Posted: June 2-5, 2005
(2005) Funspot Classic Video Game Tournament Results

Funspot 7th Annual Classic Video Game Contest Results
Weirs Beach, New Hamphire

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FUNSPOT RESULTS FOR TOURNAMENT JUNE 2-5, 2005 On June 5, 2005 Michael Sao Pedro from Melrose, Massachusetts, USA was named player of the year by Funspot Organizer Gary Vincent and the fill in for MC Gary Vincent for the event on Sunday June 5, 2005 was Mike Stulir of Legacy Engineering Group and Miss Lakes Region, Justine Barker, Miss Winnipesaukee. Mike Stulir raffled off several Atari Flashback 2.0 game systems to help raise money for the Children's Miracle Network, an organization that provides medical care to children who otherwise wouldn't receive it. The Funspot event also donated monies towards the Children's Miracle Network in hopes of making sure every child gets proper medical care. Michael sao Padro Michael Sao Padro narrowly beat David Nelson, the previous (2004 Funspot Tournament Champion) with a margin of only (1.61%) at the four day multiple video game challenge at Funspot Arcade in Weirs Beach, New Hamphire.

The Contest Results are below:
Funspot 2005 Funspot Competition (2005) PLAYER OF THE YEAR Mike Sao Pedro Mike Sao Pedro Receives First Prize as Player of the Year (2005) Funspot 7th Annual Classic Video Game Contest Results
Weirs Beach, New Hamphire
(603)-366-4377 (First Place) Michael Sao Pedro (Second Place) David Nelson (Third Place) Martin Bedard NOTE: Scores Retabulated by found the new results as follows: NEW EDITED FUNSPOT CHAMPION POSITIONS AND FINAL WINNERS Link Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2005 8:31 pm -- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Funspot 2005 NEW FIRST PLACE WINNER IS DAVID NELSON - Link NEW FIRST PLACE (First Place) David Nelson NEW SECOND PLACE (Second Place) Michael Sao Pedro NEW THIRD PLACE (Third Place) Jason Cram 2005 New Results because of a statistical error, David Nelson takes first place and Michael Sao Pedro is moved down to second place. David Nelson -- New Editied Winner of Funspot Player of the Year 2005 New Edited Funspot Player of the Year is David Nelson, and Michael Sao Pedro, slides down to second place. This makes David Nelson player of the year for both the 2004 and the 2005 Funspot Title. NEW EDITED FUNSPOT CHAMPION POSITIONS AND FINAL WINNERS (First Place) David Nelson (Second Place) Michael Sao Pedro (Third Place) Jason Cram 1. David Nelson, New first place winner, 821.52% 74.68% 2. Michael Sao Pedro, moved down to second place, 802.25% 72.93% 3. Jason Cram, moved up to third place, 638.05% 58.00% 4. Martin Bedard, moved down to fourth place, 631.17% 57.38% 5. Eric Geddes, fifth place 551.32% 50.12% These new edited scores were tabulated after finding that many players scores needed to be deleted because tbey did not finish all required 11 events. The oversite is now corrected by Funspot, Gary Vincent and the percentages have changed the first and second place as well as the third and fourth place competitors.

David Nelson David Nelson, Player of the Year (Second Place 2005) There were (15) World Records set at (2005) Funspot Events World Records 1st - Donald Hayes, (DBH) Super Cobra, 225,000 January. 2nd - Greg Erway, "Tapper" TGTS world record 3,162,125 3rd - Multi-player tie on "Superbug" at 360 points Dave Nelson, Shawn Cram, Michael Sao Pedro and Martin Bedard Martin 4th - Jason Cram, "Rampage", 128,435 5th - Chris McClard, "Radical Radial", 6th - "Quartet" - Adam Wood upped his score to 762,400 7th - Steve Wiebe did the 985,600 on DK 8th - Dan Howard, "Genie", 972,340 9th - Adam Wood, Foreign Legion, 550 points 10th - Bryan Wagner, "Burgertime", 8,601,300 11th - Zack Hample, "Super Breajout", 2,031 12th - Chris McClard, "Wonderboy", 1,217,240 13th - Bryan Kuh, "Joust 2", 518,800 14th - Donald Hayes, "Frogger" 500,000+ 15th - Darren Harris, "Indiana Jones" (7 lives), 1,400,000+

Martin Bedard Martin Bedard Player of the Year (Third Place 2005) PLAYER OF THE YEAR - 2005 (First Place) Mike Sao Pedro (64.87%) (Second Place) Dave Nelson (63.26%) (Third Place) Martin Bedard (49.88%) Michael Sao Pedro Scores Alpine Ski 109,782 Battlezone 60,000 Black Knight 5,215,910 Genie 705,340 Grand Lizard 4,090,720 Red Alert 11,960 Red Baron 42,640 Satan's Hollow 116,765 Sky Shark 292,510 Super Breakout 1,857 Super Bug 360 Venture 91,760 David Nelson Scores Alpine Ski 84,855 Asteroids Deluxe 67,650 Battlezone 528,000 Black Knight 1,094,130 Genie 584,460 Grand Lizard 2,114,150 Red Alert 10,460 Red Baron 92,000 Satan's Hollow 458,515 Super Breakout 1,478 Super Bug 360 Venture 96,940 Martin Bedard Scores Alpine Ski 74,852 Battlezone 24,000 Black Knight 411,600 Genie 589,560 Grand Lizard 1,405,330 Red Alert 20,460 Red Baron 41,600 Satan's Hollow 260,355 Sky Shark 942,060 Super Breakout 1,102 Super Bug 360 Venture 98,540

Anna Cram Anna Cram - (First Place, Woman's Competition 2005) Anna Cram Scores Choplifter 32,000 Close Encounters 383,630 Devils Dare 590,470 Dig Dug (Marathon) 37,530 Gyruss (TGTS) 160,900 Joker Poker 336,420 Sky Shark 81,640 Wonderboy 1,153,750 Justine Barker, Miss Winnepesaukee Justine Barker, Miss Winnpesaukee at Funspot to hand out Awards and Trophies Danielle, Coin-Op, TV Danielle, from Coin-Op TV was at Funspot giving interviews with Donald Hayes and Anna Cram, and trying some games out.

Woman's Competition Ladies challange: (Pinballs: Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, Joker Poker & Devel's Dare) (Video Games: Dig Dug, Sky Shark & Gyruss)

Woman's Competition (First Place) Anna Cram (94.5%) (Second Place) Christian Cram (79.55%) (Third Place) Lisa Paul (67.62%) Gottlieb Pinball

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind Pinball, Gottlieb (1979)

Devil's Dare Pinball, Gottlieb (1982)

Joker Poker Pinball, Gottlieb (1978) Pinball Flyers Link All Pinball Flyers Link Pinball titles that spun off from Video Game Titles Several games were spun off from video games, including a couple of good ones—“Spy Hunter” and “Space Invaders” and a number of not so good ones based on the “Pac Man” video games. Bally even made a game called “Baby Pac Man” that was a video/pinball hybrid. 2005 - Competition Video Games Atari

Dig Dug - Atari (1982) Video Game Dig Dug (Marathon) Ahlers, Eric 3,136,810


Sky Shark - Romstar (1987) Video Game Sky Shark Bedard, Martin 942,060


Gyruss - Konami (Centuri license) (1983) Video Game Gyruss (TGTS) Rogers, Todd 270,900 Woman's Competition (First Place) Anna Cram (94.5%) (Second Place) Christian Cram (79.55%) (Third Place) Lisa Paul (67.62%)

Pinball Challenge Grand Lizard, Genie & Black Knight Dan Howard, from Weirs Beach, NH USA is the Winner of the (2005) Pinball Challenge (First Place) Dan Howard (84.7%) (Second Place) Mike Sao Pedro (78.44%) (Third Place) Leonard M (68.41%)

Dan Howard Scores Black Knight 2,822,350 Genie 972,340 Grand Lizard 6,517,310 Michael Sao Pedro Scores Genie 705,340 Grand Lizard 4,090,720 Red Alert 11,960 Leonard Moscaritolo Scores Black Knight 997,310 Genie 961,140 Grand Lizard 5,687,530

Grand Lizard Pinball, Williams (1986) Grand Lizard, Daniel Howard high score: 6,517,310

Grand Lizard Pinball Backglass, Williams (1986)

Genie Pinball, Gottlieb (1979)

Black Knight Pinball, Williams (1980)

Cinematronics Video Games

Mystery Games Star Castle Video Game, Cinematronics (1980) Star Castle (Hard Chip) John Zabel, Score: 24,610

Asteroids Deluxe Video Game, Atari (1980) Asteroids Deluxe, David Nelson, Score: 67,650 Black Knight, Michael Sao Pedro, high score: 5,215,910 Saturday Mystery Game: Star Castle, winner: John Zabel Sunday's Mystery Game: Asteroids Deluxe, winner: Dave Nelson. The Addams Family Pinball - Not in Competition
Addams Family This popular pin released in early 1992, is based on the movie by the same name. Pat Lawlor is the designer of this pin and he is also famous for his other works including Whirlwind, FunHouse, and Twilight Zone. This pin was so popular, it broke the production record of most pins manufactured (of the same type) which was approximately 22,000 held by former champ Eight Ball Deluxe (early 1980's).

Addams Family, Morning Dove, Score: 14,854,040

Roo, warms up on Addams Family Pinball at Funspot, Williams (1992) The Addams Family Special Collector's Edition In 1994, The Addams Family was put back in production with a special run of 'Gold Edition' machines to commemorate the machine becoming the best selling machine of all time. These machines had many more Gold accents, such as the metal ramps, gold legs and bolts, gold lettering, the vault plastic, the bumper caps and Thing's box. Each "Gold" machine includes a certificate signed by the members of the design team and a gold plate on the lower right front of the machine containing the machine number. TAF Special Collector's Edition (TAFG, for TAF Gold) is numbered (1000 special edition machines in total- a very limited run) and includes a certificate signed by the members of the design team. The number of the machine is located on a gold plate on the lower right-hand corner of the front of the machine. Color Video Games for 2005 Contest (Alpine Ski, Venture, Satan's Hollow & Red Alert) Alpine Ski (Color) Manufacturer: Taito Year: 1981 Alpine Ski, Jason Cram, High Score: 122,334 Venture (Color) Manufacturer: Exidy Year: 1981 Venture Jason Cram, High Score: 118,400 Satan's Hollow (Color) Manufacturer: Bally Midway Year: 1982 Satan's Hollow, Peter Devens, High Score: 2,440,900 Red Alert (Color) Manufacturer: Irem Year: 1981 Red Alert, Martin Bedard, High Score 20,460 Color Video Games (First Place) Jason Cram (Color)(70.52%) (Second Place) Martin Bedard (Color)(63.77%) (Third Place) Mike Sao Pedro (Color)(57.62%) Monocrome Video Games (Battlezone, Super Breakout, Super Bug & Red Baron). Battlezone (Monocrome) Manufacturer: Atari Year: 1980 Battlezone Joel Hedge, High Score: 1,000,000 Super Breakout (Monocrome) Manufacturer: Atari Year: 1978 Super Breakout (Cavity) Zack Hample, High Score: 2,031 Super Bug (Monocrome) Manufacturer: Kee Games Year: 1977 Super Bug has a Three Way Tie with a score of 360 points a piece. Super Bug, David Nelson, Score: 360 Super Bug, Martin Bedard, Score: 360 Super Bug, Shawn Cram, Score: 360 Red Baron Manufacturer: Atari Year: 1980 Red Baron, David Nelson, High Score: 92,000 Monocrome Video Games (First Place) Dave Nelson (Monocrome) (90.3%) MB (Second Place) Mike Sao Pedro (Monocrome) (61.96%) (Third Place) John Zabel (Monocrome) (55.34%) Names of some of the Great Players that showed up for the 2005 event: Abdner Ashman Darren Harris David Nelson Donald Hayes (DBH) born 12-11-1965 Dwayne Richard (DKR) born 12-22-1968 Canada Eric Ashlers Fred Pastore Greg Bond Greg Erway (GSE) Jason K Cram (JKC) Kelly Flewin Mark Alpiger (MDA) Martin Bedard Pat Laffay Robert Mruczek Shawn Cram (SJC) Steve Wiebe Todd Rogers Mark Alpiger photos and coverage of the June 2-5, 2005 Funspot Event: Link 2005 Funspot Roster Roster of Players who's scores were submitted by Referee's at June 2-5, 2005 Funspot Event: Eric Ahlers Mark Ahlers "Scootie" Mark Alpiger Abdner Ashman Kent Backe Tod Backe Dennis Baker Justine Barker Martin Bedard Greg Bond Chris Burnell Anna Cram Christian Cram Jason Cram Shawn Cram David Cruz Peter Devens Morning Dove Gregory Erway Cameron Feltner Kelly Flewin Eric Geddes Peter Greenwood Robert Griffin Ron Hallett Zack Hample Jennifer Harding Darren Harris Donald Hayes Joel Hedge Daniel Howard Brien King Joe Knasin Brian Kuh Steve Kyriakides Patrick Laffaye Brian Laskiewicz John Lawton Randy Lawton Derek Litton David Marston Chris McClard Leonard Moscaritolo Robert Mruczek David Nelson Nick Ortakales Dallas Overturf Fred Pastore Lisa Paul Dwayne Richard Todd Rogers Michael Sao Pedro Mike Stulir Jennifer Sweet Tom Votava Bryan Wagner Steve Wiebe Adam Wood John Zabel Patrick Zabel The next upcoming competition is coming in less than two months to San Jose, California, USA on August 6, 2005. (Update: California Extreme (2006 Event) Link) California Extreme (2005 Event) Date of California Extreme 2005 (Coin-Op Classics Contest) San Jose, California, August 6-7, 2005 California Extreme will bring many of the same above players for competition and for learning how to player the games by the masters. This should be an event for the Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell Donkey Kong Playoffs for Donkey Kong which has yet to be announced. Steve Wiebe, Donkey Kong Champion Steve Wiebe, Donkey Kong High Score of 985,600 World Record on June 3, 2005 at Funspot, Wiers, NH. Link Other Pinball/Video Game News 2004 Texas Pinball Festival Results: Link Upcoming: Texas Pinball Festival October 28-30, 2005 Update: Link to the Results of the 2005 Texas Pinball Festival Link

2004 Texas Pinball Festival Results 2004 Texas Pinball Festival Results
Draw Your Partner (Team) Winners Cody Chunn Jim Belsito (JPB)

2004 Texas Pinball Festival Results 2004 Texas Pinball Festival Flippers Tournament (Team) Winners Jim Belsito & Trent Augenstine

Pinball Wizard Tournament Winners Pinball Wizard Tournament Winners Master, Jim Belsito, playing Elvis Pinball 2004 Texas Pinball Festival Results 1st Place Jim Belsito of Rialto, California $900 & Trophy (center) 2nd Place Cody Chunn $150 & Trophy (right) 3rd Place Lynn Lyons $75 & Trophy (left) 2004 Texas Classic Video Game Winners Dwayne Richard, Bob Whitley, Lynn Lyons 2004 Texas Pinball & Video Festival Results Classic Video Game Tournament Winners (Frogger) 1st Place Dwayne Richard (DKR) $150 & Trophy (left) 2nd Place Bob Whitley $100 & Trophy (center) 3rd Place Lynn Lyons $50 & Trophy (right) 2004 Minnesota Mayday Pinball Contest Results Jim Belsito, Rialto, California, Pinball Champion: The $10,000.00 Great Minnesota State Mayday Tournament May Day Tournament 2005 April 28th - May 1st 2005 Minnesota Mayday Tournament sponsored by SS Billiards Hopkins, Minnesota, 732 11th Avenue South in the Westbrooke Square mall. SS Billiards is the home of the region's largest collection of publicly playable pinball machines. March 21, 2005 Come down to see the greatest pinball players in the country. We'll have the top names including Lyman Sheats jr., Keith Elwin, Neil Shatz, Paul Madison, Trent Augustine, Jim Belsito, Jason Werdrick, and Rick Stetta! So come see 15 of the top 20 players in the US. Link 2005 Minnesota Mayday Pinball Tournament Results Link Winners of the Minnesota Mayday Doubles Division: Jim Belsito, Keith Elwin, Lyman Sheets, and Bowen Kerins Keith Elwin & Jim Belsito Keith Elwin & Jim Belsito Count their $500.00 dollar purse of prize money from the Minnesota Mayday 2005 Competition. The team of Keith Elwin and Jim Belsito took first place in the Minnesota Mayday Competition. They won five hundred dollars to share and each won a trophy. Jim Belsito won high score on "The Sopranos" as well. Other News: Jim Belsito, age 34 in 2005, has been running the only pinball league in Southern California for over 10 years now. Link Lake Alice Inland Empire Pinball Association 1995-2005 Jim Belsito, President The Inland Empire Pinball Association run by Jim Belsito, plays weekly on Wednesday Nights at 7pm at Lake Alice in Riverside, CA. Lake Alice Trading Company (951) 686-7343. 3616 University Ave Riverside, CA
Stern Pinball Last Standing Pinball Manufacturer in the World Legacy of Gary Stern of Stern Pinball, Inc. Most entrepreneurs dream of building a successful company and one day eliminating the competition. For Gary Stern, that dream became a reality. As president and owner of Stern Pinball, he presides over the planet's sole surviving pinball-machine manufacturer. Stern Pinball stands alone. Based in Melrose Park, Ill. Williams Pinball Closes: On Oct 25th 1999 a Williams Pinball (WMS) Press Release stated that WMS would cease to build pinball machines. Williams was the last of the original (old school) pinball manufacturers around and after over 50 years of quality games, they decided that the market was just too weak. Williams was a very good pinball manufacturer since all the way from Black Knight to Star Wars, Edition 1. Stern: In 1932, there were an estimated 150 pinball-machine makers worldwide. Today, Stern Pinball stands alone. Based in Melrose Park, Ill., about 10 miles west of Chicago, Stern has been the only game in town since its remaining competition folded in 1999, making Gary Stern -- its silver-haired, pinball-tie-wearing Willy Wonka of sorts -- the only person keeping this piece of Americana from extinction. History of Pinball: The game, developed in Chicago around the time of the Great Depression, has come down to this: A single privately held company with 56 full-time employees and revenue of just over $30 million that puts out three or four new models a year. The entire world's supply of new coin-operated pinball machines is limited to the roughly 10,000 that roll off the Stern assembly line each year. Stern Founder: His father, who got his own start in the 1930s as a game operator, ultimately founded Stern Electronics in 1976 and when his dad folded, Gary Stern took over as owner of Stern Electronics. Before flippers, a player would actually tilt the game in order to manipulate the ball which was deemed illegal by major metropolitan cities as a game of chance until the advent of flippers in 1947. Now the game is one of skill and not just luck and the game is allowed in all cities in America. Some of the recent models include Elvis, Playboy, and Monopoly Although sales have remained stable at about 10,000 units a year, the coin-op business has been on a downward trajectory for years. As recently as the early 1990s, the industry churned out more than 100,000 machines annually. As a result of the decline, Stern Pinball has diversified its operations. Among the additions: "redemption games," in which winners receive tickets exchangeable for trinkets at video arcades. Stern credits the stable sales of traditional pinball machines to increases in nostalgic home buyers, which now account for roughly 20% of total sales. Classic Video Game Arcade Contests (May 28, 2004) At the Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade in Portland, Oregon, the Aftershock RetroGames Arcade in Madison, Wisconsin and the Houston Area Arcade Group Expo in Houston, Texas, high score champions will spend three days celebrating the legacy of Pac-Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong and Frogger in the form of an interstate high-score championship titled: "Classic Video Game Championships Across America." Anthony Ramos, Ground Kontrol proprietor states, "we also have Ryan Coulter, a world-class Spy Hunter contender who may eclipse the current world record on that game." Where is Funspot? For those going to Funspot, they can be found at Funspot, Rte3, Weirs Beach, NH (603)366-4377. Contact Gary Vincent Funspot is a short walk from the following: Sun Vally Cottages 686 Endicott St. North Weirs Beach, NH 03246 603-366-4945

Pinball Players in deep concentration while working on high scores. Thank you, Paul Dean

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Thank you,
Paul Dean,, Spy Hunter Champion, June 28, 1985

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Thank you,
Paul Dean,, Spy Hunter Champion, June 28, 1985

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Paul Dean,, Spy Hunter Champion, June 28, 1985

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