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2006 CGE UK British vs Americans (Cancelled)

2006 London vs Paris (Cancelled)

2006 CGE UK (Cancelled)

The following is a great blow for the classic gaming world...

Breaking NEWS: Due to debt and demoralizing negativity from those who should know better, heroic CGEuk 2006 (CGEUK2K6) organizers Chris and Christine Millard have cancelled this years CGE UK event. Thus the high score challenge issued to the French appears to be dead in the Channel. Shame - how sweet would it be to beat the old enemy at Frogger. --------- cgeuk cancelled: Retro-Trader Forum And Online Arcade -> General Pages -> Retro Announcements -> Retro Fairs and Expo's Link --------- admin Posted: Dec 23 2005, 03:11 PM Administrator Link Group: Admin Posts: 122 Member No.: 1 Joined: 30-May 05 Thought I should update this thread, as most people know, Chris Millard decided for various reasons not to do a CGEUK show in 2006, the CGEUK 2006 show is cancelled. The forum was on still, but I noticed today he has actually taken the forum down also. This is a quote from the board, and are CGEUK.Coms words not mine - _______________________ "CGEUK has been taken offline. We may bring the show back for 2007 - it depends on how many people want it to continue along with us being able to recoup the money that we are owed from at least 4 people / organisations involved in the 2005 event who stiffed us, and left us severely out of pocket... We can still be e-mailed at our normal address..." ________________________ This is a great shame, as a sponser of the 2005 show, and as the first person to sign up to the original 2004 show, I know how much work we put into attending the shows, and also how much Chris and Christine also put into them, and whilst I dont know every detail of the problems they faced, one can only say, that it is a great shame this has happened, and wish them both the best for the future. Boyo is still looking at the Retro ball being held next year 2006. I can also say that before CGEUK 2004 was announced we had already been looking at doing a retro show, and had even gone as far as viewing several venues, with a show promotion and managment company we used to do the web sites for. We decided at that point in time not to go ahead as we had so much else on the go, and then CGEUK 2004 was announced anyway, so we signed up for that. With the introduction of the Retro-Bytes magazine, and the Retro-Soft mainstream games in 2006, it is a decision we may revisit early next year, so its not all over yet, in fact it is only just started ..... !! Regards to all, and a round of applause please also for Chris and Christine for the hard work they did put in, during 2004 / 2005. Thank you, "Chris Millard" and "Christine Millard" -------------------- Paul A -------------------- CGE-UK 2006 Event CANCELLED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- London vs Paris The Classic Gaming Venue of CGE UK 2006 has been cancelled. London, England competes against Paris, France in 2006 CANCELLED London VS Paris signed Proclamation The Challenge CGEUK Challenge the French EventPublished: Tuesday 27th September, 2005 Link CGEUK Rallies British Gamers to Challenge France to 'London vs Paris' video game championship in summer 2006 Event Described as a "Video Game Championship to Settle a 650-year-old Rivalry" Croydon, London, U.K. - July 26, 2005 -Video game enthusiasts throughout Great Britain are gathering at the forthcoming 2005 Classic Gaming Expo-UK to sign a proclamation that challenges the gamers of France to a "London vs. Paris" gaming tournament planned for London during the summer of 2006. The event is described as a video game championship to "settle a 650-year-old rivalry." On Friday, August 12th, at 1:00 PM, the 8-foot tall proclamation, printed on vinyl, will be unveiled during a CGEUK press conference in Fairfield Hall, in the London suburb of Croydon. The actual signing of the petition will take place in Fairfield Hall the next day, Saturday, August 13th, during the course of the 2005 Classic Gaming Expo-UK. Gamers attending the CGEUK will be invited to sign this proclamation. "The 'London vs. Paris' event will be conducted in a spirit of fun and friendship," explains Chris & Christine Millard, co-founders of the CGEUK. "The difficult years of past Anglo-Franco conflicts," Chris Millard says, "are now long behind us and we can now use the fun and entertaining medium of the video game as a way to create positive cultural ties between our two nations." The contest will be conducted on 10 different games representing all eras of video game history, including maze games from the coin-op arcade era to modern console and PC titles. The event will be organized by the editorial staff of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, the official record book for the worldwide electronic gaming industry ( The Classic Gaming Expo-UK, now in its second year, was founded by Chris and Christine Millard of London and is described as the UK's "foremost all-format retro gaming event." Attendees at the CGEUK will be able to play video game systems from all historical eras - from the oldest arcade coin-op classics, like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Frogger, to the greatest home systems, including the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64. The event can be found on the internet at Walter Day, editor of Twin Galaxies' book of world records will join CGEUK's Chris & Christine Millard in leading a contingent of players over to France to issue the challenge. Day says: "The completed proclamation will be hand-delivered to Paris on August 15th - the Monday following the CGEUK - where it will be turned over to members of the French video game industry who will work on developing a French team to travel to next year's Classic Gaming Expo-UK (2006) where the 'London vs Paris' tournament will be conducted." Also among the British entourage traveling to Paris will be Billy Mitchell, the American gamer who achieved history's first "perfect" game on Pac-Man and who was declared the "Player-of-the-Century" at the 1999 Tokyo Game Show. Mitchell, who is considered to be the world's most famous video game player, commissioned artists at his own expense to create the over-sized proclamation and the logo artwork used for the challenge. Mitchell says: "I congratulate Chris and Christine Millard for their bold creativity in using the CGEUK as a platform for initiating this positive interaction between France and England." Twin Galaxies' Walter Day, based in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, notes: "Its only fitting that we are delivering this proclamation on August 15th, Napoleon Bonaparte's 236th birthday. He liked challenges like this and he would have liked to have been here for this." -------------------- Twin Galaxies: -Poster #52: London vs. Paris Proclamation Where: CGEUK, Croydon, UK, August 13, 2005 How Many: 20 copies, individually numbered on lower front. Distributed: Yes, given away as free gifts via mail and at the CGEUK. Who Has #1: Chris Millard of the CGEUK Classic Gaming Expo UK organizer Availability: None Left Commissioned by: Billy Mitchell Designer: C.J. Hoose, Lady Mac, Fairfield, IA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gary Whelan (sandinista) Link Location: Manchester UK Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2005 3:11 pm Post subject: Galaxian High Score -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, Paul Drury asked how my attempt at the 1M was going, and if he could print my best score so far ... so I thought about it for a second, and then said yes . Still a way off target, but I haven`t given up hope yet Was my best score by a mile that one . Whatver my best score is come the end of the year, I`ll send it off to TG for verification . Looking forward to CGEUK now ! It`s so near .... GreyTop1, Barthax, are you two going ? See you there Al ! sandinista _________________ Galaxian Arcade World Record 399, 290 *AreYou ready for fame ? Yeah, I`m ready ! * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gary Whelan Medallion March 11, 2006 - High Score Story from England: Gary Whelan, the recognized Galaxian world champion, is making steady progress towards the elusive one million points high score bounty which will net him $1000.00 from Twin Galaxies. He has just broken over 800,000 and is continuing on his pilgrimage. However there are rumors of an unknown gamer from Sheffield who has accomplished a staggering 1.4 million. Aug 16, 2005 4:29 pm One thing which was a downer was that Gary Whelan (Sandanista) fell ill days before the 2005 CGEUK event and the Galaxian showdown never took place. Link Get well soon Gary!! ---------------------------------------- A forum regarding the CGEUK event Link ---------------------------------------- Previous News for CGE UK 2005 4/28/2005 Link ---------------------------------------- Retro Gamer Picture from 2004 CGE UK Event Retro Gamer editor talks CGE UK Ellie Gibson 15:01 28/04/2005 Martyn Carroll discusses plans for classic gaming event As the full line-up of special guests for this year's Classic Gaming Expo (CGE UK) is announced, Retro Gamer editor Martyn Carroll has revealed details of sponsorship plans for the event. Retro Gamer Forums Link Speaking to, Caroll said that the magazine is delighted to sponsor CGE UK for the second year running. "I think that the event is important in that it brings together all corners of the retro community. Retro shows are certainly not a new thing, but in the past they've tended to concentrate on specific formats. "CGE UK, on the other hand, covers everything related to retro gaming, from computers and consoles to arcade machines and pinball tables." As part of the sponsorship deal, Retro Gamer will host a stand running special promotions throughout the day. "There will be a number of classic arcade machines on our stand, and we'll be offering prizes to gamers who register the highest scores," said Carroll. "We'll also have a collection of rare retro hardware on display," he added. CGE UK organizer Chris Millard recently announced the line-up of special guests booked to attend the expo, which includes Jet Set Willy creator Matthew Smith, ex-Bullfrog employee Andy Nuttall, legendary developer and collector Archer MacLean and Simon Butler and Mark Jones of Ocean Software. In addition, Galaxians world record holder Gary Whelan will attempt to beat his own record at the event. "Matthew Smith stole the show last year, and it's great that he'll be returning," Carroll commented. "However, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Archer MacLean's private coin-op collection. He'll be bringing along several machines, all of which have been lovingly restored to their former glory." The Retro Gamer editor went on to say he was keen to attend the Q&A session with Butler and Jones. "It should also be very revealing, as Ocean really was the EA of its day," he said. Published by Cheshire-based firm Live Publishing, Retro Gamer is the UK's only newsstand retro magazine. It proved an instant hit with classic gaming fans when it launched at the end of 2003, with copies of the sold-out first issue changing hands for more than £80 on eBay. Other confirmed CGE UK attendees include, Cronosoft, and gamesTM. The event will take place in Croydon's Fairfield Halls on Saturday August 13, 2005 More information is available at Classic Gaming Expo UK "Retro Player" the official magazine of Classic Gaming Expo UK was launched at the event on August 13th. If you were fortunate enough to have come to CGEUK ... If you were fortunate enough to have come to CGEUK on the day, then you should have got your copy already! However, if you missed CGEUK, OR would like an extra copy or two, you can buy them directly from us for just £1.99 (cover price £4.99) INCLUSIVE of P&P within the UK. This 68 page magazine has various articles, features, coverage of the CGEUK 2004 PLUS details of this years exhibitors. AND Chris & Chris (the event organizers) will even sign it for you if you wish! ------------------------------------ 06-09-2005: LIVE PUBLISHING / RETRO GAMER: I understand that LIVE PUBLISHING, he company behind RETRO GAMER has gone into recievership. If this is true, the Issue 18 will be the last published issue. This may explain why they cancelled their stand at CGE UK 2005 at such short notice. 1-1-2006 (RG) RETRO GAMER NEW OWNERSHIP is now back in business. Retro Gamer Magazine is Back for 2006! ------------------------------------ The event was originally going to be part of Gamestars Live, however when the Gamestars event went under it looked like 2005 would be a year without a UK Classic Gaming Expo. Link ------------------------------------ Console Passion, A CGE UK 2005 Report Link ------------------------------------ CGEUK Venue for Q*bert Record Attempt (Qbert) Classics Coin-Operated Event August 5, 2005 80 year-old Florida lady, Doris Self. ----------------------------------- Doris Self at age 80 CGEUK Contet August 13, 2005 London England Beautiful Croydon in the South East of England this year plays host to the UK's Classic Gaming Expo. Amongst the retail parks and office blocks, misty-eyed gamers will gather for a dose electronic nostalgia. This is one of those 'heartwarming' news items, for the Expo will be the stage on which one of the worldwide community's maturist members will try to reclaim her world title. 80 year-old Doris Self first tried her hand at video games some 22 years ago, shortly after the death of her husband. Trying her hand at a Q*bert machine in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, the then 58 year-old Plantation, Florida resident quickly became addicted. And it wasn't long before she joined teenagers at the arcade, ten minutes walk from her home, frequently pulled All-nighters, and not returning home until seven in the morning. Mrs. Self is no fan of newer video games: "I've tried quite a few. I don't care for the newer, modern games at all, but I do play a few of the classics because I got started on them. I always end up going back to Q*bert." After becoming world champion at her favored, pyramid-coloring discipline, Doris' world record was beaten a year late in 1985. But she continued to hold the record for the oldest video games champ, until a young whippersnapper - a 72 year-old man from New Hampshire - snaffled her title with a Depth Charge hi-score. Spending a few years in the wilderness, playing poker and craps, she was persuaded by gaming friends to have a shot at reclaiming her title. After training hard on a borrowed arcade machine, from Billy Mitchell, Mr. perfect pacman player, she's flying into England next week to make at attempt at a target of 1.8 million points (her own record set back in 1984 was a mere 1,112,300 points). She failed in her last attempt at the Weirs Beach, NH competition, but is supported in her quest by Billy Mitchell, the man who is the best known classic gamer because of his achievement at a 'perfect' score on Pac-Man. The UK Expo - and Doris Self's record Q*bert attempt - takes place on August 13, 2005. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-1-2006 Doris Self did not beat the world record but in recent news, she is in for a showdown with the number five best Q*bert player in the world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kelly Tharp Q*bert Marathon at Challenge Arcade Author Topic: Launch Pad Productions Link LJM Kelly Tharp, Q*bert Champion dethrowns Classic Guiness Book Player Jeff Peters Kelly playing his wr marathon... Launch Pad Productions « on: March 09, 2006, 05:34:06 PM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Launchpad Productions Ed Cunningham of Launch Pad Productions has offered to send me to Florida to do a 5 man Q*bert contest against Doris Self,for an upcoming film about classic arcade gaming. There are also going to be 4 other titles Galaxian,and Q*bert for sure. He is flying in the top Galaxian player, Gary Whelan, from the UK to battle against a player from the states. At first I was not going to do it, how could i win? If i won people would say how could you beat an 80 year old lady? If i won "how could you do that to such a sweet lady? But I think I just might do it. It would probably be fun;and I have not been in any movies in a while so, why not? Anyway I will post more info as it becomes available. Kelly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kelly Tharp High Scores: WR holder Tapper 9,437,400 Jungle Hunt 521,620,Mousetrap 18,000,000 Q*bert 19,941,000 burgertime 3,800,000 Battlezone 1.1 million robotron 2084 27,000,000 have finished: Crystal Castles,Galaga,Kick Man,Pac Man Paperboy,dragonslair1&2 Space ace,cliffhanger, and Marble Madness -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will Kelly Tharp be compared to Billy Mitchell, Donald Hayes, Jeff Peters and Phil Britt when his Multiple Marathon attempts are through. Only time will tell. So far there is the Tapper and Q*bert marathons and next on the long list is Mousetrap. And he always comes through with excellent marathon scores. Kelly Tharp has already won his way into the gaming history books by taking the Tapper Marathon crown on December 4th in Humble, Texas during the highly-acclaimed "Legends of the Golden Age" classic gamers reunion at Totally Amused Arcade. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mousetrap Link « on: February 10, 2006, 07:00:18 PM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kelly Tharp: To let everyone know I purchased a mousetrap machine today,and I'am having it shipped to Challenge Arcade. I'am going to marathoon it at the contest,or sometime after depending on the situation at the time of the contest. Part of me wants to play the contest and beat Donald Hays;but I have been wanting to do a Marathon on mousetrap for sometime. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark Alpiger MDARULZ cag superfan Link Mark encourages people to try for his bounties... Re: Launch Pad Productions « Reply #1 on: March 10, 2006, 11:20:04 AM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just heard from Dwayne Richard last night, and this Florida event (near Ft. Lauderdale) is actually going to be a contest, of sorts. I don't know if it's a true tournament (where overall results on certain games count), or if it's going to be like the Master's Tourney, and you just pick the games that you want to play, and submit a good score on. In any case, like the Houston event last December, this is going to be at a 'showroom' type of location, and games in addition to the ones already there will be brought in. Now, the interesting thing is, the results will be submitted for publication in the 2007 Guinness book, so, getting video game scores back in there, where they belong, is great. Note that Guinness was previously in the news on the TG site back in December, I think (tho the date is now more recent), in regard to their 2006 edition. Dwayne Richard Dwayne Richard said that Crystal Castles, Dig Dug, and more, would be there, and that Billy Mitchell and Chris Ayra (who both live in the area) would also appear (oh, and Dwayne's coming too). He confirmed what Kelly related above, so, in addition to Kelly and Doris competing on Q*bert, Gary Whelan will go against Perry Rodgers on Galaxian, which is great, since it didn't happen during the England event last August, due to Gary being ill. Well, I'm tentatively thinking about going, even with it happening a mere three weeks after my PA tournament, and less than two months before Funspot. Oh, and as I told Kelly, don't think about Doris and her sex or her age. Play your game, do your best, and 'nuke' her, if that's your best result. To sweeten the pot, as I did when Kelly tried the Q*bert marathon last month, I'll again offer (to Kelly only, during this event only) some bounties. Specifically, I'll give him $100 if he can top the current 5-man wr of 2,222,220 points on one-man only. I'll also offer another $100 to him if he can get at least 5 million points using 5 men, or less. So, let's hope that will give him a little added incentive, and, perhaps Billy Mitchell will give Doris some incentive, too. After all, bribes (and, I don't mean just money - a promise of a nice dinner would be a nifty perk) can never hurt when one is working towards a goal. Well, that sums up what I know for now. If I go, I'll be sure to cover it in full, for CAGDC (Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com)). ------------------------------------ I would like to point out that the CGE-UK 2005 is the only remaining England non-industry computer show that is still going ahead this year; all other shows have been cancelled) Link There is a Back in Time and Retrovision this year too :-) ----------------------------------- Retro expo to go ahead despite Game Zone cancellation Link Ellie Gibson 14:52 19/04/2005 ----------------------------------- Chris Millard explains why and tells us what makes classic gaming so popular What with the recent cancellation of ECTS, GDCE and SCoRE, the UK games industry's event calendar has been looking empty of late - but an announcement today reveals that the Classic Gaming Expo is still taking place. CGEUK was previously down to host the 'Retro Zone' at this year's Game Zone Live, but since that event was also cancelled the future had been in doubt. However, it turned out there was plenty of support for a standalone show, as CGEUK organiser Chris Millard told "We held the first Classic Gaming Expo last year, and it proved very popular. GZL approached us to do Retro Zone because we'd done a better job of exhibiting classic games than they had," he said. "When we heard that GZL was cancelled, we approached all our exhibitors and supporters with the idea of doing our own separate event and the response was overwhelming. "Every single one said they still wanted to be involved, and were prepared to move their schedules around to fit the new date," Millard continued. "Even our special guests rearranged their schedules for us." CGEUK will now be held on Saturday August 13, when classic gaming fans can visit the Fairfield Halls in Croydon to see consoles, computers, arcade machines and pinball tables dating from the seventies right through to the nineties. Gamers will get to go head-to-head on classic machines, competing at games such Outrun, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. There will also be competitions for gamers with disabilities - these are being organised in conjunction with OneSwitch, which manufactures and imports products for disabled gamers. Coin-Operated Games Competition Winners Left to Right Walter Day, Shawn Cram, ?, Donald Hayes, Nick Hutt, Billy Mitchell Here is a Twin Galaxies poster commemorating this event. Link (CGEUK) Crowning The Classic Video Game Champions Donald Hayes was made USA player of the year by Twin Galaxies in 2005 and runs right through the European Competition. He is unstopable. Link 8/28/2005 Donald Hayes is Player-of-the-Year Wins "European Championship" and scores "Perfect" Pac-Man Donald Hayes Designated Gamer of the Year for 2004-2005 Link Donald Hayes, Winner of the CGEUK Competition in 2005 "Perfect" Pac-Man score and "European Championship" are latest Successes After Donald Hayes won the recent "European Championship" held in London at the 2005 Classic Gaming Expo - UK, there was little doubt that Hayes was the dominant leader in the growing worldwide classic gaming hobby. And, his European victory may be considered by some to be a minor feather in his cap when compared to his recent "perfect" game on Pac-Man In addition to winning the recent "Crowning the Classic Video Game Champions of European" event, Hayes has also captured the world title on Millipede and Frogger during the last 12 months, bringing his gold medal total to eight concurrent world titles. During that time, however, his Tron world record was eclipsed by David Cruz. But, Hayes says: "I am focusing on Tron again with the intent to win back the title." Special guests at the show will include Matthew Smith of Manic Miner fame, Andy Nuttall and some of his Bullfrog colleagues, plus Ocean Software staff. Archer Maclean will also be there to show off some arcade machines from his private collection. When asked why there's still so much interest in classic gaming, Millard replied: "It's difficult to say... There are a lot of different answers. "But overall, the simplicity of the games has a lot to do with it - the games are a lot more playable than some of the stuff that's out there now." And retro gaming doesn't just appeal to older gamers, apparently. "When we first started taking classic games to events, kids were going straight for our machines. Rather than the newer consoles, they wanted to try out the Atari 2600s and the BBC Acorns," said Millard. "For kids, it's fascination because they've never seen the technology before. For the 30-plus adults, it brings back memories and evokes a lot of nostalgia." There are a limited number of stands left at this year's CGEUK - anyone wishing to exhibit should email Millard at Tickets will go on sale shortly from the official CGEUK website. ----------------------------------- Game Zone Live cancelled Link Apr 3 2005, 07:50 PM Game Zone Live cancelled as key exhibitors drop out Rob Fahey 13:17 31/03/2005 UK consumer games show Game Zone Live has been cancelled after failing to attract key companies including Sony, Microsoft and Electronic Arts, but trade show EGN will go ahead in a different venue, ELSPA has pledged. Game Zone Live, which was known as Game Stars Live last year, was due to run in the giant ExCeL exhibition space in London's Docklands district in early September, and was to be supported by a new television series about videogames. However, a lack of support from platform holders Sony and Microsoft - despite both of them having new consoles emerging this year - and top publisher Electronic Arts has meant that the show is unable to go ahead. This has left trade event EGN in a difficult situation - the event last year ran alongside Game Stars Live, and the combined consumer and trade event was widely hailed as a success. However, despite the collapse of Game Zone Live, British publisher association ELSPA has pledged to go ahead with the EGN event at a different venue, and says that it remains committed to running a trade event in September. "The cancellation of GameZone Live has no impact on the future of EGN, aside from the location," an ELSPA spokesperson told this afternoon . "The feedback from last year’s inaugural event was incredibly positive and ELSPA is looking forward to building on a successful launch." "The UK is the gateway the European market and we intend to maintain a strong industry-facing event in London this year," he continued, "specific details of which we’ll be announcing shortly." ----------------------------------- Retro Mart Link What? You were not there? You missed one of the best shows ever! Shaun reports from the Classic Gaming Expo... It all started as an idea, and the man behind that it was Chris Millard. He wanted to bring the Classic Gaming Expos, which are regular events in the USA, over here to the UK, and he set about planning it. The time, it seemed, was perfect for such an event. It is Micro Mart however who can lay claim to helping such an event come about in the first place, as this publication started this column and allowed an extensive retro feature area at both of the Micro Mart Computer Fairs to date. The CGE UK however was bigger and better than anything else. ------------------------------------ 4-4-2005 Link Meet your childhood gaming heroes! Meet your childhood heroes! The Guys who founded computer gaming in the UK! CGEUK 2005 is looking very good thanks to an awesome line up of names that kick started computer gamin in the UK… Held at Fairfield Halls, Croydon on Saturday 13th August 2005, the Classic Gaming Expo has some very special guests this year, as well as plenty of stalls with something of interest for anyone into gaming. Among the notables turning up on the day you’ve got : Matthew Smith, responsible for the classics Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy - back in the day of the humble ZX Spectrum. Archer MacLean, rightly credited with some of the finest software on the Commodore 64, including Drop Zone, International Karate and IK+ Archer also coded the superb Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker for the Amiga and other 16-bit platforms. More recently, MacLean has been working on Sony's PSP and is credited with the radical game Mercury for the hand-held beast. He'll be bringing part of his private collection of arcade machines along with him too! Andy Nuttall, famed for his writing on the magazines Amiga Format and The One as his work at Bullfrog. During his time at Bullfrog, Nuttall worked on many games that will be instantly recognisable to many retro gamers, including the classics Populous 3, Theme Park and Theme Hospital. Simon Butler & Mark Jones, these guys worked on some of Ocean’s finest big-budget games for many 8 and 16-bit machines during the 80s and 90s. Butler's worked on the games Hunchback, The Never Ending Story and the joystick-destroying Combat School whilst Jones is credited with work on the ZX Spectrum versions of Wizball, Gryzor Vindicator. The Shaw Brothers, between 1985 and 1992 these guys produced no less than 40 different games released through many software publishers at the time, and some of which also ended up on magazine cover tapes such as Sinclair User and Your Sinclair. Jonathan Cauldwell was responsible for many games for the ZX Spectrum during the early 90s and has recently produced some technical marvels in more recent times for the platform, including the superlative platform/puzzler Higgledy Piggledy and game creation kit Platform Game Designer. And finally, Gary Whelan, who is the current world record holder for the highest score of Galaxian. He is attempting to beat his own world record during the day. And if that weren’t enough, there’s even a chance to win a MAME arcade machine that will be built throughout the day! ----------------------------------- To see some local dates of USA Classic Gaming Expo click here. The CGE2K5 USA Auction was quite a success. To see the auctioned off items click here.

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Paul Dean, Frenzy Champion December 4, 2005 Paul Dean named All Star Marathon crown on December 4th in Humble, Texas during the highly-acclaimed "Legends of the Golden Age" classic gamers reunion. The 'Legends of the Golden Age' tournament held in Houston, Texas, in December of last year saw several long standing records broken, but perhaps the most apt was Paul Dean's marathon game on Frenzy, Stern's follow-up to Berzerk. Paul suffers from Sciatica, which meant he had to spend the vast majority of the 41 hours on his feat. (Paul Drury - Writer - Retro Gamer - Breathing new life into Classic Games.) (REtro Gamer Cover - Bio-Mechanical... Beautiful... Deadly... R-Type the complete lowdown.) (Sonic the Hedgehog and R-Type) (Retro Gamer #21) RETRO GAMER Magazine Issue 21 RG reached issue 18 towards the end of 2005 and ceased production. Imagine Publishing took over the magazine, and this is the third issue of the relaunched title, #21 ISSUE 21 - Retro Gamer (R-Type) Cover RETROGAMER (IP retro gamer mags) Retro Gamer R-Type Issue Number 21 -------------------- At it's height 40 percent of the population was gaming and now it is at only 15 percent, so what happened? The local arcade disappeared, Pop culture was redefined and then it went splat in your face blood and gore. Games are now very complicated and time consuming and no longer the quick fix of the 80's three minutes of bliss for a quarter. When we get back to the basics of good games that are simplistic yet interesting and hard to master without all the hype and bells and whisles those players from yesteryear will return. Just look at the big boom of handhelds with yesterdays classics and the new found popularity. Get rid of the bleed and that of piggybacking on the lastest thrill and get back to the basics of making games that are fun to play and easy to participate in without having to be a PHD in gaming to play the thing. Dodge City Classic Video Game Showdown March 25, 2006 - 2006 Classic Classic Video Game Showdown: Who is the Toughest Gun?? A big Classic Competition with all the legendary players, will be at the Apollo Amusements Center at 820 Andrews Street, Pompano Beach, Florida on April 6-9, 2006. The Superstar Legendary Results will be in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records. Click here to see who those Big Guns are and their Biographies.

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