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Walter Day states that the two scores are incompatible and not in contention for a REPLAY of Paul Dean's performance in 1985.

From: Walter Day []
Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 12:09 PM
To: Paul Dean; Mark Little
Cc: Robert Mruczek
Subject: Spy Hunter

Mark Little, Paul Dean,

We were away at Funspot for nearly an entire week. Thanks for your patience
in regards to the Spy Hunter issue.

The decisions established during the original conference call are now void
because we are no longer in common agreement on how this situation should be

Paul believes that the old Twin Galaxies rules protect his performance,
making a challenge illegal.

In spite of such "legality," the game settings for the two scores cannot be
compared, so the two scores are going to be listed separately.

There won't be a feature box or special treatment on these two performances
because the two scores are not in contention with each other. They are
simply not compatible.

One will be listed with settings verified on tape, the other as
referee-verified but on unknown settings.

Thanks for your patience,

Walter Day

1997 Book of Video Game World Records

Walter Day, Publisher
"Twin Galaxies Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records"

Spy Hunter Bridge Out Sequence

Spy Hunter in Speed Boat
Demolishes Enemy

8.6 Steps to Challenge

1. Send your challenge in writing. Explain the reasons why you believe
this player should prove their score via a public replay.

2. A player’s score can be challenged only once. If, during a replay, the
challenged player gets 90% of their claimed score, they are awarded the
score – unless the game in question is a “mature” game.

THE SPY HUNTER HIGH SCORE FROM 1985 IS A "Mature" game score, almost two

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June 9, 2004 Walter Day states, "No Replay Necessary" for Paul Dean

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