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Originally published in the

July 1983
American Edition
Electronic Gaming Magazine of World Records®

Note: The following has the spelling errors from the Original edition corrected.

To ascertain what scores in video games are actually world records, a nation wide competition was held under the auspices of Twin Galaxies with Walter Day as coordinator, across the continent.

The results of the competition are in the accompanying chart. The winners and their scores have
been verified by qualified judges. This was the first competition of this kind and plans are to
continue this under the same auspices annually.

The Below is the July 1983 Twin Galaxies World Records

Electronic Gaming Magazine of World Records July 1983 Video Game High Scores All high score are in Alphabetical Order As Written July 1983: JoyStick Magazine: 1983 July JoyStik Magazine Page: 64 Joystik Charts compiled by Send your high scores to the Twin Galaxies International Scorebaord: 226 E. Main St., Ottumwa, IA, 52501. Please include a signed verification of your score(s) from the owner or manager of the arcade in which the score was achieved. Also, be sure to include the bonus and difficulty settings from the machine you plyaed, and any comments you wish to make about the game.
Game Player High Score Date Arcade Location Alpine Ski Eric Olofson 500,774 11/23/82 Earth Station: antioch, CA Amidar Joel Barrett 18,201,100 8/13/82 Pot of Gold: Kenosha, WI Ant Eater Tracey Miller 171,110 2/19/83 Bun 'n Games: Kenosha, WI Asteroids Leo Daniels 40,101,910 2/06/82 Ocean View Corp.: Carolina Beach, NC Asteroids Deluxe Leo Daniels 2,269,230 5/03/83 Light Years Amusement: Wrightsville Beach, NC Baby Pac-Man Don Barclay 2,037,342 3/01/83 Nacogdoches, TX Battle Zone Steven Ritger 7,045,000 1/29/83 Time Out, Springfield, VA Berzerk Joel West 119,340 11/09/82 Twin Galaxies, Kirksville, MO Black Hole Brian Cox 2,807,010 7/04/82 Starb Castle, Smithfield, RI Bosconian Ken McLeod 2,913,510 2/24/83 Quinpool Amusements: Nova Scotia Buck Rogers Robin Bowman 245,821 1/28/83 Mr. Bill's: Moscow, ID Burger Time Chuck Coss 4,163,250 1/27/83 Aladdin's Castle: Steubenville, OH Centipede Darren Olson 15,207,353 10/15/82 Reflexions: Calgary, Alberta Dark Planet Scott Young 7,302,100 3/06/83 Another Galaxy: McHenry, IL Defender Joe Carson 75,865,365 1/16/83 Sandy's: Cheektowaga, NY Donkey Kong Steve Sanders 3,165,300 10/02/82 Fun Factory: Kansas City, MO Donkey Kong Jr Matt Brass 951,100 1/20/83 Montana State U.: Bozeman, MT Frogger Mark Robichek 442,330 8/30/82 Phil's: Lakewood, CA Galaga Mike Lynn 12,753,570 12/29/82 Outer Limits: Durham, NC Galaxian Chip Davis 367,720 1/17/83 John Brown U.: Fayetteville, AR Gorf Jason Smith 2,220,000 2/13/83 Gold Mine: Midland, TX Gravitar Raymond Mueller 4,722,200 12/04/83 Chuck E. Cheeze Pizza: Boulder, CO Joust Jerry Madsen 7,253,150 3/05/83 Star Ship Video: Upland, CA Jungle King Dan Cook 983,430 11/09/82 Golden Dome: Woodbridge, VA Kangaroo Sam Middleton 754,400 11/27/82 Aladdin's Castle: Panama City, FL Liberator Sean Middleton 516,130 2/04/83 Space Station: Anchorage, AK Make Trax Randy Bortot 1,834,660 9/01/82 The Arcade: Cambridge, MN Millipede Eric Ginner 1,506,684 2/09/83 Golfland: Milipitas, CA Missile Command Victor Ali 69,739,020 1/21/83 Cinedome 7 : San Francisco, CA Moon Patrol Eric Ginner 740,070 11/25/82 Golfland USA: Sunnyvale, CA Mr. Do! Scott Hunter 1,365,450 12/28/82 Game Power: Arlington, TX Ms. Pac-Man Mike Buck 388,190 3/06/83 Eastgate Cafe, Ottumwa, IA Nibbler Lee Whitney 428,830 1/27/83 Omni: Las Vegas, NV Omega Race Craig Nichols 2,638,800 6/06/82 Arcade Alley: Glendora, CA Pac-Man Doug Nelson 9,980,420 11/12/82 Fun Factory: Bakersfield, CA Pengo Kevin Leisner 809,990 2/25/83 Mission Control: Racine, WI Phoenix Mark Schreader 845,706 1/08/83 Golden Dome: State College, PA Pole Position Mike Klug 65,410 2/19/83 Video Paradise: San Jose, CA Popeye Jeff Weaver 191,040 2/18/83 Hoppin Food: Roanoke, VA Q*bert Chris Harvey 13,454,625 2/12/83 IGA: Gladstone, MO Qix Bill Camden 1,666,604 2/27/83 Galaxy 1: Lynchburg, VA Quantum Judd Boone 1,029,160 2/27/83 Mr. Bill's: Moscow, ID Reactor Todd Mayberry 369,731 2/11/83 Mack's Gold Mine: Kennett, MO Rescue Roddy Rodolfo 419,555 1/02/83 Putt Putt Golf: Fort Worth, TX Robotron Ed O'Neil 252,114,350 2/23/83 Outer Limits: Durham, NC Satan's Hollow Mike Ward 8,692,035 2/11/83 Odyssey: Madison, WI Stargate Oscaar Iglesias 70,283,000 11/24/82 Mr. Video: Concord, CA Star Trek Robert Purser 974,475 3/02/83 Player's: Norcross, GA Super Pac-Man Kevin Fisher 456,190 7/11/82 Video Invasion: Dunkirk, MO Supper Zaxxon Gary Hatt 151,100 2/27/83 Starship Video: Upland, CA Time Pilot John Roberts 1,892,000 2/27/83 Great Escape: Plattsburgh, NY Tron Bob Henry 4,313,565 2/10/83 Aladdin's Castle: Orange Park, FL Tutankham Paul Barrette 515,280 1/28/83 Pot of Gold: Kenosha, WI Xevious Kim Jackson 327,400 3/10/83 Goldie's: Seattle, WA Zaxxon Roger Mangum 2,326,350 12/28/82 Outer Limits: Durham, NC

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