Posted: July 13, 2006

California Extreme Results 2006

July 8 -9 , 2006
Parkside Hall
San Jose, California


The Final Results for the California Extreme Paul Dean Pac-Mania/Spy Hunter High Score Contest

The biggest Guns have come to the 2006 California Extreme Event in order to show their Video Game & Pinball skills and to compete in the Paul Dean Pac-Mania/Spy Hunter High Score Competition as well as in the Masters Pinball Tournament Bowen Kerins came in First Place in the "A" Division California Extreme Masters Pinball Tournament Tongki Linderman new Pac-Mania World Record 3,733,860 Paul Dean and Tongki Linderman, Pac-Mania Champion, July 8, 2006 "Jimmy" Tongki Linderman proves to be a great competitor Photo above: Paul Dean, Left, Gives "Jimmy" Tongki Linderman (Right) $50.00 cash first prize for being the winner of the 2006 California Extreme Pac-Mania High Score Contest with a 3,733,860. The High Score Contest Games Spy Hunter and Pac-Mania are in the background. "Jimmy" Tongki Linderman also received a Paul Dean Spy Hunter/Pacmania Poster and a signed Billy Mitchell Twin Galaxies California Extreme numbered poster and Billy Mitchell numbered collectable California Extreme Hot Sauce bottle souvenir. Tongki Linderman High Score of 3,733,860 July 8, 2006 Mark Alpiger does an excellent photo coverage of the Pacmania/Spy Hunter event Seeing the Mark Alpiger, "Video Game Historian", photos of the July 8-9, 2006 California Extreme event brings back fond memories of the excellent contest and event in which everyone had lots of fun. Mark Alpiger Photos Link Several photos have in the left hand corner, By Mark Alpiger, as he is the photographer and should get full credit for the great photo coverage of the event. Mark Alpiger has several other photos of this event at his web site: Here is Mark Alpiger with a girl that loves Eight Ball Deluxe! He really has his hands full with this one, as not all of his Crystal Castle Skills are transferable to this new title. Jeri "Commodore 64" Ellsworth The girl in the Mark Alpiger photo links above was born in 1974 in Yamhill, Oregon, and is actually the renouned Jeri Ellsworth, a speaker and programmer and computer chip designer who created the Commodore One creation and C64-DTV: an enhanced adaptation of the Commodore 64. This unit was the most sold of any computer model according to the Guinness book of World Records. We all welcome her and the other dignified celebrities to California Extreme 2006. Jeri Ellsworth's latest endeavor has been a design of a computer in a chip for the Commodore-emulating joystick which is a 30-game all-in-one Commodore 64 system-in-a-joystick. She began the project in June 2004, and had the project ready to ship by that Christmas. It sold over a half-million units. Her efforts in reverse-engineering old computers and giving them new life inside modern custom chips has already earned her a cult following among small groups of "retro" personal computer enthusiasts At this link is the California Extreme 2006 Results announcement and thread of the winners on the Twin Galaxies Message Board. Link Here is the Mark Alpiger review of the 2006 California Extreme event. Link "Jimmy" Tongki Linderman Paul Dean gives "Jimmy" Tongki Linderman $50.00 on July 8, 2006 at California Extreme 2006 for being the first prize winner of the Pac-Mania portion of the Pac-Mania/Spy Hunter Competition. "Jimmy" Tongki Linderman has put up a high score which is astronomical by any account. 40 boards played with a new world record on factory default settings with a score of 3,733,860. Congratulations "Jimmy" Tongki Linderman! Tongki "Jimmy" Linderman Pac-Mania Champ Interview Tongki Linderman, from Brooklyn, New York, best known by his nickname, "Jimmy" has beat his own all time official world record of 2,172,250 which was done at Jackie Gaughan's Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, NV August 11, 2003 with a new world record at California Extreme 2006 in San Jose, CA at the Paul Dean Pac-Mania/Spy Hunter High Score Competition with a new world record of 3,733,860 on level 40 after 1 hour and 15 minutes of game play. This new world record was done on July 8, 2006 on default settings, verified by Paul Dean, Mark Alpiger, Gary Hatt and Phil Younger. Pac-Mania Highlights Some Pac-Mania Highlights from the World Famous Pac-Mania Champion, Tongki Linderman "Jimmy": on the July 8, 2006 Pac-Mania World Record at the Paul Dean California Extreme Pac-Mania/Spy Hunter High Score Contest. To: Paul Dean, Pac-Mania Championships Coordinator From: Tongki Linderman "Jimmy" Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 6:21 PM Subject: Re: jimmy the Pac-Mania champ Hi Jimmy, (Tongki "Jimmy" Linderman) A couple of questions regarding your Pac-Mania world record and some of the other world records you hold. Walter Day Tongki Linderman Twin Galaxy Statistics: Link (Tongki Linderman) Nick name: Jimmy Jimmy, great to hear from you. Again, congratulations on the Pac-Mania world record high score for default settings at my Pac-Mania/Spy Hunter High Score Competition at California Extreme 2006. Wow, all the way to board 40 that is an accomplishment as well as your other past accomplishments on Mr. Do! The Pac-Mania default setting high score was done with as follows: July 8, 2006 - 3,733,860 Pac-Mania World Record, at Board 40. Jimmy, here a couple of questions about your amazing accomplishments on both your record on Pac-Mania and your past record on Mr. Do!
Pac-Mania Questions and Answers Paul Dean asks Tongki "Jimmy" Linderman some Pac-Mania and Mr. Do! World Record Questions: 1. How long have you been playing Pac-Mania and breaking 1 million points? I broke 1 million pts after playing for about 5 months. 2. Do you remember the names of the people in your group who were getting over 1 million? And what years were you practicing with them? Joe, Andrew, Bancroft, a Chinese guy and a Spanish guy. We we're all practicing together until 1990 then the Spanish guy fell out of the competition. 3. Which arcade did you most practice at? Playland at 42nd street & Broadway in Manhattan 4. What was the approximate level of your last life on Pac-Mania at default settings on your high score? Pac-Mania (Tongki Linderman) "Jimmy" Level 17 = 2.0 Million Level 19 is the maximum level for unique levels (boards). Rounds 14-19 Keep repeating after Level 19. Level 23 = 2.4 Million 400,000 for every six levels completed Level 29 = 2.8 Million 400,000 for every six levels completed Level 35 = 3.2 Million 400,000 for every six levels completed Level 40 = 3,733,860 (3.733 Million) Last Pac-Mania man died. Did not reach Level 41 would would have been 3.8 Million Last man reached level 40 Last life was on Level 40 for a World Record of 3,733,86 on Factory Default Settings 5. Why is level 19 the ending level in some cases? Does it repeat after that and how many boards does it repeat over and over? Maybe it was figured that not too many people will even get to that level, much less pass it. After 19, it repeats 14-19 indefinitely. 6. Is it possible to play the game forever if you had a really good pattern? yes, and patience and stamina. 7. Do you think it is better to play on factory default or on the Twin Galaxies grade which end at level 19? default, or on RANK D, endless 8. Do you think you might make it out to Funspot or California Extreme next year (2007)? I can definitely do one or the other, but both would be tough to do. 9. How long did it take you to master Mr. Do? Overall about 3 years 10. What is the highest level you have gotten to? 162, I did that at cg expo 2004 11. Is Mr. Do all patterns like Pac-Mania? No, every game is different. 12. Are the Pac-Mania patterns your own or were you taught by someone else? I copied some of their patterns, only a handful I copied I modified it by doing something a little different. (Tongki Linderman) "Jimmy" Pac-Mania champion will be competing again soon in order to beat his past world record scores. He now lives in New York and is gearing up for the next competition.
California Extreme is celebrating their 10th Year of celebrating Classic pinball and video games with high score competitions California Extreme 2006 Win Paul Dean's Money - Spy Hunter & Pac-Mania High Score Competition California Extreme July 8, 2006 Contest Results are now Final For a new world record on factory default settings done at California Extreme, Tongki Linderman, previous world record holder of Pac-Mania from 2003, beats his previous world record with a new world on July 8, 2006 with record of 3,733,860 on factory default settings. This record took him all the way to level 40. Wow! $50.00 Cash prize awarded to Tongki Linderman. Paul Dean pays Spy Hunter winner, Jon Koolpe, $50.00 at California Extreme "Jon" Jonathan Koolpe, also an organizer of California Extreme 2006 wins the Spy Hunter contest with a high score of 295,875. A $50.00 Cash prize was awarded to Jonathan Koolpe. Paul Dean Breaks 1 Million on Spy Hunter July 9, 2006 Paul Dean enters the 1 Million range with a 1,184,340 on Spy Hunter, which hasn't been in public since Oaul Dean did a 9,512,590 at the Huish Upland Arcade in California on June 28, 1985 at the Third Annual Guinness Masters Tournament Not to be out done Paul Dean put up a 1,184,340 score for all to see on Sunday July 9, 2006 for those who were interested in seeing the 1 million point digit on Spy Hunter which hasn't been done since Paul Dean's 9.5 Million world record done on June 28, 1985 at the Third Annual Twin Galaxies Guinness Masters Tournament. There were many other cash prizes, check back later for the complete results. July 9, 2006 California Extreme Pinball Results Bowen Kerins Boston, MA USA Bowen Kerins came in First Place in the "A" Division California Extreme Masters Pinball Tournament Bowen Kerins - California Extreme 2006 "A" Division Winner Congratulations, Bowen Kerins, for Winning California Extreme 2006 "A" Division Pinball Tournament Event! Josh Sharp reports the following pinball winners for California Extreme: Congratulations to the following players for winning WPPR points at this year's California Extreme. These points will be reflected in the August 1st rankings on the WPPR website. The California Extreme Pinball Tournament was from July 8-9, 2006 at Parkside Hall, San Jose, CA. ( California Extreme Main Pinball Division A Tournament: California Extreme Pinball World Masters Points Awarded for this Tournament (WPPR) California Extreme Pinball World Pinball Points earned at California Extreme 2006 (WPPR) World Pinball Player Rankings Link Bowen Kerins wins the California Extreme "A" Division Pinball Tournament The (5) Tournament Games for "A" Division Medieval Madness Warlok Funhouse Flip Flop Demolition Man Name Points Cash Prize 1st place - Bowen Kerins (25 WPPR Points) 1st-- $ 500.00 2nd place - Trent Augenstein (15 WPPR Points) 2nd-- 250.00 3rd place - Keith Elwin (10 WPPR Points) 3rd-- 150.00 4th place - Neil Shatz (5 WPPR Points) 4th-- No Cash Prize Qualify but DNP - Mike Mahaffey (1 WPPR Point) Qualify but DNP - Chris Newsom (1 WPPR Point) Qualify but DNP - Rick Stetta (1 WPPR Point) Qualify but DNP - Andrei Massenkoff (1 WPPR Point) Trent Augenstein wins the California Extreme No Limit Tournament No Limit Poker Pinball Tournament: Place Name Masters Points Cash Prize 1st place - Trent Augenstein (13 WPPR Points) 1st-- $ 405.00 2nd place - Jim Belsito (8 WPPR Points) 2nd-- 200.00 3rd place - Todd MacCulloch (5 WPPR Points) 3rd-- 125.00 4th place - Roya Naini (3 WPPR Points) 4th-- 80.00 The (5) Tournament Games for "B" Division Demolition Man Frontier Twilight Zone Laser Cue Getaway Dean Grover wins the California Extreme "B" Division Pinball Tournament The B-Division (No WPPR points - but a tough division nevertheless) Place Name Cash Prize 1st place - Dean Grover 1st -- $ 250.00 2nd place - Todd MacCulloch 2nd -- 125.00 3rd place - Dan Stoddard 3rd -- 75.00 4th place - Roya Naini 4th -- No Cash Prize The International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA), has established the first official rankings system of pinball players throughout the world. Link World Pinball Player Rankings World Pinball Rankings as of July 13, 2006 Latest World Pinball Rankings Rank Name Points 1. Keith Elwin 361.0 2. Bowen Kerins 279.2 3. Chris Newsom 215.0 4. Neil Shatz 212.6 5. Lyman Sheats 211.0 6. Josh Sharpe 204.8 7. Jim Belsito 173.6 8. Trent Augenstein 165.9 9. Jörgen Holm 165.1 10. Zach Sharpe 162.0 There were six World Level Pinball Players who competed at the California Extreme Pinball Tournament who are ranked in the top 10 in the World Pinball Rankings: California Extreme Pinball 2006 World Ranking/Name (1) Keith Elwin (2) Bowen Kerins (3) Chris Newsom (4) Neil Shatz (7) Jim Belsito (8) Trent Augenstein ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ California Extreme 2006 Video Game Coin-Op Champions at Event California Extreme Video Game Guinness Champions and World Record Holders at Event Paul Dean Spy Hunter Guinness Book Champion Mike Klug Pole Position II Guinness Book Champion Mark Alpiger Crystal Castles Guinness Book Champion Phil Younger Atari 2600 Berzerk Champion Mark Robichek 1982 Frogger Guinness Book Champion Gary Hatt Bandlands Guinness Book Champion & US National Video Game Team Brian Kuh Modern Day Twin Galaxies Champion Tongki Linderman Pac-Mania Modern Day Twin Galaxies Champion Jonathan Koolpe Venture Modern Day Champion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pac-Mania/Spy Hunter World Final Results/Cash Prizes There are Eight Cash Prizes for this event. First Place through Fourth place on both Spy Hunter and Pac-Mania are in the money! Spy Hunter Spy Hunter/Pac-Mania High Score Competition Cash Prizes:
Spy Hunter High Scores: Pac-Mania High Scores: 1st Place Winner will receive $50.00 1st Place Winner will receive $50.00 Jon Koolpe 295,875 Tongki Linderman (Jimmy) 3,733,860 2nd Place Winner will receive $25.00 2nd Place Winner will receive $25.00 Jim Hernandez 266,485 Jeff Yonan 304,650 3rd Place Winner will receive $15.00 3rd Place Winner will receive $15.00 Mark Edwards 108,840 Gary Hatt 247,880 4th Place Winner will receive $10.00 4th Place Winner will receive $10.00 Gary Hatt 82,720 Jim Hernandez 234,520 The Pac-Mania/Spy Hunter High Score Contest Competitors: Name of Player Home Town 1. Tongki Linderman (Jimmy) Brooklyn, New York 2. Gary Hatt Ontario, California 3. Todd MacCulloch Brainbridge Island, Washington 4. Mark Edwards Tempe, Arizona 5. Thaxter Ransom Berkeley, California 6. Alex Beylinger Berkeley, California 7. Jim Hernandez Freemont, California 8. Dean Grover Strasburg, Colorado 9. Jeff Yonan Freemont, California 10. Jon Koolpe (Jonathan Koolpe) Daly City, CA
Thank you very much for all of those who supported this High Score Event by joining in on the fun!
Classic Arcades or Bust Personal highlights for Paul Dean at the California Extreme Event: Saturday July 8, 2006 I did put up a 501,000 at California Extreme on Spy Hunter the coin-operated video game as a warm up game to make sure the buttons were in working order. Many players started to look quite concerned so I let them know I would not be in the tournament because I thought it wouldn't be quite fair to win my own money. Watching "Jimmy" Tongki Linderman get past 3 million (3,733,860) on Pac-Mania seemed impossible yet I got to see it happen on the evening of Saturday July 8, 2006 and on my machine! On Sunday July 9, 2006 I put up a 1.1 million (1,184,340) Million point high score which I hadn't done officially since my 9.5 million world record score done on June 28, 1985 at the Third Annual Guinness Masters Tournament. This debunks the myth that several people have turned over the high score table at 999,999 because there is an additional digit which preserves the million point score and if the spy hunter battery is working a million point score will last for over a year in memory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other News: Snippets of news from the California Extreme Show --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates of the California Extreme 2006 Event: High Score News: Although I only had 10 entries, they were all so enthusiastic that the event was worth it for me, with the highlight of the world famous Tongki Linderman playing my tournament game, Pac-Mania and crushing his old world record with a new world record on July 8, 2006 of 3,733,860 on default settings. Mark Alpiger took several screen shots of the event, and I can't wait to see some of the photos of Tongki Linderman and the others. The high score event was from 10:30am to 10:00pm on Saturday July 8, 2006. Mark Alpiger confirmed the settings and put security stickers on the equipment so we all would know that the settings are correct and permanent throughout the high score tournament. I selected the factory default for both spy hunter and Pac-Mania, as that is the best way to confirm high scores. The factory default settings are also listed on the back of the game and in the instruction manual so everybody knows what factory default settings are in order to compete. Twin Galaxies does not follow factory default on Pac-Mania on Pac-Mania so it is hard to compare apples to apples, etc., when the settings are not at the fixed default standard that the games are sent out as when they first hit the arcades, and factory default is the recommended manual settings for the arcades. Also, there was no official Twin Galaxies referee present nor video of the preformance. The main difference between the Twin Galaxies settings and the standard factory default settings for Pac-Mania that Twin Galaxies sets the settings to end at level 19. This does not test the full ability of the player. Factory default allows the player to keep going until all of their pacmen are dead which tests the entire skill set of the individual. In the case of (Tongki Linderman) nickname "Jimmy", Pac-Mania champion at California Extreme was able to get to level 40 because the game did not have a mandatory end on level 19, as factory default allows you to play as many screens as you can until your game is done. California Extreme 2006 Results: Pac-Mania Tongki Linderman - 3,733,860 Tongki Linderman believes his Pac-Mania game ended on board 40 after 1 hour and 15 minutes of game play. He pretty much decimates every player out their as he has complete control of the Pac-Mania game, if patterns that are flawless in many ways. Tongki Linderman works in New York as a Courier. The Pac-Mania and Spy Hunter were completely refurbished so that very high scores are possible because the games have the look and feel as if they rolled off the assembly line in the year they were released. The Spy Hunter Champion for this contest was California Extreme's very own, Jonathan Koolpe, with a spy hunter score of 295,875. He probably could have gotten a higher score but had little time to play because he was in charge of the Tips N Tricks panel and was one of the California Extreme Staff Members. Both players received $50.00 from me as the first place award as well as getting a souvenir California Extreme numbered and signed Twin Galaxies Billy Mitchell poster and California extreme collectable Billy Mitchell hot sauce label. I (Paul Dean) also gave Tongki Linderman a laminated poster of my contest as a souvenir. I had Tongki Linderman sign his name on the inside of my Pac-Mania cabinet as well as on the back of my 2x3 poster advertisement of the California extreme high score event. Above Advertisement Link, Paul Dean and Gary Holding Event Poster The prizes were as follows: 8 prizes in all. Spy Hunter Pac-Mania 1st place - $50.00 1st place - $50.00 2nd place - $25.00 2nd place - $25.00 3rd place - $15.00 3rd place - $15.00 4th place - $10.00 4th place - $10.00 I (Paul Dean) also played two games of spy hunter. My first game was on Saturday which was a 501,000 and the players started getting nervous, so I let them know I wasn't competing in the contest. My second high score was 1.1 million on Sunday. This finally made it to the public for the first time since I did the 9.5 million score way back on June 28, 1985. So this debunks the myth the spy hunter turns over at a million, as so many have claimed they have done. Spy Hunter does not turn over to zero as their is a million digit. Fun contest, yet a lot of hard work and no breaks. I am glad I did it because I met a lot of nice people that enjoy the same games that I enjoy. ----------------------------------------------------- California Extreme Attendees: Besides the big panel names that were there like Eugene Jarvis and the Atari Panel, some high score players were their as well and I got to chat with them. Brian Kuh and a Root Beer Float Brian Kuh (Photo Left side link) was there and he recently got 16 world records at the last funspot 2006 event, all in one day. Favorite recollection, Brian Kuh with two extra large rootbeer floats in his hands for right before the California Extreme 2006 Atari Seminar. He loves to chug those root beer floats from Flow's across the street. This is his annual California Extreme trek. Seem's that Flows Restaurant has the best Root Beer this side of the Mississippi! Also available was Mike Klug, known for his Guinness World Record on Pole Position II and second place on Pole Position was there for the event. Mark Alpiger, known for his past Guinness World Record on Crystal Castles was there for the whole event as well as being on the Tips N Tricks video game panel. Mark Alpiger is now in second in Crystal Castles. Tongki Linderman, past Pac-Mania world champion was there from New York and did a great performance at my contest, getting the highest score he has ever gotten in a tournament at my contest. Phil Younger, Atari 2600 berzerk champion was there to show me some Berzerk strategies. Mark Robichek, past 1982 Frogger Champion was also walking the floor, playing games. No officials were available from Twin Galaxies. Coin-Op TV, Rob Welkner, interviewed the following people: Gary Hatt of the US National Video Game Team, from the 1980's as well as myself, Paul Dean and other players. ------------------------------------------------------- San Jose, CA Road Trip Mark Alpiger, Mike Klug, Brian Kuh and I (Paul Dean) went on a road trip to visit the famous programmer, Franz Lanzinger, of Crystal Castles. We went over to visit him in San Jose, Ca, and met his wife and Mark Robichek and his fiancée. We had a great five hour talk about video games, how they are made, how they are played and current news and issues that have come up, as well as the industry as a whole. Great conversations and lots of learning there. Franz Lanzinger composed all of the Crystal Castle theme music which he played for us on a baby grand piano. Much of it was classical yet whimsical and fun as you have probably heard some of the crystal castles theme music. Crystal Castles - Bentley Bear Crystal Castles It was interesting to find that Bentley the bear from Cystal Castles originally had another bear name in which needed to be changed because some Indians complained about the original name. It was also interesting to note that when the game was first put out in a designated location that it was not a big hit because there were to many bugs, which were in several weeks taken out so that the game eventually became a big hit and was made for wide release. ATARI has a rule of thumb which basically states that when they put their new game out on several test locations for six weeks, that game must be the best game in revenue for all six weeks or Atari would not release the game at all, and half of Atari's prototype games didn't make the cut and were never released. We visited one of the Atari test site arcade locations, which did not have the same feel as it had in the 1980's. Now days the games are mostly simulators and dance machines instead of the old standard of standup video games. Where are the classic games? The Ultracade has over 100 classic games in one, but you won't be able to play the classic games that had special controls such as paperboy or spy hunter. Also, the Ultracade machine has the new microswitch joysticks which have a different feel than the old standard pacman leaf switch joysticks in which you could lean into a move with smoother control and no bouncing of the joystick. Engineering Prototype Atari Prototypes A dozen coin-opererated prototype 1980's video games were at the California Extreme event to be played. Most of them were from the Atari people who are the founding fathers of 10 Year Old Annual California Extreme Event. Addams Family Pinball - With A Manual Peddle Power Generator Addams Family The strangest game was the Addams Family Pinball which only works when you are peddling fast on a bicycle. the power you generate gives the strength of your flippers and you shoot the ball from your bicycle. A crazy fun game to watch others play, as they get exhausted and frustrated at this physical game. There were other pinball games tricked out so you had to use your feet for the flippers, and other weird pinball configurations. It is interesting to note that at least (5) of the top 10 pinball players in the world were competing at the California Extreme "A" Division Event. They fly to this event every year to compete in the "A" Division in order to gain Masters Points if they can do well in this pinball tournament. Bowen Kerins runs this event as well as being ranked in the top 5 in the world. Jim Belsito is in charge of getting the pinball's to the tournament and he takes many from his collection in Rialto, Ca. to the San Jose event. He also helped Paul Dean with transporting the video game equipment, Spy Hunter and Pac-Mania to San Jose and back to Rialto, CA. Missing some Cake? The case of the missing Cake On a lighter note, I, (Paul Dean) went back to my hotel room, at the Hilton across the street from Parkside Hall in San Jose finding a birthday cake in my room. I knew it wasn't my birthday, so I was quite perplexed as what to do. After looking at the birthday card, reading to: "pinball wizard", that gave me the clue as to who should be receiving this mystery cake which had no recognizable return signature. Much to the strength of my will power, I did not eat that chocolate cake, "My favorite", and got the cake to the rightful owner, a good friend, Ranked 7th in the World Pinball Rankings, Jim Belsito, now 36 years old on Sunday July 9, 2006. But I couldn't help writing, "The Spy Hunter Champ was here on the Card, Happy Birthday!". Sorry, just couldn't help myself. What are the odds that the bell hop would deliver the cake to a room in which their were 900 rooms, that the recipient would recognize the To: Pinball Wizard and know who the rightful owner would be? All in all California Extreme was a fun event, however I was to busy to play the other games on all day Saturday as I was writing down the high scores of each player, giving them as many chances as they wanted to improve their scores, for the initial tournament fee of $3.00 which allowed them to play all day long in order to win some money. Thank you, There will be some pictures later of my tournament, as soon as my friends send them to me. Take care, Paul Dean
Speakers and Events at California Extreme 2006 Lots and lots of new speakers as well as old standby speakers were at California Extreme on Saturday and Sunday July 8, 2006 - July 9, 2006 as well as over 400 pinball/video games. There was also the "How to Play Pinball" presentation by the world top players such as Bowen Kerins. To many great things are going on, so you do not want to miss the next California Extreme event! There are many world record holders milling about in which you could probably watch and get a strategy or two from them. The California Extreme Schedule for July 8-9, 2006 California Extreme, is holding their big 10th Anniversary Show this July 8-9, 2006 and are pleased to announce the following speaker schedule for this event: 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM Saturday, 12:00 Noon Sunday "How to Play Pinball" - Clinic with pinball champs Bowen Kerins and Jim Belsito. Learn the tricks and techniques - straight from the wizards themselves! Note, these seminars will be held in the lobby! These two players are Ranked as World Master Players and are both in the top 10 for World Masters Points. (Jim Belsito was not available because he was manning over the pinball contest) Throughout the show, the Wild West Pinball Rodeo. Dann Frank and the Pinball Rodeo will once again make an appearance at California Extreme. Try out some of the zany, modified machines to see how you do! Some flippers are designed to be used with your feet only. There is also Tag Team Pinball and many other unique type of pinball modifications on this equipment. You have to think about pinball differently when you play these games. 12:00 PM Noon Saturday The Making of Robotron - Eugene Jarvis Eugene Jarvis is well-known to classic video arcade gamers as part of the "Vid Kidz" team who developed some of the most popular arcade games of all time, including ever-popular favorites such as Defender, Robotron, and the Cruis'n driving series. He has also had a hand in software and sound development for such classic pinball's as High Speed, F-14 Tomcat, and Firepower. Eugene continues to be very active in the arcade field creating many very successful modern coin-operated Blockbuster video games including Target Terror and The Fast and the Furious as part of his own studio, Raw Thrills, Inc. He will give the inside story of the making of Robotron, giving tales from the video game industry from its small beginnings with just a few programmers, to its huge corporate business it is today. 1:00 PM Saturday Atari Panel - Al Alcorn, Eugene Jarvis, Steve Ritchie, Ed Rotberg, Owen Rubin Legends of the pinball and video game industry meet up in what is sure to be another lively discussion. These are the people who have created the games we all love - hear them discuss the stories behind the creation of those games. They are a returning venue that always pack the house! 2:30 PM Saturday The return of Video Game Expert Panel! Join a panel of classic coin-operated video game experts as they offer a variety of tips, tricks, and strategies on some of your favorite video games. These guys have been playing the classics and honing their skills for over 2 decades now. Several classics will be discussed including Tempest, Centipede, Frogger, Moon Patrol, Pengo, Indiana Jones, and even some not as well-known classics such Tutankham and The Glob. These tips, tricks and secrets may open up a new high score for those who were at first stumbling with some of these big titles. Sometimes its just one thing that prevents you from a breakthrough, and now the secret is out! 4:00 PM Saturday Artists Group - Jean Baudin, Ed Cassell, Dan Fontes, and Kevin Tiell Arcades, their environment, and the games they contain have been a big influence on popular culture. See and hear how these artists have taken that influence and turned it into expression of their own. Blue-collar times Anyone who remembers Playland is wistful, or maybe just nostalgic, for the gritty, blue-collar San Francisco. "It wasn't just toys for the rich. It was toys for everyone," said Dan Fontes, a muralist working in El Cerrito on a large rendering of Playland and the surrounding area. Playland Article Link Playland - Laffing Sal The Laffing Sal was at the Fun House at Playland at the Beach in San Francisco for many years and was removed in 1972. One of the last Laffing Sal's has been purchased for $50,000 and is on display at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Jean Baudin has created nine string bass guitars with arcade inspired looks, and developed a distinctive style of playing to express melodies from the arcade as well as original music. You won't believe what Jean can make the bass do! Ed Cassell and Dan Fontes have created murals for Playland-Not-at-the-Beach and other public places - not to mention the amazing pinball floor at the former For Amusement Only in Berkeley. Hear about the process of creating a mural that meets the needs of the location and how the artist expresses that need. Kevin Tiell has developed a series of pinball-eye-view photographs using a macro lenses, that show a side of the pinball game you may have never considered. He will be discussing his approach to making these beautiful photographs that you can practically walk into. 5:00 PM Saturday "Playland-Not-at-the-Beach" - Richard Tuck Several decades ago California had a bevy of seaside amusement parks stretching from San Diego to San Francisco. Today only the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk exists. The most beloved park in Northern California was Whitney's Playland at the Beach which lasted from 1928 to 1972. This year a non-profit family fun center / museum is opening in the Bay Area commemorating all the bygone amusement centers of the past. Laffing Sal Laffing Sal photo Link The 300 Laffing Sal's were built from the 1930 to 1950 as amusement attractions at the local amusement parks in days gone by. Laffing Sal and her husband, Laffing Sam were placed together at fun houses, roller coasters, penny arades and along midways to add fun and spice. She has a raucous laugh that sometimes frightens small children and annoys adults. Her hair is bright red and she has a large gap between her front teeth. For a quarter you could see and hear Laffing Sal laugh uncontrollably and squiggle around uncontrollably. Laughing records were very popular in times gone by. There are only a dozen Laffing Sal's left today. The Laffing Sal operator and original Owner, John Jackson, gave an interview on the origins of Laffing Sal, with additional sound clips Link Playland-Not-at-the-Beach Titled Playland-Not-at-the-Beach, the museum features memorabilia and attractions from Playland as well as Sutro's Baths and the Cliff House (which were also owned by the Whitney family). Highlights of this family fun center / museum are Circus World (featuring the West Coast's largest hand-carved miniature circus), Santa's Village (commemorating another defunct Northern California park), Dark Mystery (celebrating spooky dark rides), a Penny Arcade, a large pinball arcade with classic and modern machines, the Carousel Carnival (win a stuffed animal!), and two Laughing Sals, two 2-headed babies and the world's only 4000-year old farting mummy! Admission to this amazing place will be free, and all the games are set on free play. In this presentation the Master of Fun Richard Tuck will give us a behind-the-scenes tour of what's to come. All of the wonders were originally very close to the San Francisco Sutro Baths with large interiors, and Cliff House. 6:00 PM Saturday "The Future of Pinball" Documentary: Meet the Director Greg Maletic and Greg Dunlap In 1998 pinball was dying, thanks to a saturated market and shrinking player base. Williams, the world's largest pinball manufacturer, was considering abandoning the game in favor of the more lucrative video slot machine business. "The Future of Pinball" is a documentary that tells the story of "Pinball 2000," a clever attempt at resuscitating pinball that failed just at the moment a lot of people thought it might succeed. A "Soul of a New Machine" for the pinball world, "The Future of Pinball" is a compendium of interviews with legends of the pinball industry, photos, and films of the best games the industry has produced. It's a story about personality and passion, of bold success dizzyingly followed by stunning failure. Come meet the Director of "The Future of Pinball", Greg Maletic, where he'll show clips, discuss the making of the film and the release of the upcoming DVD. Former Williams employee and pinball software designer Greg Dunlap is expected to also be on-hand to tell his story of the demise of pinball at Williams. 9:00 PM Saturday "Mechanical Monsters" - Ken and TJ Get a peek at the guts of some of the odd mechanical machines at the show to see what makes 'em tick, click, buzz, bang, sing, and clang. If you have a machine you would like to open up and discuss, let us know and we'll be happy to include your knowledge in the presentation. Meet up in the lobby to join this group. 2:30 PM Sunday "Atari Film Festival" - Scott Evans The Atari Film Festival returns with fresh footage unearthed from the archives featuring some great commercials, game test footage, and the height of fashion sensibilities! For more information, please see our website at This schedule is subject to change without notice. The Extreme Team The opinions and views expressed by the speakers are solely those of the speakers and are not necessarily the opinions of California Extreme. California Extreme expressly disclaims any knowledge of the opinions expressed in the presentations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hosts of California Extreme 2006: Mike Louie, Chris Knight, TJ Beyers, Tom Bombaci, Scott Evans, Mark Birsching, Ken Chaney, Jonathan Koolpe, Bob Ellingson Speakers and Seminars: Atari Panel - Al Alcorn, Eugene Jarvis, Steve Ritchie, Ed Rotberg, Owen Rubin "Arcades and Artists" - Jean Baudin, Ed Cassell, Dan Fontes and Kevin Tiell Discussion: How games in our environment have have influened popular culture. "The Future of Pinball" - Documentary Director Greg Maletic and Greg Dunlap "Mechanical Monsters" - Ken and TJ - The old mechanical machines and their innerworkings. How did California Extreme Begin? In 1997 a confluence of events and people came together to give the San Francisco Bay area its very own Arcade & Pinball show. Pinball Expo in Chicago was the grand daddy of pinall get-togethers bringing together collectors and playes as well as vendors all under one roof. Some big industry names would show up and do presentations but they never came to the Bay Area. Silicon Valley and Atari wanted a show of their own. They wanted to support the classic arcade games and their predesors, the pinball forfathers to that of video games. The first "California Extreme" game show was the idea by some of the larger collectors, Ken Chaney, TJ Beyer, Brad Martinson, Alan Whittle and Mike Louie. With some willing collectors and some square footage, one could get everyone together to show off their latest classic pieces. In 1997 San Jose's Town & Cuntry Village shopping center was selected as the venue in order to have video games and pinball all on free play! It was a great success, and the show has gotten bigger and bigger since its first days in the abandoned book store. Penny Arcade Cycle Race In 1999 the California Extreme show took place at the former Playland arcade site still at the Town & Country Village. This time several production Atari pinball games as well as a few Atari prototype games were brought in. In 2000 the San Jose Parkside Hall was utilized for the California Extreme show. The shows have been at Parkside Hall ever since, with the first theme in 2001 of the "Time Warp" show, after that there was the "Classic Reunion" show the "Return of the Wild West Show", "Invaded" show, and in 2006 the "X" Show, short for California Extreme.
Thank you, Paul Dean, Spy Hunter Champion, June 28, 1985 PS: It's not about the organizations, but about the players who love the games!

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