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Bryan Wagner is the New World Record Holder of BurgerTime 9/5/2005 8,601,300 New Bryan Wagner BurgerTime World Record 6/2/2006 9,000,000
HIGH SCORE NEWS UPDATE: 6/2/2006 From Twin Galaxies Message Board reporting Bryan Wagner's New Higher BurgerTime World Record of 9,000,000 done at Funspot Arcade at Weirs Beach, NH on 6/2/06. Link 6/2/2006 New BurgerTime High Score is now: 9,000,000 (exactly) and another Bryan Wagner World Record of 485,30 on Rolling Thunder, all done at the same time on two games at once. That's right to world records simultaneously do to the fact Bryan Wagner built up 255 extra men on BurgerTime and then finished off Rolling Thunder next to it, while BurgerTime took a half an hour to kill off the extra men. BurgerTime comes to an ultra-crawl on the higher levels starting at around level 28 which makes it easy to walk away and come back with the game still going. You end up killing off over a hundred extra lives so the game won't shut itself off. Link
BurgerTime World Records Burger Time Link At the Annual Funspot Event in Weirs Beach, NH. on June 1, 2005 Bryan Wagner made a new world record of 8,601,300 on BurgerTime, beating his previous world record of 8,417,500 which was done on 7/13/2003. He had beat the 1984 long standing world record of the famous Billy Mitchell back in 2003 and continues to improve on his World Record score. Now on 6/2/2006 Bryan Wagner did it again, and beat his previous world Record score of 8,601,300 with an even 9,000,000 and simultaneously beat the Rolling Thunder World Record with a new World Record of 485,300. Bryan Wagner 9,000,000 6/2/06 (New World Record on 6/02/2006) 1 100.00 % 9,000,000 Bryan L Wagner 06/02/2006 Video Link Bryan Wagner 8,601,300 6/1/05 (Previous World Record on 6/01/2005) 1 100.00 % 8,601,300 Bryan L Wagner 06/01/2005 Video Bryan Wagner 7/13/03 (Previous World Record) 1 100.00 % 8,417,500 Bryan L Wagner 07/13/2003 Video Previous World Record New Robert Mruczek Officially verified the Bryan Wagner video tape on 06/02/2006 with a new world record of 9,000,000 done at Funspot Arcade, New Hampshire. Robert Mruczek Officially verified the Bryan Wagner video tape on 09/05/2005 with a new world record of 8,601,300 done at Funspot Arcade, New Hampshire. Manufacturer: Bally Midway Year: 1982 Class: Wide Release Genre: Labyrinth/Maze Type: Videogame Data East USA licensed Burgertime for distribution by Bally Midway. Programmer: Lee Braine (New World Record: 9,000,000 Bryan Wagner 06/02/2006 Video) Rank % Score Points Player Date Verified Scoring Method (NEW) 1 100.00 % 9,000,000 Bryan Wagner 06/02/2006 Video 1 100.00 % 8,601,300 Bryan L Wagner 09/05/2005 Video 2 91.63 % 7,881,050 Billy L Mitchell 06/30/1984 Referee 3 69.11 % 5,944,700 Steve Shepard 12/24/1983 4 68.40 % 5,882,950 Darren Kennedy 06/11/2004 Referee 5 65.84 % 5,663,200 Tom Sher 05/11/1983 Referee 6 63.94 % 5,499,550 John Huff 07/03/1983 Referee 7 48.90 % 4,206,350 Jim Liebler 12/25/1982 Referee 8 48.40 % 4,163,250 Chuck Coss 01/27/1983 Referee 9 47.19 % 4,059,350 Maurizio Zanatta 07/14/1984 Referee 10 39.53 % 3,400,050 Chris Ayra 05/11/2001 Referee Burgertime - Bryan's New World Record !! Chef "Peter Pepper" to make some Great Burgers, avoiding Hot Dogs, Eggs, and Pickles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> Coin-Op Video Games ( View previous topic :: View next topic Author Message RMRUCZEK (Robert Mruczek) Senior Referee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 10:09 pm Post subject: Burgertime - Bryan's New World Record !! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello fellow gamers: It took awhile due to the secondary taping, but now it's official. We have a new world record on the arcade classic "Burgertime" and it has been accomplished by none other than reigning world record holder Bryan Wagner. In a performance that lasted a shade over 6 hours, Bryan achieved a score of 8,601,300 reaching stage 30 at Funspot. Due to the nuances of the game, the score keeps creeping up. Bryan suffered an unexpected loss atthe 2:48.12 mark as he mis-timed crossing a pattie and got caught by the foods, and also at 8,537,550 points with seven (7) peppers left and a lot of extra lives in stage 30, and that was costly. In "Burgertime", grouping is key for both survival and score. The foods move much, much faster than you do, and your sole means of survival is grouping and peppers. Re-grouping takes more peppers, so any loss is costly. The game is one of the most unique to verify. Bryan took 2:52.21 (2 hours, 52 minutes) to complete stage 27. He completed stage 28 after 4:35.52 which was nearly2 hours by itself. Stage 29 ended at the 5:23:24 mark, almost light-speed in comparison to stage 28. Wondering why there is such a major disparity in completion times ? Well, it's no secret, and only top players ever see this. Once you reach this point in the game, and once you actually start the stage (that's a whole different discussion below), the enemies go into super-slow mode. And I mean REALLY slow. Ever wish you could play a game where you could take a much needed marathon-break ? Well, no breaks come easier than this, except for maybe "Space Dungeon" or the red tank stage in "Tron". Of course, "Burgertime" is not marathonable...not so far, anyway. But it is at least a very welcome reprieve. As for special strategies, there are some stages in "Burgertime" where the player must lose multiple lives at the beginning of the stage. And then there are points in the game, especially at end-game, when you can't help but lose lives no matter what you try. This is the second for sure, maybe even the third time that I am writing a "Burgertime" world record report for the gaming community over the past five years, and it's always a pleasure. Here are the specifics of Bryan's performance. Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2006 Fri Jun 02, 2006 8:23 pm Post subject: SIMULTANEOUS World Records! (9,000,000 Burgertime, 485,300 Rolling Thunder) Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GOOSE Link Posts: 5 Location: Danville, PA Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 8:23 pm Post subject: SIMULTANEOUS World Records! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today, at the annual Funspot Videogame Tournament in Weirs Beach, NH, my dear, longtime friend Bryan Wagner did what NO ONE in the arcade game world has ever done before, at least OFFICIALLY. He posted SIMULTANEOUS World Record high Scores on Burger Time and Rolling Thunder. The scores were 9,000,000 (exactly) and 485,300, respectively. His method? Burger Time racks up bonus men so quickly (because it is a fast-scoring game) that you actually have to kill men off on purpose because if you exceed 256 men in reserve, that number will roll over to 0. So you have to spend almost an entire half-hour just killing men off to keep this from happening. Bryan found out that he could beat the Rolling Thunder World Record easily within that half-hour period. No one ever paid too much attention to attaining a very high record score on Rolling Thunder, anyway, as it wasn't one of the more popular arcade titles. So he practiced on Rolling Thunder to become good enough to beat it's world high, as well--he has held the Burger Time record for the past 4 years. Both machines were places side-by-side in the arcade to allow him to keep an eye on Burger Time while he played Rolling Thunder. Robert Mruczek was on hand to observe this feat. _________________ player of many, master of none. Tom~~~!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Note: New World Record 6/2/06 9,000,000 by Bryan Wagner) Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 10:09 pm Post subject: Burgertime - Link Bryan Wagner's New World Record !! (8,601,300) See the Robert Mruczek Review Link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ripper Location: Charleston, SC Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 12:17 pm Post subject: 10 Million on Burger Time! Link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to say, this guy at MARP is seriously putting up some numbers on Burger Time!! 10,262,000 to be exact! (VERTEX-DAN) VERY nice indeed! BurgerTime (Midway) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description BurgerTime, wherein the object of the game is to help Peter Pepper assemble enormous hamburgers: Peter Pepper the chef moves around the screen walking over the parts of a hamburger. As each item is walked over it drops to the level below. Armed with pepper he can throw on his enemies, he must avoid Mr. Hotdog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle. Bonuses appear in the forms of ice cream, coffee, and french fries. BurgerTime Chef BurgerTime Game Play The object of the game is for Peter Pepper to assemble four giant burgers without colliding with any pursuing hot dogs, eggs or pickles (who appear in later stages). Peter Pepper has to climb up ladders and walk across ramps to get to each of the burger fixings which include buns, beef patties, lettuce leaves and sometimes tomato slices and cheese slices. Peter Pepper has to walk across each of the burger fixings, so they will fall downward to the each of the lower ramps until they reach each of the plates below at the bottom of the screen. He must assemble all four burgers to advance to the next stage. As the hot dogs, eggs and pickles pursue him, he can stop them three different ways. He can throw a pinch of pepper on them to stun them and make them temporarily harmless, but his pinches of pepper are limited, so he will have to use it wisely. Additional pinches of pepper can be gained by getting bonus items the will occasionally appear on the screen temporarily including ice cream cones, french fries and cups of coffee. Another way Peter Pepper can stop his pursuers is by crushing them with one of the burger fixings. He does this by dropping it onto them whenever they walk under it. The third way to stop them is by dropping them on one of the burger fixings whenever they walk onto it, this will also allow each of the burger fixings to fall two, three or four floors more depending on how many of them are on it. However the pursuers are put out of action, they will continue to walk around in each stage until all the burgers have been completely assembled. Legacy BurgerTime Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory Super BurgerTime Burgertime had a planned sequel, PizzaTime, in development when the video game market crashed. PizzaTime was never released. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following interview is between Bryan Wagner, BurgerTime Champion and champion of ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bryan Wagner - BurgerTime Champion Interview with Bryan Wagner (bryguy) the Burgertime World Record Holder January 17, 2005 Q> When did you first start playing video games? A> In the late 70's at a local skating rink which is now gone. Q> When was the first time you played burgertime? A> Probably 1983 at a pizza joint called Loduca's in Lewisburg, PA. My parents would go to the flea market there and leave me to the games. Q> Where did you break the record at? A> All 3 times were at FUNSPOT in Weirs Beach NH. ( The third time I borrowed a ROM board from Greg Erway because Funspots Burgertime was not working. Q> How long did it take you to reach the world record score of 8,601,300 on during the Funspot Event at Weirs Beach, NH. on June 1, 2005? A> The third time took about 4hrs 20min. Q> What was your final level you were on and what was your World Record score? A> I made it to board 31 and almost grouped them. If I had, I probably would have gotten another 100,000 pts at least. The score was 8,417,500. Q> How many weeks/months did you have to practice to get to where your at when you broke the record? A> When I broke it the first time, I played EVERY day for 3 months. Then I took off about 4 months. Q> What is your favorite all time video game? A> Burgertime Q> Do you own any full size arcade machines and if so what ones? A> No. I'd like to pick up a Burgertime, Millipede and a High Speed pinball for my rec room. I did build a MAME machine though. Q> What is your favorite Game system? A> Atari 2600. Q> Do you like Arcade games or home game consoles more? A> Arcade Q> If we can ask some personal info on you. How old are you? What do you do for a living? Where are you from? A> I'm 36, I work in the electrical field and have always lived in Central PA. Q> When did you really start thinking or believing you might be able to go for a world record on burgertime? A> After J.D. Lowe helped me download a recording from MARP. I didn't know how to group on #5 boards but I probably would have figured it out eventually. Q> How did it feel when Billy Mitchell congratulate you on your World Record? A> Good. Walter Day himself witnessed the game also. Actually, Billy was on a plane to Funspot and he congratulated me from the air. Q> Are there any other games right now you have your eyes on trying to break the world record for? A> "Pengo", "Rally-X", "Rolling Thunder" Q> I'm sure you don't want to give away all your secrets on the game, but I was wondering is there maybe a hidden secret or something you could tell us that maybe alot of regular players of burgertime might know about the game? A> You must have good grouping techniques and the patterns you run can't fall apart. Conserve peppers. When you are setting up your next drop, don't be moving all over the place. Just get to the drop and wait. Also, I would rather use an extra pepper to make the pack tight, then not and chance them drifting apart. Try to run your pattern so you get all the prizes. Q> Is there anything I haven't covered you might like to talk about or add to this interview? A> In order to practice higher levels I suggest playing on MAME and using the save state function so you can start on the board you want to practice. Of course, You have to get to that board first in order to save it. But if you do that, You should see an improvement. I would like to thank you for your time and for doing this interview it's been great to interview a true burgertime legend. I hope we can keep in touch and learn more from you as time goes by. BurgerTime Sausage Encyclopedia subject: 'Burgertime' ... Hot Dog (A hot dog is classified as a type of sausage or, alternatively, a sandwich on a suitably shaped bun with the sausage and condiments on it. High Fashion is also interested in BurgerTime Here are the latest cutting edge Fashion Trends: Donuts to Go Super size those Fries Hamburger and Fries Guy Hamburger and Fries Gal Above High Fashion all of the Fall 2006 Collection by Jeremy Scott. Link Go to the Church of Burgertime Link BurgerTime Fan Website Link BurgerTime Chef to whip up a good burger with plenty of condiments In other News: Challenge Arcade Classic Video Game Competition Results The 2006 Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament - summary (comments welcome) " on: March 31, 2006, 09:02:52 PM " Link Player / total score / percentile (for comparison) / prize money won Brian Kuh 42 99.20% $200 Donald Hayes 40 96.39% $100 Bryan Wagner 39 77.08% $50 Frank Lupia 35 66.81% $25 Ryan Moss 35 25.43% Pat Laffaye 34 48.76% Kelly Tharp 31 55.55% Richard Marsh 28 26.00% Bryan Wagner - BurgerTime ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGE in Burgertime Mini-contest Link Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> FunSpot Arcade bryguy (Bryan Wagner) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 3:45 pm Post subject: CHANGE in Burgertime Mini-contest -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, There is a change in the Burgertime Mini contest I am hosting this year at Funspot 8. The contest is going to be run on Saturday 6\3\06 ONLY. I had planned for it to run Sunday also, but I decided to drop Sunday to give me more time for other interests. This is FYI. None of the rules have changed. (See my original posting). Bryan Wagner _________________ Arcade Burgertime WR 8,601,300 Arcade Super Sprint WR TGTS 14,270 A2600 Super Breakout WR Game 7B 4,011 A2600 Thunderground WR Game 1B 1,015,230 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bryan Wagner Playing Pacman Bryan Wagner is a regular at the big Funspot Coin-Operated Annual Tournament in New Hampshire and he has traveled to the Challenge Arcade event as well as others and is constantly improving on his overall performance on classic video games. I do hope that he gets a world record in the Guinness Book. That would be the topping on the BurgerTime cake. He definitely will make it into Walter Day's High Score Book, Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records after beating Billy Mitchell's 1984 long standing BurgerTime World Record. He is among the elite few along with Billy Mitchell who has finished all of the boards in pacman making it to the split screen at the end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sequel to BurgerTime, Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory never made it to market: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Peppers Ice Cream Parlor Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory Nihon Bussan/AV Japan (1984) In the less-than-popular sequel Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory, our friendly chef is back at it again. Presumably having been fired from the giant hamburger assembly factory, our chef has now found work constructing ice cream cones -- and while they're still over ten feet tall, they're no where near the scale of the hamburgers Peter was accustomed to assembling. Once again, the fifth food group (foods that wish you bodily harm) have tracked Peter to his new job. This time around, donuts, walking strawberries, a jug of milk and even a cooking scale are after the chef! Peter left his pepper shaker behind at the last job, but this time around he's learned how to jump so I suppose that's a fair trade. Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory platform/ladder game genre was evolving at that time. Essentially, this game plays much like the Snow Brothers -- the scoops of ice cream can be knocked into opponents, bowling them over as they roll toward the giant cones. Like Donkey Kong, expect to die frequently by jumping and hitting your head on an enemy located on the platform directly above you. A system called Deco, which was to be similar to Neo-Geo, never got produced because the cartridges for the system were deemed unreliable. Super Burgertime Super Burgertime made in 1990 by Data East was another BurgerTime sequal. Super Burgertime is the conclusion to the Peter Pepper Trilogy (Burgertime, Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory and Super Burgertime). Taking the formula of the original Burgertime and jazzing it up with new graphics, weapons and burger sizes, it makes for a not so bad play. Story While no story is given to player at the outset, the game seems to center around the quest to reach a castle in the top corner of the overworld map. Why? Can't say. Perhaps its the evil (and strikingly effeminate) king who convinced the food products to rebel. When the king is defeated, our protagonists participate in a parade where they ride in giant hamburgers. Gameplay Super Burgertime plays exactly like its predecessor. Climb the ladder, avoid the rampaging produce, stomp the bun, rinse and repeat. Once all the burgers are assembled the level ends. The burgers come in two sizes, large and small. The small burgers take one stomp a piece to fall a level whereas the large burgers take 4. The most notable addition to the Burgertime franchise is a variety of weapons and items. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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