. U.S. National Video Game Team

Early 1980's Highlights of the U.S. National Video Game Team have been reported by 
Steve Harris, (EGM) Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine until Steve Harris had
retired from the business. In 2005 Paul Drury of Retro Gamer Magazine in the United Kingdom 
has brought back of taste of the 1980's era by interviewing many of the best players
of the world from the U.S. National Video Game Team which follows through to what they
are doing today and how gaming has created some of their life goals both in career
selection and as a life time hobby.
Steve Harris Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine (EGM) Electronic Gaming Monthly The most famous arcade, Twin Galaxies, 226 East Main Street, Ottumwa, Iowa opened on November 10, 1981, at about 6:30 p.m. The first customers that walked inside asked, "What? An arcade?" These games have wrecked my radio communications, announced the police officer. It was Qix, made by Taito, so the game was quickly removed and from then on business was a great success. The Below are Magazines which covered Video Game Champions: (Time Magazine) January 1982 - The Year In Pictures - Life Magazine "year-in-review" edition for 1982 A Year In Pictures - Life Magazine Special Edition (1982) Life Album 1982: A Year in Pictures; Released: January 1983 - Special Issue (1982) Life Magazine, Video Game Masters Photo; November 7, 1982
The video game players and their accomplishments as published in Life Magazine Sam Blackburn, NC; Jeff Brandt, Bloomington, IL, world-class on Donkey Kong Jr. (DKJ); Matt Brass, MT, also world-class on DKJ; Leo Daniels, NC, world record holder on Asteroids and Tempest, world-class on Asteroids Deluxe, and Reactor; Kent Farries from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was another world-class DKJ player; Eric Ginner, Mountain View, CA, world record holder on Moon Patrol, and world-class on Dig Dug, Robotron, Tempest, and Centipede; Ben Gold, Dallas, TX, world record holder on Stargate; Mike Lepkosky, Houston, TX, world record holder on Ms. Pac-man; Billy Mitchell, Hollywood, Florida, world record holder on Centipede, world class on Donkey Kong; Doug Nelson, CA; Darren Olson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, world class on Centipede; Mark Robichek, Mountain View, CA, world record holder on Frogger and Tutankham, world class on Moon Patrol; Steve Sanders, Clinton, MO, world record on Donkey Kong, Ned Troide, Palm Harbor, FL, world record holder on Defender; Todd Walker, San Jose, CA, world record holder on Joust and Joel West, NC. Kent Farries, Donkey Kong, Jr. 948,000 from Calgary, Alberta, almost did not make the shoot do to over sleeping. The above Life Magazine cover has within its pages the famous Video Game Wizards Photo that featured a lot of the top gun 1980's gamers, who gathered in front of the famous Twin Galaxies arcade and International Scoreboard (226 East Main Street, Ottumwa, Iowa.) The January 1983 issue was the special "Year in Pictures" issue for 1982, and featured the classic gamers on main street with the games that they had mastered. The street photo was shot on the morning of Sunday, November 7, 1982. The inspiration for the U.S. National Video Game Team started with the LIFE photo session in 1982. It all started with six red and white shirts, each with the last name of a player emblazoned on the back and the Ottumwa, IA. logo on the front. Ottumwa, IA is considered the video game capital of the world because it its headquarters for the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard. The original players to be inducted into the US National Video Game Team were Billy Mitchell, Steve Harris, Tim McVey, Jay Kim, Ben Gold and Captain and founder, Walter Day. First Inductees into the US National Video Game Team Left to Right (Ben Gold, Jay Kirn, Steve Harris, Billy Mitchell) T-Shirts Lettering: (Ottawa, U.S. National Video Game Team) Walter Day - Founder, Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard Billy Mitchell Billy Mitchell with Player of the Century award 1999 Tim McVey Day Tim McVey Modern Times - 2008 Magfest 7 - Nibbler World Record Attempt - January 2, 2008 Tim McVey in 2008 tries to beat his own January 28, 1984 Billion point score and ends up short on 1/2/08 at Magfest 7 with a total high score of 648,615,390, beating Dwayne Richards. link Tim McVey Scores One Billion on Nibbler, Sunday, January 28, 1984 (1,000,042,270) Tim McVey got more than a billion points on Nibbler in 1984, and he did it with one quarter — that was 44 hours of Nibbler for 25 cents. The goal was to go from town to town across the nation beating all players who dare to challenge these hot shot players. Ned Troide, Defender Best known for having played DEFENDER for 62 1/2 consecutive hours on a single quarter. Ned Troide Defender Champion 1982 Video Game Champ Gets Recognition By Christina K. Cosdon Clearwater Times Staff Writer Palm Harbor - Two months ago Ned Troide became the top Defender video game player with a score of 72,999,975. He racked up the points with just one quarter, and it took him 62 1/2 hours to do it. For this feat, the Palm Harbor youth was pictured this month in Life Magazine's "The Year in Pictures" issue. He posed for the picture with 15 other video game wizards at 7 a.m. Nov. 9 in the middle of a street in downtown Ottumwa, Iowa, site of the official video game International Scoreboard. "The police blocked off the street, "Troide recalled Thursday. Life reporter Drew Greenland, who covered the event, called it "a weekend of the champs." Is Troide excited about the national publicity? He says "yes," but he's cool about it. "It means a lot to me," he said about his score. His sister Janel, 12, on the other hand, bubbles with enthusiasm. "It's great!" she exclaimed. And his father Ed says he is delighted. "I didn't know how difficult the game was until I tried it myself," he said, adding he now has new respect for his son's abilities. So how did the 18-year-old computer engineering student wind up in Ottumwa posing for Life? Entrepreneur Walter Day, 33, who put Ottumwa on the map when he began keeping track of the nation's to video game scorers, invited Troide there for a weekend of -- what else? video games. He also invited the nation's other to video scorers. Day opened up Ottumwa's Twin Galaxies Arcade a year ago and displays the names and tallies of the top players on a giant scoreboard. When the video wizards arrived, Day put them up in a Holiday Inn and paid the tab, said Trodie, who drove to Iowa with his father. Three weeks after he set the Defender title, Troide said, he set another: 66,999,975 on Stargate (an advanced Defender game). It took him 61 hours. He has also set other records, he said, and he's playing for more. Leo Daniels, his web page link Leo Daniels Leo Daniels, Wrightsville, North Carolina, world record holder on Asteroids and Tempest, world-class on Asteroids Deluxe, and Reactor. His Asteroids Deluxe current world record was actually done in September of 1983 at the Ocean View Amusements at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Video Game V.I.P. (1982 Video Game Champs - Life Magazine Shoot) November 7, 1982 Ottumwa, Iowa Leo Daniels LIFE MAGAZINE QUOTE: Physicians claim that maneuvering a joystick too many hours can lead to "video elbow" and "arcade arthritis." The mental side effects can be equally serious, according to U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. "There's nothing constructive in the games," says Koop. "Everything is kill, destroy, zap the enemy." Retorts TEMPEST virtuoso Leo Daniels, "I think Koop is a quack." October 10, 2005 UPDATE: LEO DANIELS BIOGRAPHY: A new movie is coming out recognizing the players and their life stories from The original 1982 Life Magazine Video Game Champions Story: The production company, Men At Work, has been working on a new movie called (Chasing Ghosts) shot in Hi-Def about the early 1980's arcade gamers and the Life magazine shoot. Just 3 weeks ago the Life magazine spread was shot again with almost all 20 of the original players in attendance! Leo Daniels is in the documentary of video games directed by: Lincoln Ruchti, "Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade". Link Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade Synopsis: Twin Galaxies Arcade, Iowa, 1982: the birthplace of mankind's obession with video games. The fate of this world lies in the hands of a few unlikely heroes. They are the Original Video Game World Champions and the arcade is their battleground. link LIFE MAGAZINE Here are the Walter Day conversations with Gary Vincent regarding the re-enactment of the November 7, 1982 LIFE Magazine shoot with many of the original 16 most famous classic gamers appearing in the original famous LIFE magazine issue from the 80's in Ottumwa, Iowa with a reunion weekend at the biggest retro arcade in the country, Funspot Arcade on September 24-25, 2005. The Movie Shoot and photos were partly at the Funspot Arcade, Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. (603)-366-4377 Link Men At Work Productions: "where are they now?" piece on Video Game Champs of the 1980's They've collected quite a bit of retro articles and pics and news reels from that era. Leo Daniels still plays video games, not so much in home games though he still enjoys the arcade feel which can't be matched at home. The original November 5, 1982 LIFE Magazine players who were photographed were the following: Sam Blackburn, North Carolina Jeff Brandt, Bloomington, Illinois (Donkey Kong Jr.: 787,400; Age 20) Matt Brass, Montana Leo Daniels, North Carolina Kent Farries, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Eric Ginner, Mountain View, California (Moon Patrol: 536,470; Age 20) Ben Gold, Dallas, Texas (Stargate: 40,001,150; Age 16) Mike Lepkosky, Houston, Texas Billy Mitchell, Hollywood, Florida (Centipede: 25,000,000; Age 17) Doug Nelson, California Darren Olson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Mark Robichek, Mountain View, California Steve Sanders, Clinton, Missouri (Donkey Kong, 3,165,300; Age 18) Ned Troide, Palm Harbor, Florida (Net Troide, Todd Walker, San Jose, California (Joust, 700,000; Age 19) Joel West, North Carolina Leo Daniels Bio. Continued: Leo Daniels states, "Most kids today have never even stepped into a arcade." I'm now a part owner of a wrestling company N.A.C.W and I design and hosts websites and chatrooms, like FreedomChat Enterprises and I'm a part time actor in the TV and movie industry. Matter of fact you can catch me on the new NBC TV series "Surface" on Monday nights at 8pm est, I play the local sheriff's deputy on the show. Leo Daniels didn't do a lot with the US National Video Game Team At that time he didn't have the time to do all the traveling that was demanded upon the US National Video Game Team. Leo Daniels remembers the some events like the Asteroids "3 minute championships". He hated the fact that most people didn't know about it until we were already there, and that there were a few that had inside information on it. His Asteroids record was for his Asteroids high score was done on the "fast chip" version. At the time Atari recognized the score because the ship made the game faster and harder, not easier for the player. It did however make the scoring much faster though. Only problem was that high scores sometimes turn over fast and Leo Daniels score was beat only a few months after he had set it. Leo Daniels had the high score on Asteroids Deluxe, by Atari with a total score of 2,240,120. Link Leo Daniels also had the Tempest high score of 3,086,355. Leo Daniels, was offered a magazine contract to write articles on game tricks known only by the experts. He was paid $100 per trick. None of the other players could get Leo's tricks to work. "Man, he's got to be making these tricks up," laughed Ben Gold. "They're bogus!" When I asked Leo about it, he would just smile and say, "These tricks are only for experts." Link Leo P Daniels Wilmington, NC United States Coin-Operated Video Game Arcade Scores: Asteroids 40,101,910 World Rank #2 Asteroids Deluxe 2,240,120 World Rank #1 Dark Planet 133,000 World Rank #2 Donkey Kong 398,000 World Rank #9 Firefox 595,130 World Rank #4 Journey 86,750 World Rank #8 Knock Out 11,165,570 World Rank #1 Reactor 295,400 World Rank #6 Robby Roto 447,150 World Rank #2 Robotron 169,595,225 World Rank #8 Space Invaders Deluxe 399,990 World Rank #2 Stargate 27,615,800 World Rank #9 Street Fighter EX Plus 1,144,750 World Rank #1 Strikers 1945 2 454,843 World Rank #4 Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo 461,759 World Rank #2 Tekken 3 06:09.410 World Rank #28 Victory 999,999,999 World Rank #1 ----------- Terry Branstad Proclaims Ottumwa Iowa Video Game Capital of the World (March 19, 1983) On March 19, 1983 luminaries gathered in Ottumwa, Iowa, to declare the city the Video Game Capital of the World. From left to right, Jerry Parker, Mayor of Ottumwa, Don Osborne, President of Atari, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxies (who is holding special award from Atari). Also present, but standing slightly out of the photo, were Eddie Adlum, Publisher of RePlay Magazine, Glenn Braswell, Executive Director of the AGMA (Amusement Games Manufacturers Assn.) and jim Riley, creator of the Electronic Circus. Photograph donated by Darlene Engleman, of Fairfield, Iowa. With the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard as a backdrop, Jerry Parker, Mayor of Ottumwa, Don Osborne, President of Atari, Darlene Engleman, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Walter Day pose on this prestious day. (March 13, 1983) ----------- Walter Day (Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard) March 19, 1983 In March 19, 1983 the above photo was taken at the Twin Galaxies arcade in Ottumwa, Iowa. Some of the video gaming superstars are in this long ago photo posing in front of the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard. Walter Day, Founder of Twin Galaxies Arcade and scoreboard is wearing a suit in the back row of this photo. Ben Gold and Billy Mitchell are near the front middle sections. The US National Video Game Team Tour Thru America to Japan (1983) The biggest home run was with the success challenge against the Japanese players Walter Day went to the Japanese Embassy and brought forward the challenge for an international face-off between the two video game superpowers America, and Japan. Proclamation (August 24-28, 1983) Village of Lake Odessa, Lake Odessa, Michigan 48849 ---------- Village Of Lake Odessa Page Memorial Building Lake Odessa, Michigan 48849 Ionia County Proclamation Proclaiming August 24-28, 1983 Cystic Fibrosis Video Game Challenge Week In Lake Odessa, MI Whereas, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has sent the U.S. National Video Game Team on a tour of the U.S. which culminates in a visit to the White House, and . . . Whereas, The U.S. National Video Game Team is scheduled to visit Lake Odessa, MI and . . . Whereas, The U.S. National Video Game Team is on its way to Washington D.C. to issue a challenge to Japan for a world championship match on video games, and . . . Whereas, The U.S. National Video Game Team is collecting proclamations of support from Mayors and Governors to present to President Reagan and the Japanese Ambassador, and . . . Whereas, The North American Video Game Challenge contest featuring the games: Mario Brothers, Bubbles, Star Trek, Congo Bongo, Sinistar and Spike's Peak is being held in Lake Odessa during August 24-28 in order to find any Michigan players talented enough to join the U.S. National Video Game Team and uphold America's honor in international competition, and . . . Whereas, The Michigan State Video Game Team will compete in the North American Video Game Challenge contest as a preliminary to this international challenge which is an enriching cultural exchange for both Lake Odessa and the nation. Now Therefore, I, Steven L. Secor, Mayor of the Village of Lake Odessa, MI do hereby proclaim the week of August 24-28, 1983 to be Cystic Fibrosis Video Game Challenge Week in Lake Odessa. In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the Village of Lake Odessa, Michigan to be affixed this 8th day of August, 1983 Steven L Secor, Mayor ----------- But first there was the 1983 Video Game Masters Tournament which at the time was called the 1983 State Teams Tournament. The 1983 Tour of the U.S. National Video Game Team brought the group across the country stopping at any event that would accept their challenges en route to the White House and the Japanese Embassy." 1985 Masters Tournament On June 28, 1985 The Third Annual Masters Tournament had begun. The tournaments results would determine which high scores would go into the Guinness Book of World Records to be published in 1986. 1986 Guinness Book of World Records In 1997 Twin Galaxies International scoreboard put out there own high score book which hadn't been done since the 1986 publication of the Guinness Book of World Records. The Guinness Book of World Records published video game high score from (1985-87 US edition), and most of the data was collected during the annual masters tournament which was once a year from June 28-30, 1984, 1985, and 1986. Twin Galaxies Official Video Game Book On July 3, 1999 for the first time ever, a perfect score of 3,333,360 gives Billy Mitchell a perfect score on pacman and Namco, the company that created Pac-Man, named Billy Mitchell the greatest video game player of the century. The book "Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records" by Sunstar Publishing was edited and created by Walter Day of Twin Galaxies, released in 1997. Billy Mitchell, Perfect Pacman (1999) WEIRS BEACH, NH -- The Coronation Day Championship, whose first edition was televised by ABC-TV's That's Incredible on February 21, 1983 under the name "The North American Video Game Olympics," was conducted by Twin Galaxies on January 8-9, 2000 at the famous Funspot Family Fun Center in Weirs Beach, NH for the first time since 1986, accompanied by an awards ceremony that commemorates the greatest video-game playing accomplishments of the 20th Century including Billy Mitchell's Perfect Pacman score in 1999. Though originally created as an invitational-only "player-of-the-year" tournament that admitted only players who had achieved major scores or world records, the year 2000-2005 events have been open to the public in order to participate and compete against the world champions. The yearly Coronation Day Championship Tournament draws top players from Canada, Europe, the U.S., and South America. San Jose Mercury News, California, USA It's Not Just a Game Anymore, San Jose (1984)
1984 Video Game Masters Tournament (San Jose, CA.) Photo Credit Permission on 7/23/2012: Video Paradise Arcade, Owner: Wade San Jose, CA Video Paradise Link TEXT OF ARTICLE By Heather Miller, Mercury News (Saturday, June 30, 1984) Text Version of the article, "It's Not Just a Game Anymore." It's Not Just A Game Anymore, By Heather Millar, Mercury News, San Jose, 1984 Video virtuosos joust with joy sticks at national tourney in S.J. Video champs Perry Rodgers, Les Lagier, Bobby Martin, Jeff Peters, Gary Hatt and Jim Vollandt Competitors solemnly bend over joystick. Fingers pump buttons that make figures on the screen jump, dodge and fire. Eyes zero in on Donkey Kong, Joust, Zaxxon, Tron. But this is not just a casual visit to the Space Shuttle Video Arcade in East San Jose. This is no longer a game. This is a national 1984 Video Game Masters Tournament. Several hundred video "masters" are expected to show up this weekend at the Space Shuttle arcade to try their hand at the 60 official arcade games being judged in the contest. The results of the jousting and shooting and konging going on in San Jose - one of nine contest sites from Manhattan to Anchorage - will separate the men from the boys of the video world. The use of gender isn't accidental - almost all the competitors are male. The winners will have their names, and perhaps their pictures, published in the 1985 edition of the Guinness Book of Records. They also will have the satisfaction of beating the mechanical - and the human - competition. "It's a highly controlled contest," said Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard, the tournament sponsor and, in Day's words, "the official video game scorekeeper for the entire planet." In addition to sponsoring contests and founding the U.S. National Video Game Team, Twin Galaxies of Gladstone, Mo., serves as a video score clearinghouse. It verifies video game records, often going so far as to require a photo of the score on the game screen or interviewing people who witnessed the record-setting game. Walters said he expects a whole new crop of world records - verified by tournament officials and signed by two notaries - to come out of this weekend's masters tournament. Joy sticks in hand, fingers poised, the San Jose video aficionados hope to capture 40 of the 60 records up for grabs, said Gary Crawford, who manages the Space Shuttle arcade on North Capitol Avenue. The contest is open to anyone for a one-day registration fee of $3 or a two-day fee of $5. "Most of the people holding world records live around here," Crawford explained. The dark, almost dingy, San Jose arcade hosted many video hotshots Friday afternoon, and more were expected to crowd into the noisy arcade throughout the competition, which runs from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. today and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday. After today's competition ends a 1 a.m., the arcade will stay open through the night for those who want to practice for Sunday. "The biggest thing is playing a lot." Continued on Page 4b PAGE 4B 4B Saturday, June 30, 1985 San Jose Mercury News Video game jocks jump for joy sticks at contest Continued from Page 1B "You come up against familiar situations," said Les Lagier, 20, who scored the world record on Pole Position, a racing simulation game. Lagier, a De Anza College student who lives in Sunnyvale, set the record at Space Shuttle. Sometimes playing as many as 40 games a day, Lagier has been trading the title back and forth with Mike Klug of San Jose. Of this contest, Lagier said, "I hope I win. It's either going to be me or Mike. But I haven't played in two months. When I take a break I do better. When I play too much... I start getting shaky and I start hitting cars." 1985: Roy Shildt, 28, of Los Angeles, the world record holder of Missile Command offered this victory formula, "How do you win? Practice, talent and a little bit of luck." Day said he thinks it goes much deeper than that. "It's mental process that's being stressed: the mental ability to get an overview of something," the tournament sponsor said. "They may not get that if they learn a Mozart piano piece. As to the value of playing Zaxxon versus Moonlight Sonata... that's subjective." ===================================================================================== Video Paradise - Mike Klug and Les Lagier (Pole Position Rivalry) San Jose, CA. by Wayne Coombs A lot of the detail about my arcade is at the Video Paradise web site, including many photos. This includes how I met Mike Klug and Les Lagier. I was in business at Video Paradise for about a year and a half. Mike was a player first and ultimately a very valued employee. Mike was the only one who followed me in the move to downtown. From close to the beginning I was posting the current high score on every game I had, including who made it. Walter Day and Twin Galaxies was involved in the International Scoreboard which I supported. Twin Galaxies Masters Tournaments - Involvement of Wayne Coombs 1983 San Jose - Video Paradise - referee 1984 San Jose - Space Shuttle - referee 1986 Valdosta GA - arcade unknown - referee Pole Position I have always had a keen interest in Pole Position. That had to do with it being the most profitable game in my arcade, "Video Paradise" from the time I got it, every week thereafter. My interest was down by getting 2 sit down PP games, the only sit down game I ever had. That interest was heightened when first Mike was playing the game and kept getting better and better. I put part of the soundtrack on my arcade answering machine and Les happened to call and heard it. This further heightened my interest as Mike and Les competed to better each other. Both Mike's and Les' high scores were made on the same Video Paradise game. BTW, the date IS and WAS July 1, 1984. I was in attendance when both high scores were attained. I was not in San Jose in the summer of 1986. In the late 90's, probably the most of anyone anywhere. All known arcades (at the time) in Texas, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and maybe a couple more. Also saw most other amusement places such as mini golf, water slides, batting cages, etc. in those states. Video Paradise link ===================================================================================== US National Video Game Team (November 11, 2005) Issued: November 11, 2005 United States Video Game Team Tryouts David Nelson New England Chapter Video Game Team Leader David Nelson of Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard begins looking for the best player in the USA to compete against Great Britain and many other Countries The US National video Game Team is starting tryouts to get the best of the best to qualify for the prestigous US National Video Game Team positions. After qualifying, these team members will go to Washington D.C. to proclaim to all other nations a competition to see which country indeed has the best video game players in the world. David Nelson is holding tryouts for the US National Video Game Team from November 12-19, 2005 at the world famous New Hampshire Video Game Arcade, Funspot in the city of Weirs Beach. The main focus will be on modern console games. Modern Console Games The 2004 sales figures are impressive Link Annual 2004 U.S. retail sales of video games, which includes portable and console hardware, software and accessories, reached more than $9.9 billion - a decline of less than one percent when compared to $10 billion in the previous year. Sales remained strong, thanks in large part to the console software, portable game software and portable game hardware categories, which saw dollar sales percentage increases of 7 percent, 11 percent and 10 percent, respectively. For the first time ever, sales of portable software titles broke the $1 billion mark. "No other entertainment industry has posted the sustained growth over the last decade generated by the video game sector, and given the technological and creative advances ahead, all signs point to surging growth and more record sales for many years to come." Annual 2004 Top 10 Video Game Titles Ranked By Units Sold RANK - TITLE - PLATFORM - PUBLISHER 1 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PS2 - Take II Interactive 2 - Halo 2* - XBX - Microsoft 3 - Madden NFL 2005* - PS2 - Electronic Arts 4 - ESPN NFL 2K5 - PS2 - Take II Interactive 5 - Need For Speed: Underground 2 - PS2 - Electronic Arts 6 - Pokemon Fire Red W/ Adapter - GBA - Nintendo of America 7 - NBA Live 2005 - PS2 - Electronic Arts 8 - Spider-Man: The Movie 2 - PS2 - Activision 9 - Halo - XBX - Microsoft 10 - ESPN NFL 2K5 - XBX - Take II Interactive *Includes Limited & Collector’s Editions Up to date Reports on the video game industry by NDP Group, the leader in market information in the video game industry. Link NEW HAMPSHIRE/NEW ENGLAND David Nelson, Laconia, NH Co-founder of New Hampshire Pro Video Game Team U.S. National Video Game Team History's first professional video game team, founded in July, 1983, is chartering a New England Chapter under the directorship of video game superstar David Nelson, who will be selecting team members during the month of November, 2005. To apply for a position on the team, contact David through Twin Galaxies. David Nelson is a superstar video game player who is compared to people like Dwayne Richards as being one in a handful of the best players in the world. He will lead the "All-Star" team that will represent the United States in competitions and challenges to Japan, Great Britain, Italy and France just like they did in the heyday of the video game craze of the 1980's when the U.S. National Video Game Team was lead by Walter Day as chief Referee and Billy Mitchell as the team captain to issue the challenge to the world at the steps of Washington, D.C. in August of 1983. The U.S. National Video Game Team has traveled the world challenging various countries and they have always come out on top. Let's see how they do this time, as they start again, the countrywide search for the best players in the country to fly across the seas to compete against our neighbors in a goodwill competition to find out who is best in the world, much like the Olympics. Twin Galaxies Article on the US National Video Game tryouts in 2005: Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> General Discussion (Announcement) bernard- David Nelson, Twin Galaxies Senior Referee and New England Captain Senior Referee Location: Derry, NH Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 2:08 am Official New England Team Roster (USNVGT) US National Video Game Team Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, Thank you for bearing with me through such a long delay... but finally without further ado... It is my pleasure to announce the starting line-up for the New England chapter of the US National Video Game Team. (in alphabetical order) Anna Cram Christian Cram Jason Cram Shawn Cram Andrew Gardikis Donald Hayes Jennifer Moore David Nelson - team captain Michael Sao Pedro Adam Wood I want to congratulate everyone that made the team; you are all exceptionally talented video-gamers, and I look forward to working with all of you on what is sure to be a most excellent adventure! * APPLAUSE * Many of you have inquired about representing the USNVGT in your area of the country... please stand by, further details are coming, and I thank you for your interest. _________________ -David Nelson : New England captain US National Video Game Team What are they doing now? Leo P Daniels Wilmington, NC - Biography Link Leo Rules Page by Leo Daniels Link Ned Troide Ned Troide is a Real-Imagined character and is compared using imagination against the furniture art type furniture produced by Paul Davies, June 2008 Link

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