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Robert Mruczek - Twin Galaxies Referee First Special TG Announcement on May 1, 2005 Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> General Discussion View previous topic :: View next topic Author Message RMRUCZEK Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 12:52 am Post subject: Special TG Announcement -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fellow gamers: Please be advised that effective December 31st, 2005, my recently submitted resignation as "chief referee" and Board of Directors member for Twin Galaxies will go into effect. Up to that point, I will continue to operarate in the capacity of "chief referee", while my Board of Directors status and authority is terminated effective immediately. Issues for you to be aware of between now and December 31st are as follows... Recent Board of Directors Conference Call Results - all pending appointments are on hold until Walter Day/Brien have a chance to re-evaluate and ratify/post such announcements. All decisions regarding game settings on older arcade titles will be handled/implemented by other TG referees. All other decisions/outcomes will be implemented by either Walter Day or another TG staff member in time. New Correspondence - gamers should be directing all non-"bounty" correspondence to other TG staff members directly, either via forum PM, open forum post, or private E-MAIL. Gamers should dicsontinue sending me new-matter E-MAILs effective immediately. New Submissions - all tapes recently received and in my possession I will be responsible for watching. There are not many left. Same applies to INP submissions. Going forward, however, while I can still accept and verify MAME submissions thru Dec31/05, I ask that all tape submissions be sent to another TG staff member. Scores (Non-MAME) - starting with arcade scores, I will shortly begin sifting thru the 1,100+ tapes that I have in my possession for those not yet entered and will input to a spreadsheet for Walter/staff to upload. This is due to the fact that (A) the sequence of Book preparation requires arcade scores to be uploaded immediately, and (B) as I still do not have at-home capability of data entry, one of the reasons for massive backlog in scores not yet updated. After arcade scores are completed, console scores are next. Scores (MAME) - beginning next week I will go thru all online MAME submissions and review/enter. Not every submission was in Wolf78 format which is part of the problem. TG Assets (Tapes) - towards year-end a plan will be agreed upon to transport the tapes from my location to that of another TG staff member. This has yet to be determined in specifics. TG Assets (MAME) - I will shortly be consolidating all received MAME submissions and copying to digital medium so that existing MAME referees and Brien King can receive the "TG Collection" for permanent archival on the TG database TG Assets (Intangible) - my gamer and referee contact list has already been sent to senior level referees only. At some point between now and year end, all my answered TG E-MAILs will be copied to disc in Microsoft Outlook PST file format and given to Brien King for archiving. All unanswered E-MAILs will be posted manually to a special section of the referee forum for existing TG staff members to address in their spare time. Bounty/Contest Payouts - last but not least, as I have said numerous times, moreso than I care to reiterate, these will be personally honoured by December 31st, save for the latter payments on "Joust 2" as they will by the promisory terms of the contract flow into early 2006. Last but not least, the monthly MAME 2005 prize and competition is still on, and will be issued Jan31/06 as my final contribution to the winning participating gamer. FINAL -> effective December 31st, 2005, I will no longer be authorized to act in the capacity of a Twin Galaxies Board of Directors member, committee member, senior referee, referee, referee-at-large, consultant or staff member. -> effective Dec 31st, 2005, I will no longer be authorized to read E-MAILs sent from gamers regarding TG matters, nor will I be authorized to respond to such E-MAILs. This includes score notifications and submissions, and clarifications on previously submitted scores. All such matters will be handled by other TG staff members at the time. -> effective Dec 31st, 2005, no gamer should contact me at either my home or work phone number, nor should send me an E-MAIL to either my home or work address, regarding new score inquiries, inquiries regarding previous scores, TG policy questions, reasons behind TG decisions, or any other TG-related matter. Other referees should be contacted for such matters. This is because it would be inappropriate for me to conduct TG-related business while not acting in the capacity of a TG staff member. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Walter Day or another appropriate TG staff member. Robert -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The_Pro Location: Quebec, Canada Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 5:49 am -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had a lengthly post in mind, but I think I'll keep this short and to the point. Robert, the job you've done for these past years is nothing short of amazing. Running competitons, dealing with multiple consoles and writting lengthly in depth articles way beyond what anyone expects. Dealing with thousands of e-mails from media and gamers alike, wether it be questions or fruitless arguments. You've done massive amounts of work behind the scenes that most people will never appreciate, making TG what it is today. Being the chief referee you've had to endure the fallout from difficult situations and had to deal with many undesireable individuals. In spite of this you've always maintained your professionalism. You've given a great deal of your time and money despite an already insane workload. Through your actions you've proved to me time and again that your integrity is without question. You are leaving some big shoes to fill and no one can do it quite like you did. Get some rest Robert, you've earned it. _________________ Martin Bedard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WalterDay Founder Joined: 02 Sep 2002 Posts: 145 Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 7:22 am Post subject: Hero of the 2nd Golden Age of Gaming -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert has been the ultimate hero in the gaming world. We wish him the best in all his future endevours. The text of the certificate which was awarded to him at Funspot sums up all our feelings: "Robert Mruczek Hero of the 2nd Golden Age of Gaming On behalf of all classic game enthusiasts everywhere, Twin Galaxies’ proclaims Robert Mruczek an enlightened leader of the 2nd Golden Age of Classic Video Game Playing, recognizing his devotion, kindness and generosity to the hobby. We join with a common heart to honor Robert Mruczek during the 7th Annual Funspot Classic in Weirs Beach, NH, June 5, 2005. Walter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pacmanfevr76 Location: St. Louis, MO, USA Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 10:16 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since I am soon to submit on a major arcade title, as a point of reference for myself and anyone else potentially in the same boat, where should the trafficking of arcade submissions go at this time? On a non-TG business-related matter, Robert, will you still be wandering the forums as a gamer in general, or will you seemingly disappear into oblivion like Mr. Corcoran? _________________ Douglas Loyd 4 world records, so far (29 more on tape to be submitted, so far) 3,333,360 OR BUST!! POKEY MUST DIE!! THE QUEST: 3,296,110 (12/23/04) THROUGH THE 8TH KEY: 355,600 (7/18/05) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Troy_Whelan Joined: 05 Mar 2004 Posts: 155 Location: Virginia - USA Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 10:25 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a sad day indeed, and I hope this is not a sign of things to come. TG Members should just calm down and not push TG Staff to the point where they have to walk away from the things they love the most just to avoid needless aggravation. This is a hobby for us all, and NOT a business. I hope everyone will realize that this could have been avoided and now the things people have been yelling about will not even exist in the future...congratulations, problem solved. If things continue as they have, more referees will leave and then we will have nothing. Think about it before you post. Robert - I hope you will be able to relax, enjoy life, and continue to participate in gaming at TG with the rest of us as a "mere member"! Troy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weehawk Joined: 08 Aug 2003 Posts: 317 Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 1:34 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I saw it coming, but I hoped you'd stay on as a referee if not the head referee. I don't know what TG is going to do without you, but I'll let them worry about that. I assume you're doing what you think is best for you and I'm happy for you. It was too much for one person. Hmm...what are your plans for 2006? _________________ John Cunningham (JTC) Golden Era Game of the Week -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- destructor Location: Czestochowa, Poland Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 2:50 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weehawk wrote: but I hoped you'd stay on as a referee if not the head referee. I wanted to say just the same. _________________ MARP wins: 2003 - T6, WCC3, K3, T7; 2004 - T8, TimeTrial, WCC4 MARP Bounties wins: 2004 - GEGOTW - Arabian TG wins: Deca2004 TG Bounties: 2004 - Spectar; 2005 - Lunar Rescue, Stocker, Cosmic Guerilla, Diver Boy, Trog -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex_Weir Location: Dublin , Rep. of Ireland Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 2:54 pm Post subject: re... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think Martin pretty much summed up what I was going to write. Your dedication and sheer professionalism has been utterly unquestionable. Thanks for all your time and effort Robert. I hope you will still 'hang around'?. Good luck in whatever new endeavours await you. Sincerely, AL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gavv Joined: 17 Jun 2003 Posts: 121 Location: Indianapolis, IN Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 3:19 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- destructor wrote: Weehawk wrote: but I hoped you'd stay on as a referee if not the head referee. I wanted to say just the same. when you're 'the man' and run as long and as hard with the ball as Robert has (and from a different field of running large conventions, i definitely know the feeling), you definitely need a complete break in order to really to begin recovering energy, and to even consider coming back in in any fashion. Time to relax and recharge Robert .. gavv -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rwmarsh741 Location: Connecticut Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 3:33 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert, This comes as a surprise, but it always seemed to me that working as many hours as you do plus attending to TG-related duties was a prime recipe for burnout. (Then again, you may be retiring for other reasons; who am I to say?) Anyway, good luck to you. I will likely see you this coming November at Funspot, and hopefully next June as well. -- Richard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RMRUCZEK Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 5:26 pm Post subject: Plans Going Forward -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello fellow gamers: While this might have come as a surprise to some of you, it was not entirely unexpected under the circumstances. Once certain stigmatas are removed (i.e. "bounty" payouts and backlogged score entries), I will resume what I had most enjoyed doing since 1998...playing games and setting personal best records. That aspect of my gaming "career" has been woefully neglected. So in answer to pacmanfevr76's post, no, I will not fade off into obscurity. I will still be at Funspot on schedule, and I will still (if they are run) participate in TG's MAME decas and advanced decas. There is a lengthy list of challenges that, once it is all said and done, I will be pursuing. I don't have the time to indicate what they all are, but one of them involves the number 100. Those that know me well will know what this implies. Right now 80-82 is no problem. Robert -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gstrain Joined: 31 May 2004 Posts: 50 Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 6:18 pm Post subject: Re: Plans Going Forward ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RMRUCZEK wrote: Hello fellow gamers: So in answer to pacmanfevr76's post, no, I will not fade off into obscurity. I will still be at Funspot on schedule, and I will still (if they are run) participate in TG's MAME decas and advanced decas. Hopefully we'll see you over at MARP more as well. -George Second Special TG Announcement on December 12, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: December 12, 2006 - Robert Mruczek quits Twin Galaxies News Announcement -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaving the Fold (12/12/06) Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> General Discussion View previous topic :: View next topic Author Message RMRUCZEK Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:11 am Post subject: Leaving the Fold (12/12/06) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello fellow gamers: It is with regret that I must inform all that effective this evening I am no longer a TG staff member. -> I have recommended that Kelly Flewin assume the monthly MAME challenge and determine the course of action governing the MAME platform, inclusive of any future MAME deca-style events -> I am sending all documentation and work on the Atari 2600 split to Walter, Brien and Kelly so that they can decide how to best proceed, continuing off from where "Barthax" updated the files during my Funspot departure . -> I am sending the few un-watched VHS and DVD submissions to Kelly for his determination and verification on Friday Dec15/06 -> All other VHS tapes will be forwarded to one or more staff members as per Walter Day's decision within the range of Feb10-20/07 -> I am continuing to handle all remaining year 2005 "Bounty" payouts. The final deca payments go out on Thursday (12/14) leaving only "Bounty" payments remaining. I will spend time compiling the complete and remaining list. I am sorry that my tenure must end. The catalyst behind this decision is a recent event and corresponding decision which ethically prevents me from continuing as a TG staff member. While I have wished the best to my former colleagues via the private referee forum, I would like to have my say here to you, the gamers. Although we have done much work together which kept me up many a night, and although we had more than a few disagreements, I do not regret the more than 8,000 hours that I invested into Twin Galaxies since April of 2001, my initial appointment as a contributing editor. It was a real pleasure working with you over the years, and as I will retain an actove gamer status account, feel free to PM me whenever you want. I will be happy to reply as time permits. That said, I wish you all well as you go with TG into year 2007. There are some genuine surprises ahead, some of which are coming sooner than you think. A lot of strides were made and I believe that you will find 2007 an exciting year to be part of TG, especially due to what I know is inevitable in just a few short weeks time. Farewell, and happy gaming. Robert Robert Profile by MTV Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr_Kelly_R_Flewin Senior Referee Location: Somewhere, over the Rainbow Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 5:18 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got the email when I got home... I thought this couldn't be happening.. I log into the site and see a notice in the forums above... I got chills... I kept thinking I was hallucinating.. that show I watched on TV was messing with my imagination and I was just needing some sleep.. I look in the general forums here... and I AM STILL getting chills... I honestly can not say anything at the moment... I'm... I'm... well it's like the time I was hit by a car.. body started going cold and I started going into shock.. only this time there's not someone there trying to comfort me and take me down to a calmer state of consciousness... I'll offer a more formal and proper reply when I am capable of being more coherent... this had to get out... now I need some time to soak it in.. Mr. Kelly R. Flewin _________________ Senior Referee, Twin Galaxies NES Referee & Twin Galaxies MAME Referee Dark Adventure [1P] WR Holder - 123,300[6/2/2006] Time Pilot [TGTS] WR Holder - 1,092,800 [11/19/2005] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RMacauley Referee-at-Large Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 7:19 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've got to put myself in the same boat as Kelly for the time being. I'd say a LOT more but I read this post after arriving home from a quiz at my local pub and for once I don't wan't to say anything I may regret due to alcohol consumption. To be continued.... Rob -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The_Pro Location: Quebec, Canada Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:15 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a well deserved rest Robert. Now it's time for you to start actually playing the games in your free time. Hope we'll see you in the forums every once in a while. Of course we'll see you at Funspot in June, that will hopefully remain for a long time to come. _________________ Martin Bedard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rodrigo_Lopes(Metroid) Referee Location: Armação-Penha,SC BRASIL Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 9:34 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't believe yet! _________________ Rodrigo Lopes Metroid Team Member TG South American Referee Crazy Taxi 2 and Wacky Races World Champion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Troy_Whelan Referee Location: Virginia - USA Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 11:15 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert - I am sad to see this news, but I am glad you will continue being part of the gaming community! I just hope that as a gamer you don't start harassing the refs! Just kidding, thought this sad news could use some humor. Troy _________________ Twin Galaxies PS1 / PS2 Referee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rdrunner Referee Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 11:51 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign me up for the "too shocked to respond" list. Definitely didn't see this one coming! _________________ Tom Votava Twin Galaxies Referee - Super Nintendo and Genesis Games -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex_Weir Location: Dublin , Rep. of Ireland Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:33 pm Post subject: re... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Robert, Thanks for all your supreme efforts. Hats off! You'll be a hard act to follow. Robert Mruczek Quote: "The catalyst behind this decision is a recent event and corresponding decision which ethically prevents me from continuing as a TG staff member." Oh God, please don't let it involve Alexander Litvenienko..... Best wishes, AL _________________ "Dance dance dance dance dance to the radio!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cyberfly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:48 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This truely is a great loss for the video gaming community and Twin Galaxies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location: Los Angeles County Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:59 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whoa! I'm shocked too! I think I first exchanged e-mails/messages with Robert over 6 years ago. Way back in the Crazy Taxi and F-Zero days. I find it hard to believe it's and ethical issue that prevents you from staying. As you always seemed to have TONS of integrity as a ref. But I'm sure you thought this through. Thanks for the bounties. Thanks for the mame challenges. I never competed on mame I would read about it. Thanks for all the wordy and detailed write-ups on some of the best records in gaming. I could go on and on. Just one more BIG THANKS! HecFly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- duncantoml Referee Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:03 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert, You will be missed, you already are. I wish you the best! Tom _________________ ‹(•¿•)› Love, Sun, Moon, and Death ‹(•¿•)› -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RaGe Referee Location: New York City Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 7:42 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert, Wow, this sucks.. You were the first person I interacted with here, so when I think Twin Galaxies, I think of you. All the time and effort you put into TG is just amazing.. you're awesome. You really went above and beyond when it came to TG issues.. and we thank you for that. Hey, I'm still your MAME dude! ..just been very busy with my job lately. I'm starting to find more free time, so I'll be looking to verify some of your MAME submissions. Verifying your games is an honor to me man. Ok Rob, I'll see you in the forums Terence _________________ Referee - Odyssey² & C64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grandpa Scorpion Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:27 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best of luck to you Robert in all your endeavors. _________________ EXIDYHARDHATSUCCESSISDUETOPLAYERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pauldean Location: USA Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 3:59 am Post subject: Don't be a stranger, drop by from time to time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The gaming community will miss your intelligent and fun world record gaming reviews and insights which we have all learned from. Twin Galaxies will definitely not be the same. Please drop by and post from time to time as you are a valuable resource to gaming that none of us want to lose. It would be great to see you get some more gaming records and I will be watching for your progress! Good luck on all future gaming achievements, especially with your Funspot World Record attempts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TT Location: United Kingdom Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 5:06 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a shock. If confirmed, then TG has surely lost one of its greatest ambassadors. As a gamer or referee, you have an enormous amount to contribute Robert. Whichever role you take on in the future, please continue to invest your boundless knowledge, enthusiasm and energy into the scene. Tony _________________ "Breaking the record on Missile Command is so difficult that it’s like storming the beaches of Normandy and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twin Galaxies Forums FAQ Search Memberlist Usergroups Register Profile Log in to check your private messages Log in Leaving the Fold (12/12/06) Goto page Previous 1, 2 Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> General Discussion View previous topic :: View next topic Author Message omega175 Location: Brooklyn, NY Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 7:08 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Man, sorry to hear this. From what I see, I read just good things about you. ps. Pozdrowienia z Bensonhursta. Z jakiego byles miasta? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJGex Location: Cleveland, Ohio Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 9:00 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wow... I am in complete shock as to this (as many of us are). Robert was the first person that I worked with on here when I got my start. He was very patient with my n00bness and was a motivating factor in how I was able to do as well as I have in the short time I've been here, always sending me a couple challenges here and there, clarifying rule questions/verifying my scores, or just on the other line to shoot the breeze or send a funny email to. All in addition to his job and his obligations here on TG. This is a man that is truely dedicated to his craft. Props to you Robert. We salute you. _________________ Fear the Evil Monkey -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RUSH_RULES Location: Portland , Oregon aka Rain Central Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 1:29 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers Mate! Good Luck , you will be missed. _________________ RUSH_RULES "The only legitimate use of a computer is to play games." -Eugene Jarvis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RMRUCZEK Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 2:14 am Post subject: Thanks, All !! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello fellow gamers: Your kind wishes are greatly appreciated !! Last evening I started the process of turning over all TG physical and intellectual property back to TG custody. MOST electronic files were zipped in meaningful groups and sent to Kelly and Brien for archiving. The largest zip files are in excess of 3mb in size and will not allow me to send these files...I hit enclose and it times out. I no longer have a proprietary CD burner program on my hard drive since it was formatted due to a serious virus earlier this year, so I have approx 9 files which total 75mb that still need to be sent, and then the electronic property will be fully in TG's hands. My electronic contact listing will be forwarded to Walter, Brien and all senior TG staffers this evening via forum PM. The few unwatched tapes are being sent to Kelly Flewin tomorrow via USPS Global Priority Mail at my own expense. This includes a tape from Nick Thompson, two (2) recent CD's or DVD's for an XBox submission from gamer S.B. (I always mis-spell his name so will use initials for now), and an older tape submitted from the Funspot crew on the arcade game "Turbo" with scores on this title and various titles by David Nelson, Jason Cram and others. This one might have already been watched and posted, but the tape was critical in determining what TGTS should be for this title. That leaves the tangible property...the other tapes. They will be shipped at my own expense in the Feb10-20 2007 range starting with those tapes by gamers other than myself. Whether Walter/TG wishes that I ship these by platform to the respective platform referee, or ship them lump-sum to a single locale, that remains to be determined. My own tapes, a good 150+ which total in excess of 600 hours, will be shipped to a single location which is also yet to be determined. The vast majority of these non-Atari 2600 game performances have to do with the summer competitions of 2001 and a few titles that I concentrated efforts on thereafter such as "Wacky Races", the "Crazy Taxi", "Doom 64" and "18 Wheeler" titles, "Circus Maximus" and "Simpson's Road Rage". A few other titles/performances are on tape, but not many more. Last but certainly not least, all documentation relating to year 2004-2005 "bounty" performances will be turned over last once I am absolutely sure that the gamers have all been compensated. This has been a sore point for many, I know and apologize for, but this is not something that my departure means I am running away from. That would be welching on money and that I will never do. I have a small array of TG-business/historical tapes...Billy's "Perfect Pacman", several TV interviews including Fred Pastore on "Uncle Ziggy" which has to be seen to be believed. These should ideally be archived digitally as it is part of TG's history from a media PoV. I will send these collectively to the location of Walter's choice in February as well. All MAME INP files, custom submission forms, my entire repertoire of articles written since 2001 and more, all were zipped with most already sent to Kelly/Brien, and the rest to go once I have a CD burner program installed again. I will shortly review my remaining forum PMs and forward any to Tim Stodden that I believe should be posted to the TG refere forum for backlogged E-MAIL responses. Tim's been excellent at keeping pace with this over the past two years and I appreciate his dedication and efforts in this respect more than I've mentioned publicly on the forums. That is the extent of the TG intellectual and tangible property in my possession at this time, and when it is expected to be turned over. I will still be on the forums in the capacity of a gamer, and will contribute without undermining current management's approach and direction. Robert --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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