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Captain Video Arcade

(1985) 3rd Annual Player of the Year Contest

January 12 - 13, 1985, L.A., California: Captain Video Arcade

North American Video Game Challenge 
10672 W Pico Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90064 (310)-837-4195

Captain Video Arcade Owners: Mr. Mike McClelland and Mr. Gary Gullette

Phil Britt -- 1st Place Winner Coronation Day 1985 And player of the year 1985

[ Mike Sullivan, Jeff Peters, Phil Britt, Jack Gale, Donn Nauert ]
World Records:Kung Fu, Pole Position, Paperboy, Zoo Keeper, Donkey Kong

USA Today, January 2, 1985 Video game players are gearing up… for the 1985 North American Video Game Challenge, an invitational tournament involving 50 competitors from the USA and Canada who were chosen by the U.S. National Video Game Team. The third annual Contest will be held at the Captain Video Arcade in Los Angeles from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Jan. 12-13. Players will compete in four games: Return of the Jedi, Cheyenne, Karate Champ and Mad Crasher. Winners will receive full-size arcade video games and will Be listed in 1985 edition of the Guinness Book of Sports Records, Winners & Champions. The top 10 players will join the American or Canadian national team and will be eligible For international competition. Link
Jeff Peters - Current Photo Jeff Peters - Etiwanda, CA 1985 Jeff Peters lived very close to Riverside, CA (about 20 minutes) and our Riverside Group would meet with Jeff Peters and go to arcades out of town, like Los Angeles and Upland, CA showing our skills. Jeff Peters - on Q*Bert - lasted to the fifty-hour mark at the Iron Man Contest on July 9, 1985 at Johnny Z's Arcade in Canada. He missed the 100 hour mark which had a grand prize award of $10,000 put forth by the Sports Achievement Association sponsored by Johnny Z's Arcade in Canada. James Vollandt was the closest to this cash prize award with a 57 1/2 hour score on Joust. 2007 Jeff Peters -, LLC. link Address: 3174 E. Walker Mill Dr. Salt Lake City, UT, 84121 United States Episode 5 An Interview with Jeff Peters "Superman" Producer and of other video games Jeff Peters: Classic Gamer and Producer of Games: He further went on to co-found a publishing company and created Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine as well as founding a successful graphics design company. Jeff Peters has been in the games industry for many years. He started collecting on coin-op arcade game, and then two and so on. He found he has aptitude for fixing and restoring old game machines. He worked at Sculptured Software while they produced many coin-op conversions for Acclaim. He was also the Director of Development for the ill-fated Beyond Games in Salt Lake city. But even given the many roadblocks presented by the situation there, he was still able to produce Hotwheels for THQ. Currently Jeff works for Electronic Arts in Florida as the producer on SUPERMAN. Written by Robert Senour with audio interview with Jeff Peters Interview Friday, 11 May 2007 link Robert Senour inteviews Jeff Peters (Audio) About Making Games link Arcade Records: Jeff Peters Rancho Cucamonga, CA United States Coin-Op Arcade platform World Score Ranking Arcade 683 Cheyenne Gun 43,770,000 4 Commando 2,552,100 2 Domino Man 757,063 2 Frontline 668,400 2 Jungle King/Hunt 54,530 6 Karate Champ 110,300 12 Mad Crasher 135,450 2 Pack Rat 910,875 1 Pole Position II Seaside 75,390 1 1418 Suzuka 75,660 1 1415 Test 81,870 1 Return of the Jedi 1,441,380 3 Sinistar 282,225 1 Time Pilot 15,000,000 1 Turkey Shoot Pinball 1799 Rapid Fire 10,000,000 2
Gaming Publications led by Steve Harris and Jeff Peters: Electronic Game Player Started in May 1988 Year 2004 Career: Gear Works Games Job: Salt Lake City, UT Building video games (shipped over 27 games) Currently working on a Disney licensed game for the Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube

1985 Residence
[Jeff Peters,] 
age 18, birth date: 5/17/66

13021 Pinon
Etiwanda, California  91739

In 2004 he is now a Classic Arcade Game Distributor/Producer/Graphic Animator Game Cube, in Salt Lake, Utah

Winners: Phil Britt (1st) Mike Sullivan (2nd), Jeff Peters (3rd) Jack Gale,(4th) Donn Nauert (5th)
[Coronation Day] Twin Galaxies January 12-13, 1985 Contest Scoring Results
[1985 Invitational Article]

Riverside, CA Players
Phil Britt, Mike Sullivan, Dave Dean, Paul Dean, Mike Quarles all of Riverside, CA.
Paperboy, Kung Fu, Mappy, Spy Hunter, Crystal Castles Guinness Players

The 1984 Riverside, CA Nominees Selected By
[The Electronic Sports League, Inc.] and the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard to Play for 1985 Player of the Year were Phil Britt, Mike Sullivan, Dave Dean and Mike Umbarger - Jeff Peters from Etiwanda, Ca - A shoert few miles away from Riverside, CA.

All are Guinness Book Champion Players who lived and practiced in Riverside, CA.
During the Twin Galaxies [Video Game Golden Age.]
January 18, 1982 - January 5, 1986.

[Official Score Keeper, Twin Galaxies]

In the 1980's Golden Era of Video Game Playing, a lot of video game players
were forming groups with the common interest of solving a particular video 
game, ie Mastering the Game.

Our particular Riverside, Ca. group became so good at mastering video games 
that everyone of us became famous by being published in the Guinness Book
of World Records. We had one common interest besides video game playing and
that is programming on the Apple 2e and then programming on other computers 
as they were developed.  Video game playing is closely tied to that of
programming logic and both take the same type of analytical skills for

The below is my memory of their biographies as I remember it.  We spent
hundreds of hours with each other mastering video games and then we all 
graduated college and got to serious with our careers and lives to make 
for practicing our skills on the latest video game.

Year 2004 Standings
Several of these scores are still number 1 in the world after 20 years of retirement of full time video game playing. Notice how we all went to the same high school and many of us were in the same classes. Biography of Phil Britt, Mike Sullivan, Paul Dean -> Poly High School, Riverside, CA Class of 1983 - Published Guinness Players of the Golden Era 1980's Dave Dean, Poly High School, Riverside, CA Class of 1984 - Guinness Level Player And Mike Quarles: Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA - Guinness Player ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Phil Britt John Phillip Britt: (JPB) High School Attended: Poly High School, Riverside, CA. John Philip Britt, 2930 Sanberg Street Riverside, California 92506 born: 11/21/65 College UC RIVERSIDE, CA. (John Philip Britt) Phil Britt, Game Graphics Systems Engineer, Games Developer, Programmer Game Conversions to Macintosh System Hyper Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Sony Development) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Class of 1983 Club Membership: Poly Computer Club Member 1982 College: University of California Riverside, Computer Science Interests: Mastering Video Games, Castle Amusement Park, Riverside, CA Programming on Apple 2e Computer Music: Electric synthesizer Phil Britt: (John Philip Britt) MobyGames Auto-Generated Summary *: Link Phil Britt was credited on a game as early as 1993 and as recently as 2001. His career spans more years than those displayed since these dates are based on the credits documented in MobyGames (which are incomplete). Phil Britt has been credited with the roles Programming. Phil Britt has been credited on games developed by the following companies: Hyper Entertainment and Visual Concepts. This does not imply employment by these companies. Games Credited HyperBowl Arcade Edition (2001), Hyper Entertainment Clayfighter (1993), Interplay John Philip Britt has been credited on games developed by the following companies: Blizzard Entertainment, Interplay and Delphine Software International. LEGO Star Wars (Macintosh) John Philip Britt Credits: Link Programmer Link Lego Star Wars Mac Programmer: John Philip Britt, Kevin Parichan ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide (1992) Out of This World Link Jim Sproul, John Philip Britt (1999) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six link Programming: Kevin Parichan, John Philip Britt (2002) AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 30, 2002--Aspyr(TM) Media, Inc. announced today that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon(TM) and the Ghost Recon: Desert Siege(TM) Expansion Pack has shipped for the Macintosh(R). Carbonized conversion was done by Kevin Parichan and Phil Britt. TOTAL PROGRAMMING CREDIT: John Philip Britt Link Games Credited Stonekeep (1995), Interplay Productions Ltd. Produced & Directed by: by Michael Quarles, programmed by John Philip Britt link Claymates (1993), Interplay Productions, Inc. The Lost Vikings (1992), Interplay Productions, Inc. Out of This World (1992), Interplay Productions, Inc. The Bard's Tale Construction Set (1991), Interplay Productions, Inc. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1991), Ultra Games: Produced by Michael Quarles, programmed by John Philip Britt link

Ghost Recon: Desert Seige
(2002) Austin Texas, Phil Britt and the Ghost Recon: Desert Seige Game Expansion Pack and Game Play: Developed by Ubi Soft's(R) Red Storm Entertainment studio, and published for the PC by Ubi Soft Entertainment, the amazing combat experience Ghost Recon and the Desert Siege Expansion Pack come together to turn your Macintosh(R) into a pivotal wartime control center. In Ghost Recon, Russia has fallen to ultra-nationalistic leaders driven to rebuild the Iron Curtain. In the Desert Siege Expansion Pack, a 60-year conflict boils over as Ethiopia invades its smaller neighbor Eritrea, threatening the world's most vital shipping lanes. Whenever there is a military conflict, the Ghosts are the first in action! Command this elite team of U.S. Army Green Berets through a series of demolitions, search and rescue missions and all-out fights for survival. Select, train and lead the defensive spearhead as the first team deployed and the last team to head out. Ghost Recon and the Desert Siege Expansion Pack puts you in the deadly, realistic, covert combat of tomorrow's battlefields like none other. Swift. Silent. Invisible. If you meet the Ghosts in combat - you're already dead. "Ghost Recon and the Desert Siege Expansion Pack offer the most `realistic' military gaming experience I've ever played," says Michael Rogers, Aspyr Media President and Mac Game Guru. "I almost went out and got a buzz cut." For all of the latest news and information on Ghost Recon and the Desert Siege Expansion Pack for the Macintosh, visit Ghost Recon and the Desert Siege Expansion Pack are rated "M" (Mature) by the ESRB and is available wherever great interactive entertainment software is sold, with a Suggested Retail Price of $49.95. Based in Austin, Texas, Aspyr Media, Inc. is a leading publisher of Macintosh interactive entertainment software, committed to offering high-quality interactive entertainment products and service, with a smile, to gamers worldwide. More information on Aspyr and their line of products can be found on the Internet at More information about Ubi Soft's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at Jobs: Interplay video game programmer with Mike Quarles: Crystal Castles Champion Creating emulators and programming games to run on multiple systems and formats. Self Employed: Graphics Systems Engineer Hyper Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Sony Development)/Programmer Aspyr™ Media, Inc. announced today that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon™ and the Ghost Recon:
Desert Siege™ Expansion Pack has shipped for the Macintosh. Carbonized conversion was done by
Kevin Parichan and Phil Britt. John Philip Britt was credited on game programming as early as 1991 and as recently as 2003. His career probably spans more years than those displayed since these dates are based on the credits documented in MobyGames (which are incomplete). John Philip Britt has been credited with the roles Programming. John Philip Britt has been credited on games developed by the following companies: Blizzard Entertainment, Interplay and Delphine Software International. This does not imply employment by these companies.
Games Credited for Programming by Phil Britt 1. Stonekeep (1995), Interplay Link 2. The Lost Vikings (1993), Interplay 3. Out of this World (1992), Interplay 4. Bard's Tale Construction Set Link
Stonekeep (1995) The Lost Vikings (1993) Out of this World (1992), Interplay The Bard's Tale Construction Set
(1991), Interplay

Phil Britt, Programmer
Phil Britt has Three Children Now living in Austin, Texas (May, 2005) ------------ High Scores: ------------ National Video Game Team Champion of Paperboy 1985 High Score: 1,002,018, Paperboy 1986 High Score: 1,136,435 Phil Britt / JPB, birth date: 11-21-1965; Riverside, CA Phil Britt Paperboy Score Link The "Obstacle Course Trick", the "Grandstand Trick", and the "Lawnmower Trick" are all banned tactics. Usage of any will disqualify the score. Paperboy Released: © 1984 Atari Games Year 1985 John Philip Britt, Age 19 2930 Sanberg Street Riverside, California 92506 (714)-684-3320 Year 2004 Residence: Fountain Valley, CA contest results: 1985 North American Video Game Challenge: winner 1985 Video Game Masters Tournament: wr set on Paperboy of 1,002,018 1986 Video Game Masters Tournament: wr set on Paperboy 6/28/86 of 1,136,435 1987 Video Game Masters Tournament: wr kept on Paperboy of 1,136,435

Phil Britt, Worlds Best Golden Era Guinness Player world records: Paperboy 1,136,435 6/28/86

contender: Cheyenne, Marble Madness, Return of the Jedi, Track & Field Paperboy grand slam score of 1,136,435 points still stands and is one of the greater
gaming performances of all time. Player of the Year 1985 1984 Spy Hunter 346,890 - Phil Britt Scores for Phil Britt (United States, California, Riverside) Cheyenne Gun (default settings on Arcade) 61,587,000 1/13/85 Riverside, CA Phil's score is ranked 3 out of 25 scores ( 19.294%) Phil's Score 61,587,000 R - Referee View Food Fight (on Arcade) Phil's score is ranked 6 out of 8 scores ( 1.420%) Phil's Score 1,464,400 R - Referee View Interstellar (on Arcade) Phil's score is ranked 1 out of 1 scores ( 100.000%) Score Pts Highest Best Verification Method Score Details Phil's Score 248,000 R - Referee View 5/15/86 Riverside, CA Karate Champ (on Arcade) Phil's score is ranked 11 out of 30 scores ( 46.144%) Phil's Score 110,700 R - Referee View Return of the Jedi 1,638,780 Phil Britt 1/13/85, Riverside, CA Track N Field (2nd Place) 92,190 Phil Britt 5/2/84 Los Angeles, CA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phil Britt goes to Tokyo, Scheduled to Play Track N Field representing USA Article Archives: Press Enterprise, (Monday June 4, 1984) by Jill Hodges Staff Writer "1984 March of Dimes International Konami/Centuri Track & Field Challenge" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track N Field: Title: Video game whiz ready to prove he is world's best computer athlete John Philip Britt flexed his fingers a couple of times, dropped a quarter in the slot of an arcade ame machine at Flipper Flapper Fun Co. in Riverside Plaza and stood poised: one leg in front of the other, knees slightly bent, nimble fingers on the buttons and Bespectacled eyes trained upon the screen. Masterfully, he guided the small athlete on the Track & Field game screen through various sporting events. Britt, 18, of Riverside, was preparing for the March of Dimes International Konami/Centuri Track & Field Challenge in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday. He will leave tomorrow for Tokyo where he will participate in the face-off among the top three Track & Field video game players each from the United States, Japan and Germany. Britt finished second in the national Track & Field championship after participating with 250,000 others in a three-week competition, according to Roger Sharpe, a judge in the contest and editor of New York-based Video Games Magazine. The national and international competitions are sponsored by Centuri Inc., the co-producers of the Track & Field video game: Bally's Aladdin's Castle video game arcades; and National Convenience Stores, which runs Stop N Go markets, Sharpe said. Sharpe said the sponsors plan to contribute quarters contestants have poured into playing the game, or approximately $100,000 to the March of Dimes Telethon. For three weeks in May, video fans went to specified stores and video arcades nationwide to specified stores and video arcades nationwide to play the Track & Field video game, manipulating a miniature track athlete in the 100-meter hurdles, hammer throw and high jump. The player must receive a qualifying score in one event to proceed to the next; if he doesn't qualify, the game is over. To make it through the game, the video athlete must run the 100- meter dash in 13 seconds or less, jump 7 meters in the long jump, throw the javelin 7.5 meters, run the 110-meter hurdles in 13.5 seconds or less, throw the hammer 77 meters and achieve a high jump of at least 2.35 meters. When Britt plays, the athlete always finishes the competition and the video machine's crowd-cheering sound effects works overtime. The player receives points for his performance each event and Britt says his average scores about 91.7 points. After competition in May, 14 regional champions were flown to Houston for the national finals May 26. Britt was the high scorer from a five-state region, which included California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. In Houston, the regional winners played in a series of elimination rounds which lasted from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. "If you'd seen them (the competitors) by the end of the day, you'd think they had just thrown the javelins and run the hurdles themselves," Sharpe said. Britt, who has been practicing the video game for about 1 1/2 hours a day to prepare for the Tokyo finals, says video play can take its toll. "When you play 10 games a day, it gets to you," Britt said. Britt placed second in the finals in Houston behind Gary West, 16, from Oklahoma City, Okla. The third-place finisher was 18-year-old Mike Mallory from Dayton, Ohio. Along with the free trips for the winners and the escorts of their choice to Houston and Tokyo, the top three winners from the United States received other prizes including luggage, a computer and an arcade-size Track & Field video game. "They say there are even better prizes in Japan," Britt said. What does it take to be a video champion? Britt's mothers, Vivian Britt, who will accompany him to Tokyo, credits her son's dexterity too many years of music lessons. "Maybe all those accordion lessons are really paying off," she said. Britt disagrees; "It just takes practice, that's all." Britt grew up in Riverside, graduated from Poly High School a year early and went to the University of Southern California for 1 1/2 years to study computer science. At present he is taking courses at Riverside City College. He said he has been interested in computers since his older brother, Benjamin introduced him to them in sixth grade. With the international finals just over a week away, Britt appeared calm and confident. "Let's just say I thought I got robbed in Texas," he said, "I could do better." "John Philip Britt of Riverside hopes to prove his second-place finish in a national video game tournament is a fluke -- (He usually does better.) he wants to win the international competition in Tokyo." Track & Field Manufacturer: Konami Year: 1983 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Mike Mallory Flash Back and accounting of the 1984 event with his third place win in the United States as well as his trip to Tokyo Japan being one of three to represent America in the 1984 March of Dimes International Konami/Centuri Track & Field Challenge" along with United States, Phil Britt and Gary West ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From Mike Mallory - July 3, 2010 - Michael J. Mallory (MJM) - T&F Konami Third Place Winner: I won my standup T&F machine at the Houston Texas March of Dimes Nationals in 1984. I also won a computer, luggage, and clothing etc., The big prize though, was the all expenses paid trip to Tokyo, Japan for 8 days! The 2nd place finisher Phil Britt won the same thing plus a pool table. Gary West the U.S. National Champion won a brand new 1984 Jeep CJ. Now those were great prizes! By the way, I missed out on playing against Phil Britt in the final pair by only 20 points. Phil Britt and I were in opposite brackets I never had the chance to play against him. In Japan I got blind-sided because the NEW Japanese versions of T&F were a lot different from the U.S machines. I placed sixth and last. I was totally disgusted! Track & Field Vibrating Technique: The vibration technique I use has nothing to do with hitting the game hard to cause the leaf contacts to move. It's your fingers that are vibrating not the game contacts. You can tap the buttons rather softly and still execute it. This technique does not work on the Japanese Track & Field machines. "It must be done on a leaf switch game. The index finger on each hand vibrates upon hit giving two button strokes instead of the normal one button stroke per hit." By the way, a European team was suppose to be there also but didn't show up. I did win something in the team competition though. Phil Britt won and Gary West placed 2nd playing on the Japanese version of Track & Field in Tokyo, Japan. It really didn't take much to beat the Japanese guys though. They were still playing with very basic techniques. Which is something I had to resort to as my style didn't work at all on their machines. The Japanese team did file an unsuccessful protest against Phil Britt and Gary West. They said that the Six Finger, 2 Button technique they were using was cheating. The Japanese argued that they were "rubbing" the buttons and not hitting/tapping them per the instructions "on the game". While in Japan we toured shrines and places of interest. They also fed us three square meals a day. Some of the restaurants were of the 4 star variety! I guess that's because we were with a bunch of rich executives from Centuri. As a side note if memory serves me, the pinball guru Roger Sharpe was also along for the trip. At that time he was the editor of Video Games Magazine. The coolest thing about the trip for me was our visit to Konami World Headquarters! I got to meet the chief programmer and engineers who created T&F. Also while at Konami, we got to play Hyper Sports and prototype games for the original NES in one of their labs. This was before Hyper Sports was released in Japan and a full year before the NES came to the states. After returning home, I use to tell people about this new system coming to the U.S. I would say, "there is this game called Super Mario and you control him with something called an "X" pad"! Nobody but my closest friends believed me. I played in the largest video game contest in world history to this day. There were over 1 million players in the U.S alone and I placed 3rd. I have nothing else to prove about Track & Field but may some day challenge Hector T. Rodriguez current world record of 95,350 with a higher score. link Michael J. Mallory (MJM) Michael J. Mallory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- June 10, 1984 Video Game Systems "History" In Tokyo, Japan, the top three Track & Field game players from the US play against the top three Japanese players, over two days. The world champion Gold Medalist is John Britt of Riverside, California. link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Mike Sullivan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Sullivan: High School Attended: Poly High School, Riverside, CA. Class of 1983 1985 Residence Mike Sullivan, Age 19 (MLS) 4155 Acacia Street Riverside, California 92503 (714)-689-0900 Birth Date: 09/09/65 Year 2004 now in Northern California Club Membership: Poly Computer Club Member 1982 Interests: Mastering Video Games, Castle Amusement Park, Riverside, CA Programming on Apple 2e Computer Mathmatics Star Wars Movies Collecting Coin-Op Video Games National Video Game Team Champion of Kung Fu Master 1985 Kung-Fu Master 1,349,040 6/30/85 Upland, CA. 1985 North American Video Game Challenge: Second Place / Behind Phil Britt (winner) College Attended: University of California Riverside - Computer Science Undergraduate Studies Post Bachelors Degree: Masters Computer Science Moved to Northern California Job: Sony Programmer Scores for Mike Sullivan ( United States, California, Riverside ) Cheyenne Gun ( default settings on Arcade )

Mike's score is ranked 2 out of 25 scores ( 20.783% ) Mike's Score 66,341,100 R - Referee 7/2/85 Riverside, CA Karate Champ ( on Arcade ) Mike's score is ranked 5 out of 30 scores ( 53.355% ) Mike's Score 128,000 R - Referee View Kung Fu Master ( on Arcade ) Mike's score is ranked 1 out of 10 scores ( 100.000% ) Mike's Score 1,349,040 R - Referee 6/30/85 Upland, CA. Mad Crasher ( default settings on Arcade ) Mike's score is ranked 4 out of 23 scores ( 12.447% ) Mike's Score 105,176 R - Referee View Turbo-Sub (2nd Place) 3,464,000 Mike Sullivan 1/9/85 Torrance, CA Turbo-Sub(2 Player)(1st Place) 5,260,500 Mike Sullivan & Mike Quarles 1/9/85 Torrance, CA Mike Sullivan still holds first place on Return of the Jedi with a world record score of 1,938,010 Link Return of the Jedi Rank % Score Points Player Date Verified Scoring Method 1 100.00 % 1,938,010 Mike Sullivan 06/11/2004 Referee 2 84.56 % 1,638,780 Phil Britt 06/11/2004 Referee 3 74.37 % 1,441,380 Jeff Peters 06/11/2004 Referee 4 67.85 % 1,314,930 Joseph Janiec 06/11/2004 Referee 5 65.15 % 1,262,670 Donn Nauert 06/11/2004 Referee 6 54.33 % 1,053,000 Landon Rothstein 06/11/2004 Referee 7 52.45 % 1,016,520 Jack Gale 06/11/2004 Referee 8 51.65 % 1,001,010 Kelly Kobashigawa 06/11/2004 Referee 9 44.80 % 868,160 Michael Ward 06/11/2004 Referee 10 38.72 % 750,320 Ben Gold 06/11/2004 Referee Twin Galaxies Scoreboard Return of the Jedi: link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Paul Dean -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Dean: (PMD) High School Attended: Poly High School, Riverside, CA. Class of 1983 Born: Oct. 1964 Club Membership: Tennis Team Interests: Mastering Video Games, Castle Amusement Park, Riverside, CA Programming on Apple 2e Computer Year 2004 Residence: Riverside, CA. Champion of Asteroids 1981 - Went to State Championships at Anaheim, CA. Champion of Spy Hunter 1985

Paul Dean - Guinness Book Largest Margin Of Gain On A Video Game High Score 20 Year Standing Record June 28, 1985 High Score 3rd Annual Masters Tournament 9,512,590 College Attended: Riverside Community College: Computer Information Management Cal State San Bernardino: Sociology Post Bachelors Certification: Education Jobs: Para mutual, Systems Operator, Tradeshow Installer, Route Operator, Realtor, Teacher In Publications: 1985 WordStar Word Processing Publication 1986 Guinness Book of World Records 1987 Guinness Book of World Records 1997 Twin Galaxies Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records Paul Dean Spy Hunter Story by Douglas Quan of the Riverside, CA Press Enterprise: Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Mike Quarles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Quarles (Michael Quarles) Mike Quarles (Michael Quarles)
Michael Quarles: Initials (MQ) January 1985 Marriage to Susan (Umbarger - Poly Class of 1982) Susan Quarles of Riverside CA Interests: Mastering Video Games, Castle Amusement Park, Riverside, CA Programming on Apple 2e Computer, Assembly Language Programming Champion of Crystal Castles 1985 Crystal Castles (4th Place in 2004 World Standings) 864,782 Mike Quarles 7/02/85 Riverside, CA 883,598 Mike Quarles 1/15/87 Riverside, CA College Attended: Riverside Community College - Computer Science Undergraduate Studies Jobs: Manager, Interplay Games, Interplay video game programmer Michael Quarles: Work Summary thru 1996; Producer & Directer of Video Games MobyGames Auto-Generated Summary *: Michael Quarles was credited on a game as early as 1988 and as recently as 1996. His career spans more years than those displayed since these dates are based on the credits documented in MobyGames (which are incomplete). Michael Quarles has been credited with the roles Programming, Support, Design and Production. Michael Quarles has been credited on games developed by the following companies: Interplay and Visual Concepts. This does not imply employment by these companies. Mike Quarles: Games Credited Atomic Bomberman (1996), Interplay Stonekeep (1995), Interplay Clayfighter (1993), Interplay The Bard's Tale Construction Set (1991), Interplay Battle Chess (MPC version) (1991), Interplay Adventures of Rad Gravity (1990), Activision Publishing, Inc. Total Recall (1990), Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Battle Chess (1988), Interplay Wasteland (1988), Electronic Arts (Mike Quarles - Programmer) The Ultimate RPG Archives; Interplay Credits: Michael Quarles Link BATTLE CHESS, Interplay Productions' first title
Designed an Programming by: Mike Quarles: Crystal Castles Guinness Player,
released under its own label. Designed by Jay Patel, Bruce Schlickbernd, Mike Quarles and Todd Camasta Michael Quarles was credited on a game as early as 1988 and as recently as 1996. His/Her career probably spans more years than those displayed since these dates are based on the credits documented in MobyGames (which are incomplete). Michael Quarles has been credited with the roles Programming, Support, Design and Production. Michael Quarles has been credited on games developed by the following companies: Interplay and Visual Concepts. This does not imply employment by these companies. Games Credited by Mike Quarles, Programmer and Lead Manager Atomic Bomberman (1996), Interplay Stonekeep (1995), Interplay Clayfighter (1993), Interplay The Bard's Tale Construction Set (1991), Interplay Battle Chess (MPC version) (1991), Interplay Adventures of Rad Gravity (1990), Activision Publishing, Inc. Total Recall (1990), Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Battle Chess (1988), Interplay Wasteland Video Game (1988)
Wasteland Video Game (1988),
Electronic Arts by Mike Quarles Programmer/Lead Manager
Wasteland: Alan ported the game to the C64 in short order, and then Michael Quarles ported the PC version after that. Wasteland was written in assembly language, so Michael actually began the port by cross-assembling the Apple II version into 8086 assembly. Mike Quarles Self Employed: Games Developer Married to Susan Umbarger sister of Mike Umbarger of Riverside, CA - Nominee 1984 Electronic Sports League In process of moving to Carlsbad, CA. Scores for Mike Quarles ( United States, California ) Crystal Castles ( on Arcade ) Mike's score is ranked 4 out of 20 scores ( 97.022% ) Mike's Score 883,598 R - Referee View ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Dave Dean ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- David Dean: High School Attended: Poly High School, Riverside, CA. Class of 1984 Born: Oct. 1965 Brother of Paul Dean, spy hunter champion 1985. Married, 1 new baby girl in 2004 Residence: Irvine, CA Interests: Mastering Video Games, Castle Amusement Park, Riverside, CA One Season with Poly Football Team College Attended: Riverside Community College Cal State San Bernardino - Civil Engineering Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA - Civil Engineering Dave Dean, Of Riverside, Ca. Champion of Mappy 1983
First Knotts Berry Farm Video Game High Score Contest 1983 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620 Knotts Berry Farm Sinistar High Score Contest Winner June 1983 Dave Dean won a video game for having the highest score at the Sinistar Knotts Berry Farm High Score Contest. Nominated National Video Game Team 1984 Jobs: Engineer: Rockwell, Hughes, Northrup, Boeing Lead Engineer: B2 Bomber similation Lead Engineer: Rockwell: Video Game and network Engineering on Brazilian Airlines Scores for David Dean ( United States, California) Mappy ( on Arcade ) David's score is ranked 6 out of 13 scores ( 18.822% ) David's Score 155,840 R - Referee 7/21/83 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Riverside, CA A Breeding Ground For Championship Players -------------------------------------------------------------------- For some reason Riverside, CA breeds World Record Video Game Players. Twin Galaxies Scoreboard (Golden Era) High Score Players 1) Phil Britt Riverside, CA. Paperboy, 1,136,435 6/28/86 2) Mike Sullivan Riverside, CA. Kung Fu Master, 1,349,040 6/30/85 Return of the Jedi, 1,938,010 6/30/85 3) Paul Dean Riverside, CA. Spy Hunter, 9,512,590 6/28/85 (June 28, 1985) The Reinstatement with witness Re-Verification: 5/18/04 (May 18, 2004) 4) Dave Dean Riverside, CA. Mappy, 155,840 7/21/83 5) Mike Quarles Riverside, CA. Crystal Castles, 883,598 1/15/87 Highlighted names below in the 1986 Guinness Book of World Records are the Biographies covered on this web site as well as many others not highlighted which are covered throughout my Walter Day Conversations Articles. Guinness Book of Records 1986 (Highlighted Names)
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Updated in Year 2005. 1. Mike Quarles, Crystal Castles, 864,782, Riverside, Ca. (Defeated- Now #4) Scores 2. Bill Mitchell, Donkey Kong, 874,300, Fort Lauderdale, Fl. (Defeated- Now #2) Scores 3. Mike Sullivan, Kung-Fu Master, 1,349,040, Riverside, Ca. (Undeafeated- Now #1) Scores 4. Mike Sullivan, Return of the Jedi, 1,938,010, Riverside, Ca. (Undeafeated- Now #1) Scores 5. Roy Shildt, Missile Command, 1,695,265, Los Angeles, Ca. (Defeated- Now #2) scores 6. Phil Britt, Paperboy, 1,136,435, Riverside, Ca. (Undefeated #1) Scores 7. Paul Dean, Spy Hunter, 9,512,590, Riverside, Ca. (Undefeated- Now #1) Scores 8. Jeff Peters, Time Pilot, 5,197,100, Etiwanda, Ca. (Undefeated- Now #1) Scores EDIT: 5/5/09 Roy Shildt's score is now #2, Return of the Jedi by Mike Sullivan is #1 Note: Myself, Paul Dean and my (group) of friends all from the same town, *(Riverside, Ca.) and nearby, all practiced at Riverside, Ca. Castle Park, over the Guinness Book High Score List in 1986 and held these high scores even now in the year 2005, almost 20 years later. Pretty good for a bunch of kids who hung out together to master video games, here in Riverside, Ca. Nobody ever mentions this, but the facts above don't lie. Thank you, Paul Dean - Spy Hunter Champion 1986. Here is a list of the Modern Era High Score Players: Twin Galaxies Scoreboard (Modern Era) High Score Players 1) Scott Aston, Riverside, CA. Killer Instinct, (SNES) (Completed) 2) Doris Casem, Riverside, CA. Pinbott 33,540,400 (High Score) 3) Ad Dunn Riverside, CA. Crystalis,(NES) (Completed) 4) Jerry Joswick,Riverside, CA. Doom 3, Episode 2, Time: 2:45.000 5) Frank Malloy, Riverside, CA. Russian 'N Attack, 3,256,200 6) Brad Parrack, Riverside, CA. KoshiAe Island (Completed) Last, but certainly not least, Leslaw Skrzypek of Riverside California is the first MAME player to break the half a million barrier on Robotron by scoring 509,350 points and getting to wave 17. As with all early Williams games, Mark Longridge has carefully watched that the TG settings were adhered to, and as the settings are adjusted in the INP file this can be easily verified. I have to ask myself, "What is it about Riverside, CA that makes champion level players?" It must be the environment (eco system) and surroundings. Riverside, CA is one hour from the beach, mountains and deserts. The distance is to far to go to these locations every day. We are one hour and a half from Los Angeles, CA, and less than an hour to (High Tech) Orange County, Ca. (Home of Broadcom) and many other internet related companies. It is hot here during the summer. With mild temperatures in winter and summers reaching 112 degrees seven days of the year at maximum temperature. Riverside, CA was considered the Palm Springs of the Celebrities and rich Easterners in the 1920's and 1930's. It was a get away from the cold climates of the East Coast. Orange Trees are everywhere. Our famous hotel is the Mission Inn in which many United States Presidents were married. Hollywood, Ca is about 65 miles away. So there you have it. A suburb close to the action and technology but not to close. We are a commuter's town in which anybody with a family will drive to Orange County or Los Angeles County for the big bucks. If you want entertainment you will either have to drive an hour -------------------------------------------------------------------- Riverside, CA Bud Hurlbut: Founder, Castle Amusement Park -------------------------------------------------------------------- or find fun in your home arcade or local arcade, Castle Park, owned by Bud Hurlbut from 1976-1999 in Riverside, CA. A Quote by Dwayne Richard, Classic Era Player from New York regarding California Guinness Players Skill Set: Referee - Twin Galaxies (Year 2005) with References to Guiness Book Era dwayne Richard Link Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 9:31 pm Post subject: disbelief is prevalent -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am still waiting for someone from maryland to demonstrate the pacman kill-screen pass so billy Mitchell's face is off the tv and magazines. Forget about the money I think that accomplishment would be enough to motivate someone to take the task on. On Ms pacman considering how many players there were in contact with tg and guinness and very few were able to step forward to play. I think of the number of skilled players in California alone and none of them in all there experience found a player or seen a player. Ms pacman was way harder then pacman and very few could ever figure it out even if they tried. Jr pacman is even worse but that is another subject. It amazed me to hear about Rick fothergill be able to play. It is a long ardous commitment 99% would just give up. That is just what most did except the few that we know about. The only area i think we may be missing results from is Japan. There could be a story there that we are unaware of, which make things interesting if something ever did come to light. We need to get to the point can some one get past the split screen legitimately and bring to an end the myth of the perfect game or just give it a rest about secret knowledge. Are there more people who can get to the skill screen on ms pacman. It is like my professors talk to me about the fact you can be real smart but you need acheivement to establish credibilty. Some lame answer like I did not need the money or i do not want to because i do not have the time or whatever is just lame. It really makes it hard to take you seriously and you will always get resistance when you speak until you prove credibility. And is hard to forget such a claim that is unsubstantiated. dwayne "flogging a dead horse is our national sport since the NHL is on strike."

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Castle Amusement Park, Riverside, CA Castle Park Riverside, CA. Owner: Bud Hurlbut Link Castle Park, RIVERSIDE a medium-sized park with many rides, mini golf, and an arcade. The updated information that follows is courtesy of Bill Nehring of Castle Park. The park holds 25 Acres of Fun and Excitement. Arcade - The building is arranged in two levels, with over 200 state-of-the art Video Games, a Snack Bar, Pinball Machines, plus numerous games of skill like boomball and skeeball, many of which reward success with valuable prizes! Link Miniature Golf - There are four (4) 18-hole, beautifully sculptured and landscaped, championship golf courses, where the scenery will catch your eye and sounds will delight your ears! Link Ride Park - Over 30 rides and attractions, including a Dentzel Carousel (circa 1905), Log Ride, Dragon's Tower, 2 Trains, Sea Dragon, Plaza Cafe, and Midway Games with Huge Prizes! Link Trains: Our small train was "retired" to Castle Park after having given more than 32 million people rides at Knotts Berry Farm. The rare beautiful 1909 Dentzel Carousel: Link Big Top Restaurant - Perfect for Birthdays, Banquets, Awards Ceremonies, Team Meetings, and Company Picnics! Rumor has it that the Caslte Park was owned by the Knott family and there is a great similarity to Knott's Berry Farm in the ride park. This turns out not to be the case but the owner, Bud Hurlbut used to be associated with Knott's and still lives in Buena Park to this day. He built & operated the Log Ride (first in the world), Mine Train, Fiesta Village, & Independence Hall. The similartities between the two parks are striking. Alhough Mr. Hurlbut sold his rides to the Knott family back in 1986, he still has some involvement with them. Bud Hurlbut's created the Knotts Berry Farm Mine Ride & Log Ride. Another part of railroad and amusement park history can be traced to Knotts. Wendell “Bud” Hurlbut, owner of the Hurlbut Amusement Company, once had close ties to the park. Hurlbut built and installed the Calico Mine Ride, which uses battery-powered versions of his 24” gauge amusement park trains. Along with the famous Timber Mountain log flume, which like its competitor Splash Mountain is a themed dark ride before the long drop, the two rides were not only built by, but also owned and operated by Hurlbut as a concession to the park. Bud Hurlbut, whose company has been building amusement park trains since the 1940s and still continues to do so, sold the rides to the park and started his own, known as Castle Park in Riverside, CA. He has since sold that park as well, but the 14” gauge “old timer” train Hurlbut ran at the old Lagoon section of Knott’s Berry Farm was moved to Castle Park and still operates there as long as a 24” gauge Hurlbut train. There are a couple of great train rides, a log ride (separate ticket than the rest) a couple a small but fast coasters, and the kind of rides you would usually find at a carnival. The park is very well landscaped and well maintained. Built in 1976, the Park with the commitment of becoming the "Ultimate Family Entertainment Park" has continued to expand and add attractions and other entertainment features in an effort to become the finest park ever built! Located right off the 91 Freeway in the city of Riverside, California, the park hosts over a half million visitors each year. Link Knotts Berry Farm Bud Hurlbut and Knotts Berry Farm: Bud Hurlbut was the acknowledged expert and pivotal figure within the amusement business. Since his start in the 1940's, he has designed and manufactured rides for "kiddie parks", owned and operated a collection of rare carrousels, helped Walter Knott expand Knott's Berry Farm into Disneyland's quiet competitor, designed and installed their two biggest themed attractions, and worked with Walt Disney on a number of occassions. The Original 1907 Dentzel Carousel at Knotts Berry Farm was owned and operated by Bud Hurlbut until until the Knotts Berry Farm had bought their own carousel. Merry Go Round: First, Original Knotts Berry Farm Carousel: Riverside, California, has one of the oldest and most beautiful carousels in America today. Almost 100 years old, it is a rare Dentzel Carousel, a Menagerie-Jester Head model. It has 52 hand carved animals and two sleighs that are circa 1904. The Carousel is 25 feet high, 52 feet across. The Carousel was originally built for the Hershey Chocolate Company and the Hershey Amusement Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It was moved to Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California in the mid 1950's. In 1985 it was moved to it's present location at Castle Park. Mr. Morris and the well-known artists/carvers Daniel and Alfred Muller created some of the finest carousel horses of the era. The Second Replacement Carousel for Knotts Berry Farm: One of the world's oldest working Dentzel Carousel, this 100-year-old treasure still revolves to the strains of its antique Band Organ. Climb aboard one of this menagerie carousel's 48 hand-carved animals including lions, tigers, ostriches, camels, zebras, giraffes, pigs, cats, rabbit and, of course, horses. Hand Carved Animals Link TIMBER MOUNTAIN LOG RIDE - KNOTT'S BERRY FARM created by Bud Hurlbut "The first and still the best." This was the very first thrill ride introduced at Knott's over 30 years ago to keep interest in the park as all the Ghost Town fans started to age. This is also the first log ride, built by Bud Hurlbut who now runs Castle Park in Riverside. Knotts Berry Farm Ghost Town KNOTT'S BERRY FARM, BUENA PARK, the world's oldest theme park. Great ghost town to wander through and usually less than half the crowd of nearby Disneyland. Admission is less here too. Some of the best rides are Montezooma's Revenge, the world's first Log Ride, and the Parachute Drop. Younger kids will like Jaguar, a big but rather tame roller coaster that zooms through the middle of Montezooma's loop. The whole family will like the stagecoach ride, the steam train, and the mine train. Original Knotts Berry Farm (1928) History The year was 1920 when Walter and Cordelia Knott moved to the then-sleepy community of Buena Park, Calif. to farm 20 acres of rented land. Walter, along with his partner, Rudolph Boysen, created a new strain of berry called the Boysenberry and grew & sold it from the farm. Since this farm grew berries and it was owned by the Knott's, it became known as Knott's Berry Farm. Today, that land is part of 160-acre Knott's Berry Farm, America's first theme park and the 12th most-visited amusement park in the country. And, while the Knott Family no longer owns the venerable attraction, the Knott spirit of hard work and down-home hospitality lives on in new owner Cedar Fair, L.P., who acquired Knott's Berry Farm in December 1997. Link Knotts Berry Farm and the Chicken Dinner: Link The success of serving chicken dinners was immediate and by 1940 the Knotts Restaurant was serving as many as 4,000 dinners on Sunday evenings. To give waiting customers something to do and to pay homage to the pioneering spirit of his grandparents and his love of the Old West, Walter developed Ghost Town, eventually the first of Knott's Berry Farm's six themed areas. The first structure was the Gold Trails Hotel, which had originally been constructed in Prescott, Ariz. in 1868. Adhering to authenticity, Walter brought in other buildings from deserted ghost towns and Knott's Ghost Town as it exists today emerged. Additions were made as the years passed. In the 1960s, the Calico Mine Ride and Timber Mountain Log Ride were added and Knott's built its second themed area: Fiesta Village, a tribute to California's early Spanish heritage. The third themed area opened in 1975 - Roaring 20s (rethemed in 1996 into The Boardwalk) - featuring the Corkscrew, the world's first looping coaster. In 1983, Knott's debuted a first in the amusement park industry with its six-acre Camp Snoopy, the world's first theme park "land" designed specifically for kids. Wild Water Wilderness, a four-acre outdoor river wilderness area featuring the whitewater rafting ride Bigfoot Rapids, was added in 1988, followed by Indian Trails in 1993. Don't miss out on Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner, some of the best amusement park food you'll ever find! The park was built around this restaurant. Cedar Fair owns Dorney Park, Cedar Point, Valley Fair, and Knotts Berry Farm) in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point, now operate Knotts Berry Farm and the other amusement park holdings such as the Knott’s Camp Snoopy indoor amusement park at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, and Soak City in Palm Springs, California. Knott’s Berry Farm Foods is now owed by ConAgra Foods and still produces the famous jams and jellies. Cedar Fair has done good things for the park and has been supportive of the railroad, including possibly extending the line across the street to the other attractions that are part of the resort. Cedar Fair also operates railways at most of its other parks, including two steam railways at its flagship park Cedar Point and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Knott’s rebuilt Calico Ghost Town in the actual town of Calico (Barstow) is its own attraction, and also has a 30” gauge railroad powered by a converted old steam 0-4-0T, now internal combustion powered. Californian showman Bud Hurlbut. Hurlbut owned and operated all of the rides including the carousel at Knotts Berry Farm for over 30 years. His firm, the Hurlbut Amusement Company, specializes in the design and fabrication of miniature trains for amuse-ment parks. Since 1950 he has built 50 of these custom railroads. Hurlbut was a close associate to Walt Disney and spent many days with Walt discussing concepts in rides for the proposed Disneyland during the early '50s. Upon learning of Disney's plans for an elaborate amusement park in Orange County, Walter Knotts con-tacted Bud and asked him to set up some rides at his famed Berry Farm and restaurant. The antique carousel was the first ride to be installed. The association between Knotts and Hurlbut continued for over 30 years. Knotts Berry Farm, Hurlbut Amusement Company Sells out in Mid 1980's: The day that the family hired Van Gorder to run the "Farm" was the beginning of the end of the "old" Knotts. He went after the teen market, like he did when he was GM at Magic Mountain. This drastically changed the family atmosphere that was Knotts Berry Farm. This is when the "thrill" rides started showing up, competing with Hurlbut Amusement Company's family oriented attractions. Then they started hiking the rent and percentages on the Hurlbut operation, and Bud turned out the lights in the mid 1980's (I've gotten the exact date) and sold out. Things really started going down hill then. Having been going to the Farm since the mid 1970's, IMHO Cedar Fair has done much less "damage" than the previous management has done. It will never be the Farm of old again. Master showman, Bud Hurlbut for many years owned the rides at Knott’s Berry Farm. He was close friends with Walt Disney, the Knott Family, Eddie Rickenbacker, Don Nixon and a host of famous California people. In 1990, Norton’s sold Hurlbut’s fabulous collection ofcarousel horses at a record setting auction.
Twin Galaxies [Video Game Golden Age.]
January 18, 1982 - January 5, 1986.
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