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Challenge Arcade - Reading, PA World Record Weekend September 18-21, 2008 Mr. Do! - New world record! (and still going) The arrival of champion gamer Jimmy Linderman meant only one thing a new world record on Mr. Do! Wasting little time after entering the arcade and saying his hellos, he began a few practice games in preparation for what he plans will be a 24-hour marathon! He started his game officially at exactly 3:00pm and as million after million rolled over on the game it was easily clear that breaking the record was all but a given for Jimmy. The record he surpassed 3 hours later was his own 5.5 million point score, but he had no plans of stopping, he had other things on his mind. Seeking to bury any and all myths and legends of scores that may or may not have happened in the past, Jimmy seeks to raise the bar so high that it towers over all scores official and legendary. At the close of the evening he was dialing in on 13 million; we'll check in with him in the morning, and if he reaches his 24-hour goal, he should be in the neighborhood of a 40 million point score! Jimmy's Final Score on Mr. Do! 30,075,000 : 18 hour game. His average was to lose 1 man then gained 4 men. Most extra men was about 50 but Mr. Do! only shows 7 extra men on the screen. There was a turn over of Jimmy's Mr. Do! game about every 40 minutes. David Nelson was the TG referee with a tape of the game play rolling. The tape was changed over at around 4:30am by Joe LeVan owner of Challenge Arcade. 3pm to 9am is 18 hours in total tape. There was Unofficial high score of 26,030,000 in Twin Galaxies first book of world records and held by David Breckon and is on Mark Alpigers web site. 26,030,050 David Breckon 01-26-1986: Tom's Arcade / London, Ontario, Canada Mr. Do! After 256 boards the difficulty goes back to easy like the first board at 257 - At board 256, the monsters are slow so you loose 4 men in 30 seconds upon a bathroom break on the slow board. The Mr. Do! game at Challenge Arcade was in good working order but a bit loose. At 18 million mark - Jimmy was getting tired. At 24 million Jimmy was nodding off and lost 5 men in the process. Then Jimmy got a second wind to finish up his game. The goal was to finish board 1600 and stop at 30 million. Jimmy's final board and score: 1602 last board - score: 30,075,000 Slept for hour and then played Donkey Kong up to 100k $100.00 - Jimmy's World Record prize for Mr. Do! $750.00 Jimmy was the "Grand Prize Winner" with a nice cash prize. Pepsi paid for the record breakers monies. Tetris world record coming up for Jimmy at New Hampshire in 2009. From TG Leaderboard: Link Mr. Do!, Coin-Operated Arcade Game Rank 1 - World Record Score 30,075,000 Player Tongki Linderman Brooklyn, NY USA Date Achieved Sunday, September 21, 2008 Date Verified Sunday, September 21, 2008 Verification Method: Referee Verified By: David Nelson Score Status: Active Location: Challenge Arcade Wyomissing, PA USA The 2007 Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com) Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament pictures Link --------------- Challenge Arcade WRW updates! by David Nelson TG Referee Mr Do! - New world record! *pending video-tape review As promised, we checked in on Jimmy in the morning to find that he had already called it quits. Earning points at even a faster rate than he thought, he reached a goal that suited him in the early hours of the day. Finishing his game at 30,075,000 points, Jimmy puts all scores official and unofficial to sleep as his 30 million point game sits WELL on top of all the rest. As I explained in Saturday's update, watching Jimmy play Mr. Do is a serious schooling. He makes the enemies in the game look ridiculously stupid! Watching him play makes a novice player say "that's so easy, I could do that!" but stepping up to the control panel is a different story. Mr. Do is no walk in the park, it's an extremely difficult game that requires precise control, expert knowledge of enemy behavior, and above all else you need to have a game plan for every level. Oh yeah, and did I mention you need to do all this for 30 million points if you want the record now? I can't say enough about the level of skill it takes to play this game, and Jimmy made it look easy as he defeated multiple enemies with apple after apple (sometimes every enemy on the board with one apple) and singing and humming along to the game's music the entire time! He was racking up a free man almost every 2-3 boards, and although it was uncertain how many he actually accumulated, it was more than enough as there was no stopping this guy! One of the best performances of the event and a humongous new world record; incredible Jimmy, congratulations. ----------------

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