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Originally published in the

March 1983
American Edition
Electronic Gaming Magazine of World Records®

Note: The following has the spelling errors from the Original edition corrected.

To ascertain what scores in video games are actually world records, a nation wide competition was held under the auspices of Twin Galaxies with Walter Day as coordinator, across the continent.

The results of the competition are in the accompanying chart. The winners and their scores have been verified by qualified judges. This was the first competition of this kind and plans are to continue this under the same auspices annually.

The Below is the March 1983 Twin Galaxies World Records

American Edition Electronic Gaming Magazine of World Records March 1983 Video Game High Scores All high score are in Alphabetical Order (*) = New High Score
Astro Blaster (Sega/Gremlin) 101,450 Eron Foote, Spokeane, Washington (*) Battlezone (Atari) 9,600,500 Dennis Hranitzky, Grapevine, Texas Centipede (Atari) 15,207,353 Darren Olson, Calgary, Canada Crazy Climber (Nichibutsu) 487,150 Jim Wright, Lake Orion, Michigan Defender (Williams) 49,367,750 Marvin Norton, Safford, Arizona Dig-Dug (Atari) 3,499,010 Dwayne Lindsey, Redding, California Donkey Kong (Nintendo) 863,500 Steve Sanders, Clinton, Missouri Frenzy (Stern) 1,914,777 Jim Howell, McHenry, Illinois (*) Frogger (Sega/Gremlin) 507,230 Dave McPhee, Muncie, Indiana Galaga (Midway) 5,102,380 Jack Pardo, Lansing, Michigan Gorf (Midway) 1,237,500 Jim Hart, Jacksonville, North Carolina Kangaroo (Atari) 162,400 Francis Haggerty, Cresskill, New Jersey Kick-Man (Midway) 4,429,555 Rich Turkishev, Manitov Springs, Colorado Looping (Venture Line) 449,500 Bruce Boulden, Frankfort, Indiana Missile Command (Atari) 52,246,260 Joe Fernandes, Artesia, California Omega Race (Midway) 1,779,300 Rick Klin, Hamilton, Montana Pac-Man (Midway) 14,880,210 Dave Marsden, Santo, Texas Phoenix (Centuri) 585,778 Darnel Stephens, Piqua, Ohio Robotron (Williams) 115,935,000 Steve Harris, Gladstone, Missouri Star Castle (Cinematronics) 12,536,960 Jack Haddad, Tony Garza; San Jose, California Scramble (Stern) 8,410,500 Jason Itzler, Cliffside Park, New Jersey Solar Fox (Midway) 221,110 Rick McClellan, Columbus, Ohio Space Firebird (Sega/Gremlin) 128,520 Bobby Henderson, Belle Chasse, Louisana Stargate (Williams) 64,830,268 Mike McCrary, Albuquerque, New Mexico Tempest (Atari) 1,697,634 Eric Clayberg, Fredericksburg, Virginia Theif (Pacific Novelty) 389,890 John Carver, Holly Hill, Florida Tron (Midway) 1,554,836 John Carver, Holly Hill, Florida Vanguard (Centuri) 750,150 Greg Mercier, Huntsville, Alabama Wizard of Wor (Midway) 398,000 Johnny Thatch, Marietta, Georgia Zaxxon (Sega/Gremlin) 1,148,900 Barry Begos, Coventry, Rhode Island, New York (*)

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