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turkey shoot

Practice: We suggest teams practice before the Turkey Shoot. This will not only increase your chances of scoring well for prizes, but will also give you an opportunity to learn gun safety in a less crowded atmosphere. Gun range orientation will be mandatory before shooting.

Bring eye and ear protection. Range Rules & Etiquette 1 - Remember the three essential rules for safe gun handling Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction Always keep you finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to shoot.

Turkey Shoot Since Thanksgiving is coming, this would be a good time to review Turkey Shoot! It is not every game that allows you to battle turkeys. But these birds have gone bad and it is your job to stop their criminal ways! And you thought Chicken Run was crazy? Description Turkey Shoot, 1984, Manufacturer: Williams, Standup Shooting Coin-Operated Video Game The game featured a gun that would move an aiming point on the screen. This gun is similar to the Tron control stick. The object was to shoot turkeys attempting to rob stores. After you would shoot the turkeys, they would momentarily turn into a turkey dinner. A unique thing about the game was at the end of the level, actual turkey feathers would fly up between the protective plexi glass and the CRT. This is another of the light gun games. But on the computer, you use the mouse to move around and the control key to shoot. You also can throw grenades and make a turkey call, which freezes them momentarily. You get one grenade and gobble per level. While you may think that you are only dealing with regular turkeys, that is far from the case - this is a turkey gang, not to be trusted. There are also dive bombing turkeys and robot turkeys as well as the thug turkey. These gobblers are robbing banks and causing all kinds of havoc and only you can halt their fowl ways. Cabinet Information The cabinet is light blue with a picture of a gun blasting a turkey to feathers. The marquee has the same color, but there are some turkey feathers flying on it. Game Introduction Game was designed by John R. Newcomer. Software by Thomas N. Dreaux and Wayne P. Breivogel. Graphics by Chris L. Simmons and Jill Chittenden. The game has an animated front glass. Constructed with two panes of glass, with a vent on top, and an inlet on the bottom. The inside of front glass has feathers in it, that blow around via a fan. The inlet is controlled by a moving plastic valve via a pinball solenoid. The gun has a plunger and lights for effect when it is fired. It makes turkey gobble, gun, typematic type noises and sounds. The game was made in limited qualities. Game Play The game's object is to help make a town's streets safe again. You must use your gun to shoot the turkeys and use the grenades to blow them up. The gobble button makes the turkey gobble. Once you have completed a mission, feathers fly around the screen, and you move on to next mission. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (Turkeys gone bad! And you thought killer tomatoes were dangerous.) But the streets are not just full of turkeys. There are also innocent people who need to be saved. Besides saving them, you must also avoid shooting them. Shoot a person and you cause a fowl. Three fowls and you lose. Also letting a turkey carrying money to escape will cause a fowl, so keep them corralled. The graphics are simple, but fun. Shoot a turkey and he becomes a stuffed bird (not the taxidermist kind, but the kind you would find on a dinner table). They run around with their weapons and look pretty cute, for rampaging turkeys. The game greets you will a gobble and the sound is pretty decent. Unlike many of the MAME lightgun games, this one is quite a challenge and it will take some time for you to beat all the levels. No walk through the park here. Turkey Shoot is a quirky title with some appeal. While it will not go down as a classic, it is a nice thanksgiving treat. If they can find a way to make lightgun support for MAME, then games like this will really be more fun. Controls are everything when it comes to making a high score, which is why coin-op high scores are so much higher than mame high scores. But even with the hardware limitations, it is still a fun little game that you will enjoy. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Turkey Hunting USA Standup Coin-Operated Video Game Turkey Hunting USA is a kit from Sammy USA Corporation which can replace the game Dear Hunting USA or can be added to the Original Dear Hunting USA Game. You are rewarded different Turkey Calls and and decoys during the game if you are a perfect shot. Brochure Manufacturer: Sammy USA Corporation Year: 2000 Class: Wide Release Genre: Shooter Type: Videogame The 27" Sammy Shotgun gets the job done with pump action and professional sighting with a Diamond cut grip. Turkey Hunting USA allows the players to hunt in five different states: Florida, New Mexico, Montana, Pennsylvania and Kansas. Each of the states has a different weather condition and level of difficulty. If a player achieves a top-ten raking in one of the states, he or she will become a grand slam master. There are also four different weapons to choose from: rifle, shotgun, power bow and muzzleloader. It has the look and feel of a real rifle. Bonus stages allow players to test their hunting skills. Obtaining a perfect score during one of these stages awards the player with different turkey calls or decoys. Description An interactive shooting game where players go hunting for wild turkeys. Game Introduction The goal is to become a grand slam master. There are four different weapons to choose from: rifle, shotgun, power bow and muzzleloader. Bonus stages allow players to test their hunting skills. Obtaining a perfect score during one of these stages awards the player with different turkey calls or decoys. This game is very rare and most people do not know it exists. Turkey Hunting USA (choose your State) Turkey Hunting USA (Snow Turkey) Turkey Hunting USA (Water Turkey) Turkey Hunting USA (Turkey's in a field) The Turkey Hunting USA game has some competition like Big Buck Hunter which was released in 2000, by Incredible Technologies. Big Buck Hunter - Brochure Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies Year: 2000 Class: Wide Release Genre: Shooter Type: Videogame Description A 3-D deer hunting game from Incredible Technologies. Big Buck Hunter (2000) Game Introduction The game has four different regions in which to hunt: Midwest, Northeast, South and West. There are also four different conditions: night, early morning, fog and snow. Big Buck Grazing The game even has 16 different bonus rounds including Duck Hunt, Turkey Hunt, Quail Hunt, Skeet, Windmill Mania, Barnyard Bonus and so on. Game Play The game play is similar to Deer Hunting USA. Big Buck Hunter 2006 - Call of the Wild (New Release) Link TWO NEW REGIONS! More Hunting in the Midwest and Southwest NEW TARGETS! Hunt for Deer, Elk, and Now Antelope Too NEW EXPANDED HUNT CLUB! Choose Your Own Trip Order as You Travel Through the Region NEW BONUS ONLY MODE! Try Your Skill with a Unique Bonus Round Series NEW PARTICLE EFFECTS! Hunt in the Snow and Rain. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Big Buck Hunter II Sportsman's Paradise (2002) by Incredible Technologies Perfect for the outdoorsman and those who enjoy the thrill of a good hunt! Link Now! Hunt in Canada and across the entire USA! Now! Hunt Deer and Elk! Now! Shoot up to 3 bucks per stand! Now! Triple Buck Bonus! Now! More Hunting scenes than ever! Now! Four new bonus rounds! Traditional pump-action shotgun. Photo-realistic backgrounds. Over 300 authentic and unique 3-D hunting scenes. Hunt in Changing weather including rain, snow, and fog. Hunt all day long in the early morning, afternoon, and evening. Operator selectable bloodless and tagging mode. Big Buck II (Cabinet) Up to four players can test their hunting skills in four U.S. regions under all types of weather conditions. Two hundred 3D hunting scenes and sixteen bonus rounds present several opportunities for a successful hunt! Non-Tournament version only. 83"H X 36"W X 65"D - 390 lbs The Lazor Star Buck Hunter Game requires a complete room link Country Bear Jamboree

Extreme Hunting (Video Game) Extreme Hunting New from Sammy! Extreme Hunting Brochure Link With the unbelievable success of the other hunting style games in Australia, Sammy has released Extreme Hunting, with all the features operators and players have asked for. The hunt includes Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Elk, Black Bear, Moose and Grizly Bear. 2 Shotguns for Head to Head Competition Party Mode, for BBH style play, one person at a time, or 2 player team battle. 6 Bonus Stages & Elite Stage Multiple Target Stages Hidden Weapons and Decoys. Initially you can choose from a "Rifle", "Shotgun", or a "Bow". As you clear stages you will uncover up to 3 additional weapons, giving you a total of 6 weapons to choose from. Each weapon has a different power level and a different amount of ammo. Each animal has a weakness to certain weapons that make them more susceptible to damage. If you find the right combination you could rack up some serious points! Tips If you shoot the VITAL SPOT, you can kill animals with just one shot! If you qualified in the bonus stage, you will get a BONUS WEAPON If you choose a "HIGH POPULATION" site on the spot select screen you will have a chance to hunt multiple animals, however the spot difficulty level is high. If you choose a "LOW POPULATION" site the number of animals is smaller but the difficulty level is low so you will have a good chance to bag at least one animal. Secrets Certain weapons will inflict more damage against particular animals Clear all 6 animal stages and you will be able to hunt in the "ELITE STAGE" to score even more points. You will be able to get the "EXTREME SPOT" when you kill the MONSTER ANIMAL in the final spot for each stage.
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