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California Extreme 2006

July 8 -9 , 2006
Parkside Hall
San Jose, California

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The biggest name to come to the California - Extreme Event - From the 1980's "Vid Kidz" production team, Eugene Jarvis Update: Here is a video Eugene Jarvis and making of Defender: Link Hours to be open for free pinball and video game play: July 8, 2006 Saturday 11 AM - Midnight July 9, 2006 Sunday 11 AM - 9 PM Those who pre-register get in at 10:30 AM All pre-registration tickets will be picked up at the registration counter California Extreme is celebrating their 10th Year of celebrating Classic pinball and video games The World Famous Pinball Rodeo has been brought back as well! Billy Mitchell has had a poster created for this California Extreme Event Link
Eugene Jarvis - Lead Speaker Eugene Jarvis - Creator of Defender Some really big names are coming to California Extreme in San Jose to speak including Eugene Jarvis born in 1955, was a UC Berkeley graduate and good FORTRAN programmer in the mid 1970's. Jarvis got his first big break from Nolan Bushnell at Atari in 1977, signing on as a pinball game programmer. He began to program video games in assembly language and worked his way up to a legendary programmer from the original "Vid Kidz" design firm and production team, which created the giant classic games from the Golden Era of video games in the 1980's. Some of these games he helped design and create were Defender - the first horizontally scrolling game, which was such a big hit that Defender sold over 60,000 arcade games. Other achievements of Eugene Jarvis are Robotron, NARC, Smash TV and the Cruis'n driving series. Midway's Games (Cruis'n USA" and the sequel, "Cruis'n World."). If it wasn't for his interest in mastering "Space War" in the basement of his classroom laboratory, he may never had gone into the business of programming video games for Atari. "Robotron" was programmed in three days. The game was inspired by the immortal arcade robot game "Berzerk". That's not all, he also worked on pins as well. His most popular hand in software was in the sound development for the classic pinball High Speed, as well as F-14 Tomcat, and Firepower. Steve Ritchie of Williams Pinball, was perhaps the greatest pinball designer of all time and Eugene Jarvis always tried to live up to those high standards. Even in the modern era Eugene Jarvis is producing huge amounts of quality work with the recent creation of the popular modern coin-operated video game "Target Terror", and "The Fast and the Furious" with his own studio, Raw Thrills, Inc. Get the inside scoop as Eugene Jarvis spills some secrets from the 80's and he has a lot to tell including the information on the development of his famous Robotron game and others from his long line of creations in the 1980's. He will also tell you what he thinks the outlook is like in the field of video games and what his future plans will be in this industry. We'll take a walk down memory lane as he will spin the true tale of what it was like to be the first to do almost everything in the fledging new industry of the early 1980's called the coin-operated video game industry. Eugene Jarvis receeived the Lifetime achievement award at the Game Developers' Conference in 2005.

Other events will be that of the Video Game Tips and Tricks Panel which will tell you how to master those old classic games. The pinball Tournament will be going on strong with Masters Points for those who need to up their world ranking with a few more points. Will the mystery man show up to Compete at Califorina Extreme 2006? The Prodigy Player - Mystery Man He has been showing up at different locations around the country and decimating the competition. We'll just have to wait and see if he will show up. California Extreme Pacmania/Spy Hunter High Score Contest Pacmania & Spy Hunter High Score Contest The New Paul Dean Spy Hunter/Pacmania Video Game High Score Tournament on Spy Hunter and Pacmania with (8) cash prizes for those who are in the highest four places on each game. Who is Paul Dean? Paul Dean was published in the 1986 Guinness Book of World Records for the World Record of Spy Hunter and has recently played a 41 hour game of Frenzy, at the Legends of the Golden Age Tournament in December of 2005 at Humble, Tx., putting him in the small group of people who have marathoned a video game for over 40 hours and having a world record stand for over 20 years as well as having the largest deviation of scores between first and second place, that being 90% higher than the second place score on spy hunter. Link Walter Day and Dwayne Richard have verified Paul Dean's World Record scores and have witnessed Paul Dean play in person at Humble, Texas. Why Play the Paul Dean Spy Hunter/Pacmania California Extreme Event on July 8, 2006? To take some cold hard cash from Paul Dean, and to win have fun competing! Win Paul Dean's Money - Spy Hunter & Pacmania High Score Competition Cash Prizes There are Eight Cash Prizes for this event. First Place through Fourth place on both Spy Hunter and Pacmania are in the money! Spy Hunter/Pacmania High Score Competition Cash Prizes: Spy Hunter High Scores: Pacmania High Scores: 1st Place Winner will receive $50.00 1st Place Winner will receive $50.00 2nd Place Winner will receive $25.00 2nd Place Winner will receive $25.00 3rd Place Winner will receive $15.00 3rd Place Winner will receive $15.00 4th Place Winner will receive $10.00 4th Place Winner will receive $10.00
Lots and lots of new speakers as well as old standby speakers will be there on Saturday and Sunday July 8, 2006 - July 9, 2006 as well as over 400 pinball/video games. There will also be the "How to Play Pinball" presentation by the world top players such as Bowen Kerins and Jim Belsito. To many great things are going on, so you do not want to miss the Califorinia Extreme event which is from July 8, 2006 - July 9, 2006. There are many world record holders milling about in which you could probably watch and get a strategy or two from them. The California Extreme Schedule for July 8-9, 2006 California Extreme, is holding their big 10th Anniversary Show this July 8-9, 2006 and are pleased to announce the following speaker schedule for this event: 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM Saturday, 12:00 Noon Sunday "How to Play Pinball" - Clinic with pinball champs Bowen Kerins and Jim Belsito. Learn the tricks and techniques - straight from the wizards themselves! Note, these seminars will be held in the lobby! These two players are Ranked as World Master Players and are both in the top 10 for World Masters Points. Throughout the show, the Wild West Pinball Rodeo. Dann Frank and the Pinball Rodeo will once again make an appearance at California Extreme. Try out some of the zany, modified machines to see how you do! Some flippers are designed to be used with your feet only. There is also Tag Team Pinball and many other unique type of pinball modifications on this equipment. You have to think about pinball differently when you play these games. 12:00 PM Noon Saturday The Making of Robotron - Eugene Jarvis Eugene Jarvis is well-known to classic video arcade gamers as part of the "Vid Kidz" team who developed some of the most popular arcade games of all time, including ever-popular favorites such as Defender, Robotron, and the Cruis'n driving series. He has also had a hand in software and sound development for such classic pinballs as High Speed, F-14 Tomcat, and Firepower. Eugene continues to be very active in the arcade field creating many very successful modern coin-operated Blockbuster video games including Target Terror and The Fast and the Furious as part of his own studio, Raw Thrills, Inc. He will give the inside story of the making of Robotron, giving tales from the video game industry from its small beginnings with just a few programmers, to its huge corporate business it is today. 1:00 PM Saturday Atari Panel - Al Alcorn, Eugene Jarvis, Steve Ritchie, Ed Rotberg, Owen Rubin Legends of the pinball and video game industry meet up in what is sure to be another lively discussion. These are the people who have created the games we all love - hear them discuss the stories behind the creation of those games. They are a returning venue that always pack the house! 2:30 PM Saturday The return of Video Game Expert Panel! Join a panel of classic coin-operated video game experts as they offer a variety of tips, tricks, and strategies on some of your favorite video games. These guys have been playing the classics and honing their skills for over 2 decades now. Several classics will be discussed including Tempest, Centipede, Frogger, Moon Patrol, Pengo, Indiana Jones, and even some not as well-known classics such Tutankham and The Glob. These tips, tricks and secrets may open up a new high score for those who were at first stumbling with some of these big titles. Sometimes its just one thing that prevents you from a breakthrough, and now the secret is out! 4:00 PM Saturday Artists Group - Jean Baudin, Ed Cassell, Dan Fontes, and Kevin Tiell Arcades, their environment, and the games they contain have been a big influence on popular culture. See and hear how these artists have taken that influence and turned it into expression of their own. Blue-collar times Anyone who remembers Playland is wistful, or maybe just nostalgic, for the gritty, blue-collar San Francisco. "It wasn't just toys for the rich. It was toys for everyone," said Dan Fontes, a muralist working in El Cerrito on a large rendering of Playland and the surrounding area. Playland Article Link Jean Baudin has created nine string bass guitars with arcade inspired looks, and developed a distinctive style of playing to express melodies from the arcade as well as original music. You won't believe what Jean can make the bass do! Ed Cassell and Dan Fontes have created murals for Playland-Not-at-the-Beach and other public places - not to mention the amazing pinball floor at the former For Amusement Only in Berkeley. Hear about the process of creating a mural that meets the needs of the location and how the artist expresses that need. Kevin Tiell has developed a series of pinball-eye-view photographs using a macro lense, that show a side of the pinball game you may have never considered. He will be discussing his approach to making these beautiful photographs that you can practically walk into. 5:00 PM Saturday "Playland-Not-at-the-Beach" - Richard Tuck Several decades ago California had a bevy of seaside amusement parks stretching from San Diego to San Francisco. Today only the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk exists. The most beloved park in Northern California was Whitney's Playland at the Beach which lasted from 1928 to 1972. This year a non-profit family fun center / museum is opening in the Bay Area commemorating all the bygone amusement centers of the past. Laffing Sal Photo Link Titled Playland-Not-at-the-Beach, the museum features memorabilia and attractions from Playland as well as Sutro's Baths and the Cliff House (which were also owned by the Whitney family). Highlights of this family fun center / museum are Circus World (featuring the West Coast's largest hand-carved miniature circus), Santa's Village (commemorating another defunct Northern California park), Dark Mystery (celebrating spooky dark rides), a Penny Arcade, a large pinball arcade with classic and modern machines, the Carousel Carnival (win a stuffed animal!), and two Laughing Sals, two 2-headed babies and the world's only 4000-year old farting mummy! Admission to this amazing place will be free, and all the games are set on free play. In this presentation the Master of Fun Richard Tuck will give us a behind-the-scenes tour of what's to come. All of the wonders were originally very close to the San Francisco Sutro Baths with large interiors, and Cliff House. 6:00 PM Saturday "The Future of Pinball" Documentary: Meet the Director Greg Maletic and Greg Dunlap In 1998 pinball was dying, thanks to a saturated market and shrinking player base. Williams, the world's largest pinball manufacturer, was considering abandoning the game in favor of the more lucrative video slot machine business. "The Future of Pinball" is a documentary that tells the story of "Pinball 2000," a clever attempt at resuscitating pinball that failed just at the moment a lot of people thought it might succeed. A "Soul of a New Machine" for the pinball world, "The Future of Pinball" is a compendium of interviews with legends of the pinball industry, photos, and films of the best games the industry has produced. It's a story about personality and passion, of bold success dizzyingly followed by stunning failure. Come meet the Director of "The Future of Pinball", Greg Maletic, where he'll show clips, discuss the making of the film and the release of the upcoming DVD. Former Williams employee and pinball software designer Greg Dunlap is expected to also be on-hand to tell his story of the demise of pinball at Williams. 9:00 PM Saturday "Mechanical Monsters" - Ken and TJ Get a peek at the guts of some of the odd mechanical machines at the show to see what makes 'em tick, click, buzz, bang, sing, and clang. If you have a machine you would like to open up and discuss, let us know and we'll be happy to include your knowledge in the presentation. Meet up in the lobby to join this group. 2:30 PM Sunday “Atari Film Festival” – Scott Evans. The Atari Film Festival returns with fresh footage unearthed from the archives featuring some great commercials, game test footage, and the height of fashion sensibilities! For more information, please see our website at This schedule is subject to change without notice. The Extreme Team The opinions and views expressed by the speakers are solely those of the speakers and are not necessarily the opinions of California Extreme. California Extreme expressly disclaims any knowledge of the opinions expressed in the presentations.
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