Posted: November 29, 2012
kong off 2 visit Denver Colorado Nov 16-17, 2012

Denver Colorado More area photos
Kong Off 2 - 1UP Barcade Surrounding Area Denver, Colorado Kong Off 2 - 1UP Donkey Kong Championship Belt (Paul Dean)
The 1UP, 1925 Blake Street Denver Colorado Frenzy and the Kong Off II Donkey Kong Event I took off for a fantastic trip to Denver, Colorado from sunny California to meet my gaming friends and to meet my match at Frenzy, competitor Joel West, present world record holder of the game in which I had held the world record for many years prior. The control of the joystick would decide the winner to this robot killer game as we were both primed to flip the game to zero at a million points which takes approximately 7 1/2 hours. Joel West won by 9 minutes, congratulations Joel, as I am already thinking about next year as a true competitor never quits. Winning is in your blood and nothing is better than a hard fought win, so I will be back to compete. Donkey Kong had its usual competitors from the "King of Kong" documentary there as well as most of the players that were in the Kong Off I competition. Nobody thought a young MAME player would take center stage and school the old timers but he did. Congratulations to Canadian Jeff Willms on surprising the pack and winning and taking First Place this competition. Dean Saglio the top MAME player in the world took second and Steve Wiebe, the hero of the "King of Kong" movie took third. I also enjoyed Vincent Lemay who was talking smack with Hank Chien in fun, which felt a lot like some college hi-jinks going on. Hank wasn't in the money this time which shows you how hard it is to put up good numbers with the stress of competition. He came in fourth but I will not count him out for the Kong OFF III competition in November of 2013 at the 1UP Barcade in Denver, CO. The new headquarters of Twin Galaxies. If you want to win you simply have to practice harder as proven with Jeff Willms game play in which he practiced longer and harder than any other competitor and was truly ready for this event. Special Thanks to our hosts at the 1UP: Twin Galaxies Jordan Adler, "Woody" Adler, Jon Exidy Jamshid and Richie Knucklez and of course Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxies. November 15-16, 2012 Kong Off II Event The winners of the Kong Off II event at the 1UP Barcade in Denver, Colorado are as follows: (Jeff Willms is the First Place Winner at the Kong Off 2 Event) Name High Score 1. Jeff Willms 1,105,400 2. Dean Saglio 1,079,400 3. Steve Wiebe 1,006,700 4. Hank Chien 996,900 5. Kyle Goewert 996,200 6. Vincent Lemay 988,000 7. Mark Kiehl 943,700 8. Billy Mitchell 901,900 9. Eric Tessler 900,500 10. Jeff Wolfe 892,800 11. Ben Falls 854,300 12. Dave McCrary 847,100 13. Mike Groesbeck 829,100 14. Steve Wiltshire 749,900 15. Jonathan McCourt 729,700 16. Ross Benziger 690,100 17. Eric Howard 671,200 18. Mitchell Elliott 644,500 19. Shaun Boyd 588,900 20. Robbie Lakeman 576,500 21. Daniel Dock 438,200 22. Jeff Harrist 361,500 23. Daniel Desjardins 353,900 24. Steve Sanders 227,200 25. Allen Staal 201,100 26. John Salter 180,600 27. Melkon DomBourian 147,500 Kong Off 2 Kong Off 2 - 1UP Donkey Kong Championship Belt (Paul Dean showing off!) - I didn't win but it does look good on me! WINNER: Jeff Willms - (1st) First Place Winner of Kong Off 2 - 1UP Barcade, Denver, CO November 17, 2012 Twin Galaxies Owner, Jordan Adler holds up Kong Off II belt - Kong Off 2 Championshipo Belt at the 1UP Barcade TG Event George Leutz - Kong Off 2 Q*bert 5 Man Champion at the 1up Event Tommy Tallarico - The greatest "Gaming" musical composer alive at the 1UP Kong Off 2 Event Steve Wiebe, Richie Knucklez, Walter Day, Jordan Adler group pose at the 1UP Barcade in Denver Colorado Richie Knucklez helping Steve Wiebe sign special marquees at the Kong Off 2 event Donald Hayes and John McAllister playing Joust at the Kong Off 2 Event Walter Day and Billy Mitchell at the Kong Off 2 Event Eric Tessler - Kong Off 2 Event Wildcard winner and major contributor to the "King Of Arcades" movie Dean Saglio receives his second place prize at the Kong Off II event Steve Wiebe gets his third place prize check at the Kong Off II event Vincent Lemay at the Kong Off 2 Event Steve Wiebe, Ben Gold and Walter Day at the Kong Off II Event World Champion Donald Hayes Digs some dirt on Dig Dug at the 1up in Denver Colorado Canadian, Vincent Lemay wears a Hank Chien T-shirt before ripping it off Canadian Vincent Lemay rips off Hank Chien Team T-shirt Vincent Lemay poses for the cameras after tearing off his Hank Chien T-shirt Walter Day, TG Referee announcing at the 1UP Bill Carlton, of the "High Score" documentary is getting ready to play Missile Command Two Berzerk Cabinets are loaded with Frenzy boards for the Frenzy first to a million competition between Joel West and Paul Dean Twin Galaxies New Office Head Quarters Denver, Colorado Overview of the 1UP Kong Off 2 Event Billy Mitchell starting Donkey Kong from the beginning - Kong Off II Event Steve Wiebe - Crowd cheering Steve Wiebe 1UP Denver, CO Steve Sanders and Isaiah Sanders Joust Doubles Champions get their check for this new World Record The Kong Off Denver Colorado Big Ape at the 1UP Twin Galaxies (TG) Trading Cards at the 1UP Office, Denver CO. George Riley at the Kong Off - Donkey Kong 3 and Donkey Kong Jr. player Eric Tessler and Richie Knucklez hug at the Kong Off - Friendships are made Donkey Kong Winners Circle, at the 1UP - Denver, CO George Leutz receives a check from Richie Knucklez for his 5 man record on Q*bert. Richie Knucklez is the MC and partner of TG and master mind of the Kong Off Events Billy Mitchell, George Leutz and Richie Knucklez at the 1UP Richie Knucklez, Steve Wiebe, Jordan Adler - 1UP Walter Day and George Leutz play guitars at Arcade Culture show at the 1UP Barcade Gary Stern Owner of Stern Pinball being interviewed by Richie Knucklez at the Arcade Culture Show at the 1UP Denver, CO Hank Chien High Fives the other players before the beginning of the Kong Off II Event Michael Klug and Walter Day at the Kong Off II event Richie Knucklez and Walter Day give praise at the Twin Galaxies Headquarters 1UP Billy Mitchell and Woody Adler at the Kong Off II Pizza Party Joel West with two Berzerk Cabinets (Frenzy boards inside) Joel West practicing Frenzy at the Kong Off 2 event Richie Knucklez gets a back message from Joel West in the TG 1UP Office Walter Day, Ken House, Richie Knucklez at the Kong Off 2 Event Jordan Adlers, Roy Shildt, Richie Knucklez and Walter Day at the 1UP Barcade Thank you everyone for joining me and being so friendly at the KONG OFF II - See ya at the next one! 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