Posted: June 16, 2006

Fullerton California

"Reagan Years Classics Arcade"
Has Reopened

Jeremy Popoff - Musician-"Lit" Home Grown Orange County Rock Band Is now Restauranteur and Classics Arcade Co-Owner Jeremy and Sean Francis now Co-Owners of "The Reagan Years Arcade" adjoined to "The Slidebar 'Rock' Cafe" The Slidebar Cafe And Reagan Years Arcade
Jeremy Popoff Jeremy Popoff of "Lit" Grunge Band his Co-Owner of Reagan Years Arcade and of the hip Double Bar/Restaurant/And Stage of the Hot Spot, "The Slidebar" which is connected to "The Reagan Years Arcade".

Reagan Years Classics Arcade
(Photos to come in a few days)

Does the Reagans Year Classic Arcade have what it takes to make it in the fickle world we live in today?

The Slidebar - Rock & Roll Cafe & Reagan Years Arcade
The Reagan Years Arcade A Female Gamer gives a try at "House of the Dead II" Coin-Op Video Game, one of the newer video games in this Reagan Years 1980's era Arcade. The Reagan Years Arcade 124 E. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA. 92832 (714)-525-1984 Can you ever relive the Reagan Years by going back to the Coin-Op Classics Reagan Years Arcade in North Orange County? In the United States, the 1980's decade was most poignantly symbolized by the presidency of Ronald Reagan from January 20, 1981, to 1989 (or affectionally termed the "Reagan Years") as it epitomized the rise of conservatism as the dominant creed in American political and cultural life. This extended somewhat into the early 1990s with the first George Bush. Now the Reagan Years Arcade has resurfaced and we will take a look at that culture mixing with the ultra yuppie hip hop style of today's culture and lifestyle. OC (Orange County) has been stereotyped as the county known for its wealth and political conservatism. Therefore, Reaganites may be wondering around just biding time for a glimpse of The Reagan Years Arcade. Well, we'd all like to go back in time and relive our childhoods, and maybe do a few things differently, now that we have the intelligence of adulthood. But since we can't go back, maybe we can revisit the Classic Arcades of Yesteryear which are trying to have a resurgence! The Slidebar - Rock and roll Cafe & Reagan Years Classics Arcade The Reagan Years Classic Arcade to have all the Great Coin-Op Classics from the 1980's This is what brought me to the newly refurbished Reagan Years Arcade in the Downtown Fullerton High End Eateries District, complete with Sushi, Steak and Italian Dining with V.I.P. parking in front of The Sliderbar Rock N Roll Café at 122 E. Commonwealth Avenue. May you live in interesting times! The SOCO District hosts, 'believe it or not', 39 Coin-Operated Classic Video Games from the 1980's. This is similar to watching an UFO land on your lawn and E.T. taking you by the hand and being transported into a large round spaceship and within this spaceship is a side room hidden away with your by gone days of your teenage hangouts including the old games you remember fondly such as Ms. Pacman, Asteroids and Donkey Kong. Why would Aliens put classic video games in a spaceship, of course the answer is simple, in order to distract you while they are dissecting you. The Sidebar, which hosts this backroom Arcade is quite the interesting opposite of the classic arcade of yesteryear. A large bouncer checks your I.D. before you go in and you are greeted by strange sounds coming from the next room, with lots of people talking all at once. No that is not the Arcade, it is the hip hop music at full and the 150 perfect thin 20 something's and one midget at the bar, who are all oblivious to the classic game room which is only 15 feet away from them. It's like having the Holy Grail under your feet and not even noticing as it might effect the equilibrium of the drink in your hand. Then one notices as soon as he goes to the privy that there is a guy watching, and asking if you need a mint breath freshener or a napkin. This never happened to me in the Golden Era of Arcades. I don't ever recall being greeted by anyone in the restrooms after a marathon game of Asteroids or such. Finally I make it into the redesigned Reagan Era Arcade which has been closed for two years do to remodeling. I am hoping that the games are now fixed and the place actually feels like the arcades of yesteryear. Knowing that this location had a long way to go way back when it was in business the first time around, I did not hold my breath. Some 1980's Memorbillia Posters on the Walls of Reagan Years Arcade DEVO POSTER A poster of DEVO promoting this band at the House of Blues at the following address: 8430 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 323.848.5100 Devo, Are We Not Men was produced in 1978 by the Warner Bros. Records Label. Produced by Brian Eno, this record started a whole 'nother line of thought that ran through the eighties Reagan Era and still exists in some ways today. We've all heard the syncopated "Satisfaction" and seen the yellow jumpsuits. They embodied the man/machine meld we've seen in later years as the Borg via Star Trek. But they're musical Borg. They took the industrial beats and rhythms and married them to a futuristic, science fiction storyline that we all bought into. The cover became almost an icon for the college crowd. The progressive/jazz leanings, through repeated listenings draws ones ears to a brave new world. I was pleasantly surprised by the great artwork which has been put on the walls. All of my favorite characters from yesteryear were up there including pacman, centipede and Galaga. They were glowing from the invisible black light which makes this type of paint glow in the dark. Yep, the lighting for this arcade was how I remembered it spattered with 1980's memorabilia of Devo, Motley Crew and Van Halen with a floating airship to boot. Would the drunk young adults in the next room find this classic arcade gem which was just 15 feet away from the bar? How would they react to such an unusual contrast to their ultra yuppie venue? Would their Linguini Carbonara Coronary Dish go well with Pacman or Centipede? Reagan Years Classics Arcade (Spaceship) "Nerds Only" Nerd: A socially inept or unattractive person who is more interested in pursuing intellectual interests than in keeping up with trends in fashion who intellectually gifted and usually male, under the age of 35 and socially inept; a person whose tremendous skill with operating or designing computer hardware or software is exceeded only by his, rarely her, passionate love of the technology. ie: Napoleon Dynamite. Out of the 150 packed pretty people crowd, approximately 5 people had found the Reagan Years classic arcade which was attached. Possibly they were looking for the restroom and made a right instead of a left and wall-la, they appeared in Willy Wonka's 'Reagan Years' blast to the past Coin-Op Classics Arcade games for one coin only which was missing the warning sign, "This Arcade for Nerds Only, you yuppies have made a Right Instead of a Left, please retrace your steps backwards until you find the guy at the door with a tissue and a mint, which is the men's toilet." Reagan Years Arcade Sega Touring Car Championship, Crazy Taxi and Area 51 Games to be Played for one Reagan Years Token The newer games get most of the play, and they are in good condition for the serious gamer, young and old alike. These confused young adult men and women who lost site of the privy thought what the heck, we have stumbled into this retro arcade so we might as well try a game or two and see what happens. They were pretty excited until they found that there was absolutely no place to put their beer. After playing a game and losing their coin within five seconds they would go to another game and the same thing would happen. Apparently, video games requiring hand eye coordination mixed with heavy doses of the latest after hours drink don't mix so well. After a few choice words about how the game doesn't react as well as it did when they played it 20 years ago and with to many games down from lack of love and attention from the owners/operators pushed the would be players back to civilization which would be the next room over which played a mix of hip hop, rap and new rock all blurred into one. If that wasn't enough, there are plasma screens sprinkled around every so often so you won't miss the latest dance moves of these current hip artists of today's youth, lacking all of the things we loved in the old days such as music that you could understand and the ability to desire a better uplifting life through the music. This conflict of eras led me to ask the question, will Reagan Years Classics Arcade Survive? Yes, because the hip owners of The Sidebar Rock-N-Roll Café are really rolling in the dough right now, they can carry the Reagan Years Arcade for years to come. They think classic games are great and God Bless them, because most people have already trashed these games in favor of the X-Box 360, Nintendo and the latest Playstation Platform. I also must ask myself if a classics arcade can legitimately hold its own without the philanthropy of an individual or group? I went to Camelot Arcade in Anaheim and pondered this very question. Apparently, no one form of entertainment can stand alone as it did in the Golden Years of the Strip Mall Arcade. These days you need about six pieces to the pie or you won't make it. The Camelot Arcade in Anaheim California has the mix of a miniature golf course, food concessions, laser tag, redemption games with a prize counter, new driving games and interactive musical instruments and coin-op dancing games with classic arcade games and pinball. This particular pie has nine pieces holding it together. Taking one piece out may jeopardize the whole thing as each supports the other in a small way making the big picture a nice mix for the family and for the gamer as well as the bottom line being strong enough to support the arcade. Now for the list of Reagan Years Arcade Classic Games in case you might like to make a visit: PS: These games are played at your own risk as I don't have the guts to ask the bodyguard/bouncer at the door for my token back, this guy has no neck, and he is my height sitting down, so I don't think he would like to hear my long story about how I lost a token in the antique arcade machine which hasn't seen the light of day since Carter took over the oval office in the late 70's. Reagan Years Arcade Centipede, Frogger, Elevator Action, Scramble and Galaga Reagan Years Arcade Tapper, Berzerk, Centipede and Paperboy Reagan Years Arcade Tapper, Berzerk, Centipede and Paperboy Reagan Years Arcade Karate Champ, Kung-Fu Master, Centipede, Frogger, Elevator Action Coin-Op Classic Games Working or Not at Reagan Years Arcade: Karate Champ, Kung-Fu Master, Centipede, Frogger, Elevator Action, Scramble, Galaga, Heavy Barrel, Galaga, Tapper, Berzerk, Centipede, Paperboy, Frontline, Ms. Pacman/Galaga with speed chip, Asteroids, 720 Degrees, Tron, Rampage, Gorf, BurgerTime, Robotron, Star Wars, Pole Position, Defender, Asteroids Deluxe, Ms. Pacman - Speed Chip, Galaga 3, Gauntlet II, Tempest, Track And Field, Super Pac-man, Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Sega Touring Car Championship, Silent Scope, Carn Evil, House of the Dead II, Hydro Thunder, Harly Davidson Motorcycle, Daytona USA 2 Player, Crazy Taxi, Area 51 and New Versus Speed (Air) Hockey. Thank you for the walk down to the last Golden Era Arcade. Let's hope they stay open forever! See you at the next Nostalgia walk through! Ground Kontrol in Oregan is another Bar and Classic Coin-Op 80's Games Location and worth checking out Link Also, Funspot in Weirs Beach New Hamphire claims to have the most classic games open to the public and many great classic gaming contests are held at this location. Other photos and review of Reagan Years Link Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeremy Popoff - "Lit" Guitarist Lit was made official in 1996. Jeremy Popoff and partners started The Slidebar Rock And Roll Cafe in 2005 and reopened the Reagan Years Classics Arcade in June of 2006. The group shot to stardom with the platinum album A Place in the Sun in 1999. Sun yielded the smash singles "My Own Worst Enemy," which held the number one position for three months, and received a Billboard Music Award for the biggest Modern Rock Song of 1999; "Ziplock"; and "Miserable", which was among the top ten most played songs of 2000 and famously featured Pamela Anderson in the video. They performed over 286 shows and toured worldwide in support of "A Place in the Sun." In addition to the Vans Warped Tour and a coveted slot on Woodstock 1999, the band toured with The Offspring, Garbage and No Doubt. The Slidebar They followed up A Place in the Sun with the 2001 release of Atomic which gave the band another Top 10 hit with "Lipstick & Bruises", but was overall a commercial failure due to lack of promotion on RCA records part. Lit toured to support "Atomic" with Kid Rock, and Butch Walker. They left RCA records in 2003 and went on a small, intimate club tour before releasing the self-titled "Lit" on the DRT Entertainment label on June 24, 2004. The single "Looks Like They Were Right" made it on the top 40 charts but the album was again largely unsuccesful due to lack of promotion on the labels behalf. That year they also put out their first long-form DVD called "All Access" on November 16, 2004. In March 2006, the band opened up their own restaurant/bar called "The Slidebar" in Fullerton, California. Jeremy Popoff - Lit Rock Band Guitarist Jeremy Popoff is well respected in the guitar-playering community, freqently appearing in guitar magazines and his signature Fender guitar was featured in Fenders' 2005 guitar calendar. Customized Guitar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An Past Article back in 2003 before The Reagan Years was Refurbished: Link I came across the atricle in the latimes today and thought i would share since it brought back a lot of memories and good times. has anyone been to this place? ORANGE PEELED / REAGAN YEARS At Low-Tech Fullerton Arcade, Nostalgia Costs Just a Quarter By Claire Luna, Times Staff Writer For the two red-faced, nimble-fingered thirtysomething men playing the Track & Field video game, the other night was a throwback to third grade. "Go! Go! Go!" screamed Fullerton construction worker Steve Malloy, slamming the buttons to make his character run faster in the 100-meter race. His friend, Anaheim Web designer Anthony Lee, groaned and threw up his hands as he lost. The pair first played it at a 7-Eleven when they became friends more than two decades ago. The thrill is the same, but the venue has changed: Now they play at all-'80s video game arcade Reagan Years in downtown Fullerton. "This brings me back," said Malloy, 32, breathing heavily. "Yeah, way back," said Lee, 32. Smiling fondly at the game, he raised his voice over the beeps and toots of 50 other machines. "Back to when all you worried about was having enough money for the arcade." Although many arcades feature a handful of the classic games — Magic Mountain and Disneyland each have about a dozen — those such as Reagan Years that have only 1980s machines are unusual. It boasts one of the country's largest public collections of games from that era, although a Laconia, N.H., center has nearly 200. Reagan Years opened five years ago after owner Sean Francis, 31, had a business brainstorm when he poured $10 into a Ms. Pac-Man tabletop game during a snowless ski trip to Mt. Baldy. Each day, the arcade draws a mix of passersby nostalgic for Galaga or Tron and die-hard video-game lovers. Community college student Tommy Meston, 19, loves the games' simplicity. He often comes in after class while waiting for his bus to spend a few dollars on Ms. Pac-Man or Galaga. "It's such a great way to escape from thinking when you're playing these low-tech games," he said. "Newer games are all about taking your money while you try to kill and destroy people. These games are about skill and just purely having fun." Quieter players like Meston ignore the more flamboyant ones, like Paul Nguyen, 31, a hyper, stocky man howling at the Space Invaders machine. A regular, he's been dubbed "Captain Paul" by management. "Stop! Stay right there! Nooo!" Nguyen bawled at one point, staring morosely as another of his green spaceships died. Still, he left ecstatic after an hour — and many dollars of quarters — because he had managed to win the machine's highest-score position. For Francis, the arcade is a labor of love, not money. About 1,000 games are played there daily, bringing about $250 in quarters into the token machine. Although the quarters, and money he makes selling about three machines a month, now sustain Reagan Years, he realized recently he needs another source of arcade income to subsidize the older games. The alternative, raising the price at Reagan Years — say to 50 cents — would probably spur a customer revolt, he said. So two months ago, he opened another game center next door, the Rocket Arcade. It has about 30 games released in the last couple of years and an air hockey table; the cost for each is either 75 cents or a dollar. Francis enjoys the newer games, but his favorites are those in Reagan Years, despite the $1,200 a month he spends on repairs because customers kick, shove and rock the aging machines while playing them. Even with his fixes, some machines have small glitches that reveal their age: The Ms. Pac-Man screen has a constant wave running through it, and the little Dig Dug dude drills through dirt a little more slowly than he did a couple of decades ago. The arcade was recently renovated — there's new paint, black lights glow from the ceiling, and the dozens of '80s movie posters that normally plaster the walls have been temporarily removed. Plate-glass windows in front feature a stylized logo — designed by "Simpsons" illustrator and former No Doubt band keyboardist Eric Stefani — of Ronald Reagan playing a Star Wars arcade game. Every so often, Francis says, a guy from Bakersfield drives down to play Crazy Climber, in which one scales buildings while avoiding a variety of falling objects, including flowerpots, dumbbells and bird droppings. Francis' favorite, a game called Tapper in which one plays a bartender pouring Budweiser beer for patrons before they get to the kegs, is being repaired. So on nights when he drops by the arcade, he plays other games. The other night, he picked Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, in which the singer rescues kidnapped children, using dancing skills to create magic energy and kill evil henchmen who cross his path. The grainy soundtrack features "Bad," "Smooth Criminal" and "Beat It." As Francis' character boogied through the levels, he spun and spun to try to get the little Michael to perform a special move: throw open his jacket and thrust his pelvis. When he finally succeeded, Francis grinned with little-boy triumph. "Look! Look!" he said happily. "I did it." That kind of gleeful innocence is what many of the customers are after, whether they're assembling hamburgers in BurgerTime, wandering through a tall building to collect secret documents in Elevator Action, or swallowing dots and ghosts in the hallowed Ms. Pac-Man. "They're all a lot more peaceful than the games out now," said Isabel Magdaleno, 22, a Newport Beach research assistant. "These are the games we grew up with," said her friend Joanna Ornelas. "It's exciting to pretend we're back at that age, even if it's only until we run out of quarters." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitar - Diner Owners of The Reagan Years Classic Arcade: Link Carlo Terrano, 28 & Sean Francis, 28 In the Beginning A Los Angeles Times Magazine scribe covering Fullerton, California, '80s arcade The Reagan Years dubbed its owner Sean Francis "boyishly handsome." And just to layer on the cheese, we think co-owner Carlo Terranova looks wondrous in a toolbelt. But aside from the fact that these young Orange County hipsters-whose ventures (including The Hub café, adjoining The Reagan Years, The Scooter Shop Inc. in Orange and new bar The Continental) should reap a combined $1 million this year-are able to drive luxury cars, they're attractive simply because the odds were against them, and they made it anyway. Friends since kindergarten, the high school dropouts were in search of life fulfillment. They found it doing what interests them and in service: They started the Fullerton Earth Day Festival, an annual event celebrating earth awareness. This year's bash, sponsored by Hansen's Natural Beverage and, drew 8,000 attendees to see 20 bands, including Save Ferris and Reel Big Fish. The fact that Francis and Terranova built The Hub, The Reagan Years and The Continental from the ground up and have actively involved themselves in the city also says something: The partners aren't afraid of some hard labor. Francis just gets bored silly if he's not working from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., and Terranova is "building for the future." But, says the latter, "Motivations aside, we both share a really strong drive to produce, and that in itself is sexy." Contact Sources The Continental, (714) 871-2233, (714) 448-2144; English Ideas Ltd., (800) 547-5278, English Ideas The FIX Network Inc., (888) 781-6301, Golden Angels Cellars, (707) 443-6323, The Hub/The Reagan Years, (714) 871-2233 Niad Management, fax: (818) 386-2082, The Scooter Shop Inc., (714) 871-2233 Urban Business Internet Services, (312) 388-3999, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitarist In Concert Game Not Over Link Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more Business Start-Ups magazine - November 1999 By Michelle Prather Entrepreneur Magazine Early midlife crisis alert: Certain oldies stations are playing Michael Jackson's "Rock With You." That means the Dynasty decade is as retro as learning family values from Diff'rent Strokes and exhibiting blind love for the President. But no tears, folks. Entrepreneurs Sean Francis and Carlo Terranova are letting the good times roll on with The Reagan Years. Upon entering the strictly '80s video-game joint attached to Francis and Terranova's Fullerton, California, cafe The Hub, you start to wonder when Tootie and Natalie will swing by. But you end up playing Tapper aside a 25-year-old "kid" blasting away at Galaga. Whether it's the posters of Oliver North, Duran Duran and that long-standing question "Where's the Beef?" or a Tron screening on one of four mounted TVs, twentysomethings and thirtysomethings are enticed into playing some 1,400 games per day. "[They] say 'Wow, I haven't seen that game for darn near 20 years,' " says Terranova. "They have a really good time, and also have more money to spend [than kids do]." If their wallets permit, customers can even purchase the games. Started last year, The Reagan Years grosses about $250 daily. "If [we'd started] our arcade in 1981, and we were making this kind of money, I'd be buying a new house on the hill," says Francis. "We're not making a killing, but the minute we [double] our game [prices] to 50 cents, I think we'd have a revolt." At least they'd have coffeehouse hangout/local-band venue The Hub, which the kindergarten pals started in 1994 with $40,000 in savings. Thought up at 19, a few years after the partners quit high school, The Hub has survived four fallen nearby competitors. The cafe hit a plateau by 1995, but a snowless mountain trip that ended with Francis and his girlfriend putting $10 in a Ms. Pac-Man tabletop provided revitalization. Profits from a Ms. Pac-Man bought for $600 and five additional tabletop video games covered rent. Paired with a vacant space next to The Hub and $60,000 to start, the flashback fix was born. The partnership, unofficially coined "Franterra" in childhood, has endured everything from buying and selling scooters to a failed sandwich shop. Now they plan to capitalize on the '60s: They're hoping a bar with the hippest interior around, dubbed The Continental, will draw 21-and-overs to Fullerton like it was Hollywood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guitarist In Concert Live Music Looking for something to do? Link The HUB Cafe, 124 E Commonwealth, offers daily live music for all ages, particularly teens and college-aged youngsters who also enjoy the two adjacent arcades. The musical entertainment includes a wide variety of local bands each playing its own repertoire of "coffee house" music. Weekends can feature as many as four bands per night. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MYOC.COM February 28, 2002 Santa Fe reborn Young entrepreneurs open unique businesses Link By CELINE GARCIA The Fullerton News Tribune Two local business owners have teamed up with the city on a redevelopment project expected to add another layer to the night scene of historic downtown Fullerton. For the past two years, entrepreneur Sean Francis has been working on the renovation of one of the city's oldest drinking establishments -- perhaps the oldest -- in the 100 block of West Santa Fe Avenue. Jack Franklyn, owner of Heroes Bar and Grill, plans to move the Wilshire Avenue business to Santa Fe by mid-summer. In December, the City Council changed the area's zoning from manufacturing to commercial and last month constructed a parking lot there. City officials also said that about $1 million has been earmarked for street and other improvements. The Continental The Continental, which opens this month, is decorated in a smooth sixties lounge-style, complete with red casino-type carpeting, wrought iron and intimate booths, cushy swivel barstools and stage-side seating. The red ropes and doorman outside suggest it is unlike any other downtown area bar. Francis, 29, said city officials told him he was "crazy" for starting a business on the blighted street and discouraged him, but the rent was cheap and he had already successfully wagered on the other side of Harbor Boulevard. "I consider myself an urban pioneer," said Francis, who opened the Hub Cafe and Reagan Years arcade on Commonwealth Avenue in 1994 and serves as vice president of the Downtown Merchants Association. "They wanted us to go where the action is but now we get to open up downtown and make it a little bigger. We thought we could change it." Francis and partner Carlo Terranova, 29, have spent about $400,000 on the space. Franklyn, 37, said he will move his popular restaurant to just west of the cocktail lounge this summer. After 11 years in Villa del Sol he said he needed more space. A local micro-brewery is negotiating for the space vacated by Heroes. "I've outgrown the landlord and the building," said Franklyn, who also operates Heroes in Claremont and LaVerne. The new space will be about 7,000 square feet and will mirror the old place in design -- with a few extras. The new Heroes will feature fireplaces, more windows and an expanded kitchen, where restaurant-goers can see the action Chris Lowe, chief executive officer of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce, said he is confident the Continental will bring business to Santa Fe. "Sean is a maverick," Lowe said, "a strong entrepreneur who has shown with the Hub that he knows the recipe for success." He praised both Francis and Terranova for being "visionaries." City officials are hammering out ways to improve traffic and make the street more attractive to visitors. The key, said Gary Chalupsky, redevelopment director, is to find an amiable solution for industrial and commercial businesses. During a City Council workshop last month Traffic Manager Mark Miller outlined plans to improve traffic on the street between Harbor Boulevard to Highland Avenue by making it one-way (eastbound) with diagonal parking on the north side. Chalupsky said the Santa Fe project began as an outgrowth of a 1995 study which encouraged development on the west side of Harbor Boulevard. He said $1 million is set aside for undergrounding electrical lines and other work, including lighting, landscaping and sidewalk widening. "It's not like a huge economic pump in the arm of the city, but it's solving a problem of the interface with commercial and industrial," Chalupsky said. "What was once a problem area becomes a positive area; a negative will have a positive impact," he concluded. CONTINENTAL TIMELINE 115 W. Santa Fe Ave. 1919 - Prohibition began 1922 - Mrs. M. McReady's Furnished Rooms 1924 - Beldon & Long Billiards 1925 - Jos. L and Dolores Leon Pool Room 1927 - Manuel Diaz - billiards 1929 - Alex Lusar - billiards July 5, 1933 - City began taking applications for beer licenses July 12, 1933 - Eleven granted licenses, Lusar's name is not among them. 1960 - Alex's Pool Hall 1979 - Bar owned by Juan Ybara 2002 - Sean Francis opens the Continental ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AOL City Guide Orange County The Continental Room 115 W. Santa Fe Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832 Phone: 714-526-4529 Hours 4PM-2AM Daily The Continental Room -- City's Best Link So swank, so debonair. Bar/Club It took well over three years and a little over $500,000 to do it, but the two owners behind Fullerton's ultra-trendy coffeehouse, The Hub, have finally opened their swank, new hipster hangout. The Continental Room, a mere quarter mile west of their coffee shop, has Naugahyde booths with a button you can press to set off a light to summon the nearest stewardess. With wrought iron in almost every corner of the restaurant, hand-crafted banisters, glittery ceilings and just a touch of cheesy French design, this lavishly decorated venue is easily one of the hippest retro lounges in Orange County (only The Fling and Detroit Bar are nicer). But don't expect the usual trappings like pool tables, dance floors, or video games at The Continental --this place (like all proper lounges) is strictly a place to be seen sipping martinis while feeding quarters to the impressive jukebox. If you're lucky, a DJ might be there to spin low-key tunes or you might see a small, lounge band tinkering with their instruments in the background. Of course, don't let all this insider stuff put you off -- people from North Orange County (especially Fullerton) have always been known for their down-to-earth friendliness. -- Michael Alarcon (Photo: Michael Alarcon) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Affliliate writes: In 1999 I lived in Fullerton, Ca, and there was a place there called "The Reagan Years". It was owned/operated by an extremely cool and laid back guy named Shawn, in conjunction with a coffee shop behind it called the Hub. the only reason i bring it up is because for a while it was one of the largest collection of old school arcade games out there, and I know for a fact that every game in there had a price tag on it. that was how he kept the place open, selling off a game or two a month. and they were cheap! Anyhow I know the place is still open, but I don't know what the status of his retailing is. I think the popularity of the place sort of picked up over time, and in three years who knows. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitars & Amp Reagan Years Arcade A handful of local shops are making a living out of selling or servicing relics of other eras: 1980s arcade games, typewriters, even Amiga computers. Coin-Operated Nostalgia Link In trendy downtown Fullerton, across from a vintage clothing store and not far from a pawnshop, is a two-room enclave of 1980s-era video games called The Reagan Years. The hum and thwack-thwack-clink of an air hockey match in progress greets visitors. Michael Jackson watches the action from a poster on the wall above. Flanking him on one side is `80s rocker Rick Springfield, with a photo of a DeLorean sports car on the other. On other walls, Billy Idol beckons, Rick Schroeder-then called Ricky-beams, and Ollie North swears to tell the truth. But it's not the decorations visitors come for. It's the games. Parked wall-to-wall are vintage 1980s coin-operated video games, from staples such as "Pac-Man" and "Centipede" to more obscure ones like "Paper Boy." They not only are they there to play, but to buy. Some go for as much as $1,000. "We opened it Earth Day 1998," says Carlo Terranova, co-owner of the arcade with partner Sean Francis. Terranova and Francis also co-own The Hub Cafe, which is down the hall from the arcade and the pair's original business endeavor. Terranova and Francis got the idea for The Reagan Years when the college crowd at The Hub responded with enthusiasm, and quarters, to a tabletop "Ms. PacMan" game. The partners put $50,000 into the new venture, he said, including putting in bathrooms, remodeling the space and buying games. "It's kind of a cool theme," he said. "It's a lot classier than a dive arcade. It's more like a video game museum." kORN - Hardcore Brand of Rock The Korn group is a guest of the Reagan Era Arcade and Slidebar 'Rock' Cafe. The Reagan Years has chalked up some notable buyers. Members of the rock band Korn bought one game, while members of electronic music group Crystal Method bought another. Korn Korn's cathartic alternative funk-metal sound positioned the group among the most popular and provocative to emerge during the post-grunge era. Korn began its existence as the Bakersfield, California. Terranova said the arcade is profitable and also has boosted foot traffic at The Hub. He and Francis currently are working on a new throwback venture, a 1960s "Sinatra martini bar" called The Continental. It should open in about five months in downtown Fullerton. "It has a Las Vegas Rat Pack theme," Terranova said. "Red velvet curtains and stuff." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Daily Titan Interactive Link Original date published: 15 May 2002 story by Chris Dunn Daily Titan Staff Writer Fullerton Bar has Classic Vibe HISTORY: The Continental, built in the 1920s, reopened to provide an old-time hangout for the city Two young entrepreneurs are tapping into an old taste of tradition to bring downtown Fullerton’s oldest drinking establishment, the Continental Lounge, back to life. Sean Francis and Carlo Terranova, friends since high school, also are co-owners of the Hub and Coffee Café in Fullerton. Now, Terranova and Francis are taking back the classic feel of old Fullerton with its “Italian Renaissance”-style martini bar, Francis said. “The style of the Continental when we sketched it out reminded me of a ‘60s cocktail lounge, hip and Italian style, you know,” Francis said. “It looks like we took it out of a magazine.” Before the duo owned the 75-year-old bar, it had a line of owners. The bar was built in 1925 and was called Beldon & Long Billiards. The term “bar” was not included the name because it was originally a speakeasy built in the days of prohibition. Speakeasies were used for the illegal distribution of alcohol. The alcohol was stored in a high-ceiling brick room with no windows and a metal safe door, which is now used as an office. Terranova and Francis bought the Continental in 1999 from its previous owner, Juan Ybarra. Ybarra had owned the bar since the late 1970s, where it mostly served the older Latino community of Fullerton. Downtown Fullerton is filled with buildings that have been standing since the 1920s and ‘30s, a time of prohibition. Examples include the now-closed Fox Theater, which opened in 1924 and the Chapman Building, which was constructed in 1923 and was home of the Chapman/Wickett Department Store. However, the Continental offers a touch of history that not many bars in the city are known for. “That bar has many memories that are important to me,” Ybarra said. “It was like our hangout for years. People who I have known would come in there every week, we were friends, a family.” After nearly a half-million dollars and three years of renovation, downtown Fullerton’s oldest bar is back in full swing, giving a new look to the Fullerton bar scene. The ambience of the bar is a refreshing beatnik style. The 1,650-square-foot venue has lavish woodwork and glass-stain design. The bar itself is long and smooth with mahogany leather stools. Terranova and Francis think of success when it comes to taking on new business ventures. Terranova said everyone will try something once and when they keep coming back, that’s when you know it is successful. They have been open for three months and the bar has developed its share of regulars. “It’s a nice change from the other bars in Fullerton,” Fullerton resident Frank Dubious said. “I like the atmosphere here, its not like going to just a club with a lot of loud music, I can hang out here.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time after time Link The pleasures of your youth still abound in Orange County. By JIT FONG CHIN Nickel! Nickel! 5-Cent Games takes you back in time with games like Ms. Pac-Man. STEVE K. ZYLIUS, SQUEEZEOC.COM Pac-Man, wax lips candy and disco music – are these timeless pleasures to be venerated by your descendants, or ephemeral joys that are better left for dead? Bottom line is, they're all immensely fun and still here for your enjoyment. SqueezeOC scoured the county for treasures from the 70s and 80s. Put on your sepia-shaded glasses, go out and relive your youth. WAKA WAkA, CHOMP CHOMP Once upon a time, arcade games were 2-D, simple and very slow. Alien ships stuttered from left to right. Frogger leapt and died in a flat VGA world. Nickel! Nickel! 5-Cent Games has four Orange County locations that are rather dingy, but their games are cheap and plentiful. For just $3.50, you get unlimited access to old games in the free play section. The arcade in Anaheim (10912 Katella Ave., 714-638-5050) has the largest selection, with nearly 50 machines, including "Popeye," "Donkey Kong Jr." and "Space Invaders DX." Huntington Beach (7454 Edinger Ave., 714-847-2191) has about 30 games, while arcades in Cypress (9111 Valley View St., 714-761-5515) and Lake Forest (23542 El Toro Road, 949-837-1020) have about 20 each, including "Mappy" at Lake Forest. Hipsters go to The Reagan Years in Fullerton, a retro-only place with nearly 50 machines. This bright and clean arcade is owned by the same folks behind Slidebar lounge and restaurant next door. If you must bring a date to an arcade, this is your best bet. Call before heading out, though – the arcade was closed this summer for renovation. If you have small kids in tow, you might want to head instead for sunny Newport Beach. The Balboa Fun Zone and nearby Bay Arcadeon the Balboa Peninsula each have about five old game machines, costing only 25 cents per play. The castle by the Riverside (91) Freeway, Camelot Golfland, maintains five classics within its phalanx of machines. There's a neat miniature golf course on the property and the arcade is the freshest-smelling next to expensive Dave & Buster's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bryan Writes about Reagan Years: The vid place is called "Regan Years" located in Fullerton...I think its Commonwelth and Harbor just near the Train Station....about 6 miles north of Disneyland. They have about 40 games still played on 25 cents per game. Kinda expensive when you can use MAME. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guitarist Works on Some Licks Bourbon Street West Link Thursday, June 10, 2004 - 12:00 am A BUNCH OF BANDS AROUND DOWNTOWN FULLERTON SATURDAY, JUNE 5 In the City of Fullerton, Harbor Boulevard, soon to be known as Bourbon Street West?), one of them being the Slide Bar Café, the new OC-rock-themed restaurant to replace what had been known as the Hub Café. Owner Sean Francis was enlightened with visions of a huge, black-canopied outdoor bar where the Hub’s patio used to be. Francis wants quality, and this is a place you won't soon forget. Whenever we’re at a live-music impasse, we head to downtown Fullerton, where on any weekend night, we can walk the streets and indulge in 10 different bands playing from a variety of genres. You want blues? There’s Stubrik’s Steakhouse. Jazz? Steamers, of course. Noisy punk and pop, made all the more potent with a readily available hookah? That’s the Santa Fe Café. Cover bands? The Tuscany Club. Lounge/jazz/R&B? The Continental Room. Downtown Fullerton—like Havana before Castro, kinda! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2006-06-08 Eric Writes: The Reagan Years Link Fullerton Full Review Link California As of last weekend the Reagan Years arcade is NOW OPEN!!!! The games are in excellent condition and the arcade has been remodeled with classic gaming artwork and 80's posters on the walls! Most of the games are still there...hopefully we can update the game list soon. Enjoy it while it lasts (hopefully soon!)-Eric -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitar - Joe Hill - Alien Ant Farm Alien Ant Farm Alien Ant Farm was formed in Riverside, CA (near Los Angeles) in 1996 as an alternative metal group. Joe Hill was named the new guitarist in 2005. --------------------- September 19, 2002 CLUBS Chilling at Some Hot All-Ages Venues The Hub review before Slidebar Cafe took its place on June 1, 2006 The Hub Link 124 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton. (714) 871-2233 All of its shows are free. There's coffee and coffeehouse-type food served by tattooed youngsters. The patio is a superb place to chill among trees and heat lamps, and so are the tables facing the parking lot and the nearby Fullerton Train Station and Greyhound Bus Station and Spaghetti Factory. And in the back, a video arcade called the Reagan Years has Tempest and Dig Dug. The Hub is the sort of all-ages neighborhood hangout that all neighborhoods should have but few do. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 1, 2000 Link The Reagan Years The Reagan Years, until 2000 or so, was a regular hang-out for those with an addiction to classic 80s coin op stand-up video games, with a looping TV screen of 80s videos playing above. I heard it recently closed down in hopes of being reincorporated into a new place called the Slidebar Cafe, although details are vague as to whether the place will re-open, and if so, whether the Reagan Years name will remain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Slide Bar Café, the new OC-rock-themed restaurant has replaced what had been known as the Hub Café Monday, June 05, 2006 SLIDEBAR BAND BOOKINGS AND HOURS WELCOME TO THE SLIDEBAR CAFE! This is an independtly owned and operated, rock n’ roll restaurant and bar. Thank you to all the bands who have inquired about playing at The Slidebar. The following link are the hours of operation, bookings and other details: Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Miller - Guitar May 18, 2006 NIGHTLIFE The good life, night life — new life Downtown Fullerton still has the historic facades, but it’s getting younger by the night. There’s rock, Top 40, jazz, more rock, and all the bars are full. The Slidebar Cafe in Fullerton with Reagan Years Arcade in the Back: Link This is Fullerton, after dark. With nearly 40 bars and restaurants that sprang up seemingly overnight in a string of about five blocks along Harbor Boulevard, Fullerton — yeah, Fullerton — has a newly acquired taste for rock bands, jazz, cool saloons and upscale eateries. This Orange County district, also home to an assortment of art galleries and designer boutiques, is fast becoming a destination for patrons young and old, with venues catering to virtually every taste, whether fine dining or quick bites, exotic drinks or beer on tap, strummy guitar music or thrashy punk rock. "Everything is so close here, and that's part of the attraction," says Hampson, 21, a Cal State Fullerton theater arts major surveying the scene at the Slidebar Café. Insiders know to arrive early, because on Friday nights it's elbow to elbow. "People stand in line to come in here, it's packed," says McGrath, 22. The Slidebar — think Hard Rock Café with a definite O.C. twist — debuted in March without so much as an advertisement. The venue, on Commonwealth Avenue, merely erected a page on the social networking website, and word got out. It's a venture of Sean Francis, owner of the cocktail lounge the Continental Room around the corner, and Popoff. With No Doubt's drum set hanging from the ceiling and celebs like Dennis Rodman and hot rodder Boyd Coddington adding their signatures to the wall, the Slidebar has spiked the party quotient in an area that was already adding up to a fun time. For evidence of a boom, look no farther than your parking spot — if you can find one. McGrath and friends may have been sipping beers at the Slidebar tonight, but on another night they might hit the Rail, which has karaoke and the Top 40 band Push Play. They're part of a crowd from Cal State Fullerton and nearby Fullerton College that packs places like the Slidebar, the Rail, the Tuscany Club and the Rockin' Taco Cantina. And the surge has all but erased downtown Fullerton's pawn-shop image. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Flintstones - Guitar June 1, 2006 slidebar's Blurbs About Slidebar: myspace Link MySpace URL: slidebar's Interests General Rock n' Roll, killer drinks, Pac Man, awesome food, Asteroids, good friends, Kobe Beef Burgers, hot waitresses, Missle Command, live bands, good times. Music Orange County Music.............. Social Distortion, Lit, No Doubt, The Offspring, Avenged Sevenfold, Jackson Browne, The Righteous Brothers, Korn, Reel Big Fish, Sugar Ray, Zebrahead, TSOL, The Adolescents, Agent Orange, Atreyu, Leatherwolf, Rage Against The Machine, Orgy, Velvet Revolver, Jeff Buckley, Bonnie Raitt, Bleeding Through, Something Corporate, Thrice, Save Ferris, Handsome Devil, The Vandals, Cadillac Tramps, The Aquabats, Phil Shane..... The wait is over!! The Slidebar Cafe is now open and is living up to all the hype! With 2 full bars, including one outside on a huge patio (the only one in OC besides House Of Blues,) an eclectic menu of American favorites, an 80's arcade, a take-out express counter, indoor and outdoor seating, flat screen tv's everywhere..... including the bathrooms, a killer sound system, a video jukebox, rock n' roll memorabilia from your favorite Orange County bands. (No Doubt's drum set hangs from the ceiling!) The list goes on............... You never know who's going to be there! Celebrity owners bring celebrity friends to hang out. Live entertainment will include impromptu appearances from several top names cruising through town, as well as top quality local talent. "Sunday Funday" will have a new home with our Bloody Mary Brunch. Denny's and Del Taco will have some competition with our late night menu. Located smack in the middle of the thriving SOCO District in Down Town Fullerton, The Slidebar will be the "Hub" of all the action. Stay tuned for grand opening details, and info on special events and appearnces. Get on our friends list for updates and hear about the crazy stuff from the night before in our "You Shoulda Been -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carlos Amezcha - Guitar Summer Dining News: A menu of restaurant updates for hungry diners. Compiled by Katie McLeish OC MENUS continues this Dining News section to keep readers updated on dining choices, I ncluding what is opening, what is changing and who is celebrating. Openings: Slidebar Link Slidebar Rock-n-Roll Café has opened in Fullerton. Owners Sean Francis and Jeremy Popoff (the lead guitarist of band Lit) opened the restaurant/bar near the train depot. The restaurant's décor features a number of collectibles, including a drum set from Anaheim's No Doubt, a smashed guitar from Long Beach's Sublime, and a 1959 Cadillac that belonged to Travis Barker of Blink 182. Walter Rowin is the chef -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bedazzled Guitar Going Out Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Cafe, The Link Address: 122 E. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton , CA 92832 Phone: 714-871-2233 Description: Sean Francis, owner of The Continental Room lounge, has paired up with Jeremy Popoff, lead guitarist of Lit, to open a rock 'n' roll-themed restaurant-bar near the train depot in Fullerton. Locals rule here. Collectibles in the interior include a drum set from Anaheim's No Doubt, a smashed guitar by Long Beach's Sublime, and a 1959 Cadillac that belonged to Travis Barker of Blink-182. (OK, OK, Barker grew up in Fontana, but he buys drums from Orange County Drum & Percussion in Santa Ana.) One wall is lined with mini-murals of homegrown legends like The Righteous Brothers, The Offspring, and of course, Queen Gwen. Other fun touches include bar stools made from drums and menus shaped like vinyl album covers. Since a March 22 soft opening, Dennis Rodman, KROQ DJ Stryker, and members of Green Day, Social Distortion and Foo Fighters, have reportedly dropped by. Breakfast is served all day, and dinner is served 'til 1 a.m. to meet your late-night partying needs. Wil's Mom's Beef Stroganoff, Double-platinum Burger is worth a try. (Jit Fong Chin) Hours: 11 a.m.-2 a.m. daily Price Range: $$ $10 - $20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grape Guitar - Posted 3/30/06 Update from Kevin Baldes - Slidebar Link From Lit: The Slidebar Is Now Open The wait is over!! The Slidebar Cafe is now open and is living up to all the hype! With 2 full bars, including one outside on a huge patio (the only one in OC besides House Of Blues,) an eclectic menu of American favorites, an 80's arcade, a take-out express counter, indoor and outdoor seating, flat screen tv's everywhere..... including the bathrooms, a killer sound system, a video jukebox, rock n' roll memorabilia from your favorite Orange County bands. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitar Mermaid Fullerton City Guide Slidebar Rock-n-Roll Cafe Link The best thing since Anaheim’s House of Blues. If you sense a buzz coming from the direction of downtown Fullerton, it’s probably reverberating from Slidebar, the city’s answer to Anaheim’s House of Blues. This indoor/outdoor hotspot -- co-owned by Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff along with Sean Francis, owner of Fullerton’s other hipster hangout, the Continental Room -- is divided into several interconnecting spaces: the dining room, the bar, the patio (OC’s biggest) and the concert area. The dining space serves as a spot where people can sit amidst rare rock memorabilia donated by OC musicians and order high end grub like the $25 Kobe beef burgers, gourmet sandwiches, premium steaks, fresh seafood and monster-sized salads. The kitchen is open for lunch and dinner with a special late-night menu (there's also an express takeout window), but the kitchen’s hallmark is its Bloody Mary brunch served every Sunday. Of course, the most impressive aspect of Slidebar is its bar and raised stage area where just about anything can happen: the venue’s owners promise everything from impromptu concerts by A-list rock bands passing through town to loungey club nights and celeb-filled parties, many of which are spontaneous after-parties. -- Michael Alarcon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bowling Pins THE SLIDEBAR ROCK-N-ROLL CAFE — Fullerton Link New restaurant roundup A sampling of new eateries in Orange County. Owners: Sean Francis and Jeremy Popoff Who's the chef: Walter Rowin, previously a private chef, and once a manager at The Catch in Anaheim. Details: Francis, owner of The Continental Room martini lounge, has paired up with Popoff, lead guitarist of Lit, to open a rock 'n' roll restaurant/bar near the train depot in Fullerton. Locals rule here. Collectibles inside include a drum set from Anaheim's No Doubt, a smashed guitar from Long Beach's Sublime, and a 1959 Cadillac that belonged to Travis Barker of Blink-182. (Yeah, Barker grew up in Fontana, but he buys drums from Orange County Drum & Percussion.) One wall is lined with mini-murals of homegrown legends like The Righteous Brothers, The Offspring, and of course, Queen Gwen. Other fun touches include bar stools made from tom drums and menus shaped like vinyl album covers. Since a March 22 soft opening, Dennis Rodman, KROQ DJ Stryker, and members of Green Day, Social Distortion and Foo Fighters have reportedly dropped by. Breakfast is served all day, and dinner is served 'til 1 a.m. to meet your late-night partying needs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Lit up Link Fullerton foursome enjoying good times By Paul Andersen Correspondent Orange County is perhaps best known as the home of Disneyland and the Angels. The OC is now tied to one of the hotter prime time soap operas on television, and rock bands like No Doubt and others have helped define an Orange County music scene. For members of the rock band Lit, making two concert appearances this weekend, Orange County, or more specifically, Fullerton, is simply home. It is the place where they slogged it out playing a few local clubs while refining their sound. None of the four have strayed. They've bought homes in Fullerton, and they've decided to invest in their own restaurant there, the Slidebar Cafe, which, if all goes according to plan, will open in March. OTHER ARTICLES IN THIS SECTION 12/22/2004 "We always had the idea for a Hard Rock Cafe-type place, only Orange County related," says Lit's bassist, Kevin Baldes. "So we'll have a drum set from No Doubt, the Letterman's jacket that (Social Distortion's) Mike Ness wore on an album cover, stuff from bands like Reel Big fish and the Offspring, all on display around the place, all on loan. It's got an inside bar and an outside bar on this big patio, and there's this '80s-style arcade next door called the Reagen Years. It is going to be a cool place to hang out." That sense of community is borne out in the closing track of their latest self-titled CD, their fourth overall and first for their new label, Nitrus/DRT/Dirty Martini. The song, "Bulletproof," was written in response to a friend's suicide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- from Kevin Baldes, 3/30/06 Slidebar Cafe in downtown Fullerton, CA is open. The reason why you might not have heard about it yet is because we did what is called in the industry a, "soft open". This is done to work in the staff and get them used to everything. As of this up-date it's been open for a week and is already doing very well. Knock on wood. Eventually their will be a grand opening of some kind. Maybe No Doubt or Offspring will perform. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Touring Has Highs And Lows, Lit Say MTV NEWS: Archive Link Lit's Jeremy and A. Jay Popoff: MTV News Sometimes touring in a successful rock band can be a double-edged sword. Fans shower groups with adoration when they're onstage, but once they come down, the artists alone must endure physical exhaustion, cramped tour-bus quarters and having every minute of their day accounted for. Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff has felt the blade one too many times, so he wrote a song about it. "Lipstick and Bruises," the first single from the Orange County pop-punk band's third album, Atomic (October 16), exposes the darker side of the road. 'Lipstick and Bruises' is kind of the way we feel a lot of times when we're on the road," explained singer A. Jay Popoff, Jeremy's brother. "You wake up in the morning and sort of feel like you're covered in bruises. Mentally and physically, we put ourselves through [a lot] on tour — you feel beat up at times. "At the same time, we're doing what we love. You're playing the show and feeding off the crowd, and you definitely feel the love. That's where the 'lipstick' comes from. But you wake up feeling pretty tore up. [It's an] 'abuse me more, I like it' kind of thing." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I don't think the Guinness people or Walter Day and Billy Mitchell will be visiting this video game arcade soon because there is no one available to watch over the arcade. Even if a high score was done, who would record it? This spot is a free for all for the local crowd and it shows it with grafitti and sticky buttons. I'm still glad Reagan Years exists. I can still get some of the sites and sounds of the by gone days! At the very least you can walk over to the "The Slidebar" which is connected to "The Reagan Years Arcade" and watch the best looking girls in California come and go from this whos who rock and roll bar.
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hit Counter Mario "Reagan Years" the 1980's Classics Arcade in Fullerton, CA Has now Re-Opened and has a whole new facelift! (June 16, 2006) Reagan Years This classic era arcade, "Reagan Years" is combined in a way with the ultra hip, "The Sidebar Rock and Roll Cafe" is connected to Reagan Years and is co-owned by the famous rock band guitarist from "Lit", Jeremy Popoff and businessman, Sean Francis. Link Thank you! Paul Dean, Spy Hunter Champion, June 28, 1985 The Fender Museum On July 13th, 2002 the Fender Museum of Music and the Arts carved a place for itself in music history with the official opening of its brand new 33,000 square foot building in Corona, CA Link Fender The Fender Museum 365 North Main Street Corona, CA 92880 951.735.2440