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February 7, 2005

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Classic Multi Coin-Op Game: Thirty nine Classic Games in One Cabinet: The Review of classic era coin-op video games entering the market, now 25 years later. DISCLAIMER NOTE: I do not buy or sell video games and this information is for Entertainment USE only and not to be used as fact until you speak directly with the individuals who are actually in that business. Yes, the 1980's is coming back in the form of one cabinet, with many games inside. The only catch is that you can only play games that have the same type of joystick on the control panel to match that game, so there are some limitations. The Retro 1980's are back in the arcade again with many of the classic games reappearing in the classic dynamo cabinet that we are used to play on. Basic 3 in 1, stand up coin-operated video game cabinet. Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong Jr. all in one cabinet sold by: DONKEY KONG/MARIO BROTHERS/DONKEY KONG JR VIDEO ARCADE GAME Donkey Kong/Mario Brothers/Donkey Kong Jr. Video Arcade Game. Awesome new 3-in-1 classic arcade game from the game makers at NAMCO! Enjoy the same great, authentic game play as in the original versions, as these are the real, actual, licensed versions you remember playing in arcades years ago ! Donkey Kong - Navigate your way through four levels to save Mario's girlfriend before time runs out! Earn bonus points by gathering umbrellas, hats and purses that the girlfriend has dropped. Grab a hammer to smash barrels, fireballs and cement tubes! Donkey Kong Jr. - Help Donkey Kong Jr. rescue his daddy from Mario! Drop fruit on your enemies to kill them. Try your skill on four different gaming levels! Mario Brothers - These two brothers, Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, must defeat various critters who come pouring out the waterworks! Players can work together or compete by putting their opponent in precarious positions. Use the "POW" feature to knock over your enemies and destroy fireballs! DONKEY KONG/MARIO BROTHERS/DONKEY KONG JR VIDEO ARCADE GAME $3099.00! - NEW Call 1-800-553-9788 1 Year Electronics Parts Warranty! SOME GAMES ARE AVAILABLE IN BOTH NEW OR REFURBISHED CONDITION - FOR AVAILABILITY AND PRICING PLEASE CALL 1-800-553-9788 Basic 9 in 1 Cocktail Table Cabinet, Top View Link There are also the 9 in 1 Generic Cabinets: Link You have probably seen the Centipede 3 in 1, 4 in 1 cabinets with the Pacman, Galaga, Ms. Pacman and Donkey Kong Combo's in them, there are the 8 in 1 cabinets with Defender, Robotron, Joust, Etc., 9 in 1, but now we have many more games to select from within one cabinet. classic game "39 in 1": Link Dedicated (39 Games in 1 Cabinet) Game Photos The latest is the 36 in 1 (If you turn off the Unused Games), but it loads 39 in 1 games and I am told that the 150 in 1 is coming around the corner and I will let you classic gamers know when it comes out. You won't see these games in to many locations because video game arcades are still going after the teenager who is spending the most money on video games, and the kids don't care much for our 1980's eight bit systems and rough graphics and sound that we had in our arcades when we were growing up.
Here are the marquee's of the past that are now cram packed into one game, below: The Big List of 36 Games in 1 Cabinet: Can play up to 39 games, and some games can be turned off if not played enough. List of Games: Link (39-in-1 have below all games) PS: I do not buy or sell any games What so Ever. Ms Pacman / Galaga / Frogger / Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Junior / Donkey Kong 3 Galaxian / Dig Dug / Crush / Mr. Do / Pacman / Space Invader / Tank Battalion / Gyruss Galaga 3 / 1942 / Ladybug / Burger Time / Mappy / Centipede / Millipede / Pengo / Jr.pacman Phoenix / Time Pilot / Super Cobra / Hustler/ Space Panic / Super Breakout / New Rally X Arkanoid / Qix / Juno First / Xevious / Mr. Do Castle / Moon Crester / Pinball Action Scramble / Super pacman (39 in 1) in Alphabetical Order: 1942 Donkey Kong Jr. Ladybug Pacman Jr. Space Invaders Arakanoid Frogger Mappy Ms. Pacman Space Panic Burgertime Galaga Millipede Super Pacman Super Breakout Centipede Galaga 3 Moon Cresta Pengo Super Cobra Crush Roller Galaxian Mr. Do Phoenix Tank Battallion Dig Dug Gyruss Mr. Do's Castle Pinball Action Time Pilot Donkey Kong Hustler New Rally X Qix Xevious Donkey Kong III Juno First Pacman Scramble There is also the new Arcade Legends Stand-up Coin-Op Model with many other choices: 35 Classic Arcade Video Selections. GAMES INCLUDED WITH ARCADE LEGENDS : Link 1942, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Berzerk, Bombjack Twin, Black Widow, Centipede, Crystal Castles, Dark Stalker, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Gunsmoke, Gravitar, Lady Bug, Liberator, Lunar Lander, Major Havoc, Mega Man, Millipede, Missile Command, Mr. Do!, Mr. Do!'s Castle, Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride, Penguin Wars, Pinball Action, Pinbo, Red Baron, Space Duel, Speedball, Street Fighter II, Strider, Super Breakout, Super Dodgeball, Tempest & War Lords, PLUS you can add MORE Games! It is very cool, being able to play the software in a stand-up dynamo arcade game cabinet just like I did in the early 1980's when the original classic video games were first put out into locations in arcades all over the country. These games disappeared shortly after their arrival because players wanted the latest and greatest and refused to play many of these games after they got older, even though the game play was exceptional and hard to master. These games really disappeared when the arcades started falling apart when the home entertainment business and home computers ramped up their sales and put a Nintendo system in just about every house in America. Bye, Bye arcades and the fun of the golden era of arcades in the mid 1980's and welcome to more blood and tyranny in the homes on big screen TV's. Good bye pacman and hello Doom and Halo, the latest games making millions today. Until Now! The 1980's are back with the 36 in 1 Classic Era Game Cabinet, and generation X can come back into the Arcade and play those old games once again, unless they are to arthritic to continue. Just give me back the simpler times when games were simple yet hard to master, and not to bloody. Thank you for the 36 in 1 classic game system, so that I can say hello again to the 1980's after 25 years of missing the arcade feel of classic era video games.
Now there is the 86 in 1 Multi Game Ultra Coin-Op Arcade System: Link Ultracade Multi Game System Ultracade multi game system is a coin operated arcade game system that contains 86 classic arcade games in one cabinet with additional games available separately and new game paks planned for the future. Ultracade is available in a small and flexible cabinet containing a 19" high resolution monitor. It's sleek design has built in castors and is ideal for locations that do not have room for a full sized arcade machine. Ultracade is also available in a deluxe cabinet containing a 27" high resolution monitor and a full size control panel featuring a 3" trackball. The 25" cocktail table version has a 25" CGA monitor, the largest screen of any cocktail table and offers 2 player simultaneous play on all games, including Street Fighter II Champion Edition. Two trackballs are standard. The 86 standard prepak is listed below. Games included: Up to 86 in 1: The 86 standard prepak is listed below 1941 1942 1943 64th Street Anteater Armored Car Astro Invader Astyanax Avenging Spirit Berzerk Black Tiger Bubble Bobble Calipso Captain Commando Champion Wrestler Commando Cosmic Avenger Cybattler Demon's World Do Run Run EDF Elevator Action Exed Exes Extermination Final Fight Frenzy Ghosts n Goblins Ghouls n Ghosts Gunsmoke Hellfire Higemaru InsectorX Jumping Jack Kick Rider King of Dragons Knights of the Round Kram Lady Bug Legendary Wings Liquid Kids Magic Sword Majestic 12 Mat Mania Mega Man Mercs Mr. Do! Mr. Do's Castle Mr. Do's Wild Ride Nova 2001 Out Zone P-47 Pipi & Bibi's Plotting Puzznic Qix Rainbow Islands Rastan Rod Land Saint Dragon Section Z Side Arms Slam Masters Snap Jack Snow Bros. Snow Bros. II SonSon Space Panic Speed Coin Street Fighter Street Fighter II Street Fighter II Champion Edition Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting Strider Super Pierot Tazz-Mania The Legend of Kage The New Zealand Story Three Wonders Trojan Truxton II Twin Cobra Varth Vulgus Yankee Do Zero Wing Zoo Keeper You can add the Midway Blast Pack to get many, many more games: Link Classic Games Marquee Game comes equiped with several buttons and different types of Joysticks a gun and a keypad with a mouse below the control panel. Arcade Legends Marquee
The future will bring more and more classic games back into one cabinet so that they will not take up more than two and a half square feet for all of the 1980's classic games all rolled up into one cabinet. This is easy to do for most games except for those games which have special features like steering wheels and jet handles. Namco holds the rights to many of these games and that is why it may take some time to see more classics reappear in the classic cabinets for all of us old timers to play again. I am told that the future will bring the classics back with a twist of touch screen monitors, so we will see how it goes when new technology meshes with the old. Ms. Pacman and Galaga 2 in 1 Stand-up Coin-Operated Video Game First is was the 2 in 1 games, with pacman and Galaga combos, and then we had 4 in 1 with the added Donkey Kong series, or track ball games of Missile command and the Centipede series and now we have the 39 in 1, and the 150 in 1 with the Street Fighter series and Neo Geo series is coming out soon. Next there will be the 300 in 1 and maybe a few years from now the 1000 in 1 games, but for now some can play the 39-in-1 if you look hard enough you might find one. 3 Classic Games in 1 - Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and ORIGINAL Pac-Man ! Ms. Pac-Man is back and she has brought Galaga & Mr. Pac Man along with her! This 20th Anniversary Reunion Edition of Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga and Pac-Man is made by Namco, the original manufacturer and is exactly identical to the original version, but in the new edition, included are selectable game features such as "Regular" or "Speedy" Ms. Pac-Man and "Original" or "Rapid Fire" Galaga. Also added is a "Buy-In Continuation" mode, so you can continue the game by pressing play button again. 19" Commercial Video Monitor - Commercial Version -2 Working Coin Mechanisms can be set on "free-play" (no coins needed) for home use clients, but game is also built for commercial use. Enjoy the 1980's classic era once again, and hopefully these games will never die out! We cannot bring back the 1980's but we can certainly dream! Classic Games Are Back with the 39 in 1 Coin-Op Classic Cabinets Classic Game Side Graphics 1069-in-1 Games Family Multigame JAMMA System $309.95 at jamma video game system (1000 in 1) + 69 1000 in 1 Coin-Operated JAMMA MAME Video Game System Available link Here is the big list of games available in this new system link Thank you, Paul Dean, spy hunter champion, Millinium June 28, 1985 Free Counters
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