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[2004 State of the Coin-Op Industry]

[May 2004 Orange County, Pacman Easter Egg found on Ms. Pac/Galaga Combo Coin-Op Game]

[May 2004 Easter Egg found on Frogger]

[May 2004 Boise, Video World Stadium Being Built, By Idaho Statesman]

[May 10, 2004 Boise, Idaho - Video Game Capital of the world ? ]
[May 9, 2004 Boise, Video Game Of The World Stadium Being Built]
[May 5, 2004 Twin Galaxies moving from its current home of Iowa, to Boise, Idaho]
[May 5, 2004 Idaho Plans to Build Video Game Stadium]
[March 29, 2004 ASTEROIDS Marathon Gaming Makes Comeback!]
[March 28, 2004 Twin Galaxies Second Annual Video Game Festival ]
[March 28, 2004 at 7:31 PM Marathon Video Gaming Makes Comeback]
[March 27, 2004 William Carlton spent 27 hours, 19 minutes, 26 seconds and 25 cents
playing "Asteroids"
[January 18, 2004 Cash prizes have been promised for top high-scores]
[May 1, 2002 An ASTEROIDS record-holder is honored 13 years after his death.]
[April 22, 2002 The Disappearing ASTEROIDS Ace]
[February, 2002 Twin Galaxies 2nd Edition Book on Final Edit]
[August 2, 2001 Commemorative edition of video game record book]
[July 23, 2001 Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival! - Old school and new school collide]
[December 9, 1999 Coronation Day With Cash Prizes for the best players]
[July 3, 1999 Perfect Score Was Achieved on Pac-Man]
[November 26, 1999 $100,000 Prize Offered to Pac-Man Players]
[September 8, 1998 New World Record on MS. PAC-MAN Beats Old June 30, 1985 Record]
[1985 Masters Tournament Article]

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