Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame Masters Tournament

Posted: May 7, 2006

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Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame Tournament - April 29, 2006
Shawn Cram, Christian Cram, Perry Rodgers, Paul Dean

Las Vegas, Nevada: Jim Belsito (Contest Winner)and Walter Day, Twin Galaxies Referee

Las Vegas, Nevada: Danny Carranza (Outrun World Record Holder 1987)

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Thank you, Paul Dean, Spy Hunter Champion June 28, 1985

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hit Counter Underwear only classics video game tournament A new look at video gaming: On Monday, June 6th, 2005 the LVHRD Foundation organized its latest adventure -- GMHRD: Underpants-Only Video Game Tournament. Members journeyed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a night of friendly video competition and strict dress code. Guests to Barcade, a unique Brooklyn concoction of classic 1980s-era video games and select American beers, were not allowed to enter the venue until they removed their pants. A complimentary "pants check" was available, as well as a variety of LVHRD branded underpants, in case certain visitors came unpreared. Wigs and helmets complimented the uniform, in accordance with the event's inspiration, drawn from ancient Greek sporting traditions. Despite an early evening torrential downpour and L-Train issues that continue to plague the residents of Williamsburg, the crowd was solid (nearly 200 members) and boisterous in their half-naked revelry. Berzerk Girl Berzerk red head The tournament consisted of three rounds, where twelve able competitors showed their skills on a surprise variety of arcade games. Only the highest cumulative scorers qualified for subsequent rounds. As one member aptly described it, GMHRD presented a night of "geeking for Glory." None came closer to this ecstasy than the victorious Mims Wrightwho defeated runner-up Erin Sparling in a 2-0 head-to-head victory in the tournament's final round. Tim Arnold - Berzerk Arcade, 3330 E. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada Tim Arnold - Classic Pinball Arcade Mouse Trap, Berzerk, Missile Command January 16, 2006 - Tim Arnold has now opened a pinball classics arcade with 4400 square feet and Tim hopes to accommodate over 200 classic pinball machines on Tropicana Avenue, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is an arcade which is open to the public with many novelty machines from yesteryear. Pinball Hall of Fame The Pinball Hall of Fame is now open at 3330 E Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas. Opening times are 11am to 9pm. Map Stern Pinball Here are some Stern Pinball Videos, which are quite interesting considering that Stern is the last manufacturer of the American Icon, Pinball. Gary Stern has a mission which is to safe the pinball machine and to keep his company going full time. Melrose Park Illinois is the place where this imagation starts. All with a few pins in the 1920's and 1930's, this game became known as the pinball machine. Here are some Stern Videos at the Factory: 1. Stern Pinball: Made in America Link 2. Stern Pinball Factory Tour Link 3. Chicago Tonight visits Stern Pinball Link Stern Pinball Website: Link Mouse Trap & Berzerk Thank you! Paul Dean