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MAME/Coin-Op High Score Page

Arcade Machine World Records

Replay Magazine

Replay Magazine

Mark Longridge Mame/Coin-Op/Twin Galaxies World Records


Mark Alpiger

Mark Alpiger Coin-Op World Records

Walter Day - Twin Galaxies Coin-Op World Records

Jack Gale - Karate Champ Champion 1985

Donn Nauert The US National Video Game Team Champion 1985

Donn Nauert - Tricks, Codes and Strategies - Champion 1985

Starcade - The TV Video Game Show

7/23/01 Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival! - Old school and new school collide

Unknown,Dwayne Richard, Billy Mitchell, Daniel Bloodworth

Mark Spaeth's Basement Arcade - All types of Retro Gaming Information Given

Play Meter Magazine

Play Meter Magazine

Retrogamer Retro Gamer Magazine issue #18, spy hunter articleLink Retrogamer

Coin-Op Distributors 1

Coin-Op Distributors 2

Coin-Op Distributors 3

Coin-Op Collectors

Coin-Op Video Game Domains

Coin-Op Video And Arcade Games, The Magazine

The National Coin-Op and Video Game Museum

The National Coin-Op and Video Game History Links

WICO Coin-Op Parts

Pinball Golden Era and the fall of the pinball games

[ Spy Hunter High Score Controversy]

[Find: Classic Gaming Locations in 2004]

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Eric Clayberg
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Tom Zjaba at for listing me in the Jan. 2004 Retrogaming Times "Sites of the Month"
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Owen Rubin - creator of Major Havoc
Dave Dries at
James Caruso at Starcade
Lee K. Seitz at CVG Nexus
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CKmontana at
UVL - Universal Videogame List - Designer Reality Site Twisted Web - March 18, 2004 - recent news, April 6, 2004
David Simmer II at - Entry Archive: November 21, 2004
Fark Blog
Man takes 17 years to beat Ghosts N Goblins - David Spears
Arcade Story
Galaxian Champion, Gary Whelan Web Site
Frederic's Arcade Fever
CGEUK - CGE Classic Games United Kingdom
CGEUK - CGE Classic Games United Kingdom Forums
Retro Gamer Magazine
Retro Gamer Magazine - Forums
Paul Dean at
Arcade Classics
8 Bit Orchestra Music Arcade Classics
Dragons Lair Forms Reviews
Gamespy All video games Forum
Duramold Defender Old Articles in Newspapers
Atari Museum
1984 Classic Arcade, Springfield, Mo
Challenge Arcade - Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum - Farmington Hills, MI
Videotopia Traveling Classic Video Game Exhibit - Keith Feinstein

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[Coin-Op World Records]

[Coin-Op World Records] Thank you,

Paul Dean, (spy hunter champion)

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Tournament and Guinness Book Results From 1983-2004

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The Golden Era

Click On Below Graphic Text For Material On The Golden Years Of Video Games 1980's

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June 9, 2004 Walter Day states, "No Replay Necessary" for Paul Dean

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