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Twin Galaxies is Presenting The Guinness Book Video Game & Pinball Masters Tournament

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For the first time in its 52-year history, Guinness World Records(tm) will be publishing pinball masters tournament high scores.

Become part of the results of the 2006
First Annual Guinness Book
Pinball Masters Tournament
to go into the 2007
Guinness Book of World Records

Guinness World Records (2007)

Walter Day inputs High Scores into Guinness Book of World Records
Guinness World Records 2007 will include the high scores as verified by Guinness Assistant Editor Walter Day. Link
Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame Contest Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 Dates: April 28-30, 2006 Friday, April 28, 2006 -- 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM Midnight Saturday, April 29, 2006 -- 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM Midnight Sunday, April 30, 2006 -- 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM Followed by awards ceremony Registration $10.00 Play all day until you get the high score!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walter Day from Twin Galaxies Link Founder Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:26 pm Post subject: Games in Contest at Hall of Fame -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the games that will be submitted to GWR 2007 Book, as rcorded at Pinball Hall of Fame... Lawman The Addamds Family Creature from the Black Lagoon Capt. Fantastic Twilight Zone Taxi South Park Kings and Queens Wizard Scared Stiff Hope everyone is coming. These scores officially are planned for the book of records.... Walter Day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERodgers2003 (Perry Rodgers) Redmond, WA Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 2:16 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is information that I received. Walter may have more to add. The event will be a high-score contest. That means a contestant can enter the competition at any time they want and play for as long as they wish. There are no heats, no brackets, no eliminations; just play again and again in order to attain the highest score possible on each of the ten game titles. Though all the scores will be submitted to the Guinness World Records 2007 Book, the editors have announced plans to consider only the highest score on each game for publication in the record book. However, the editors of the Guinness World Records 2007 Book retain the right to publish only the contest results that meet with their editorial needs. Contest Hours: Contest Dates: April 28-30, 2006: Friday, April 28, 2006 -- 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM Midnight Saturday, April 29, 2006 -- 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM Midnight Sunday, April 30, 2006 -- 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM, followed by awards ceremony Registration Fee For Entire Weekend: $10 Registration Fee Donated to Las Vegas Salvation Army. Plus, players pay for All games for contest are on quarter or fifty cents per game depending on the game.

The 2006 First Annual Guinness Pinball Masters Tournament to be played
at Tim Arnold's Famous Las Vegas Nevada Arcade on 3330 E. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
April 28-30, 2006

Tim Arnold's Pinball Hall of Fame & Museum
3330 E. Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

Guinness World Records Book, is introducing a Computer Games section to honor the achievements of the electronic gaming world.

The Guinness Book of World Records to Publish Las Vegas Tournament Pinball High Scores

Photo Above: Tim Arnold, Owner, Pinball Hall of Fame, Las Vegas Nevada Pinball Masters Tournament
April 28-30, 2006

Tim Arnold Tim Arnold a 50-year-old self proclaimed pin head, is finally able to share his dream with the general public with his new Hall of Fame & Museum now open for the public to enjoy the Bronze Era of the Pinball Age. The First Annual Guinness Masters Tournament will take place at his arcade in order to induct the ten best pinball players into the pinball hall of fame. Arnold is a veteran arcade operator who made it big in the '70s and '80s, in an age when pinball, not pixels, ruled the game rooms. In 1976 he opened Pinball Pete's in Lansing, Mich. with his brother, and it quickly became a gamer's mecca that's still open today. At the height of their success, the Arnold brothers weren't counting coins; they were counting scoopfuls of them with aluminum ice shovels, and hauling them to the bank in sacks. When Arnold sold his part of the business to his sibling and moved to Las Vegas in 1990,at 35, he never worked another day in his life. Tim Arnold raises money at his famous Annual "Fun Nights" Event for his Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum Project
Arnold has given to the local Salvation Army more than $100,000, largely through "Fun Nights," private fundraisers at his southeast Las Vegas home, where he'd put his roughly 1,000 machines on free play. Played hard. The hall's museum status belies Arnold's fervent view that pinball is meant to be played -- slapped, nudged, shook, cursed at, hugged -- not tutted over. Arnold is going to maintain the games, where you can play them like they were meant to." His arcade is a place to stop and have a wave of pure nostalgia. This stuff is still in your mind somewhere, and when you see it, you just get a backflash of the good old days, There it is! I remember! There's a lot involved in this pinball process. There's the art, there's the scoring and how it's done. There are many more design disciplines in one of these than there is in a video game." Pinball is skill, but it's also completely random," Arnold says. "Kids play video games and they say it takes skill to play a video game. No, it takes rote memorization of moves. There's no randomness to it. In pinball, the ball could go this way, it could go that way. It's completely random. Tim states that with the classic video games, we stop at 8-bit machines. "And no kung-fu video games. Those are anti-social and you learn nothing from them. Arcade Location: 3330 E. Tropicana Ave. Info:

Twin Galaxies Record Keeper will be adding another 10 stupendous pinball Records at the famous Las Vegas, Nevada First Annual Guinness Pinball Masters Tournament on April 28-30, 2006. Photos

DISCLAIMER: This is a gaming site and for Entertainment Use Only Do not take anything as Fact until you talk directly with that Individual/Organization.

Tim Arnold says, "Come one, come all and set the Pinball Benchmark for tomorrow's standards!"
The Ten (10) Pinball Selections selected for the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records 1. The Addams Family Pinball (Bally/Williams, 1992) 2. Twilight Zone Pinball (Bally, 1993) 3. South Park Pinball (Sega & Stern, 1999) 4. Taxi Pinball (Williams, 1988) 5. Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball (Bally, 1992) 6. Scared Stiff Pinball, (Bally, 1996) 7. 1965 Kings and Queens Pinball (Gottlieb, 1965) Link 8. 1976 Bally Capt. Fantastic Pinball (Bally, 1976) 9. 1975 Wizard Pinball (Bally, 1975)
10. 1971 Lawman Pinball (Gottlieb, 1971)
General Pinball Manufacturers Directions for Game Play Link Tim Arnold's Pinball Museum Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 Dates: April 28-30, 2006 At last count, Tim Arnold's Tropicana Avenue/Pecos Road Arcade has 175 pinball machines spanning almost 50 years -- is part shrine, part museum, part charity and part arcade. Besides over 175 classic pinball's to play at Tim Arnolds Museum, he also has the following classic video games: Video Pinball, Mario Brothers, Outrun, Asteroids, Battlezone, Space Invaders, Frogger, Paperboy, Speedway, Paddle Battle, Star Wars, Crazy Climber, Tempest, Major Havoc, Atari Football. Link These pinball's and classic video games are on rotation with his 1,000 plus games in a nearby warehouse behind his home near Russell Road & Sandhill in East Las Vegas, NV. Half of his warehouse features about 450 pinball games, set up and ready to operate. The World Pinball Championships were held in Las Vegas (at the Sahara Hotel) which makes Las Vegas the perfect place for a Hall of Fame Pinball Museum. Who doesn't want to relive their youth one last time? Who would I like to see at this Hall of Fame Competition in Vegas? I don't know what great classic pinball and video gamers will show up but it would be a home run event if Pinball Master, Jim Belsito of the Inland Empire League of Southern California, from Rialto, California could put up some pinball world records. As he has several pinball records already and is ranked number 5 in the world at this time. Some other greats; Bowen Kerins, Neil Shatz and Lyman Sheats. Because this is not a "Money Purse Event" with a big purse prize, I doubt that the above great pinball players will show up. Another aspect of this event is there not being a lot of practice at home before showing up, because some of these pins are so rare that Tim Arnold has the only one that is still working, after being kicked around and beat up for the last 30+ years in local bars and then being stored for another 10+ years. As for video gamers that I'd love to see show up because of their current world records and current tournament standings I'd like to see the following great show up at the Hall of Fame Pinball Masters Tournament, and make some video game records: Some of the best Coin-Operated Video Game Classic Players Names: Dwayne Richard, Billy Mitchell; player of the century, Gary Sandinista Whelan from London, England, Doris Self; Q*bert Champion and the Challenge Arcade Totally Amused, Apollo and Funspot Video Game Champions. Donald Hayes and David Nelson are the best players in New Hampshire and possibly in the world because of their classic video game tournament wins and the many classic coin-op video game world records under their belts. We might even see a marathon or two if any of these gamers show up. After the Dodge City classic games toughest gun showdown is complete, maybe a few of those high score players could come to Las Vegas as well. The Apollo; Pompano beach, Florida Superstar rivalry should be just about done by now and we will finally know which classic coin-operated gamers will be crowned in this wild frontier. The California Extreme event in San Jose, California is one of the best pinball events in the year and it is right around the corner as well. California Extreme 2006 July 8-9, 2006 Parkside Hall San Jose, California ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press Releases Link 4/5/2006 Twin Galaxies to Supply Pinball Records to Guinness World Records(tm) 2006 Video Game & Pinball Masters Tournament in Las Vegas, NV There is another amazing poster created by C.J. Hoose of Fairfield, Iowa. To see a larger version of the poster click here: Link Twin Galaxies to Supply Pinball Records to Guinness World Records(tm) For the first time in its 52-year history, Guinness World Records(tm) will be publishing pinball scores. (The Guinness Book was collecting and printing Coin Operated Video Game High Scores through Walter Day's Master Annual Tournaments in the Golden Era of the 1980's. The scores were published from 1984-1986, but however, the Guinness Book stopped printing High Scores in 1987 because they felt there were to many problems with Rom Sets and variations across the country.) (Only a controlled playing environment can World Records be watched by Referee's and settings can be maintained to the highest scrutiny, in that of a Tournament situation.) As part of a partnership with the Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard, the world authority on electronic gaming records, the Guinness World Records 2007(tm) Book will include a table of pinball high scones on ten different games, researched and verified by Walter Day of Twin Galaxies. The List of Inaugural Pinball High Scores to be the following:

1.  The Addams Family Pinball
2.  Twilight Zone Pinball
3.  South Park Pinball
4.  Taxi Pinball
5.  Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball
6.  Scared Stiff Pinball
7.  Kings and Queens Pinball
8.  Capt. Fantastic Pinball
9.  Whizard Pinball
10. Lawman Pinball
Only at the First Annual Pinball Masters Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada will these Guinness World Records Scores be accepted. So you have to show up to the contest on April 28-30, 2006 and win one or more of the above (10) Pinball High Scores to get published in the 2007 Guinness Book. The Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame, opened in February, 2006 to commemorate the history of pinball, will be the official site of the event. Organized by Tim Arnold and other members of the Las Vegas Pinball Collector's Club, the Pinball Hall of Fame enjoys a non-profit charter and is the world's only museum created solely to document the history of Pinball. To bring organization to the process of gathering scores in time for the May 1st publishing deadline of the Guinness World Records 2007 Book, Twin Galaxies has resurrected its most famous contest: the Video Game & Pinball Masters Tournament, which hasn't been conducted since 1997. This year's edition of the contest -- as well as the 1997 Video Game & Pinball Masters Tournament -- are both descended from the original contest that Twin Galaxies created in the 1980s to gather scores for the U.S. edition of the record book, which was then called the Guinness Book of World Records. The editors at Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., publishers of the U.S. edition at that time, designated Walter Day an Assistant Editor, and put him in charge of verifying all video game records for the annual volume. To facilitate the process of supplying Sterling Publishing with verified high scores, Twin Galaxies created the Video Game Masters Tournament, which was conducted on more than 100 video game titles in dozens of locations throughout North America. The results were published in the 1984-1987 U.S. editions of the Guinness Book of World Records. Today, in 2006, to continue the tradition of supplying world records to the Guinness World Records Book, (After a long hiatus) this modern incarnation of the contest will focus mostly on pinball with some video game titles thrown in. The Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame can be found at: Location 3330 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas NV 89121 North West corner of Tropicana and Pecos. About 10 blocks from the "strip" straight down Tropicana, about a $10 taxi ride. Next to the Tropicana Cinema $2 movie theatre. If you somehow miss the machines staring at you through the window, its just around the corner from the movie theater, between the comic shop and Putters bar. Hours & Contact Info Hours: 11am till 11pm, 7 days a week. Telephone: N/A Email: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tim Arnold's Pinball Hall of Fame. Link Las Vegas is known for the unusual and offbeat. Places like the Liberace Museum, the Neon Museum, the Clown Factory, The Elvis Museum, the Barry Manilow Store, the Pinball Hall of Fame... Wait a second. The Pinball Hall of Fame? What exactly is that? Or more importantly, why exactly is there a Pinball Hall of Fame? The Pinball Hall of Fame is an attempt by the members of the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club to house and display the world's largest pinball collection, open to the public. A not-for-profit corporation was established to further this cause. The games belong to one club member (Tim Arnold), and range from 1950s up to 1990s pinball machines. Since it is a non-profit museum, older games from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s are the prevalent, as this was the "heyday" of pinball. There are no video games or "ticket spitters" (aka kiddie casinos) here. It's all pure pinball from the past. And since it's a non-profit, excess revenues go to non-denominational charities. 4500 square feet is dedicated to the Pinball Hall of Fame, where the entire family can enjoy non-violent arcade games for small dinero. This is truly a pinhead's ultimate dream. All machines are available for play, so not only can you see them, you can actually play your old favorites. The machines are all restored to like-new playing condition by people that love pinball and understand how a machine should work. All older pinball's are set to 25 cents per play, and newer 1990s models are set to 50 cents per play. A far better return on fun than any Las Vegas casino environment, and the PHoF actually has windows and a clock in the room! It takes more than slot machines to keep tourists happy, and the Pinball Hall of Fame is trying its best to do just that. The Pinball Hall of Fame is a registered 501c3 non-profit. It relies on visitors stopping by to play these games, restored pinball machine sales, and 'This Old Pinball' repair DVD videos (available for sale at the museum). The PHoF has also helped out with fundraising for the local Salvation Army, accepting donations to benefit them. There is a candy vending stand, where the entire $.25 of each quarter goes directly to the Salvation Army. Local businesses that have just a few square feet of floor space that would like to help with this project, or anyone interested in available machine sales are encouraged to contact Tim Arnold at the PHoF (Pinball Hall of Fame) for more information. Location 3330 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas NV 8910x North West corner of Tropicana and Pecos. About 10 blocks from the "strip" straight down Tropicana, about a $10 taxi ride. Next to the Tropicana Cinema $2 movie theatre. If you somehow miss the machines staring at you through the window, its just around the corner from the movie theater, between the comic shop and Putters bar. Hours & Contact Info Hours: 11am till 11pm, 7 days a week. Telephone: N/A Email: stoplight. Pinball Game List A listing of the games available for play at the PHoF is online. They are adding or changing games at the PHoF a lot, but this list is fairly up to date. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2006 Hall of Fame Las Vegas Guinness Contet I do hope that we get Guinness Level Players to put up some unbeatable pinball world record pinball high scores in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the heyday of video games, the master tournament brought in some scores so high that they have yet to be beaten today, over 20 years later. Link Who are the best of the best who will be going into the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records? The 2006 Hall of Fame Las Vegas Guinness Contest Final Results
The Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame World Record Winners are the following:

High Score Results

Player                     Pinball Game  

Michael Frankovich         Kings and Queens                         2,243 World Record
Jim Belsito                Twilight Zone                    1,726,330,320 World Record  
Jim Belsito                Creature from the Black Lagoon   1,015,433,710 World Record  
Tony Moore                 South Park                         456,968,070 World Record  
Tony Moore                 Taxi                                19,507,390 World Record  
Craig Sengstock            Scared Stiff                        69,895,370 World Record  
Brian Weilbacher           Lawman                                 159,530 World Record  
Tom Neighbors              Wizard                                 190,240 World Record  
Tom Neighbors              Captain Fantastic                      245,240 World Record  
Jim Belsito                The Addams Family                1,591,573,470 World Record  

* All Scores are considered World Records for the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records.
** Each World Record receives three Masters Points towards the world ranking
   system. Link

World Ranking System top (10) Players World Record Players as of May 3, 2006 World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR)
World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR)
May 1, 2006 - Latest World Rankings from all Tournaments Link Rank Name World Masters Points 1 Keith Elwin 361.0 2 Bowen Kerins 277.5 3 Neil Shatz 212.6 4 Chris Newsom 190.8 5 Lyman Sheats 183.0 6 Jim Belsito 170.6 7 Roy Wils 154.3 8 Zach Sharpe 148.9 9 Josh Sharpe 140.8 10 Trent Augenstein 131.9
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's take a look at the previous World Champions: Papa 8 - 2005 Pinball Championships World Pinball Championships August 11-14, 2005 Bowen Kerins - WORLD PINBALL CHAMPION of PAPA 8 Pinburgh tournaments ran for five years, from 1999 to 2003, and were replaced by the PAPA World Pinball Championships which has successfully been completed in 2004 and 2005 with a 2006 Tournament right around the corner. The PAPA 9 World Pinball Championships is on August 17-20, 2006 Scott Township, PA Link Papa 8 and California Extreme Results Link

PAPA Professional Pinball League

The Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) is an organization 
supporting the game of pinball as a recreational and competitive sport. PAPA
is currently owned and operated by Kevin Martin and is based in Scott Township,
Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh.

The main activity of the organization is hosting the annual World Pinball Championships,
which brings hundreds of serious pinball players from around the world to compete for
a number of large cash prizes. The tournament runs for four days and allows competitors
to register in any of three different divisions in order to accommodate beginners and
skilled players alike. Each occurrence of the tournament has been denoted by a number;
for example, the 2005 tournament is known as PAPA 8.

Tournament Format
The format of the PAPA tournaments has changed over time. In the current format,
players declare a division (A, B, or C, with A being the most skilled) and may
enter as many times as they like, paying entry fees each time they choose to play.
During an entry, a player will choose and play a certain number of games from a
predetermined bank of machines (for example, five out of a possible nine machines).
Each game score is assigned a point value based on how it compares to all of the other
entries on that same machine. Interestingly, this point value may decrease over time 
as more games are played by everyone. An entry's overall score is simply the sum of 
the individual machine scores; thus, it too can decrease over time.

A player's best entry over the course of the qualifying period determines the player's
qualifying score, and the qualifying scores are used to determine the rank of each
player. A player's rank may go up or down, even without continuing to play. There is
a fair amount of strategy that can be employed to deal with this.

At the end of the qualifying period (typically several days), the top-ranked players 
in each division (the actual number varies) compete in a head-to-head, bracketed 
format to determine the winners.

PAPA 8: World Pinball Championships

PAPA 8 was held August 11-14, 2005 Bowen Kerins - WORLD PINBALL CHAMPION of PAPA 8 Link A Division Results - Papa 8 August 11-14, 2005 1st Place - Bowen Kerins 2nd Place - Neil Shatz 3rd Place - Lyman Sheats 4th Place - Zach Sharpe PAPA 7 - Final Results September 9-12, 2004 Papa 7 1st Place - Lyman Sheats Lyman Sheats - WORLD PINBALL CHAMPION of PAPA 7 A Division Results - Papa 7 Link 1st Place - Lyman Sheats 2nd Place - Keith Elwin 3rd Place - Jim Belsito 4th Place - Neil Shatz World Winners for all Papa Tournaments: PAPA 1 - Joey Cartegena PAPA 2 - Rick Stetta PAPA 3 - Lyman Sheats PAPA 4 - Bowen Kerins PAPA 5 - Paul Madison PAPA 6 - Keith Elwin PAPA 7 - Lyman Sheats 2004 PAPA 8 - Bowen Kerins 2005 Coming soon, Papa 9, the biggest World Championships of the year! Papa 9 Link PAPA 9 will be held August 17-20, 2006! Total Prize Package: $33,250! The list of Papa 8 Players / not in any specific order: The PAPA BIG LIST OF PINBALL PLAYERS - Link There are 275 players registered to compete at PAPA 8. For details on any player, click their name below. Player #101 - Joe Schober Player #102 - Scott Sidley Player #103 - Joe Schall Player #104 - Kim Brennan Player #105 - Colin Horner Player #106 - Dirk Klaver Player #107 - Svante Ericsson Player #108 - Gregg Jackson Player #109 - Mats Runsten Player #110 - Koi Morris Player #111 - Timothy Post Player #112 - Patrik Bodin Player #113 - Jamie Kowinsky Player #114 - Brian Flizanes Player #115 - Wendi Jankowitz Player #116 - Ed Williams Player #117 - Mark Vandergugten Player #118 - Mark Guidarelli Player #119 - Patrick Fawcett Player #120 - Greg Dunlap Player #121 - Chris Newsom Player #122 - Steve Larchuk Player #123 - Magnus Rostö Player #124 - Brian Bannon Player #125 - Timothy Post Player #126 - Stefan Andersson Player #127 - Julie Schober Player #128 - Per Holknekt Player #129 - Neil Shatz Player #130 - Sanjay Shah Player #131 - Jason Haynes Player #132 - Jill Knapp Player #133 - Eden Stamm Player #134 - Ken Walker Player #135 - Brian Dominy Player #136 - Andrei Massenkoff Player #137 - Paul Madison Player #138 - Trip Payne Player #139 - Peter Ahremark Player #140 - Karl Brostrom Player #141 - Jeremy Moskowitz Player #142 - Eric Fisher Player #143 - James M Wellington Player #144 - Lieven Engelbeen Player #145 - Laura Stoddard Player #146 - Brent Stoddard Player #147 - Daniel Stoddard Player #148 - Darren Kamnitzer Player #149 - Amanda Kamnitzer Player #150 - Martijn van Aken Player #151 - Dan Dolney Player #152 - Keith P. Johnson Player #153 - Madelynne Pursglove Player #154 - John Pursglove Player #155 - C Nicholas McKinney Player #156 - Trent Augenstein Player #157 - Michael Dunn Player #158 - Therese Edwards Player #159 - Jeff Jones Player #160 - Jason Werdrick Player #161 - Jasmijn de Jong Player #162 - Sean J. Grant "The Storm" Player #163 - Rick Stetta Player #164 - John R. Miller Player #165 - Robert Chesnavich Player #166 - Nixi Chesnavich Player #167 - Andreas Harre Player #168 - Jochen Ludwig Player #169 - Adam McKinnie Player #170 - Penni Epstein Player #171 - Roy Wils Player #172 - Jim Belsito Player #173 - David Plaisted Player #174 - Helena Walter Player #175 - Alex Barberis Player #176 - Rolando Barberis Player #177 - Matthew Clark Player #178 - Adam Becker Player #179 - Brett Berkman Player #180 - Rob Loring Player #181 - Tommy Boutell Player #182 - Mikko Eriksson Player #183 - Steve Walker Player #184 - Carol Walker Player #185 - Grant "UFO" Mortenson Player #186 - Keith Elwin Player #187 - Kevin Vitale Player #188 - Steven Bowden Player #189 - Fredrik Lindberg Player #190 - Brian Batchelor Player #191 - Ron M Mazur Player #192 - Ed Gaskill Player #193 - Matt Riffle Player #194 - Jenn Riffle Player #195 - Brian Shepherd Player #196 - Lonnie P Mihin Player #197 - Christopher Adams Player #198 - John McEwen Player #199 - Lindley Brooks Player #200 - Rick Prince Player #201 - Jake Prince Player #202 - Vickie Prince Player #203 - Chris Nosiglia Player #204 - Andy Rosa Player #205 - Ben Barchik Player #206 - Ray Barchik Player #207 - Jim Seward Player #208 - Lois Seward Player #209 - Aaron Cooke Player #210 - Mike Pacak Player #211 - Stephen Jonke Player #212 - Bradley David Tammen Player #213 - Nancee Kumpfmiller Player #214 - Allan Vrooman Player #215 - Dave Stewart Player #216 - Steve Marsh Player #217 - David Nedde Player #218 - Paul McGlone Player #219 - Neo Skywalker Player #220 - Todd MacCulloch Player #221 - Tom Ceckitti Player #222 - Fred Richardson Player #223 - Kevin Martin Player #224 - Richard Davis Player #225 - John Flitton Player #226 - Peter von Schwedler Player #227 - Dianna von Schwedler Player #228 - Russ Snyder Player #229 - John D. Rogers Player #230 - Brian Mendelssohn Player #231 - Mike Kassak Player #232 - Amanda Brooks Player #233 - Randall Carter Player #234 - David G. Stouffer Jr. Player #235 - Shannon Stouffer Player #236 - Jeff Stouffer Player #237 - Roger Wijnands Player #238 - Bill Merante Player #239 - Elizabeth Brosky Player #240 - Clint Nickel Player #241 - Curt Kratowicz Player #242 - Ronndon T. Delorian Player #243 - Mick Colabrese Player #244 - Jory Rabinovitz Player #245 - Glenn Gilliar Player #246 - Kevin Smigel Player #247 - Wesley Barron Player #248 - Chet Hogue Player #249 - Matt Hogue Player #250 - Drew Cedolia Player #251 - James Furdell Player #252 - Andrew Rosa II Player #253 - Dan Gutchess Player #254 - Swifty Josephs Player #255 - Greg Galanter Player #256 - Stanley W. Kuznicki Player #257 - Ed Hershey Player #258 - Tylr Sutton Player #259 - Ron Shuster Player #260 - Jeff Kertis Player #261 - Jorgen Holm Player #262 - Christopher Stouffer Player #263 - Jon Replogle Player #264 - Ryan Parker Player #265 - Dan Buzza Player #266 - Matt Vaughan Player #267 - Brad Kloza Player #268 - Janet Stevens Player #269 - Spat Cannon Player #270 - James Rose Player #271 - Dan Wyrostek Player #272 - Mike McAndrew Player #273 - Alexis McAndrew Player #274 - Gregory Bable Player #275 - Derek Bable Player #276 - Matt Bable Player #277 - Christopher Edler Player #278 - J. Louie Hamlett Player #279 - Jay McDonough Player #280 - E. Dieter Hundt Player #281 - Chris Wamsley Player #282 - Rhonda Wamsley Player #283 - Zach Sharpe Player #284 - Josh Sharpe Player #285 - Rudy Keiser Player #286 - Lyman Sheats Player #287 - Betty Holsopple Player #288 - Lee Holsopple Player #289 - Ryan Holsopple Player #290 - John Reuter Player #291 - Edward Zeltmann Player #292 - Gerald Marquez Player #293 - Jessica Harrison Player #294 - Ty Clair Player #295 - Johnny Modica Player #296 - Ryta Peace Player #297 - Gary Sprager Player #299 - Robert Skinner Player #300 - Wayne Lurasi Player #301 - Nancy Hartzell Player #302 - Pete Hendricks Player #303 - Bernie Kelm Player #304 - Nathan Hill Player #305 - Jason Magnuson Player #307 - James Douglas Player #308 - Buddy Walter Player #309 - Michael E. Moon Player #310 - Josh Armstrong Player #311 - Mike Craig Player #312 - Christopher Michael Emmolo Player #313 - Geoffrey Egnia Player #314 - Ron Ferencz Player #315 - Ken Martin Player #316 - Pinz Kolakowski Player #317 - Dan Cronin Player #318 - Mark Bordenick Player #319 - Melea Strimple Player #320 - Ethan Blonder Player #321 - Jeff Rank Player #322 - Donavan Stepp Player #323 - Jay Buncher Player #324 - Richard Abel Player #325 - Brian Blonder Player #326 - Megan Gerwig Player #327 - Bernard Denicola Player #328 - Dominic Denicola Player #329 - Scott Rice Player #330 - Thomas Obringer Player #331 - Bowen Kerins Player #332 - David Burrier Player #333 - Michael Leeson Player #334 - Seth Lettofsky Player #335 - Ray Thompson Player #336 - Mike Turack Player #337 - Marcie Cromwell Player #338 - Craig Bariou Player #339 - Bruce Cromwell Player #340 - Brian Galasso Player #341 - Shelly Galasso Player #342 - Helen Rodman Player #343 - Alexd Rodman Player #344 - Bryn Lloyd Player #345 - Donna Abbot Player #346 - Al Thomka Player #347 - Scott Hallam Player #348 - Sean Cooke Player #349 - Maurice Pelletier Player #350 - Elizabeth Johnson Player #351 - Warren E. Johnson Player #352 - Leonard Moscaritolo Player #353 - John Arthur Player #354 - Andrew Batchelor Player #355 - Michael Haycock Player #356 - John Kuhn Player #357 - Ray Haluska Player #358 - Kristan Webb Player #359 - David Webb Player #360 - Sharon McGlone Player #361 - Joe Veilleux Player #362 - Brandon Polomoscanik Player #363 - Rob Yurkovich Player #364 - Don White Player #365 - Nathan Underdog Player #366 - Eric Shuster Player #367 - Connor Harris Player #368 - John Harris Player #369 - Joe Rudans Player #370 - Tom Burns Player #371 - Pat Burns Player #372 - Donald Paul Player #373 - CAP Player #374 - Jaime Pooley Player #375 - Mark Wehr Player #376 - Jordan Cramer Player #377 - David H. Hetrick Tim Arnold - Las Vegas - Pinball Hall of Fame Hopefully we will have as many contestants coming to the Tim Arnold, Las Vegas, Nevada Tournament. It is the first Annual Tournament but with the big prize of being published in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records. Link The big list of the games you will find at Tim Arnolds Arcade/Hall of Fame/Museum: At this time, the Hall of Fame is still in its early stages! This list reflects the games that are on-site as of March 7, 2006. Pinball (154 Games!!) Link 2001 Gottlieb 02/1971 EM 4 Queens Bally 12/1970 EM Abra Ca Dabra Gottlieb 11/1975 EM Ace High Gottlieb 02/1957 EM Addams Family, The Williams (Midway) 03/1992 SS Rulesheet Aladdin's Castle Bally 06/1976 EM Aloha Gottlieb 11/1961 EM Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour Alvin G. & Co. 12/1992 SS Argosy Williams 09/1977 EM Atlantis Gottlieb 01/1975 EM Bad Cats Williams 11/1989 SS Rulesheet Barb Wire Premier 04/1996 SS (Gottlieb's final game) Rulesheet Bazaar Bally 10/1966 EM Big Casino Gottlieb 07/1961 EM Big Flipper Chicago Coin 01/1970 EM Big Hurt Premier 06/1995 SS Rulesheet Black Gold Williams Prototype 09/1975 EM (Only known Williams Black Gold in existence!) Black Hole Gottlieb 10/1981 SS Black Knight Williams 11/1980 SS Rulesheet Bone Busters Inc. Gottlieb (Premier) 08/1989 SS Bow And Arrow Bally 11/1975 EM Bowling Queen Gottlieb 07/1964 EM Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball Bally (Midway) 01/1991 SS Bus Stop Bally 12/1964 EM Cactus Jack's Gottlieb (Premier) 04/1991 SS Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Bally 06/1976 EM Rulesheet Car Hop Gottlieb (Premier) 01/1991 SS Carnival Bally 08/1957 EM Centigrade 37 Gottlieb 08/1977 EM Central Park Gottlieb 04/1966 EM Circus Bally 07/1957 EM Class of 1812 Gottlieb (Premier) 08/1991 SS Comet Williams 06/1985 SS (two of these machines) Rulesheet Cosmos Bally 01/1969 EM Creature From the Black Lagoon Bally (Midway) 12/1992 SS Rulesheet Cross Town Gottlieb 09/1969 EM Cue-Tease Bally 07/1963 EM Deadly Weapon Gottlieb (Premier) 09/1990 SS Dixieland Bally 04/1968 EM Dogies Bally 01/1968 EM Domino Gottlieb 09/1968 EM Doctor Who Bally (Midway) 09/1992 SS Rulesheet Dracula (a.k.a. Bram Stoker's Dracula) Williams 04/1993 SS Rulesheet Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition Bally 12/1982 SS Rulesheet Expressway Bally 08/1971 EM F-14 Tomcat Williams 03/1987 SS Rulesheet Fireball Bally 02/1972 EM Firepower Williams 02/1980 SS Rulesheet Flying Carpet Gottlieb 03/1972 EM Foto Finish Gottlieb 01/1961 EM Four Million BC Bally 05/1971 EM Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street Gottlieb (Premier) 10/1994 Rulesheet Funhouse Williams 11/1990 SS Rulesheet Fun Land Gottlieb 05/1968 EM Game Show Bally (Midway) 04/1990 SS Rulesheet Gilligan's Island Bally (Midway) 05/1991 SS Rulesheet Gladiators Gottlieb (Premier) 11/1993 SS Rulesheet Goin' Nuts Gottlieb 02/1983 SS Gold Rush Bally 04/1966 EM Golden Arrow Gottlieb 08/1977 EM Gorgar Williams 12/1979 SS Gridiron Williams Bat Game 10/1969 EM Hayburners Williams 06/1952 EM High Speed Williams 01/1986 SS Rulesheet Hit the Deck Gottlieb 08/1978 EM Home Run Chicago Coin 02/1972 EM Hoops Gottlieb (Premier) 02/1991 SS Impacto Recreativos Franco 1975 EM (Only two known to exist!) Jacks Open Gottlieb 02/1977 EM Jive Time Williams 04/1970 EM Jokerz! Williams 12/1988 SS Rulesheet King Pin Gottlieb 12/1973 EM Kings & Queens Gottlieb 03/1965 EM Lawman Gottlieb 10/1971 EM Lights...Camera...Action! Gottlieb (Premier) 12/1989 SS Loop the Loop Bally 12/1989 EM Mad World Bally 05/1964 EM Mario Andretti Gottlieb (Premier) 12/1995 SS Mata Hari Bally 04/1978 SS Mini-Zag Bally 11/1968 EM Monte Carlo Bally 03/1973 EM NBA Fastbreak Bally (Midway) 03/1997 SS Rulesheet Night Rider Bally 11/1976 EM Nip-It Bally 07/1973 EM Old Chicago Bally 04/1976 EM On Beam Bally 08/1969 EM Operation: Thunder Gottlieb (Premier) 03/1992 SS Op-Pop-Pop Bally 04/1969 EM Orbitor 1 Stern 02/1982 SS Party Animal Bally 05/1987 SS Pin*bot Williams 10/1986 SS Rulesheet Pistol Poker Alvin G. & Co. 11/1993 SS Rulesheet Pool Sharks Bally (Midway) 06/1990 SS Popeye Saves the Earth Bally (Midway) 02/1994 SS Rulesheet Pro Football Gottlieb 02/1973 EM Prospector Sonic 03/1977 EM Punk! Gottlieb 12/1982 SS Q*bert's Quest Gottlieb 03/1983 SS Rulesheet Ready...Aim...Fire! Gottlieb (Mylstar) 11/1983 SS Rescue 911 Gottlieb (Premier) 05/1994 SS Rulesheet RockMakers Bally 08/1968 EM Rock Star Gottlieb 12/1978 EM Rocky Gottlieb 09/1982 SS Rulesheet Rondeevoo United 06/1948 EM Royal Guard Gottlieb 01/1968 EM Safari Bally 05/1968 EM Safe Cracker Bally (Midway) 03/1996 SS Rulesheet Scared Stiff Bally (Midway) 09/1996 SS Rulesheet Shaq Attaq Gottlieb (Premier) 02/1995 SS Rulesheet Sharpshooter Game Plan 05/1979 SS Show Boat Gottlieb 03/1961 EM Silver Slugger Gottlieb (Premier) 02/1990 SS Skill Roll Bally 02/1956 EM Sky Divers Bally 04/1964 EM Sky Jump Gottlieb 05/1974 EM Skyrocket Bally 05/1971 EM Sorcerer Williams 03/1985 SS South Park Sega 02/1999 SS Rulesheet Space Mission Williams 01/1976 EM Space Shuttle Williams 12/1984 SS Space Station Williams 12/1987 SS Rulesheet Spin-A-Card Gottlieb 01/1969 EM Stargate Gottlieb (Premier) 03/1995 Rulesheet Star-Jet Bally 12/1963 EM Star Trek: The Next Generation Williams 11/1993 SS Rulesheet Strange Science Bally (Midway) 11/1986 SS Strange World Gottlieb 02/1978 EM Street Fighter II Gottlieb (Premier) 03/1993 SS Rulesheet Superman Atari 03/1979 SS Super Mario Brothers Gottlieb (Premier) 04/1992 SS Rulesheet Super Mario Brothers Mushroom World Gottlieb (Premier) 06/1992 SS Rulesheet Sure Shot Gottlieb 03/1976 EM Surf 'N Safari Gottlieb (Premier) 11/1991 SS Rulesheet Surfers Bally 12/1967 EM Taxi Williams 08/1988 SS Rulesheet Tee'd Off Gottlieb (Premier) 05/1993 SS Rulesheet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Data East 06/1991 SS Rulesheet Terminator 2: Judgment Day Williams 07/1991 SS Rulesheet Tic-Tac-Toe Williams 01/1959 EM Title Fight Gottlieb (Premier) 10/1990 SS TKO Gottlieb 03/1979 EM (The last wedgehead!) Top Card Gottlieb 08/1974 EM Trail Drive Bally 09/1970 EM Truck Stop Bally (Midway) 12/1988 SS Twilight Zone Bally (Midway) 04/1993 SS Rulesheet Twin Win Bally 02/1974 EM Vampire Bally 01/1971 EM Vegas Gottlieb (Premier) 07/1990 SS Waterworld Gottlieb (Premier) 10/1995 SS Rulesheet Whirlwind Williams 01/1990 SS Rulesheet Wipe Out Gottlieb (Premier) 10/1993 SS Wizard! Bally 05/1975 EM World Challenge Soccer Gottlieb (Premier) 02/1994 SS Rulesheet Non-Pinball (37 games) 3-D Art Parade (art gallery photo viewer) Ambush (Williams 1973 rifle game) Asteroids (Atari 1979 vector space game, upright cabinet) NEW-Atari Football (1979 black & white, first game with trackball controls, cocktail cabinet) Battlezone (Atari 1980 vector tank game) Big Top Mini Pinball (Mayoni Enterprises 11/1989 Gumball machine with small pinball) Climber (Irem skill game) Computerized Love Tester (Urban-just guess what this is...) NEW-Crazy Climber (Taito 1980 platform game, upright cabinet) Criss Cross Pop-Up (Chicago Coin 1967 EM click the link for explanation) Frogger (Sega 1981, upright cabinet) Funland (Chicago Coin 1970s rifle game) Hyperball (Williams Cannonball game (see rulesheet or IPDB entry for better description)) 12/1981 SS Rulesheet Kramer Krane (Crane game) Major Havoc (Atari 1983 vector space game) Novelty Merchantman (Exhibit Supply Co. circa 1934 crane game) Out Run (Sega 1986 race game, upright cabinet) Paddle Battle (Allied-Pong game) Paperboy (Atari 1984) Peppy the Musical Clown (Williams 09/1956 EM Control the Puppet machine with Jetsons theme hacked in!) Relaxalator (Foot massage!) Road Runner (Bally 10/1971 race game) NEW-Silver Dollar Saloon (skill prize game) Skill Parade (Bally 10/1958 EM upright skill game) Space Invaders (Bally (Midway) 1978 space game, upright cabinet) Space Pilot (Williams skill game) Speedway (Chicago Coin 1975 driving game) NEW-Star Wars (Atari 1983 space game, upright cabinet) Strikes 'N Spares (Gottlieb (Premier) 10/1995 SS Bowling/Redemption Game) NEW-Super Mario Brothers (Nintendo 1985 platform game, upright cabinet) Target Gallery (Midway 1962 EM bat game) Target Roll (Bally roulette game 11/1957 EM) NEW-Tempest (Atari 1980 vector space game, upright cabinet) Ticket Tac Toe (Williams 03/1996 SS Redemption game) Toy Taxi (Crane game) Twin Rifle (Chicago Coin rifle game) Unscramble (Selectomatic skill game) The Pinball Wizard dreams of the Silver Ball. Becoming one with the machine, and of whipping the game into a frenzy without having any of lifes distractions get in the way. The flipper fingers move like lightening with the skill of a tight rope artist within the finger tips. You know your beat when the other player is so confident that they drain the first two balls just to give you a fair chance, and then the killer Jackpot lights with only three seconds left in the game and one last shot gives the advantage with a knock on the side of the game giving the free play. Your game is dust and it is time to play again. Trivia: How did Tommy, who was deaf, dumb and blind in the 1969 "Rock Opera Song" and movie by The Who, become a Pinball Wizard without using all of his faculties? Album: Tommy Date: 1969 Answer: The character Tommy played pinball by feeling the vibrations of the machine giving him a clue as what was going to happen next.

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