Posted November 7, 2005

Positive Self Talk In Pinball The psychology behind great pinball Have you ever seen the perfect Sunrise? The Great Pinball Player It's all about physical and psychological control. The skill set consists of Hand-eye coordination, reflexes, timing, strategy, dedication and being very quick and smart with split second decisions. The psyche is just as important as the physical quickness. The e-sports professional Jonathan Wendal "Fatal1ty" who is the best top-level player as a cyberathelete jogs three miles a day and drinks no alcohol or caffeine products. He says that you have to be at your best condition at all times just like in other sports. He makes a six figure income in endorsements and in prize money by playing the Cyberathlete Professional League's World Tour Grand Finals for the CPL Finals as a first person shooter. Pinball needs exactly the same quick skillset and mental fortitude. Contemplate yourself in the conditions that you want to get out of the pinball game. Current pins generally feature deeper rule sets and many secret awards, allowing for more and more choices and options, and therefore more to know and more decisions to be made in order to win. Play to your strength: If you are a multiball master you should start with aiming for those targets or ramps that gets the multiball going, as soon as possible. This is a way of seeing the ball hitting the right areas that you need even before the game begins. The Universe tends to succumb to that which you put into it. Your energy creates the circumstances that you are in, and in order to use this energy you must first know that it exists and second to know that you can tap into it whenever you want to. As soon as a negative thought comes into your mind, you tense up and miss the ball, and lose the game. Once it is known that you can have pure thought that can help you change your environment then you can go to the next step of calibrating your senses to a higher achievement level. Does your home match how you feel about yourself? Once the inside of you is fixed and you see clarity, your home and life will also match that clarity. The Heavens Once clarity is reached then the next step can be obtained which is clear thought and infinite control of the pinball and of the game that you wish to play at a intense level in which you are at one with the ball, the game, and the world. Until you reach this level of being in the present with completely positive thoughts, you will struggle along and make the simple mistakes in the game which are mostly a lack of focus and a lack of confidence and the inability to see the future. Do I have to be perfect to play great pinball? To play good pinball, you don't have to be perfect but to play great pinball you do have to have perfect self control. The great players don't drink or smoke. They exercise, and are at a highly performing level at their jobs and are usually very successful at what they put their mind to accomplishing. They usually have a high level of education and are very social and interact with there environment very well. Although the pinball is mechanical it has a soul and reacts to your intentions. If you are mad at it you will find that everything will go wrong. When you are happy with it, all of a sudden your are making those hard shots and everything seems to be going right. So how do you become aware of your negative thoughts and then reprogram those thoughts so that you will do well in pinball?

Obstacles to the Perfect Game

Do you feel good?

1. Meditation - See your shots, and relax and think about those shots and
   the game and where you need to be with that game. You need to be very quite
   and by yourself in order to tap into this positive mind set.

2. Silence - Be very quite in order to be alone with your thoughts, and then
   concentrate on what you want in order to achieve perfection in the game.

3.  The Montra - A daily practice of saying what you want out of life in a
    positive light.

4. Foods - Eat foods that increase your energy level. Only eat positive energy

5. Retreat from all substances that weaken you: If it takes away from your
   holy temple of self then stop doing it so you can get back to perfection.

6. Tobacco, Prescription Drugs - Will drain your energy levels and your perfect
   thoughts with bad addictions taking the place of your pure thinking.

7. Music - The Mozart effect. Listen to divinely inspired music in the background,
   and you will be able to tap into your perfect self. Rap music lessens your energy
   system, as well as negative video games that don't inspire peacefulness.

8.  Diet Soda - Lessons your energy levels.

9.  Home Environment - Make it great to live in so that this energy doesn't take
    away from your pureness of thought. A clean home with beautiful things in it
    that are well placed for natural healing.

10. Decrease negative thoughts - The news and other environments that show hate
    should be avoided. Talking about terrible things in the world will have you
    focusing on the negatives of the world which is at a very low energy.

11. Create more:  Add beauty to the world.

12. Who do you hang out with: Be with positive people in positive environments like
    nature, which is away from the bar.

The Ego is against positive thinking, only compete against yourself

13. Ego - The ego is I am what I do and what others think of me. Get away from
    that influence of the outside definition of you. This is a major obstacle 
    and illusion of happiness.  Arrogance takes your energy away from you.
    Lay aside your greatness and pettiness of being great and tap into your
    quietness, it is there where you will find the real message. Pure thought
    has infinite possibilities, and the ego says don't believe in possibilities.

    a. Don't be offended - What others think about you should not affect your
                           Peacefulness and positive attitude. Everyone you
                           meet will have the no you can't attitude, in which
                           you must ignore. Being offended is a weakness of the

    b. Let know of your need to win - More points will makes me better and the
       other guy is a loser, making me worthy.  Not correct. Your goal is to
       meet the quite and peacefulness of the beauty of perfection in the world.

    c. Let go your need to be right - "say, your right about that" even if they
	   are not. It diffuses arguments over non important energy draining conversation.

    d. Let go of your goal to be superior - If you believe you are better than
       somebody else, you are not competing against yourself but hoping that you 
       are doing better than others which is a judgment if negativity. Only
       compete with yourself. Gandhi has said that nobody is more important than
       anyone else.

    e. Wanting more - Being happy does not mean having more.

    d. Let go of your achievements - You are not what you achieve. Your identity
       is more.

     e. Let go of your reputation - It is not located within you. Concentrate on
        your character, which is what you can control.

 The world gives you exactly what you put into it.

 If you concentrate on what you are missing then you will miss and if you think
 you are doing well and are happy with what you have then you are dealing from
 a different angle of attitude which will attract more positive attributes to
 your world.

 People who are always broke are always broke. Which means that you are what you
 think you are and the world delivers exactly what you think you should be getting,
 in a subconscious way. Those who feel they have enough are always doing better
 than those who think they are always missing something.

 Pinball if just another expression of life which is measured with bleeps and
 bloops and a high score at the end. Those who seek enlightenment can do so in
 anything they want. It could be in there life or in the pinball high score,
 but it will reflect exactly what there attitude is about that event at that 
 time, just like looking into your own soul with a mirror. If you don't care
 about something then it will manifest into that reality which you believe in.

 A great player believes in more than just hitting the ball around, but he/she
 eats, sleeps and breathes it. Every day is a good day to play pinball, and
 every day is a day to talk about pinball, by those who are serious about it.

 The best players own from twenty to one hundred pinball's and have pinball
 parties so that like minded players can talk to each other about their like
 minded subject, and their new finds and clues to beating the game are divulged.

 These great players can build a game from the ground up as well as recite 
 every step of every game like it was recorded from a video tape. That player
 can recite all of the nuances of all pinball games and they are constantly 
 thinking about the perfect game.

Does this sound like an obsession? Yes, but it is healthy if the point
is to get to clear thought - and to ones inner being and to that quite
place which gives perfect clarity. This awareness if a higher enlightenment
that few will ever reach.

Be at peace with yourself
Life can be terrifying and confusing, and this must be overcome in order
to find peace and perfect vision of thought.

Get into the now of life. Which is the appointment with infinity and infinite
possibilities - such as a perfect score and perfect ball control and a perfect

The time illusion of recorded history. You can think back to the time of about 
12,000 years and to the future of about the 25th century, but none of these things
need to effect you because when you are in the now of perfect clarity, these
things do not matter at all. 

Your many thoughts that you think of all at once are sure to confuse yourself.
Move to just one thought, a clear and positive message. 

The fear of death. Take the view that you are eternal and that flesh is just
a vessel that is no longer needed -- and beauty love and creativity cannot
die and have no real form and do not waste away.

Always take the point of view which makes you feel good and happy and decreases
fear and anxiety. Be on friendly terms with the term of infinity - and infinitely
great possibilities.

This new found positive power will give you unlimited potential in the world.

Forget to realize the barriers of the world and look for a world with no walls
and of know limitations.

Now that you are in the right mindset, you are now in harmony with creativity
and can go ahead and do the impossible which is now possible and be a positive
light to others, with the invisible field of life which you are, and which 
you can control in any way you like -- which means that creativity will give
you the infinite possibilities that everyone is capable of reaching.

Live your life on purpose, and for a reason of clarity and goodness which will
attract all things which you desire and those that you need and would like to
have will manifest into your life.

Creating is the key to creativity and to reaching infinite possibilities, and
making the impossible happen, such as the perfect score, and the best friends,
and the fun of an enriching life.

Always give and serve beauty and peace and that return will be fulfilled.

It's all about your thoughts and what you choose to think about.


practice, practice, practice

After you have mastered a shot you keep practicing every day so it is
just a automatic reflex.

Know the game better than all of the other players so that you can hit
the skill shots quickly and without hesitation.

Know each games speed of play and nuances and strenghts of the flippers and
bumpers. Each game plays a little bit differently.

Know how sensitive the tilt mechanism is and how hard or soft you can tap
the game without setting off the tilt.

Watch other great players and learn there strategies and implement them into
your game.

Know your basic holds and shooting patterns as well as the degree of playfield

Get very close to the game so that you are not distracted from outside noises
or glare of the game.

Hand pressure on the flipper buttons should be nimble and quick at best.


Some Pinball Terms to be Discussed:

up push, nudging, hold trap, flipper trap, cradle, upraised flipper, automatic reflex,
slap save, repitition, practice, center drain, plunge

Practice these moves:

Master these moves:
 The most basic form of Nudging is the Up Push. 
 A hold trap is when you are able to cradle the ball in an upraised flipper such that
 it is not moving.  

Slap Save: When the ball is nearing the center drain, and when it is coming in on
a slight angle, if you hit the flipper that the ball will reach first and then the
other, you may be successful in tipping the ball just enough with the first flipper
so as to set it up for a more full shot with the second. 

Trap and Play
 Trap a ball with the flipper which is not required for the next Jackpot and
 attempt to score the Jackpot while holding the trap. 
Bounce Pass

This is a method of choosing which flipper you want to hit the ball!  The concept
is to allow the ball to simply bounce off of the undesired flipper unto the desired
one when the ball is rolling toward the center of the undesired flipper at a moderate

Redirection is the act of consciously attempting to aim the ball towards a desired
target when hitting it without using a control technique.

 Repeating the Angle is an attempt to add more speed to the ball with the flipper,
 while shooting in the same direction that the ball is coming from.

Duration of ball contact: holding the flipper in longer rather than simply tapping
it as the ball approaches has on the direction of the ball. This will give the
ball more rolling speed enabling it to clear a ramp.

Shaking and Nudging are two methods of controlling the ball which are very important 
for giving a player that extra edge.  

The basic concept is that you want to move the machine to change the direction of the
ball, and you must move the machine in the opposite direction as you want the ball to

This is nudging, and should be performed as quickly and lightly as possible so to 
avoid warnings and tilt.

Shaking is when a player continuously shakes the cabinet up and down when the ball 
is in the bumpers in order to make the ball hit the bumpers more often.  

Pinball Wizard Techniques:

Death Save
 A controversial skill.  There are some who believe that the Death Save should
 be illegal, as if it is performed with the supplement of a kick on the right 
 leg of the machine, it may potentially damage the machine.
A Bangback is a sharp upward thrust on the cabinet or coin box (don't hurt yourself)
where you knock the ball off the outlane wall as it heads towards the center drain 
and it goes through the flippers (keep the flipper up on the side which corresponds
to the outlane where the ball went through) and over to the other flipper. 

Drop Stop
 If the ball is headed toward the center of the flipper when raised, then if you drop 
 the flipper as soon as the ball touches the flipper, it will stop right on the flipper!

Flip Trap

Hit the ball so that it collides with the flipper just as the flipper reaches the
point where the flipper is fully extended.

 Falling Hold Pass
 If the ball is going very quickly through an inlane and you attempt a hold pass, 
 it will fly up and hit the opposite side's slingshot and you will lose all control
 of the ball.  However, if you drop the flipper as the ball is about halfway across
 the upheld flipper, the ball will stop heading up and will just continue heading
 across the gap to the opposite flipper (and may then roll partially up the inlane
 but will most likely not have the speed to make it all the way through). 

 Inlane Friction
 Another skill that you can perform on a ball which is heading quickly through the 
 inlane is Inlane Friction.  By nudging the ball either left or right while the ball 
 runs down the inlane, you can slow it down because the ball will bounce back and 
 forth between the sides of the inlane.
Some Pinball Terms that every pinball wizard knows: Link "Plunge the ball, man." - Bart, The Simpson's Pinball playfield pinball rubber rings, Flipper Rings, Post Rubbers, plunger, Plunger Tip, Ball Shooter Tip, Black mini post, Mini Post Rubber, Post Caps, playfield plastics, Black and yellow, sleeves, Wide yellow bumpers, electro-mechanical machines, Rebound Wheel, Kicker, Pop Bumper, Outhole, Thumper, Slingshot, Drop Target Reset, Saucer, Eject, Slingshot, Knocker, Outhole Kicker, Chime, Relay, Coils, Gottieb, Williams, Stern, Data East, Sega, Brunswick, Bally, Atari, Coil Sleeves, Coil Back Stops, mounting bracket, electronic machines, flasher bulbs, Colored lamp caps, pinball cleaner and polish, pinball balls, 1 1/16" (27mm) chrome pinballs, pop bumper, playfield magnets, Pinball rebound bumper, slingshot kickers, Nylon Pion Post Arm, ball eject, ball kicker, Up Kicker, Swinging target, drop targets, reset arm, switch rollover, standup targets, pinball post, Guide rail, Double Apron, Crank, Return spring, backstops, Dual flipper control switch, stroke switches, kickout plunger, Plunger kickback, Ball popper plunger, Ball lift kit, MPU board, Fork ball popper, pop bumper, numeric display, backglass, Dot matrix display, leg levelers, Tilt holder bracket, Keeping the flippers "hot", High tapping transformers, Switches, solenoids and relays, D.C. conversions, pinball moving dolly Creature From The Black Lagoon - Playfield Favorite Sayings in Pinball, Creature from the Black Lagoon: Creature from the Black Lagoon - Hidden Voice Sayings: Saying: "No More Bad Food" When you hit hit both flippers right when you get the "I" in film Tilt Mechinism (CFTBL): You Nudge, your date says, "Watch those hands Buster" You TILT, your date says, "Uhg, You're No Gentleman" You SLAM TILT, your date says "THAT DOES IT TAKE ME HOME RIGHT NOW!" The guy stuck in the trunk of the car saying, "I'm Suffocating!" Join every pinball league and show up at every pinball auction! I'll see you there... Have Fun! Funhouse:

"Hey its only pinball." League Night, Orange County, CA Richard, Jim Belsito, Paul Dean, Mike - standing by League Night: Addams Family, Monopoly, The Simpsons Jim Belsito, Robotron 2084, Teaches Paul Dean a thing or two Life is to short to be ordinary! Good luck with improving your pinball game! PS: On a different note, thank you for reading my pages, and making this a free thinking environment. Take care of yourself!
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