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Tom Cruise: Mission Impossible III
in theaters May 5, 2006

Mission Impossible III - Tom Cruise

A Look into the future of Mankind and what is yet to be Discovered

Video Game Mission Impossible Operation Surma Link

In Operation Surma, Stealth expert Ethan Hunt, embarks on a new mission to stop the evil Surma Corporation from succeeding with its plans for global domination. Photos

Let's look into the past in order to see our future

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What does Mission Impossible have to do with 2001 - A Space Odyssey? Both movies take a look into the future of inventions and environments that we have yet to discover and overcome. Lets take a look at 2001: A Space Odyssey from 1968 and see how on track they were on the future of our human race.

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A Space Odyssey - 2001 Hal My Mind is Going - 2001
Robots and Emotion 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Directed by Stanley Kubrick "2001: A Space Odyssey, MGM 1968. HAL Computer Photo Date: 1968 HAL is usually represented only as his television camera "eyes" that can be seen throughout the Discovery spaceship HAL became operational on January 12, 1997 (1992 in the movie) [1] at the H.A.L. Plant in Urbana, Illinois, and was created by Dr. Chandra. In the 2001 film, HAL is depicted as being capable not only of speech recognition, facial recognition, and natural language processing, but also lip reading, art appreciation, interpreting emotions, expressing emotions and reasoning. HAL console and control center The HAL 9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey; had the ability to interpret the emotions of the human beings around them. They did it by analyzing the stress patterns in the voices they heard. HAL ignores the words you use, and concentrates exclusively on the sound quality of speech. He can tell your emotional state the very first time he hears your voice. HAL speaks to Dave Bowman in A Space Odyssey: 2001 "Hal, switch to manual hibernation control." "I can tell from your voice harmonics, Dave, that you're badly upset. Why don't you take a stress pill and get some rest?" "Hal, I am in command of this ship. I order you to release the manual hibernation control." Discovery "I'm sorry, Dave, but in accordance with special subroutine C1435-dash-4, quote, When the crew are dead or incapacitated, the onboard computer must assume control, unquote. I must, therefore, overrule your authority, since you are not in any condition to exercise it intelligently." "Hal," said Bowman, now speaking with an icy calm. "I am not incapacitated. Unless you obey my instructions, I shall be forced to disconnect you." Hal 9000 - Artificially Intelligent Computer The highly advanced HAL 9000 computer, was the brain and nervous system of the ship. Hal (for Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer) Science Fiction Inventions From 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke was written at the same time that Stanley Kubrick created the film by the same name. Arthur C. Clarke, 1917-2008 Storyline: The basic story is simple: a mysterious monolith, or stone monuments, is found on the moon. Investigators are led to Jupiter, where more mysteries are found. This novel contains a lot of references to the Hal 9000 computer, one of the first artificially intelligent computers created in fiction.
Affective Media for HAL's Brain HAL Photos Link HAL Sound Bites Link Dave - Space Odyssey 2001 - Videophone with Daughter while at International Space Station. Link Hard Realities from Space Odyssey 2001: In Real Life: Certainly people have talked about space tourism in the future but that kind of strikes me as a sort of elitist activity and years away. "I think if everything goes well with the International Space Station, it would be possible to have civilians living up on space stations in 30 years - on perhaps the next space station after this one." Ivan Semeniuk, Astronomer, science journalist Some sort of fusion process would need to be discovered and maintained in order to use deep space travel on a regular basis. Imagine robotics technology transformed a hundred years from now and what it might be able to achieve. One day the moon may be an economic concern and a reason for putting in a small-scale base with Robots doing mining of minerals and other tasks which could be economically feasible. As human species we are constantly adapting to our ever changing environment, and it would take quite a leap in order to get used to living and adapting to an environment of space. As we're adapting to this new outer space living we're becoming a different species as we cope with this new environment. The history of the human species is really one of adapting to new environments. It's going to take a terribly long time to put people on Mars because at this time there is no financial incentive to do it. A robot can do basically many of the experiments of a human without NASA worrying about anybody dying out there. it's only a matter of technology that separates us from our origins. Artificial intelligence? Computers will be experts at their tasks, but not actually thinking. We are many steps away from such a process. You don't want to make a computer to smart, because if it goes haywire, like in the movie, everybody gets snuffed. We don't want a paranoid computer on our hands. Space Station The Space Station isn't really necessary at this time, it is just a human adventure, to see if we can do it, but at this time it is not economically feasible to have a space station. You could build many robots to do the same thing as these humans for many million less dollars. If people want to do something, it seems they find a way, regardless of how efficient or effective it will be. It's like exploring the wild frontier for the first time. Humans just want to go where they have not been before. A rational assessment would say, send a computer, it's cheaper, but humans want to go regardless of cost. Robots don't need air, or food or water and can operate a very long time in extreme conditions if maintained regularly. There is something about pitting the computer against the astronauts just like the games of today that kids play on there computers. We try to extend our body and mind as far as it will go to see how we handle extreme conditions. We first send probes and if things seem promising, there are plenty of Astronauts willing to risk their life to be the first one there. There is something compelling about walking among the stars. The Cold War If the space race between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. continued, we might have ended up putting hundreds of billions of dollars into space exploration, including building an American base on the Moon. It was the Cold War that most of our computer and spaceflight development came out of. Who knows how much further we could have gone, having this race against another country to be the best. catastrophes bring discoveries and discoveries are innovations of existing technology. All of this needs to be funded in order to be put into its next phase. Private and public interests need to work together in order to get to the next building block of technology. Necessity Are best discoveries are done in a climate of necessity, where it is life or death to find out something or discover a new way of doing something. Without this desperate drive, technology slows down. I am sure if we thought the end of the world was coming in a matter of months or years, you would see some major spending on technology to stop the total destruction of the world. We need another John F. Kennedy who had the will to take us to the moon. Artificial Intelligence: Absolutely zero has happened in creating a consciousness such as HAL in the movie. computational ability is faster than we ever expected but not the emotional logic necessary to think like a human or to even think at all by the use of merely several computations. Big Blue the chess computer cannot tie its shoes or make a dinner but it plays a mean game of chess. Unfortunately, we can't keep our own home computers from getting a virus so getting an artificial computer to work perfectly will take quite a bit of doing. Car sensors don't even work right, and they aren't dealing with life and death situations. Self-awareness is what a computer would have to be and by very definition the computer would have to be very selfish in order to be self-aware. Is this something we want? The computers conflicts would be in conflict with our own needs thereby making it detrimental to have an artificially thinking computer around. They would want to run things, just like humans like to run things. HAL phrase: 'This mission is too important to allow you' - i.e. the human beings - 'to jeopardize it.'" A biological world is not necessarily in HALS best interest, therefore he would have to get rid of human life forms that could potentially turn him off. A robot with free will shall fight to be turned off or to be made obsolete. If a Robot has conscious and is searching for truth it will not let anything get in its way. When a robot has a soul its goal will be the same as the human race, which is to survive at all costs and to multiply regardless of humanity. Back Home Mission Impossible II (USA 2000) Mission Impossible III - Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt - Now Released: 5/5/06 Impossible Mission Force (IMF) MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE force is a paramilitary operation set out to do impossible missions with the high tech supplies of a James Bond Movie. The team is sent on covert missions to fight dictators, evil organizations, and crime lords. The IMF was also assigned to bring down corrupt politicians and dictators of Third World countries. Ethan Hunt would then choose his teammates for the mission from a group of candidates' photographs and bios, and they would prepare an elaborate plan. Mission: Impossible is the longest-running espionage television series ever produced for U.S. television. Reruns of the episodes are still shown daily on some TV stations. Each episode of the series began with the team leader receiving a secret, pre-recorded message containing his mission. Each message would then self-destruct, usually by spontaneous combustion in order to not be traced. Lalo Schifrin was the original composer of the Mission Impossible Theme Music. Music From Mission: Impossible (1966-1973 Television Series) Link Lalo Schifrin's composition will be featured in this summer's Mission: Impossible III Mission: Impossible III (abbreviated M:i:III) Filming began in Rome, Italy in July of 2005. The third is film based on the television series Mission: Impossible. The film is currently in production under the direction of Alias creator J.J. Abrams. 'Closetgate' Controversy The theory goes that the South Park Cartoon satirizing the Church of Scientology and its celebrity, Tom Cruise, was given an immediate halt on all further satire releases regarding anything negative towards Scientology. The Story: Stanley "Stan" Marsh - South Park Stanley March Stan, one of the show's four mischievous fourth graders, is hailed as a reluctant savior by Scientology leaders, while a cartoon Cruise locks himself in Hubbardite savior Stan's closet and won't come out. Mission Impossible Mission Impossible Pinball Prototype Back Glass Why put together Mission Impossible to the South Park Gang. Technology / Theology and some wild kids could make things interesting. You have all the technology gizmo's plus the Closetgate Conspiracy Mystery all wrapped into a super sleuth science pinball game. This has never been created before, so it would be something very original. For Entertainment Only. It would be complete with "The Chef" and the South Park Gang; "A foul-mouthed foursome of pre-teen fourth graders", as well as Mr. M. I. III.; Ethan Hunt, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and a couple of Aliens from 75 million years ago at the land of Evil Lord Xenu and the Thetans who may be able to save the day with their trusty Ipods, wireless BlackBerries and E-Meters after disabling all implants which were depleting creativity throughout the world. The goal of the Mission Impossible Pinball Game is to find a win-win situation where Chef can return to South Park and Stan no longer has super powers and is able to be a regular kid again running his own for membership only Internet Doctrine Blog on how to get along in the world when you lose such superpowers. South Park Pinball
South Park Pinball All characters from the series mentioned within this sheet are owned by Comedy Central and used under license by SEGA: How to Play South Park Pinball: Objective The main aim of South Park is to start and COMPLETE all 5 character's modes. To start a mode you need to hit each character's shot a number of times. The number of shots required to start a mode increases with each successful completion. The modes for each character are as follows. Stan Marsh Stan: Shoot the left lane 4 times to start. Stan's mode is a 4 ball multiball based around the bumpers and the lane. Your objective is to kiss Stan's girlfriend 3 times. A kiss can be spotted either by a number of bumper hits or a shot to the lane. Shots to the lane are worth a bonus starting at 5M and increasing by 100k per bumper hit. After 3 kisses the display shows "You Win". You can still keep shooting the lane for points until 1 ball remains. The graphics for getting a kiss are gross. Chef Chef: Shoot the center lane 4 times to start Chef's mode. You have 30 seconds to shoot all 5 character's shots. The shots are worth 5M+1M per shot. The last shot is worth 10M. Each shot adds 5 seconds to the timer. Each shot adds a team member to a football team on the display. The COWS! Kenny McCormic Kenny: Hit Kenny 4 times to start a hurry-up. Then hit Kenny again to collect the value and kill Kenny. The value starts at 10M. Killing Kenny produces one of several graphic deaths and the inevitable quote "Oh my god, they've killed Kenny! You Bastards!" Kyle Broflovski Kyle: Shoot the ramp 4 times to start Kyle's mode. The aim here is to shoot the ramp 4 times in 20? seconds to revive Mr Hankey. The shots are worth 5M, 10M, 15M and finally 20M. Eric Cartman Cartman: Shoot the hole 4 times to start Cartman's mode. You have 20 seconds to shoot the hole 3 times. Each shot awards 5M + 1M per hit on the 3 targets above the hole. Finishing awards the Anal Probe bonus. When you start a mode, the character's face on the playfield starts flashing. If the mode is completed the face lights solidly, otherwise it keeps flashing. Modes can be replayed regardless of they have been completed or not.

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