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Why "Pull" classic Era Guinness Book High Scores when no wrong doing is found?

Mark Alpiger, (Crystal Castles Champion)

Thank you for your reply and follow-up with me.

Spy Hunter: Classic High Score Golden ERA
Another High Score is pulled: Star Wars score by David Palmer
------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday, July 11, 2004 - 06:02 pm Walter Day Post to Funspot Classics Regarding "Pulled" Star Wars Guinness Book High Score of David Palmer from 1986 of which he is fighting to get score reinstated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the record, here's how the David Palmer story goes: When the book was finished by me in 1997, I saw the 31 million point score by David Palmer and automatically presumed it was a marathon score because of its high number. I deleted it because Palmer already had a higher score, 108 million. Many years later, Mark Longridge asked me why i disqualified the 31 million score. I said: "what are you talking about, he has a higher score at 108 M!!" Mark said he believed the score was supposed to be a TGTS score, not a marathon score. The score was tabulated by the U.S. National Video Game Team after I retired, so I had no working knowledge of the score. However, I felt Mark Longridge was wrong at the time and never put any more thought to it. Now, David Palmer has surfaced and is preparing evidence. It appears that I may have made a mistake in wrongly judging the score back in 1997. I appreciate the non-wavering attention other players have put on this score, seeking its reinstatement. I would hate to see this achievement not be recognized because of my mistake -- if it should prove to be authentic. Walter Day

November 8, 1982, LIFE Magazine visited Twin Galaxies to capture sixteen of North America's best players in a group photograph. Two months later, on January 9, 1983, ABC-TV's "That's Incredible" came to Ottumwa, Iowa, to film nineteen of the worlds best players competing in the first-ever video game world championship. Here is a link to the original version of this famous Life Magazine Article and Picture


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