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May 30, 2004:
A Spy Hunter Compromise Is Unfair

Walter Day of Twin Galaxies Score Baord decides to keep both Mark Little's 2003 Spy Hunter High Score and Paul Dean's 1985 Seasoned Spy Hunter High Score by creating two different High Score Lists for the second editon book, "Twin Galaxies Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records." Paul Dean feels that if you are going to throw Paul Dean's high score off the boards then you have to throw all of the high scores off the board. This high score was done in an official 3rd Annual Masters Tournament sponsored by Guinness Book of World Records in June 28, 1985.

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Rules For High Score Submission

High Score Submission Sheet

Walter Day As Official Score Keeper

May 30, 2004

Paul Dean States Reasons Why Walter Day Is Unfair in his REPLAY decision Paul Dean Asks For A Review of all Witnesses and All Statements Taken Between Walter Day, Mark Little, Phil Britt, Jeff Peters and Paul Dean
with Robert T. Mruzcek (Head Referee Twin Galaxies)
E-Mail From: pauldean007(at) To: Robert T. Mruzcek

Sunday May 30, 2004 Robert T. Mruzcek, (Twin Galaxies Head Referee) I spoke with Walter Day over the phone with Mark Little and was given an ultimatum. I was told by Walter Day that I have been challenged to replay the spy hunter game and if I do not beat Mark Little's high score within six months that my score will come off the high score board forever. Do you agree with Walter Days decision and his ultimatum. I disagree for the following reasons: 1) I have proven to you that I will be in surgery and will be recovering over the next six months. 2) I have proven to you that I am totally disabled at this time. 3) I have proven to you that I did indeed get the high score that I am credited with and have brought forward the two most respected players in the world to vouch for my game play and my character. 4) The integrity of the scoreboard has been lost if this is the only way you can knock off a great score of a great person with witnesses of this caliber. Do you always attack the crippled and lame? 5) Walter Day has said that the game I played was probably rigged. IF he has no proof then he should not make a false claim. Please listen to the tape. 6) I would like you to listen to the tape of myself and Mark Little and Walter Day and tell me if you believe that I am indeed the champion of spy hunter or if it is indeed Mark Little. 7) I would like you to assemble all the Referee's and make a decision regarding my unique circumstances of being injured and totally disabled at this time and being 19 years after I have played a video game. The integrity of the high score board is at stake and I would appreciate an answer in writing through regular mail after all of you have reviewed my witnesses and my testimony, and use that as the facts and not my game play at this late stage of history. Sincerely yours, Paul Dean (909)-XXX-XXXX Paul Dean (Spy Hunter Guinness Book) Address XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX Paul Dean pauldean007(at)

Walter Day's Conferance Call to Paul Dean and Mark Little May 29, 2004

Walter Day has decided that he will give Paul Dean 6 months to revover from his back and leg injury at which time if Paul Dean does not beat Mark Little's Spy Hunter High Score, then Mark Little will get his place on the newly developed Modern Era High Score List. Paul Dean's high score would then be moved to the Golden Age High Score List and noted as such. The reason for the move and the two different lists is because Walter Day beleives that the tournaments today have more stringent standards than in the golden era and therefore he is going to have two high score lists in two different categories. The Golden Age category and the Modern Age category. This will enable modern era spy hunter high score earners to get on the high score board even though the current modern era high score is only 8% of Paul Dean's spy hunter high score which was earned in 1985. Walter Day wanted to throw out Paul Dean's high score as being impossible, and as to high to beleive but after Phil Britt, Jeff Peters and Mike sullivan reported that Paul Dean has no problem getting this score, Walter Day decided he needed two lists so that modern era high score earners could make it on the lower modern era high score list. Mark Little challenges Paul Dean to a REPLAY of the Spy Hunter game. Because Paul Dean will be healing from a June 9, 2004 Piriformis release surgery, he cannot fullfill this challenge from Mark Little. When not fulfilling the obligation of this challenge, the challenger automatically is considered the new worlds champion. All high score players can be challenged and forfeit their place on the high score board if they do not meet the challenge. That challenge can be made 19 years after a high score was earned as in Paul Dean's case. The challenge can be made even after 50 years pass between the high score date and the challenge date. Although Mark Little has a score ten times less than Paul Dean, in this case he is able to challenge Paul Dean to a REPLAY because the gap of high scores is so wide and unbeleivable that Paul Dean is required to show his skills 19 years later regardless of injuries. Paul Dean counter challenges Mark Little saying that if I can tell you one thing that will allow you to double your score, will you accept that as a fact that you are not the real guru of the game. Mark Little does not accept the challenge and refusses the tip from Paul Dean, 1985 Guinness Champion. Paul Dean's high score will go in a Golden Era high score List which will appear in Walter Day's new book but then after that publishing Paul Dean's score will be dropped unless he beats Mark Little's Spy Hunter High Score. Walter Day reports that the rules are being created as we go along in time because there has never been a high score discrepency so great in any other game. This was the catalist for a golden era high score list and a proof of skill level requirement of Paul Dean even after 19 years have gone by from the last time he has played the game. Other classic era game players do not have to proove their abilities because most have been beaten already, but this is an unusual case where nobody could get close to Paul Dean's spy hunter score creating a special mention for classic era high score earners. Walter Day beleives that the talents and skill put forward by Paul Dean in 1985 have not been seen in the modern era in the case of spy hunter. QUESTIONS: Mark Little, Modern Era High Score holder asks Golden Era Paul Dean Champion what happens when your spy hunter high score goes above one million. Mark Little wanted to know if the score starts over from zero or if you get an extra life at one million points? Mark Little also wanted to know if the high score goes onto the final high score list when the game is over? He also wanted to know if the spy hunter game was on something else other than factory settings? ANSWER: FROM: Paul Dean, Classic Spy Hunter Champion 1985 (The only one in the world who can answer these questions because of an unbeleivable 9 million mark high score.) (Nobody else has ever proven even 1 million in competition.)
TO: Walter Day - Referee TO: Mark Litte, Modern Era Spy Hunter Champion 1) Your score does not start over, the score shows the entire time after the million point mark and millions of points after as well. 2) You do not get any extra lives if you pass 1 million points or 9 million points as Paul Dean has done. You just get the original six cars and that's it. 3) Once you achieve a 9 million point high score it goes to the final high score list and stays on the top of the screen on the game for as long as the battery will last in the game. Usually the high score will last a year or more, or until your high score is beat. 4) Was my high score done on something other than factory settings? NO, you cannot alter spy hunter to another setting other than factory settings as far as I know. The game cannot be rigged to my knowledge. Some people have made the accelerator go faster by removing certain parts to the game, but this was not done in the case of my spy hunter high score game. No tampering of the game was done to produce my high score and no "scabbing" was done. Defiinition of scabbing: Playing the game in a matter to get free points, without playing correcly and not playing to the integrity of the game play.

May 30, 2004 Email TO: Paul Dean From: Walter Day (Twin Galaxies Score Board)
Walter Day's Response To Paul Dean's Claim Of Spy Hunter High Score


Its highly possible that you can get the score that
you claim. Spy Hunter is now a hot title and it may
come to pass very soon that both you and Mark will be
hard pressed to keep your positions on the scoreboard.

As people get the score higher, it will also be part
of the proof that your score level can be attainable
and will relieve the pressure put by others on your
performance. But, modern proof (regaing) is always the
best way -- no one can doubt you then.

Fortunately,I have faith that God will make you well
and then you will be playing Spy Hunter again.





Medic Fax System

1. Piriformis syndrome.
2. Residual sciatic nerve root irritation, status post lumbar laminectomy/discectomy.
3. Lumber discogenic disease, L5-S1.


This patient is here to pursue a recommended course of treatment by Dr. Chambie,
(Neurologist), which is for a piriformis release. The patient is most symptomatic
in this region. He reports that he is eager to seek the suggested treatment in
order to get better. At this point, I do not see that there is anything else to
offer this patient. He appears to be very well informed. As long as the risks and
benefits were discussed by his primary physician the choice to proceed in this
direction should be left up to the patient. I believe he can be helped with the
piriformis release although there are no guarantees. He feels he has no other choice
at this point. He will have to live with his residual symptoms post surgery.


This patient will continue on temporary total disability. Good or bad, to be
declared permanent and stationary after sufficiently recovered.


I declare under penalty of perjury that I, the signing physician, have actually
performed this examination and the time spent in performing this evaluation is
in compliance with the IMC Guidelines (Section 5307.1 and 4507.6).

I declare under perjury that I have devoted at least 1/3 of my total practice
to providing medical treatment.

Dr. Akmicmajin (Orthopaedic Medicine)

May 21, 2004

[May 20, 2004 - 01:14. Paul Dean's Spy Hunter Record reconfirmed - By Mark Longridge]
Jeff Peters: Witness Statment from Mark Longrdige

Mark Longridge, Twin Galaxies Coin-Op Referee/Canada
E-Mail To pauldean007(at) From Mark Longridge at: zero1(at)


Hi Paul,
One of the questions I had about the Spy Hunter score
was how long it took and how many cars you get total.
I was also curious if the machine rolls over at a million.

I also talked to Jeff Peters and he spoke highly of
your Spy Hunter skills.

Jeff Peters now has the most Guinness World Records Ever Recorded
for The Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records By Walter Day.

Best regards,
Mark Longridge

May 15, 2004

John Philip Britt: Witness Statment
E-Mail To pauldean007(at)

Hey Paul:

Sorry I didn't get a chance to fill in the info you sent me. I have been
out of town quite a bit lately and I am behind in a lot of things.

They called me though a few days ago - Walter and some other guy
(I can't quite remember). We talked at length about your score and
they approved it.

Do they still need the paperwork? I got the impression that the
talk was good enough.


John Philip Britt (JPB)
1985 Coronation Day Champion
Paperboy classic arcade champion

8.6 Steps to Challenge

1. Send your challenge in writing. Explain the reasons why you believe
this player should prove their score via a public replay.

2. A player’s score can be challenged only once. If, during a replay, the
challenged player gets 90% of their claimed score, they are awarded the
score – unless the game in question is a “mature” game.

THE SPY HUNTER HIGH SCORE FROM 1985 IS A "Mature" game score, almost two

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Thank you,
Paul Dean,, Spy Hunter Champion, June 28, 1985

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