Posted: February 14, 2005

Donald Hayes

Donald Hayes, a programmer from New Hampshire, Beats Billy Mitchell's (Six) Classic High Score Legacy Video Game Titles with a (Seventh Title), Millipede now under Donald Hayes Belt, done on December 26,2004

Donald Hayes is the world record holder on Millipede, Super Cobra, Domino Man, Tron, Centipede, Super Zaxxon, and Dig Dug.

Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell (Funspot - 1999)

Billy Mitchell appeared in the Guinness Book as the World Record holder on Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong, Jr. and Burgertime. A sixth title, "marathon Centipede," was not mentioned in Guinness, even though Mitchell's 25 million points still stand as the Centipede marathon record today. Link

Donald Hayes

Donald Hayes - New Champion 2005

Hayes now owns more world titles than any other modern player, matched only in history by Billy Mitchell, who was recognized by Guinness in the early 1980s for holding five major gaming records: Donkey Kong, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Jr., Pac-Man and Burgertime.

"Hayes will receive special attention in the forthcoming Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records," promises Walter Day, Twin Galaxies' Chief Editor. Hayes' score of 4,388,520 points beat the 4,211,920 mark set by Dwayne Richard of Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada in August, 1999.

Dwayne Richard
Dwayne Richard was also the winner of the 1986 World Championships and the 2002 and 2003 World Championships.

Dwayne Richard with Star Wars Championship Trophy, score: 2,337,494 Dwayne Richard won the 1st Classic Video Game World Championship on June 2, 2002. Link

Donald Hayes Latest Accomplishment: Millipede World Record

Done on: December 26, 2004

Donald Hayes is now the new Guru in Town, beating Billy Mitchell's Six Titles Legacy from the early 1980's.

A Review of his Accomplishments Below:

Donald Hayes - Funspot World Record - Centipede High Score Initials: (DBH) His web site: ( Latest Accomplishment: Millipede World Record 10,627,331 points

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The Donald (Donald Hayes) is now the best in the World!!!

Donald Hayes Web Page: Donald Hayes World Records Seven Coin-Op Records: Tron, Centipede, Millipede, Dig Dug, Domino Man, Super Cobra, Tron and Super Zaxxon Here is his Hall of Fame Listing Link

As of January 8th, when he took the world record on "Super Cobra" for his own, that was officially his 6th world arcade record held simultaneously. And now, adding to his ongoing legacy of achievement on December 26, 2004, "Millipede" becomes the 7th.

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Donald Hayes does Seven+ hours of game-play on the same credit of Millipede for a new world 
record.  back in the 80's Donald Hayes played "Gauntlet" for 10 hours and had a 4.6M "Tron"
world record score which took 6.5 hours.  Donald Hayes got the world record on "Super Cobra"
(over 225K) and "Millipede" (10.6M) within the same month. The "Super Cobra" record makes 7 
total arcade records. 

Donald Hayes Captures 7th Classic Title

Donald Hayes from Salem, New Hampshire breaks the Golden Standard of Six Titles Set by 
Billy Mitchell in 1983.  

December 26, 2004. 

Donald Hayes / DBH, b ?-?-??, Salem, NH;  inducted October, 2004

    contest results:   2001 Funspot Classic Videogame World Championship: 2nd place
                       2002 Funspot Classic Videogame World Championship: 2nd place
					   2003 Funspot Classic Videogame World Championship:
					      winner: color challenge, and Player of the Year;
						  2nd on monochrome challenge
    world records:        Centipede, Dig Dug, Domino Man, Millipede (regular & TGTS),
	                      Super Cobra, Super Zaxxon, The Glob, Tron 

video Game Hall of Fame Link to Mark Alpiger's Hall of Fame Site.

Donald Reports his score was done on December 26, 2004. 


Twin Galaxies WORLD RECORD 

On December 26th, during the holiday season, Donald gave himself a present. He not 
only beat the previous world record...he shattered it. His new world mark, after
7 hours and 50 minutes of continuous lightning-fast gameplay, is 10,627,331 points.


Donald Hayes has broken the twenty-year-old record on Millipede to become the first gamer
to hold 7 titles on major classic games. This feat eclipses the record of six concurrent
titles set by Billy Mitchell in 1983. 

To read an in depth analysis on Hayes' 10-million-point Millipede extravaganza, click on the 
story link above to read a special report prepared by Twin Galaxies' Chief Referee, Robert

To discuss any details about this accomplishment, go to this message board.

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Donald Hayes does it again with the seventh consecutive world record on a coin-operated classic video game. This is an important milestone because it is said that he now tops the number one coin-op world record holder from the 1980's, Billy Mitchell, who is best known for having the first perfect pacman game and of holding six of the most notable classic arcade titles, until now... Here is an Centipede World Record interview before Donald Hayes made his recent Millipede high score, which gives us some insight of how he was able to do so well on these classic titles: All of Donald Hayes Scores Link Interview: Donald Hayes Link We chat it up with the ruling Centipede exterminator - By William Twin Galaxies High Scores Millipede Variation: Factory Settings Platform: Arcade Rules: Starting lives is 3. The three dip switches controlling the side feed (switch 1), the beetle (switch2), and the spider (switch 7), are all set to 'off' (or 'easy'). The starting men is 3 (switches 3 and 4), and bonus life's are every 15,000 (switches 5 and 6). There is a dip switch (#8) that controls whether the player is able to select a starting score. Players cannot start from higher than the 30K score. Millipede World Records: Rank % Score Score Player Date Verified 1 100.00 % 10,627,331 Donald Hayes 02/07/2005 2 65.83 % 6,995,962 James Schneider 11/21/1983 3 44.25 % 4,702,733 Steve Winter 06/11/2004 4 40.50 % 4,304,549 Ben Gold 06/11/2004 5 22.17 % 2,355,721 Eric Ginner 06/11/2004 6 15.81 % 1,679,865 Kyle ChollyLong 06/11/2004 7 13.48 % 1,432,943 Mark Bersabe 06/16/1983 8 7.83 % 832,337 Alt Carigo 11/11/1983 9 7.51 % 798,359 Nick Gargano 06/11/2004 10 7.29 % 774,242 Angel Espiritu 03/18/1983 Millipede: Millipede Overview US release date: December 1982 Manufacturer: Atari, Inc. Type: Fighting game Theme: You are the Archer Shooting multiplying millipedes Along with spiders, bees, Dragonflies, beetles, mosquito's, Inchworms, and earwigs while trying to Keep mushrooms at bay. Centipede World Records: Link Centipede Variation: Tournament Platform: Arcade Rules: Difficulty : 3. Start Units : 3 Rank % Score Score Player Date Verified 1 100.00 % 7,111,111 Donald Hayes 05/04/2001 2 77.34 % 5,500,000 G.Ben Carter Jr. 06/11/2004 3 62.50 % 4,444,444 James Schneider 06/11/2004 4 62.17 % 4,421,232 Joesoef Rijanto 06/11/2004 5 43.01 % 3,058,437 Sterling Ouchi 06/11/2004 6 42.19 % 2,999,999 Franz Lanzinger 06/11/2004 7 4.37 % 311,070 Dave McKenzie 06/11/2004 8 3.31 % 235,135 Dwayne Richard 05/18/2002 9 1.90 % 135,290 Stephen Krogman 06/11/2004 10 1.83 % 129,952 Jason Wilson 07/02/2002 The second half of 2000 must be the time for established videogame records to crumble. First, Tim Sczerby toppled the world record for Donkey Kong back in August. Then, on November 5, Donald Hayes of Salem, New Hampshire, blasted the 14-year-old Centipede high score into oblivion. After a harrowing nine-hour marathon session, Donald walked away with a score of 7,111,111, beating the old score by over 1.6 million points. This record-shattering session took place at the world-famous Funspot Arcade in Weirs Beach, NH, the location of several other record-breaking games. We had fun interviewing Tim Sczerby after his Donkey Kong feat (read all about it here), so we figured, why not do something similar for the new Centipede champ? Nine hours and 7 million points deserves a little recognition, don't you think? Here's the interview: Why Centipede? Donald Hayes (DH): It's always been one of my favorite games. It's very dynamic and fast-paced. Many other games have patterns or techniques that are relatively easy to learn, but Centipede always seems to provide a challenge no matter how good you are. How long had you been honing your Centipede skills before you finally broke the record? DH: I started practicing seriously about three months before the classics tournament that was held at Funspot in June. During the tournament, I scored 3.7 million which was my personal best at the time. I stepped up my practice in August after scoring 4.8 million on my own machine, and then made my first record attempt at Funspot at the end of September. Walter Day of Twin Galaxies says that Centipede is easy to cheat, so it's difficult to prove that high scores are legitimate. Can you explain why that is? DH: There is a way to trap all the Centipede heads on the side of the screen by strategically planting mushrooms in a column close to the side of the screen. There can only be twelve heads on the screen at a time, so once you get all the heads into this "trap", you can basically just shoot spiders as long as you want. You brought your own Centipede control panel from home to play the game at Funspot. Why did you do this? Did you switch the panels yourself? Donald Hayes Donald Hayes Plays Mappy in 2004 Funspot Tournament and Walter Day, Twin Galaxies Editor and Referee, watches Donald Hayes in Action. DH: During the classics tournament, I noticed that the trackball on their machine had a small, occasional, annoying "skip." It would sometimes delay moving for a split second, or even hop in the opposite direction that I was intending to move. When I made my first record attempt in September, Funspot had the trackball serviced, and it seemed to be okay at first, but the problem returned and actually seemed to get worse by the end of the weekend. Walter Day suggested afterwards that I try using the control panel from my machine. I switched the panel myself, with supervision from Gary Vincent at Funspot. Were there any unusual moments during your marathon game? DH: There was one point where I lost three men in the space of about 15 seconds, and shortly after that I was down to my last man. I barely made it to the next free man, but almost immediately lost that one. I thought that I was going to lose the game at that point, but I was fortunate to make it far enough past the next free man to get myself out of danger and continue on. Twin Galaxies says you "willingly" ended the game after almost nine hours. Does that mean you could have kept going? How high do you think you could have ultimately gone? DH: Yes, I could have played longer... perhaps another hour or two, which would be between 8 and 9 million. Looking back, I really started the game a bit too late in the day, around 12:30 PM, and by the time I finished around 9:30 PM I was feeling quite fatigued and tired. I chose to stop my score at 7,111,111 because it is easy to remember. What kind of fame has your accomplishment brought? DH: Well, my friends and family are suitably impressed :-) There's been mention of the record on several web sites and newsgroups. And, Twin Galaxies has arranged for me to receive a certificate from the mayor of my hometown. List of Games: Link (39-in-1 has below all games) PS: I do not buy or sell any games What so Ever. Twin Galaxies Forums -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Day Report 2/19/2001 Day Report - February 19, 2001 by Walter Day The DAY Report - February 19, 2001 Your Update from the Chief Scorekeeper - Donald Hayes Receives Special Award for getting the World Record on Centipede Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Monday night, February 12, Jeff Towne, the town manager of Salem, New Hampshire presented Donald Hayes with a special award for breaking the world record on the classic arcade game, Centipede. The award was a custom-made creation produced by Twin Galaxies for the event. Donald Hayes says his next victory will be on Zaxxon, presumably during the forthcoming Funspot-Twin Galaxies Classic Video & Pinball Tournament, scheduled for Weirs Beach, NH, May 31-June 3, 2001. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW World Record on "Millipede" (arcade) !! Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> Coin-Op Video Games View previous topic :: View next topic Author Message RMRUCZEK TG Board of Directors Location: Brooklyn, NY Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 8:45 pm Post subject: NEW World Record on "Millipede" (arcade) !! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Hayes (Millipede World Record on December 26, 2004) BREAKING NEWS - NEW WORLD RECORD ON "MILLIPEDE" (ARCADE) As reported on February 11th, 2005: Donald Hayes Accomplishment on December 26, 2004!! Press Releases 2/12/2005 Donald Hayes Captures 7th Classic Title He Breaks the Golden Standard of Six Titles Set by Billy Mitchell in 1983 by Robert Mruczek Robert Mruczek - Twin Galaxies Chief Referee Special Report on Donald Hayes' New World Record on Millipede As Reported on February 11th, 2005 by Robert Mruczek, Twin Galaxies' Chief Referee Donald Hayes shown above, after breaking the world record on Dig Dug To discuss any details about this accomplishment, go to this message board. Hello fellow gamers: Link Last year, on October 20th, Donald Hayes set a new personal best on "Millipede" of 6.8 million points, just missing the current world record of 6.9 million by a few minutes of game play. Here is how I ended the article I wrote chronicling Donald's attempt... Millipede Millipede Manufacturer: Atari Year Released: 1982 "And more importantly, I thank Donald for providing me with a most exciting 5+ hour achievement during which I could barely blink my eyes for fear of missing some of the gaming action. It was a privilege to verify his performance, and I do wish him all the best in his quest to be the world's greatest player at the title. In my book, I wouldn't bet against him. He's going to do it. I know he will. It's just a matter of when." We all knew it was a matter of when. Donald Hayes, who hails from the USA, is the type of player that all gamers aspire to be. As of January 8th, when he took the world record on "Super Cobra" for his own, that was officially his 6th world arcade record held simultaneously. And now, adding to his ongoing legacy of achievement, "Millipede" becomes the 7th. On December 26th, during the holiday season, Donald gave himself a present. He not only beat the previous world record...he shattered it. His new world mark, after 7 hours and 50 minutes of continuous lightning-fast game play, is 10,627,331 points. Shave off the first two digits and probably more than 98% of "Millipede" players still can't beat his score. Like I said in the close of my previous article, I knew he was going to do it, so I was extremely pleased that once again I was entrusted with the privilege of authenticating his performance. Donald Hayes watches Greg Bond Playing Centipede, Funspot, NH. (2004) Donald holds the current world record, at 7,111,111 points (no side-feed trapping). "Millipede" is one of the fastest-paced arcade games of all time. For those familiar with it, this sequel to the classic title "Centipede" offers almost no room for a player to breathe or take a break. The action is non-stop, and at the highest levels of intensity, when the score is close to the next roll-over mark and when the "Millipede" is broken up into individual segments, few players even have a hope at survival even with the maximum of six shooters in reserve. And like it's predecessor, "Centipede", and another arcade classic from the era, "Star Wars", that maximum cannot be exceeded at any time during gameplay. In other words, a performance can be over in the space of less than a minute if a player gets tired, or has to leave the game for any reason, of if they simply have a bad run. Easily one of the most unforgiving titles of all time, Donald at one point lost three shooters inside of 8 seconds, which I will go into details on later in this article. That's how intense the game play can be, and how quickly even a master player's performance can come to a conclusion. What follows is a recap of Donald's performance, and then an interview that I conducted with Donald the other week. Squeezing in the eight hours to watch his tape through the end and writing this article wasn't easy for me during the month of January as I work in an accounting department and was closing out the previous year, so my apologies to Donald for this unavoidable delay. "Millipede" players in particular will want to read the contents of the interview, which consisted of both questions that Donald replied to electronically and those that were handled verbally. A lot of killer tactics were revealed that maybe, just maybe, even the finest "Millipede" players may not yet have contemplated. After all, when the world champion offers some tips, it pays to listen up. Enjoy the recap !! The interview follows. ********************************** THE PATH TO VICTORY THE FIRST MILLION (0 to 1,000,000) 74K - 1st loss of a shooter. Inevitable, and hardly indicative of a game's outcome at these settings, yet for all marathon attempts, I make it a policy to list the first five (5) losses as a matter of record and tradition. You may be wondering why I am not using precise numbers. The answer is simple. In a 10 million point game, they are not relevant...not until the game is over and it's time to log the score. 82k - 2nd loss 138K - 3rd loss 171-176K - 4th loss...I found it hard to determine what the score was for this one, but it's in this range. Keep in mind that the camera is far away so as not to interfere with the gamer, but is just close enough to capture the action and score. The problem is the small numbers of the score. I can tell, depending on the proximity and when the next free is awarded at what approximate point the gamer is at, but sometimes I have to approximate. 180K - 5th loss 205K - the game starts to get intense, and Donald's performance becomes more enjoyable to watch. Here, he can be seen one-shooting a train of four separated "Millipede" parts, each spaced one away from each other and moving in the same direction, via one-shot firing, in the space of about a second. These are the kinds of moves that the average player one day hopes to pull off. 202-275K - no loss of shooter. Donald also doesn't lose a shooter from 368-425K and from 475-542K. 547K - Donald is at 3 shooters in reserve for the first time this game. Inevitable, and not indicative of the game's final outcome. 675K - Back to 6 shooters in reserve. 852K - Donald hits 2 in reserve, but is back to 3 by 855K, and up to 6 by 900K. 958K - Hits 2 shooters in reserve again, but up to 3 by 960K 966K - Down to 1 shooter in reserve for first time this game as things get hairy. "Millipede" is actually at its nastiest when the visible score is over 900K. The game rolls over each million and the actions subsides a bit, but quickly picks up pace, and every 900K mark is a nightmare for players, because the next 100,000 points that follows is sure to be ultra hard. 993K - Donald has survived to this point and reached a "swarm" wave where multiple enemies come streaming down from the top. This is one of the nastiest as all three enemy types come at once, each with its own drop pattern. Coupled with the spiders down below, It's quite hectic. Donald finishes this swarm wave with 1.030M, meaning he made 37K in a single wave. An awesome way to pass the first million point barrier. THE SECOND MILLION (1,000,001 to 2,000,000) As Donald enters his second million, now with a few shooters in reserve, he has a brief respite due to the general slowdown of intensity, and must use this time to replenish back to 6 shooters. As a matter of fact, even thinking back to Donald's 6.8M score and his earlier efforts, once he passes each million point barrier, he pretty much cruises for the next few hundred thousand until the intensity starts to peak again. However, slowdown or not, he does not have a chance to relax or take a break as the action is continuous. From this point on, I will be recapping only critical moments within the performance. 1.824M - the first time Donald is at 3 shooters in reserve since entering the wave. He has played this second million exceptionally well, thus far. 1.927M - down to 5 shooters in reserve. Briefly goes down to 3, but finishes the second million with 5 in reserve. At no time during the second million did he reach only 2 shooters in reserve. THE THIRD MILLION (2,000,001 to 3,000,000) 2.620M - first time down to 3 shooters in reserve since passing the 2M mark 2.620-2.655M - Donald is stuck in the same wave on the same shooter valiantly fighting off the replicating "Millipede" segments from the side-feed. 2.668M - down to 2 shooters, but bounces back to a full compliment of 6 by 2.760M Donald never goes below 3 shooters again this million, and clears the 3M barrier with 6 shooters in reserve. THE FOURTH MILLION (3,000,001 to 4,000,000) 3.082-3.162M - no loss of shooter 3.553M - down to 3 shooters in reserve 3.660M - back to 6 shooters in reserve 3.990-3.999M - never goes below 3 in reserve for the final 100K. Reaches 4M at 2:58 mark (2 hours 58 minutes). THE FIFTH MILLION (4,000,001 to 5,000,000) 4.668M - Donald maintained between 4 to 6 shooters in reserve at all times up to this point, but the next 57,000 points was the toughest part of this million point leg of his performance. In the space of 12,000 points he went from 6 shooters in storage down to 2 by 4.680M, and hovered at 2 up to 4.725M, the first time he picked it back up to 3 and held it, until he had 4 in reserve at 4.740M. By 4.785M he was back in action at 6 in reserve. 4.856M - dipped down to 3 in reserve 4.890M - back to 6 !! 4.925M - this was the first time I saw Donald in a situation he had no control over. One (1) segment was left heading towards the bottom from left to right, one level above the bottom, when a beetle just happened to come out right underneath it. There was no chance at all for Donald to get this segment before it reached bottom. As it turned out, Donald lost the battle with the side-feed swarm that followed. But he finishes this million point leg strong with full compliment of 6 shooters in reserve. THE SIXTH MILLION (5,000,001 to 6,000,000) There were three moments in Donald's performance when he was faced with the most dire of circumstances, and through a combination of his skills and a never-say-die attitude, he overcame adversity and kept going towards an even higher goal. This million point leg includes one of those moments. 5.020-5.127M - no loss of shooter 5.760M - the time on Donald's camcorder clock is 4:19pm and he has 6 shooters in reserve. Little does he know that the next 12 minutes will be the toughest test he has faced this performance thus far. It is moments like these that separate the wannabees from the champions. 5.764M - down to 5 shooters in reserve 5.766M - down to 4 5.767M - down to 3 5.772M - down to 2 5.774M - down to 1 Millipede Spider Everything that possibly could have gone wrong here did. Spiders coming out at the worst possible moment and position. Fleas dropping inconveniently placed shrooms accelerating a millipede's path to the bottom. Beetles being in annoying spots at the worst possible times. Lesser players would have been completely unraveled by now. Not Donald. 5.784M - still at 1 shooter in reserve 5.788M - down to zero in reserve. This was a do-or-die moment for Donald. Fortunately the next bonus shooter was mercifully close, and so Donald kept going...possibly momentarily stunned by seeing his reserves dip to zero for the first time this performance, but if so, clearly not showing it. The mark of a true champion. 5.820M - battles his way back to 3 in reserve !! 5.827M - down to 2 5.865M - up to 5 in reserve, but there's a lot of action between now and the next million mark 5.878M - after several more difficult moments, he's down to 1 shooter in reserve again. 5.916-5.947M - I referred to this segment of his game as "The Big Battle" in the notes I took during verification. Donald started the wave with either 1 or 2 shooters in reserve and by the time the "millipede" reached the bottom and the side-feed kicked in, he just couldn't catch a break, though he kept on fighting. On the same shooter he lasted 31,000 points during this swarm of segments. Anyone that knows this game realizes how tough it is to last so long during a swarm phase. Towards the end he made a totally awesome move that, during my interview with Donald, he remembered well. Faced with a wall of pieces moving from left to right, and coming into a mess of shrooms on the right side, Donald waited until the top of the millipede wall passed under a shroom and went up, over and down behind the wall. What made thus move so remarkable is how close the nest shroom above was. The spacing was extremely tight, leaving no margin for error. This time, Donald finishes the swarm off on this shooter. Believe it or not, this was not his toughest swarm...that was yet to come, But for now, back to this one. The coup de grace is that he clears the 6 million point barrier with 5 shooters in reserve, and at the 4:31 mark (4 hours, 31 minutes). Now, with the action slowing down a bit, Donald can breathe again in his final leg to passing the existing world record. THE SEVENTH MILLION (6,000,001 to 7,000,000) And so begins Donald's second attempt at going from the 6M barrier through 7M. His last attempt ended a mere 100,000 points or so away from the existing world record back on October 20th, 2004. During my recap of his sixth million point climb, I said that there were three moments that were his toughest challenges this performance. The following chronicles his toughest moments. And like I said before, it is moments like these that separate the wannabees from the champions. 6.352M - This is the earliest moment after a million point barrier that Donald feels the pressure, I think, as he is down to 3 shooters in reserve. And pressure is an appropriate term, as the next few spiders are seemingly making a beeline for him. That, plus the fact that after about 5 hours of game play, and so close to the world mark, Donald has to be considering the deja-vu factor, thinking back to his last attempt that ended at 6.8M points, 100K shy of the world mark. 6.386M - down to 2 shooters in reserve 6.389M - down to 1 in reserve...momentarily throws his hands up in frustration, based on what I see in the reflection. Quite understandable. 6.394M - down to 1 in reserve again. And remember...there is 600K to go, and it only will get worse as the game approaches the next million point barrier. 6.40xM - I could not tell for sure when this exactly happened, but Donald loses his last reserve shooter and is far off from the next one. What happens next is without a doubt his finest moment this performance. Like I said, he lost his last shooter and was a long way from the next bonus. Then the side-feed swarm came, as the current "millipede" was all segments and quickly traveled downward to the bottom. With his game-face on, Donald starts the epic battle with a swarm. A worm came. Shooting it would have meant temporarily slowing down the wave, but Donald could not afford to do so (I'll explain more on this in the interview segment). Three more worms passed. He eventually had a chance to take out the problem shroom in the bottom right that was accelerating millipede parts hitting the bottom. AT 6.420M he was back to 2 shooters in reserve, and still within the swarm !! Two more worms were passed by, and Donald finally looked like he had the board under control as 3 segments remained, but the vicious side-feed kept alternating sides and between that and the fleas, and those spiders which seemed to home in on him, he couldn't wrap it up. By 6.35M he was at 3 in reserve, and the swarm was still coming at him, unrelenting and without mercy. The shrooms down below were getting severely congested again by the time the seventh worm passed by, and then the eighth. Donald finally succumbed to an unavoidable hit at 6.442M, lasting about 40,000 points in the same swarm. I don't think I've ever seen a player last that long in a swarm before on a single shooter. I was mightily impressed. 6.448M - Donald is quickly down to 1 shooter in reserve again, but bounces back to 2 at 6.450M 6.495M - things are starting to calm down a bit...he's up to 4 in reserve. 6.525M - for the first time in 8 harrowing minutes, Donald can breathe. He has battled back to 6 shooters in reserve. A great weight was lifted from him, and now he could concentrate better on the immediate task of 6.9M and a new world mark. 6.525-6.885M - Donald keeps his reserves hovering between 4 and 6 at all times, personally aware of how difficult it will be to deal with being down to a low reserve again, and with the game difficulty now at maximum being so close to the next million point barrier. 6.894M - a brief sequence of events leads to his going down to 3 shooters again. He's now past the previous 6.8M personal best and well under 100K away from the world record. But Donald has a steely resolve about him, and nothing is going to stop him now. 6.941M - still at 3 in reserve 6.960M - battles back to 5 in reserve 6.975M - at 6 in reserve, Donald sees the 7 million point barrier about to be smashed. 6.977M - down to 5 shooters, Donald then finishes the wave and begins with a new "millipede", a sure-fire way to break through the next million point barrier, as new "millipedes" are easier to handle. 6.984M - down to 4 shooters in reserve now, Donald enters the bonus wave, and soars past the 7 million point barrier, finishing this shooter at 7.050M and clearly the new world champion !! Time to break 7M was 5:19 (5 hours, 19 minutes) What I failed to mention above, as it would have meant a break in the action, is that Donald , when he passed the world mark at approx 5:17 into the game, gave a brief pump-of-the-fist into the air, his first real show of emotion this game. Considering the heart-wrenching end to the 6.8M attempt, that silent but significant action spoke volumes !! THE EIGHTH MILLION (7,000,001 to 8,000,000) Considering how unpredictable this game can be, even Donald did not know how long he could keep the game going for as he was now in uncharted territory. But like a man on a mission, he stayed focused, alert, and kept on going. 7.235M - in the space of 8 seconds (I counted), Donald went from 6 shooters in reserve to just 3. After losing the first of the 3, then the spiders homed in on him near the screen edges for the next 2. He had no chance on either as a new "millipede" rack began and a lot of spiders were coming out. 7.305M - back to 6 shooters in reserve 7.595M - during an epic side-feed battle, the bottom half of the screen becomes littered with shrooms, an absolute mess to clean up, so Donald makes this his next focus and does so brilliantly while maintaining control of the "millipede" 7.603M - a brief cough at 5:45pm is about the only sound that Donald has made since breaking the world record. This serves to remind me that as I'm watching all this action, there's a guy responsible for it who was playing his heart out to make this happen. 7.621M - down to 3 in reserve 7.633M - down to 2 in reserve for the first time since passing 7 million 7.665M - battles back to 5 in reserve 7.680M - at 6 again, but by 7.695M the bottom of the screen is a disaster from another side-feed battle. Down to 5 again. 7.965M - after maintaining a good supply of reserves, Donald is looking forward to passing the 8M mark, and enjoying a brief respite as the action temporarily slows down. With 6 shooters in reserve this is inevitable. Ultimately, he passes the 8 million point barrier with 5 shooters in reserve at the 5:59 mark (nearly 6 hours into his performance) THE NINTH MILLION - (8,000,001 to 9,000,000) The early part of this million point leg was fairly routine...for Donald, that is. He never dipped below 4 shooters in reserve. And by 8.746M he still was at 6 in reserve, but, as he has experienced throughout this game, anything can happen. 8.753M - down to 4 in reserve 8.760M - back to 5 8.774M - down to 4 8.775M - down to 5 8.782M - down to 4 matter how hard he tried to get back to 6, he could not. And now it became even harder. 8.787-8.820M - Donald hits 3 shooters in reserve, and then 2, and at this point is finding it tough to get back to 4 again. He manages to do so at 8.835M, but by 8.847M he's back at 3 again. Fortunately, by 8.865M, he has battled back to 5 shooters in reserve, and for the rest of this million point range, he hovers between 4 and 6 in reserve, finishing strongly at 9.030M with 6 in reserve after 6:41 (6 hours and 41 minutes) of cumulative game play. THE TENTH MILLION (9,000,001 to 10,000,000) More impressive than the fact that what Donald has done up to this point hasn't already been done before (it hasn't...passing 7M), but thus far breaching the 10 million point barrier has been kind of unfathomable. No one has ever talked about or announced a plan to do so. It's sort of like someone announcing that they are planning on getting a score of 20 million on "Tron"...most players will tell them "Sure, but let's see you get 10 million first...THEN you can talk about hitting 20 !!" At Donald's current pace he was a good 40-45 minutes away from this mark. He surely had a good start (6 shooters in reserve), but from experience, he knew that anything could happen. So at this point, the best he could hope for was to try and see what would happen as the performance unfolded. 9.005-9.078M - no loss of shooter 9.485M - 7 hours later...Donald is still at 6 shooters in reserve. Wow !! 9.500M - according to my notes, Donald has yet to dip below the 4 shooter reserve mark for this leg of his performance. 9.728M - Don reaches 3 shooters in reserve. Remember earlier when I mentioned that there where three (3) moments in his game when Donald faced the most dire of circumstances ? Here comes the last of them...just as the 10 million point barrier is less than 15 minutes away. 9.733M - down to 2 in reserve 9.742 - down to 1 in reserve. Picks it up to 2 in reserve at 9.750M but a lower right shroom is causing him major hassles with the side-feed swarm, so he's back down to 1 again by 9.751M 9.763M - down to zero in reserve, it's do-or-die, put-your-game-face-on time for Donald !! 9.765M - back to 1 in reserve as he was very close to the next bonus shooter 9.780M - back to 2 again, but too early to breathe just yet 9.783M - down to 1 in reserve, with the next one a long while off 9.787M - down to zero shooters again...8,000 points away from the next bonus shooter. This was a dire moment, to say the very least. The millipede quickly reaches bottom and a side-feed swarm begins. 9.795M - Donald survives the swarm to earn 1 shooter in reserve, but he dies in the next bonus screen. Back to zero. 9.810M - earns another bonus 1 in reserve again. 9.821M - down to zero again, 4,000 points from the next bonus shooter 9.825M - back to 1 in reserve 9.840M - up to 2...the pressure still not off, but MUCH better than at zero in reserve !! 9.855M - back to 3 in reserve !! Donald, as it turns out, would not drop past 3 in reserve again for this leg of his quest. The resolve was there. 9.915M - up to 5 in reserve. Definitely breathing time again. 9.926M - dips down to 4, then by 9.928M he's at 3 again. 9.930M - back to 4 shooters...and minutes away from history !! 9.945M - back to 5 again 9.960M - reaches 6 in reserve for the first time since late 9.6 million. This was one major battle, but Donald survived. Definitely 8-9 minutes of very hard work. Less experienced players might have folded. Donald held it together. His reward was minutes away. 9.999M - here at last, his personal goal (which he later told me that he had in mind once the 6.9M world record was passed) was now a reality. Donald passes the 10 million point mark at 7:21:31 (7 hours 21 minutes 31 seconds) with a perfect 6 shooters in reserve...way to go, If Donald was feeling anything at this point, his reaction was very subdued and personal. He just kept on playing. BEYOND TEN MILLION (10,000,001 to ???) As with all roll-overs thus far, a definite temporary slowdown occurs, giving Donald some breathing time again. 10.327M - first time he hits 3 shooters in reserve after passing 10M 10.380M - raises it back to 6 shooters. 10.485M - still maintaining his reserves at 6 shooters, but at this early stage in his 11th million, little does he know that this will be the last time he's at 6 shooters in reserve. Whether the game is starting to get exceptionally nasty, or Donald is starting to show some fatigue, or a little bit of bother, that is irrelevant. "Millipede" is a title that Twin Galaxies refers to as "potentially marathonable". Like I said earlier in this recap, you cannot stockpile extra shooters in reserve beyond 6, just like "Centipede" and "Star Wars", so the game's duration depends on fatigue, the controller holding up, the game getting a little nasty at the worst possible times, or something even more basic...the electrical connection holding up. With no time to rest...well, you CAN for a little while with "Centipede", if you know how to set it up...these games are not the easiest to consider as "marathonable". 10.520M - down to 5...and that's the last time he will be at 5 in reserve, as well 10.525M - down to 4 shooters. 10.526M - Donald hits 3 again, and between 10.526M and 10.593M he hovers back and forth between 3 and 4 shooters in reserve, finishing at 3 by 10.593M. He will not hit 4 again this game. 10.601M - down to 2 in reserve. Donald manages to pick it back up to 3 again by 10.605M but drops back to 2 by 10.617M. He will not see 3 again. 10.619M - hits 1 shooter in reserve. After close to 8 hours of game play, my own gamer's instinct tells me that Donald might be privately wondering if this is, in fact, where his game is about to come to an end. Sometimes you get that's hard to explain how during some dire moments, you just know you will survive, while others, it's like a premonition. But that's just my opinion. 10.620M - brings it back to 2...and then everything that can happen does. 10.624M - a "routine loss" brings him down to 1 again with 11,000 points to go. This does not bode well. 10.626M - a "beetle trap" gets him...loses his last reserve shooter. 10.627M - one final hit and that's all she wrote. A brief clap from Donald signals the end to the world's greatest performance on "Millipede" ever. 7 hours and 50 minutes. Incredible. He punctuates this with a quick spin on the trackball before entering the initials. "Finals score...10,627,331 (points)" Donald's shadow on the machine's glass is a quiet testament to what had just transpired. He was standing for the first time in nearly 8 hours. He adjusts the video camera to better zoom in on the score. "Tape's about to run out anyway, Robert..." he says, as it is an 8 hour tape and the camera clock shows more than 7:51. And with that, the camera recording stops, and although all I see is a snowy screen, I can envision Donald with a deep sense of satisfaction as his personal goal had become a reality. He had not just beaten the world record, he took it into the stratosphere. A lot of local arcades across the globe have "Millipede" machines with "999,999" as the high score. Fine. Let those players try topping this !! ********************************** A Millipede Archer (Artist Viewpoint) THE INTERVIEW Donald graciously allowed me to conduct a written as well as verbal interview with him. Here are the results. I hope you will find his answers both informative and enjoyable. I'll start with the bulk of the interview which was the written questions. Question (1) - "Millipede" has been a title that I know you wanted the record on for some time now, having come close on a few occasions, most recently missing the mark my about 5 more minutes of game play, maybe less. And now, a few months later, you obliterated the previous world record. What was going through your mind as you finally passed the world record mark ? At that game speed it's almost kind of hard to watch the score and keep your eyes on the action at the same time, so I'm wondering if you even saw yourself pass the world record, or if you just knew that you did and kept on playing, to retain the focus. Answer (1) - I was actually very conscious of where I was in terms of score all during the game, especially having come so close to the record on multiple previous attempts. When I actually did pass the old record you can see a quick "fist-pump" action from me which was probably the most emotional response during the entire game, unlike the previous attempt where you noted that I was more vocal than usual and somewhat annoyed with my game play. It was certainly a relief once the record was passed and I then turned my attention to the personal goal I had for myself of passing 10 million. Question (2) - There were two (2) occasions before the world mark where you went down to zero lives in reserve, one of which came during the last millipede when all the pasts were separate, so to me this was your finest moment as you battled back and kept your cool. This was the most nail-biting moment of your game, for me as a spectator. How did it feel actually playing the game during this moment of enormous pressure ? You had a few thousand to go before the next free, and it was highly likely that the millipede would reach the bottom of the screen, so surviving an end-wave swarm at this speed was inevitable. I've got to hand it to you, I don't know if even Billy could have pulled this one off as successfully. Answer (2) - I remember pretty clearly one of the times that I was down to my last man, and I think it's the one you reference above. I think it occurred around 5.8M or so. My initial thoughts as the men dwindled was "NO!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!" I remember taking a quick peak at the score in between losing men, so I concentrated on trying to keep the bottom relatively clear of mushrooms since I was expecting to have the side feed kick in. Sometimes it is more dangerous to try and prevent the side feed than it is to actually prepare for and handle it. Question (3) - I realize from watching your previous tapes, and this one, that every 1M points the difficulty ramps down a bit, giving you somewhat of a breather and chance to replenish your lives, so every time the score reaches the 700K+ range things get tough, especially when you're coming close to rolling the score. Do you have any special strategy at this point, such as using the bonus wave to soar passed the next rollover and start the next wave at a lower speed, or is the game so fast such that a strategy like this is not even feasible to apply mid-game ? Answer (3) - Your observation about the behavior after a rollover is correct. Almost all facets of the game are based on the current displayed score so when the rollover occurs, most things slow down to the way they were at the beginning of the game. As the score progresses, certain enemies start moving faster or coming out more often. The primary exception to this rule is the side feed which progresses to a certain level of difficulty and then stays pretty much at that level for the rest of the game. This is in contrast to Centipede where the side feed gets harder and harder to finally being basically impossible, but then turns over and goes back to extremely easy and continues to cycle this way. As far as using any special strategies, the answer for my style of play is "no". Question (4) - One of the best tactics that I've seen you display is during one of the bonus waves…I'm sure you know which I am referring to. Am I correct that doing the exact opposite would be devastating for the waves that follow ? I envision missed shots sailing upwards and valuable time lost as a result, for starters. Am I on the right track, here ? Answer (4) - Yes, I know exactly which tactic you're referring to. Jason Cram also noticed this a few weeks ago when we played a doubles game of "Millipede". I found that my survival rate increased using this tactic because it gives me better control of the entire screen. My style of play depends on having a shot when I need it (since that is the same way I play Centipede, and I learned that first). Question (5) - Seven+ hours of game-play on the same credit…I think that this is the longest single gaming performance in your personal gaming history, yes ? What was the second longest… your previous 6.8M on "Millipede", or was it the 4.5M on "Tron" ? Answer (5) - Well, this game was closer to 8 hours, but I believe that only ranks third for my personal longest game. My Centipede record took 9 hours but even that is only second. My personal long was back in the 80's when I played "Gauntlet" for 10 hours. My 4.6M "Tron" score took 6.5 hours, but I think a couple of my other "Centipede" scores were just a little bit longer. Question (6) - Based on what you have just seen, would you now say that "Millipede" is marathonable, potentially marathonable, or is the game still too difficult and unpredictable to make such an assessment ? Like "Star Wars" and "Centipede" (both of which you excel at), this game awards extra lives but you can only maintain a limited number (6) in reserve at any given time, so you realistically can't take a break from the game. Answer (6) - I think I would classify it as "potentially marathonable". Question (7) - So…maybe this game is only marathonable to the point that either (A) the trackball gives out from the excess oils, or (B) until "nature calls". Agree ? Answer (7) - I'd pretty much have to agree with that. In the back of my mind, I do have an idea of how to possibly take a short "nature break" (perhaps 2-3 minutes). A similar strategy would probably also work on "Centipede". Question (8) - Wow, you claimed the world record on "Super Cobra" (over 225K) and "Millipede" (10.6M) within the same month. Add that to the other titles you hold world records on and I think you now possess 7 or is it 8 world records on arcade titles at the same time ? This is unprecedented. Answer (8) - The "Super Cobra" record makes 7 total arcade records. Question (9) - Which begs the question…what title is next ? I'm guessing "Berzerk" is on your short list. (Donald recently hit 106K on his 1st life on fast-bullets "Berzerk" as part of the 2004 Advanced MAME decathlon...the world arcade record is about 230K for an entire game of 5 lives which includes the two bonus lives) Answer (9) - I have several ideas in the back of my head, but for now I'm keeping that to myself. Question (10) - You have mastered titles with joysticks, flight controllers and track balls. Do you ever see yourself picking up interest in a driving or shooting game, or do you prefer the aforementioned three controller-types ? Answer (10) - I never cared for driving games in general (I drive enough in real life as it is!). It's not so much that I prefer one controller type over another, it's more a matter of whether I personally enjoy the gameplay as a whole. Question (11) - I know from personal experience, including competing with you in various gaming events, that some titles you pick up right away whereas others, and every gamer has a few, you just don't enjoy playing. Which titles do you absolutely can't stand playing, either by genre or specific titles ? For instance, I've already accepted the fact that I can't play precision-shooting titles like "Cheyenne" even if my life depended on it, but I cannot stand playing a game which requires too much pre-memorization of fixed movement sequences, like most modern fighting-game titles. Answer (11) - Well, I've publicly stated that I never want to play "Ghosts & Goblins" again. "Motorace USA" also comes to mind. I also don't care for the modern fighting style games. A Millipede Archer (Artist Viewpoint) Thanks, Donald, for answering all the written questions that I requested of you. We later discussed the finer points of his performance, and most specifically the three moments when he reached zero shooters. I noticed one common denominator in how Donald handled the side-feed swarms, and was wondering why, during the swarms, was he missing so many worms. He explained this to me as only an expert could. According to Donald, hitting the worms during the swarms, a tactic most players would employ to perhaps give them an "edge", is something Donald pointedly avoids. "They throw off my timing with the side-feed", he explains. As a world class player, Donald does not like to have the tempo of his game rapidly changing like that. Once he's accustomed to the speed, the slow-down is more of an annoyance than a helpful tool. He said that the key to dealing with the side-feed swarm is predicting where the next piece will come from. They come out so quickly that the only way to close out the swarm is to take out several pieces within a second...assuming you whittle the swarm down that far. It is, he said, the toughest aspect of the game. You either know how to deal with the side-feed swarm, or you can't get past a certain point in the game. I asked him about those "DDT" capsules which have the power to take out several enemies at once, and whether they were an integral part of the game. Not absolutely necessary, he said, but they help under the right circumstances. We also discussed his mindset during the three moments when he hit zero shooters in reserve, one of which was close to the existing world mark, the other of which was close to ten million. In both cases, Donald was concerned, but overcame that with focus and determination. As a fellow gamer, I get the distinct impression that he was thinking "I could always try again, but it would be nice if I didn't have to !!". The last thing I asked him was about the 10 million point goal. He said his intent was to hopefully put up a score which would be much more difficult to beat than 7 million, or even 8 million. Considering how difficult each million point barrier was for him, surviving ten such difficult situations were hard, to beat Donald, someone would have to find a way to survive through eleven. Any takers ? ********************************** AFTERTHOUGHTS Donald accepts the mantle of a seventh simultaneous classic arcade world record with stoic professionalism. Defending so many titles at once will not be easy, but he has set such a high bar that few can hope to take down some of his scores, especially not a near-8 hour, 10.6 million performance on "Millipede". One thing is certain...there is no slowing this player down. Donald also holds quite a few MAME records, which is the platform that emulates the inner-workings of the arcade classics, allowing you to play the titles' ROMsets on your at-home PC in lieu of the presence of the stand-up or sit-down arcade original. And he also holds the highest scores on the tournament setting variations of a few of the arcade titles he holds the records on. For the moment, Donald is among the top players in the globe, easily, when it comes to arcade titles. Who is number one ? It doesn't really matter, not when you reach that caliber of competition. But when it comes to "Millipede", "Tron", "Dig Dug", "Super Zaxxon" and the rest, there is no denying who the number one player in the world is...Donald Hayes. The staff of Twin Galaxies congratulates Donald on his historic and inspirational 10 million point world record performance on the classic arcade title "Millipede". We wish him all the best on his next title(s) to conquer, and look forward to his progress in the weeks and months Will he set another world title this year, and add an unprecedented 8th to his belt ? Only time will tell. Will he successfully defend the seven titles that he now calls his own ? The same can be said. Will he find a new title that he can master and try for the world record on...that, fellow gamers, is a guarantee !! Robert _________________ Robert T Mruczek Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee Star Wars classic arcade marathon champion (work E-MAIL) ****************************** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Millipede Manufacturer: Atari Link Year: 1982 Class: Wide Release Genre: Shooter Type: Videogame Photos Of Game and Enemies: Link Monitor: Orientation: Vertical Type: Raster: Standard Resolution CRT: Color 19-inch Matsushita Conversion Class: unique Number of Simultaneous Players: 1 Maximum number of Players: 2 Gameplay: Alternating Control Panel Layout: Single Player Controls: Trackball: Optical Buttons: 1 Sound: Unamplified Mono (requires one-channel amp) Description Blast bugs and mushrooms with your cannon. Cabinet Information The extremely colorful artwork makes this one of the more appealing cabinets ever made. Not only are the sides completely decorated, but the cabinet also has beautiful artwork all over the front of the machine. Game Introduction Defend yourself from hordes of larger-than-life insects. The bugs keep coming -- all kinds -- and the challenge continues while the intensity increases. Millipede Archer with Bow Armed only with a bow and arrows, you, as the "Archer", must fire through a garden of enormous mushrooms to hit the giant millipede who steadily crawls right toward you. Single heads shoot out from the sides of the play field! Spiders, earwigs, inchworms and beetles appear to wreak their own special havoc and then suddenly the screen is filled with waves of bombing bees, dragonflies and mosquitoes! Your only chance is to explode one of the DDT bombs! Game Play Although this game utilizes the same format and controls as Centipede, Millipede offers many extra elements that test your skill limits. You still shoot from the bottom of the screen at a field of mushrooms, but instead of battling the original four insects, you now face a deadlier variety of enemy bugs: millipedes, spiders, bees, beetles, earwigs, inchworms, dragonflies, and mosquitoes. Naturally, each of these insects has unique characteristics that must be studied. Fortunately, there is a new feature that can be used to the player's advantage: DDT bombs. Four of them can appear on the playfield at any given time. Shooting one of them unleashes a cloud of deadly gas that destroys any insects, flowers or mushrooms in the area. After every few levels a swarm of insects appears, the point value for each insect shot during the swarm increases by 100 points up to 1000 points. Another feature is the option to start at a higher level of difficulty, which progresses as the player scores more points (similar to Tempest). Millipede Mushrooms (close-up) Miscellaneous The game's original (or working) title was "Centipede Deluxe". Technical The game uses a 6502 microprocessor and two Atari Pokey sound chips. Legacy Centipede Millipede Millipede -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bernard Location: Derry, NH Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 9:17 pm Post subject: nice job Donald -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (cut and paste from another message board announcement) WOW! Damn nice job Donald! Another incredible record to add to your list. What's next? _________________ -David Nelson : captain Video Warriors (NH's Pro Video Game Team) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- permafrostrick Referee Location: Baltimore, MD Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 9:41 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nice...I liked the interview...which is most of what I read. Donald, that's just plain sick man. The game play of Millipede is among the most intense of any game around. To sustain that for nearly 8 hours is just plain sick. I like how you say it's "potentially marathonable" it seems unlikely anyone would be able to keep their wits about them for a 24 hour type run. your scoring rate that would be a 30+ million game. You should let us know what you have plans for we can avoid going for scores on those games...cuz little point trying to compete against you on games you truly target... although we might have some Q*bert and FHMC-Q*Bert action soon. Game on! hehe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MKM TG Advisor Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:40 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___________ Please send me a Private Message to get my email for TG/game questions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MrXanthis Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 1:03 am Post subject: omg, that's incredible... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is by far the most amazing thing I've ever "read". 7 titles. "wow" can't even begin to express what an accomplishment that is. Grats dude. Well earned. John Drake -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LucidFaia Location: Columbus, OH, USA Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 1:28 am Post subject: Re: NEW World Record on "Millipede" (arcade) !! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RMRUCZEK wrote: His new world mark, after 7 hours and 50 minutes of continuous lightning-fast game play, is 10,627,331 points. O_O Holy crap! _________________ Adam "Lucid Faia" Sweeney Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream by night. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zotmeister Location: Tiverton, RI Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2005 10:18 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [bows respectfully] - ZM _________________ Darkness lessons learned/Avenging golden tresses/Yellow flower blooms - "(dedicated to Millia Rage)", original haiku --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Congratulations Donald Hayes, the new reining champion of classic arcade video games. It's good that people still compete with to beat the 1980's high scores and I hope that many more scores will come down as people get interested again in the old classic video games. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is an archived article about the people that have been mentioned in this article and there game to fame: Year 2002 - Link --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue 10.06 | Jun 2002 Print, email, or fax this article for free. PLAY games Arcade Warriors Wanna be a videogame champ? Head directly to Weirs Beach, New Hampshire, where the International Classic Game Tournament goes down May 30 to June 2. The action unfolds at Funspot (, an entertainment mecca that houses the largest public collection of working pre-1987 arcade games on the planet. Players face off on seven vintage machines, including Berzerk, Arkanoid, and Tempest. The person with the highest combined score wins. Check out the competition. - Joshua Davis --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zack Hample Age: 24 Occupation: Sports instructor Hometown: New York Claim to fame: Arkanoid world champion Sound bite: "I can't imagine that there's anybody in the world who's better at Arkanoid than I am. I've always been quite athletic." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dwayne "Mr. Twix" Richard Age: 33 Occupation: Videogame trader Hometown: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada Claim to fame: 2001 Classic Arcade world champion Sound bite: "When I broke the Dig Dug record after six hours of play, I was ecstatic - and my back was killing me." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billy "The Master" Mitchell Age: 36 Occupation: Hot sauce maker Hometown: Hollywood, Florida Claim to fame: The first person to play a perfect game of Pac-Man (3,333,360 points in 1999) Sound bite: "I'm always careful to call gaming a controlled obsession." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Hayes has both the Millipede and Centipede World Records. Millipede is the Sequel to Centipede, Below are the Centipede Player Directions: Millipede Tournament Settings: Variation: Factory Settings Platform: Arcade Rules: Starting lives is 3. The three dip switches controlling the side feed (switch 1), the beetle (switch2), and the spider (switch 7), are all set to 'off' (or 'easy'). The starting men is 3 (switches 3 and 4), and bonus life's are every 15,000 (switches 5 and 6). There is a dip switch (#8) that controls whether the player is able to select a starting score. Players cannot start from higher than the 30K score. Centipede Play Instructions: 'Atari's Centipede game is a one- or two-player game with a color raster-scan monitor. The fast-moving action includes a variety of creatures dropping down from the top of the screen or flying in from its sides, most of them to attack the player. The player's shooter is represented on the screen by a somewhat humanoid head. The player's goal is to shoot at and destroy as many of these creatures and mushrooms as possible for a high point score, before the player's lives are used up. Players can maneuver their Mini-Track Ball control anywhere within approximately the bottom fifth of the screen. However, they must move around mushrooms, since these are fixed, not "transparent" objects. A fire button shoots individual shots upwards, or fires hail of shots if pressed constantly. (Only one shot appears on the screen at a time.)' 'The game begins with a playfield of randomly placed mushrooms. A Centipede starts sneaking its way across from the center top of the screen. The centipede changes direction when it runs into a mushroom or either the left or right boundaries of the playfield. When a centipede is shot, it breaks into two smaller ones, each with a head. Also, the part of the centipede that was shot leaves a mushroom in its place on the screen. When any centipedes reach the bottom of the screen, they start back up, but remain within the area of the player's shooter (the bottom fifth of the screen). When a large Centipede (that hasn't been shot yet) reaches the bottom, it releases its tail, and this part changes into a new head. Also to provide player challenge, if a centipede is still alive when it reaches the bottom, new heads will enter the screen almost at the bottom of the sides. More of these heads will appear as time progresses. The randomly moving spiders also appear in the first wave. The spiders can destroy a player, as well as any mushrooms they move over. This eliminates many mushroom targets for a player. The player's shooter is moved by rotating the Mini-Track Ball control. The shooter can be moved in all directions, but only within the bottom fifth of the screen. Pressing the fire button causes the shooter to fire shots upwards, either singly or in rapid-fire mode, if held down constantly. Mushrooms count 1 point when shot, and a player must fire four shots into a mushroom before it is destroyed and disappears. Centipede body parts count 10 points each, and the elusive heads (represented with small eyes on them) are worth 100 points each. Spiders are worth 300, 600 or 900 points, depending on how close they are to the player when shot. A bombardment of fleas starts in the second wave; as the fleas descend, they leave a trail of new mushrooms behind them. In the second wave, the fleas appear when a certain number of mushrooms remain at the bottom of the screen. This number increases as the game progresses, meaning fleas appear more often later on in the game. Fleas have a value of 200 points when shot, and players must hit them twice to The scorpion enters from either side starting in the fourth wave; it moves at a relatively slow speed. Later it increases its speed. When shot, a scorpion counts 1000 points - the highest-value target of all. As it travels across the screen it "poisons" the mushrooms that it moves over and changes their colors. These mushrooms cause any centipedes that would collide with them to head straight towards the bottom of the screen, rather than continue snaking around. Players can stop a poisoned centipede by shooting its head. In addition, these poisoned mushrooms as well as any partially shot mushrooms add 5 points to the player's score at the end of each life when the screen is resetting. If the players are very skilled and earn at least 60.000 points, two things happen to increase player challenge: the fleas descend at a faster speed and the spiders restrict their movement to a smaller area at the bottom of the screen. An important new feature of this game is the operator option for easy/hard game difficulty. In the easy game, the spider moves slowly up to a 5.000-point score, and then bounces at a higher speed. It also changes the direction less often throughout the game than at the hard setting. In the hard setting the spider moves slowly only for the first 1.000 points, and then speeds up. It also changes direction more often throughout the game. In either setting, the spider moves at a 45-degree angle or straight up and down. Another operator option is the number of lives per game, ranging from 2 to 5. This number is displayed as small shooters at the top of the screen. The number is decreased by one each time a player is destroyed. The number is increased by one each time the player scores multiples of 10, 12, 15 or 20 thousand points, depending on the operator selection.' Millipede Flyer Millipede Bezel Millipede Conversion Kit Millipede Flyer - Click Photo to Enlarge Link --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News Release February 12, 2005 - Donald Hayes now has 7 World Records Link --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLASSIC GAMER NOW HOLDS SEVEN WORLD RECORDS Fairfield, Iowa -- February 12, 2005 -- The golden standard of video game excellence set by classic gaming legend Billy Mitchell in 1983 has been broken. Donald Hayes of Windham, NH, scoring more than 10 million points, has broken a 20-year-old record on the arcade game Millipede to become the classic gaming hobby's first player ever to hold seven major gaming titles at the same time. Eclipsing Billy Mitchell's record of six titles, Hayes is now the world record holder on Millipede, Super Cobra, Domino Man, Tron, Centipede, Super Zaxxon and Dig Dug. Walter Day, editor of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, says: "Back during the golden age of arcades, players would trade gaming tips in order to break records; it was a national effort with thousands of player's leap-frogging over one another, lifting the world record on each game higher and higher. But, Hayes works alone and figures it all out by himself. It's simply unbelievable." The prior record of six classic gaming titles was set by Billy Mitchell in 1983 when he appeared in the 1984 Guinness Book for records on Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong, Jr. and Burger time. Mitchell was also noted for achieving history's first "Perfect" score on Pac-Man and was selected the "Player of the Century" at the Tokyo Game Show in 1999. An in-depth analysis of Hayes' Millipede game has been prepared by Twin Galaxies' Chief Referee, Robert Mruczek, which can be read at 12 Feb 2005 by Rushy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Hayes in the News (8/6/2003 Donald Hayes is new Champ on Domino Man - Winning 4th Major Title ) Link Link Donald Hayes has come to Funspot and done it again! A new world record on Domino Man with a final score of 1,040,866. Congratulations!!! Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domino Man World Record by Donald Hayes, Twin Galaxies Article Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW World Record on "Domino Man" (Arcade) ROBERT MRUCZEK TG Board of Directors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BREAKING NEWS - NEW WORLD RECORD ON "DOMINO MAN" (ARCADE) As reported August 1st, 2003 Hello fellow gamers: Twin Galaxies is proud to announce the latest in a string of classic gaming records that have been shredded in the past 60 days. Donald Hayes, who hails from New Hampshire in the USA, has added another feather to his classic gaming cap. He has just beaten a near-20 year old record on the 1983 Bally/Midway title "Domino Man" with a score of 1,040,866 points !! He established the new world record at the Funspot family entertainment center in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. Way back on September 4th of 1983, Jeff Peters, who hails from California, set the Twin Galaxies world record with a score of 757,063 points. Quite simply, since then, no one has even come close to that score. Almost twenty years later, that score has been beaten by over a quarter million points by one of todays hottest classic arcade gamers. The game "Domino Man" blends in the ages-old game of "Dominos" with arcade reflexes. In it, you attempt to set up a string of dominos while preventing a large number of enemies from knocking them down before your time limit expires. Do it, and you can either push one domino to knock them all down for a bonus of 100 points per domino, or resist the temptation and advance to the next screen, set them up again, and hopefully knock them down for an even bigger bonus of 200 points per domino, and that includes the dominos from the previous screen !! Keep going and wave 3, if you can pull it off, is three screens of dominos worth 300 points, each, and so on, until you either knock them down for the bonus, or you lose your life and all the accrued bonus point potential. Having the nerve to not knock down the dominos is a testimony to Donald's skill at this title. He kept the string accumulating until he cleared more than 10 stages into the game, whereupon he knocked down an equal number of screens of dominos worth a minimum of 1,000 points apiece !! Quite simply, he accumulated several hundred thousand bonus points from that action alone, and gained quite a few extra men in the process. Playing at Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings ("TGTS") means that Donald was on difficulty "3" with three starting lives and an extra at 25K and then every 40K. This move set the stage for the world's first verified million point game ever !! The nature of the game changes dramatically after that, and rather than spell it all out here, I'll let Donald's actions speak for themselves. Here now is a brief recap of the highlights of Donald's game play. *************************************************** THE PATH TO VICTORY Stage 1 - You have to start somewhere, and every game with points has a "stage 1", just about. "Domino Man" is no exception. With practiced ease Donald clears the stage and finishes with approx 3,000 points Stage 4 - Finishes the stage with 13,200 points and passes the 10K mark. Stage 9 - The game starts to get a little harder (not for Donald, it seems, but definitely to me it did as I watched his tape). He finishes the stage with almost 40K. After stage 10 - Donald exercises great planning and care in the stages that follow... the game is starting to get a bit harder, and some stages are quite tough, even at Donald's skill level. So, he waits for the right time, and when he feels that he has accumulated enough potential bonus points from the big push, a sets off a multi-screen chain reaction that awards him well over a half million bonus points, and quite a few extra men in the process !! Gamers, you might be wondering why I am not revealing the precise stage within which Donald pulled off this maneuver. It is in my opinion that knowing the right screen in which to push the domino chain is a skill learned after many months of hard practice at this particular title, and I would not want to compromise Donald's hard work and effort by revealing what may be a trade secret. But I can tell you this...pushing the dominos in stage 10 does yield 1,000 points per domino (per each of the 10 screens), and pushing them in stage 11 does yield 1,100 points per domino (per each of the now 11 screens) the potential is almost endless...or maybe not. Keep reading. After the "Big Push" - Donald's reserve supply of men was quite high. It was not long before he was at the 800K mark, and passed Jeff's previous world record. However, it was fairly easy for me to see that Donald was not about to stave off pushing the domino chain for 10 or more screens again. The game was starting to get pretty nasty, even for Donald's skillset. And then came... Stage 21 - This, gamers, is the worst of the worst. I had not seen thru this stage any configuration of domino combined with enemy speeds that were this challenging. It was in this stage that Donald eventually lost every single life in reserve !! And I kid you not...this stage is for experts only. I'll elaborate further. The pattern initially appears reasonable. It starts at the left, dips down and then up again to form a loop, then end near the right. Simple ? Not quite. Donald said, in his video, "...on this board, they come out so quick, there's not much you can do about it. Next stage is about the same", as he discussed strategy with some interested onlookers and well-wishers who watched in awe as he was at the 900K mark. Donald said that in practice, at home, he had cleared the stage, and several beyond, but admitted that it did require a little bit of luck due to the layout. "Stages 15-20 are fairly easy...", he said, "but on 21, things come out so fast you barely have time to set things up. Sometimes you have to get lucky." and I quite understood what he meant as I watched the action. The way the game works is as follows. When you start a new stage, all the dominos are "down". You have to prop them up within the time limit. Meanwhile, lots of enemies are all about trying to knock them down. As in real dominos, when one is tipped, all that are connected will fall in sequence, so strategically leaving one or two lying down might seem to be the key. But not here !! The enemies come out so quickly from the left and right sides that they make a beeline straight for the corners, and tip over quite a few dominos in the process. More enemies come out quickly thereafter and attempt to do the same, from all four sides of the screen. Oh yes...let's not forget that time limit clock that speeds it's way around the screen while you frantically try to set them all up. If you lose a man mid-stage, the dominos already standing remain standing when your next man appears, but almost instantly the enemies are trying to knock down your chain again. It's almost unfair, and only a player of Donald's caliber stands a chance of clearing "Domino Man" in this stage. This game ended with Donald having just four (4) dominos face down when the clock ran out. Had there been perhaps two more seconds, and he would have completed the ultra-hard stage 21. But in the flip-side, to quote him, stage 22 is "about the same" !! Definitely out of the frying pan and into the fire !! After his game play, Funspot operations manager Gary Vincent came over and led Donald thru the technician and setup screens to verify that the correct settings were in use during game play. Once that was done, someone (I think Donald but am not sure) said "That's the right settings. That's what we need." and the tape ended shortly thereafter. And history was made in the process with a finishing score of 1,040,866 points. *************************************************** AFTERTHOUGHTS "Domino Man" is a very interesting game, and definitely a challenge worthy of any serious gamer, but also a game that can be enjoyable for players of all ages and skillsets. But if you want to get a score of 100,000 or higher on this title, lots and lots...and lots...of practice is needed. That, plus nerves of steel. On behalf of the Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard, we congratulate Donald Hayes on another fine achievement...and his world record score on "Domino Man" !! Robert _________________ Robert T Mruczek Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee Star Wars classic arcade marathon champion (work E-MAIL) ****************************** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domino Man game added to Donald Hayes stable of growing video game titles --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Hayes, of Windham, NH, has become the first modern player on classic arcade video games to hold four separate world records concurrently. By recently adding the very difficult Domino Man game to his stable of growing titles, he continues his run on Billy Mitchell's record of five major classic titles held simultaneously during the 1980s. Hayes now holds the championship belt on Super Zaxxon, Tron, Centipede and Domino Man - all very challenging games. "Add one more title to the list," notes Walter Day, Editor of the forthcoming Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, "and Hayes will duplicate the five-some that Billy Mitchell achieved in the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records back in the early 1980s." Mitchell appeared in the Guinness book as the world record holder on Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong, Jr. and Burgertime. A sixth title, "marathon Centipede," was not mentioned in Guinness, even though Mitchell's 25 million points still stand as the Centipede marathon record today. "Hayes may prove to be one of the greatest classic gamers to emerge in the last decade," believes Billy Mitchell. "Anybody who can simultaneously hold the titles on both Centipede and Tron has serious talent." Twin Galaxies' Chief Referee, Robert Mruczek, has prepared an in-depth analysis of Hayes' Domino Man performance which can be found at the link above. -- Tim Lewinson --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Archives News: Donald Hayes & Billy Mitchell (Year 2003) Link --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Hayes, a programmer from New Hampshire, holds world records on many titles, including Domino Man, Tron, Centipede, Super Zaxxon and Dig Dug. Hayes was Funspot's Player of the Year for 2003. Billy Mitchell was proclaimed the "Player-of-the-Century" at the 1999 Tokyo Game Show and was the first person to accomplish a "perfect" game on Pac-Man. He was also a founding member of the famous U.S. National Video Game Team in 1983 and appeared in the 1984 Guinness Book of World Records with five world record listings: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Burgertime, Centipede, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong, Jr. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Hayes Archive of Dig Dug Accomplishment (Year 2003) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig-Dug World Record Broken Link ExtremeTech, October, 2003 by David Smith ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with Get started now. (It's free.)The world-record score for Namco's Dig-Dig has been broken, the videogame scorekeepers at Twin Galaxies announced today. Donald Hayes, who makes his home in Windham, New Hampshire, recently topped Canadian Dwayne Richard's previous record with a landmark score of 4,388,520 points. The previous record had stood for more than four years. Hayes now joins an exclusive club along with gaming ace Bill Mitchell, as one of only two people to hold scoring records in five classic games. Aside from Dig-Dug, he also holds records in Tron, Centipede, Domino Man, and Super Zaxxon. He achieved his high score by making it all the way to the game's "kill screen," the 256th stage, beyond which it is impossible to pass. Hayes actually managed to survive the first 32 stages of the game without dying once. The entire effort took four hours and 40 minutes, about two hours less than Richard's original world-record effort. For a full account of the game, and a very lengthy one at that, check out Twin Galaxies. Copyright © 2004 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally appearing in ExtremeTech. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Scores 4.39 Million Dig-Dug Points Link 10/28/03 Twin Galaxies' Walter Day was excited to proclaim that Donald Hayes of Windham, NH achieved the all-time high score in Dig-Dug of 4,388,528 (exceeding the previous mark of 4,211,920 achieved by Dwayne Richard). FI can hear the Dig-Dug theme ringing through our heads at this very moment. The Dig-Dug achievement joins Hayes' four other high-scores, making him the (current) best player in the world at Centipede, Dig-Dug, Domino Man, Super Zaxxon and Tron. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breaking News Archive: story: Link 10/27/2003 Donald Hayes Captures Dig Dug Crown - for 5th Big Title ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Hayes of Windham, NH has captured the Dig Dug world Title with a score of 4,388,520 points, eclipsing the four-year-old mark of 4,211,920 points set by Canada's Dwayne Richard in 1999. Hayes becomes the first player in classic gaming history to match Billy Mitchell's feat of holding five major titles simultaneously. Mitchell was recognized in the Guinness book back in 1983 as the world record holder on Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Burgertime and Donkey Kong. Donald Hayes has now pulled down five big ones, too: Tron, Centipede, Dig Dug, Domino Man and Super Zaxxon. "No one in today's fast growing 'classic gaming' field can keep up with Hayes' domination of the hobby," says Walter Day, chief editor of the forthcoming Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records. "Centipede, Tron and Dig Dug, in particular," adds Day, "were stellar games, with worldwide followings. Donald's scores are the highest we've seen in twenty years of monitoring records." Hayes will be recognized by Twin Galaxies in a special ceremony later this year and be awarded Commemorative Notice in the upcoming record book. To see the astonishing range of playing skills required to beat this game, an indepth analysis of the accomplishment has been prepared by Twin Galaxies Chief Referee, Robert Mruczek, who reviews each milestone reached by Hayes during his record game. To see this report, go to Dig Dug World Record. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ January 2003 Donald Hayes Archive Article of Super Zaxxon New World Record Link This Puts Things in (an Isometric) Perspective 1/28/03 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Donald Hayes, holder of the world-record scores on Centipede and TRON, now holds the record for high score on Super Zaxxon. On January 27, 2003, Hayes scored 496,950, beating the former record held by Greg McLeod of 339,750 (from July 25, 1983). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20-year-old Zaxxon record toppled Archives: Donald Hayes beats 1983 Super Zaxxon World Record Link The world Super Zaxxon record was apparently shattered recently by a classic arcade gaming champion. Donald Hayes of New Hampshire put the hurt on the 20-year-old record of 339,750 points, according to Walter Day, Chief Scorekeeper at Twin Galaxies. Super Zaxxon, for all of you arcade game neophytes, is considered one of the top ten hardest games of all time. In it you have to maneuver a space shuttle-esque ship over an oddly angled city, avoiding obstacles and enemies while you try to shoot down things. The original record of 339,750 points was set on July 25, 1983 by Greg McLeod of Halifax, Nova Scotia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Hampshire Man Breaks 20-Year-Old Super Zaxxon World Record Link The date was January 20th, 2003. The place was Funspot in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. With his video camcorder set up on a tripod next to him, Donald Hayes set out to capture on videotape a new world record on what is widely regarded as one of the top ten hardest video arcade titles ever released..."Super Zaxxon". Released by Sega in 1982 as a sequel to the mega-hit title "Zaxxon", this title was much faster and harder than the original by far. Most gamers can't last more than 3 to 5 minutes, if even for that long. When Donald Hayes, who hails from New Hampshire in the USA, started playing his game at Funspot, the title song "Fame" from the movie was starting to play in the background, perhaps a hint of good things to come. Fittingly, he set a new world record of an incredible 496,950 points, reaching farther than anyone else ever has...stage 15. Incredibly, he lasted from 198,500 to 496,950...just under 300,000 points...on his last ship !! This score resoundingly beat the previously verified world record of 339,750 as set by Greg McLeod from Canada way back in July 25th, 1983, according to the Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard, the worldwide authority on player rankings, gaming statistics and championship tournaments since 1981. Donald played on what is known as Twin Galaxies tournament settings, or "TGTS", of hard difficulty and three (3) ships to start, with an extra awarded at a certain point threshold. The game is subdivided into four sections per level. Each requires a unique skillset in order to conquer that level. Section 1 is a "city" layout, with many ground targets, some of which launch upwards or shoot at you, and include a few laser screens to find the path thru, and several wall-barriers over which you must navigate safely. This quickly leads to section 2 otherwise known as "The Tunnel", which is the toughest part of the game. In it, you must face an onslaught of up to 40 enemy ships (by stage 6) flying at you and/or shooting at you, some of which home in on your precise location. Section 3 is a much harder version of the "city" layout from section 1. Here, the walls you must navigate over, 8 in all, are protected by laser screens. As early as stage 2, players will encounter wall gaps no larger than the width of their spaceship, and by stage 3, every single gap is only that wide. With less than 2 seconds of maneuvering between each laser screen and wall gap, this section also contributes to why this game is one of the top ten toughest of all time. Section 4 is where the player must defeat the "Super Zaxxon dragon", a harder version of the classic "Zaxxon" boss, faster moving to say the least. And that's not all. There's a small matter known as your fuel consumption that is constantly draining. Stages 1 thru 3 are not too bad according to Donald, but stages 4 and thereafter are tough battles. You need enough fuel to keep going or you can lose your ship when your supply runs out. As if you didn't already have enough to worry about. I watched Donald's videotape the other night and was pleased to be witness to videogame greatness. His game started off with a decent score of 63,850 on his 1st ship. He became trapped in the 3rd "tunnel" sequence, the toughest aspect of the game. Up to this point, his personal best (unverified) was in the 438K range, and was visible on the high score display screen as he accumulated points, so he had a long way to go. Although Donald's game only lasted approx 8 minutes up to this point, he still lasted more than double what most gamers do for their entire game...and this was just on his 1st ship !! And there's an interesting story about that 438K score that was visible on the high score display when he started his game. Donald told me that he had showed up earlier in the day with his video camera but had nowhere to plug it in, so he figured he would play a practice game or two until he was given the means to plug in his video camera. As luck would have it, on his very first game he set a new personal best. Donald took his 2nd ship about as far, lasting to 129,500 points and was trapped in the 5th "tunnel". His 3rd ship reached a bit further, up to "tunnel" number 7 and 198,500 points. Then he entered "The Zone"...that Zen-like state of mind where master class gamers find themselves so attuned to their game at-hand that they play while tuning out everything else around them...all other noises, people, distractions, and that's when world records are often set. His 4th ship lasted from the 7th "tunnel" all the way up to the 15th "tunnel", where he was trapped at just about the end of the stage...shy of 500K, but definitely a new world record by a healthy margin of approx 157,000 points. Mind you...Donald was playing at the "Hard" difficulty settings and just three (3) ships to start...quite the player he is. For those "Zaxxon" fans looking for an extreme challenge, here now are Donald's threshold scores per wave. Interestingly, Donald employs a strategy of survival versus going for every single point possible. Quite simply, you can't get every target possible...the game moves too fast !! His strategy incorporates a balance between point accumulation and safety, which in a game like "Super Zaxxon" is quite possibly the best strategy of all to employ. Stage 1 - 28,100 points by end of stage Stage 2 - 52,950 Stage 3 - 83,450 (lost ship in stage 3 "tunnel") Stage 4 - 116,800 Stage 5 - 152,100 (lost ship in stage 5 "tunnel") Stage 6 - 184,850 Stage 7 - 221,400 (lost ship in stage 7 "tunnel") Stage 8 - 254,950 Stage 9 - 292,150 Stage 10 - 329,400 Stage 11 - 364,850 Stage 12 - 401,650 Stage 13 - 441,150 (he passes his previous personal best at approx 437K) Stage 14 - 477,800 Stage 15 - 496,950 (last ship lost in "tunnel") Starting with stage 3, the wall gaps are all the width of your ship. There are 2 in each section 1, and 8 in each section 3, most of which are protected by laser screens. In other words, Donald had to perform over 130 ship-width maneuvers thru the wall gaps between stages 2 and 15, and that's in addition to dodging all the enemies in the "tunnel" and the other obstacles in each "city". Definitely not an average accomplishment, to be sure !! Twin Galaxies proudly proclaims Donald Hayes as the new champion of "Super Zaxxon". He adds this title to his growing list of arcade video game world record accomplishments including... Centipede - 7,111,111 (difficulty 3, starting lives 3) Tron - 4,580,031 (difficulty 5, 3 lives plus 1 extra) Congratulations, Donald...a job well done !! Author: Dan Blomberg Uploaded: 2003-01-28 Source: GamersMark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From the Donald Hayes Web Site Archives: Link I currently hold the arcade World Record on five different titles. The scores and dates achieved are listed below in chronological order. Three of the titles are very well known and have always been highly sought after. At least for now, they are mine! Centipede 7,111,111 November 5, 2000 Tron 4,580,031 June 1, 2001 Super Zaxxon 496,950 January 19, 2003 Domino Man 1,040,866 July 19, 2003 Dig Dug 4,388,520 September 20, 2003 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In other Donald Hayes News: Link (2003 U.S. Ping Pong Open) Visit: Fort Lauderdale, Florida o July 2-6, 2003 East Region Tournament Schedule Link Tournament City, State Date Sanction Contact 2005 MDTTC Winter Open Gaithersburg, MD 2/12/05-2/13/05 Wei Xiao 301-257-4355 New Hampshire RR Open Manchester, NH 2/13/05 Donald Hayes 603-894-7242 Donald Hayes Ping Pong Ratings: Link Donald Hayes US Championships (1997) Donald Hayes Ping Pong US Open (1997, Ft. Lauderdale) Link Year 2003 Las Vegas, NV Tournament rating: 2118 Record: 8-7 (0.533) All-time: 92-56 (0.622) USA Table Tennis - Serving the Table Tennis Community ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Hayes Table Tennis Results: Donald Hayes, Awarded Second Place USA Table Tennis 2100 Division Under 2100 was won by Florida's Yamil Rivera, whose rating of 2099 made him the top seed. He defeated Donald Hayes in the final, 8,5,4. Yamil Rivera beats Donald Hayes, Photo Below: US Olympic Committee with Ping Pong Champions Scott Preiss (Left Side) and Yami Rivera on (Right Side) Scott Preiss with Juan Antonio Samaranch (center), former President of the International Olympic Committee. Also in the picture is Former President of the US Olympic Committee Robert Helmick, Mr. Vasqua Rana, President of the Pan American Olympic Committee, and Yamil Rivera, Former Puerto Rican Junior Champion. Photo was taken after an exhibition for Mr. Samaranch at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Bay State Games Link The Bay State Games is the Massachusetts State Olympics. The Summer Games are held every year in the middle of July. To enter, visit The 2002 Bay State Games table tennis event was held Saturday, July 13, in du Pont Gymnasium at MIT. 2002 Bay State Games Results Gold Silver Bronze Scholastic Sumon Roy Digger Micka Nolan Gardner Men's Open Qiumars Hedayatian Bin Chen Donald Hayes 1998 USA TABLE TENNIS USATT Rating Event national championships - Donald Hayes Doubles Team, comes in Second Place with partner Tim KellyLink Two USATT Rating Event national championships were decided in doubles play. Winning the Under-4200 Doubles was the team of Eric Lam of San Gabriel, Calif., and Loc Ngo of Pasadena, Calif., with a 21-12, 21-11 finals victory over Donald Hayes of Windham, N.H., and Tim Kelly of North Newport, N.H. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many Current Era Classic Video Game Players Own their own Video Games: Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most of the great players of today own their own video game or have access to a classic video game arcade, which enables them the opportunity to beat a world record. Classic Era Champions and the machines they own according to JJT message on Funspot: Most of the players on both the TG & Funspot forums have classic arcade games: Champions who are Owners of Classic Arcade Games: Billy Mitchael owns Pacman/MsPacman/Centipede/Burgertime/Donkey Kong/ Donkey Kong jr. Chris Ayra: Ms. Pacman/Pacman/Tempest/Berzerk Robert Mruczek: Star Wars, Galaxian Donald Hayes: Tron/Zaxxon/Centipede/Millipede/Dig Dug/super Zaxxon Brien King has Robotron/Defender/Joust/Stargate/Tempest/Donkey Kong/Ms pacman Dwayne Richards has a number of classic arcade games as he is a video game collector. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you, Paul Dean, spy hunter champion, Millinium June 28, 1985 Free Web Counter
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