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High Score Documentary World Premier to be shown in Austin, Texas
March 13, 2006

Players: Bill (William) Carlton, Alison Vick, Terry Nelson, Robert Mruczek

High Score Dir: Jeremy Mack Link Although technology has left them behind, a group of die-hard gamers still struggles to set high scores on classic arcade games in this entertaining documentary. This documentary is of the by gone video game golden era and trying to capture it one last time with one last attempt at the elusive high score. (WORLD PREMIERE)
Coin-Operated High Scores Bill Carlton World Record Marathons on Missile Command of 29,788,385 and Marathon Asteroids play for 27 hours for a record of 12,756,970. The Worlds longest Marathon on Missile Command is held by Victor Ali. Robert Mruczek with a Marathon Record for the Star Wars Arcade Game. In 1984, Brooklyn's Robert Mruczek survived for 49-1/2 hours for a final score of 300,007,894. The Worlds longest Marathon on Star Wars is held by Brandon Erickson. He had been playing continuously for over 54 hours and 10 minutes, the longest non-stop arcade marathon since Brooklyn's Robert Mruczek played the same title for 49-1/2 hours in 1984. Brandon played from May 16, 2005 until 2:10pm May 18, 2005. Bill Carlton playing his favorite Marathon Game, Asteroids
Bill Carlton getting ready to play his favorite game, Asteroids
One Quarter. Two Days. No Pause Button. Can Bill Carlton beat the 1982 long standing Star Wars Marathon High Score?
High Score Documentary Link Director: Jeremy Mack Cast: Bill Carlton, Alison Vick,
Terry Nelson, and Robert Mruczek
Screening Times screening in: Special Screenings plays with: Playing the News 4:00 PM, Monday March 13th - Dobie
7:00 PM, Thursday March 16th - Dobie One Quarter. Two Days. No Pause Button. High Score: A Documentary By Jememy Mack Watch Film Trailer: Documentary Feature World Premiere SXSW Presents, "High Score" February 2006 High Score is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. Click here to read all about it. Thanks to Desert Planet for the write-up. February 2006 William (Bill) Carlton: (B C) Initials: The website has finally launched! Check back here for all HIGH SCORE related news. High Score - The Movie MackAttack! Films 917-921-1075 High Score T-Shirts for Sale Abbitco P.O. Box 775 Wilsonville, OR 97070 The Missile Command High Score attempt was at the following location: GALAXY GAMES 406 E. First St. Newberg, Oregon 97132 phone 503-537-2545 A Missile Command Review by the 1980 Missile Command Coin Operated Video Game which was a Ronad Reagan Era Star Wars type of review complete with ICBM's MIRV's ABM's and Orbital Launching Platforms from Cheyenne Mountain. Link HIGH SCORE will have its world premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX. Screening times and venue locations will be announced February 15th. The SXSW FILM CONFERENCE AND FESTIVAL emphasizes on all aspects of the art and business of independent filmmaking. The Festival has gained international acclaim for the quality of its programming with a special focus on emerging talents who bask in being included in the company of the cinematic greats whose work is regularly presented. The 13th annual SXSW Film Conference will take place March 10 - 14, 2006 with the Film Festival running from March 10 - 18, 2006. Link The Official Listing Link Bill Carlton plays Missile Command at arcade
among Bandlands, Final Fight and Raiden
Bill Carlton close up on Missile Command Marathon Game
Synopsis: Although technology continues to evolve, a group of die-hard gamers refuses to abandon the classic arcade games of yesteryear. Portland gamer Bill Carlton is one of the most brazen, fearlessly taking on some of the toughest records on the books. High Score follows Bill as he attempts to take down the Atari classic Missile Command and its twenty year-old record. To get the 80 million points he'll have to play the game on one quarter for over two days straight. There is no pause button. There will be no sleep. There can only be one victor in this classic story of Man vs. Missile Command. (Attention: Bill Carlton traded Missile Command for Asteroids for his Ground Kontrol High Score game of 27 hours) Director's Bio: Jeremy Mack was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. He attended NYU's film school, and now calls New York City home. There, he balances freelance production work with a passion for producing his own documentary films. His personal best at Missile Command is a paltry 22,000 points. Bill Carlton leans on Missile Command Here is a great chance to celebrate the arcade era and a chance to get back to the 1980's and the classic games genre and competition as it was when it was very fresh and a great phenomenon in the United States as well as all over the world. We now have some players still competing over 20 years after the Arcade era was officially over with the advent of the home console. Contact Information: MackAttack! Films 917-921-1075 Missile Command - William Carlton ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Missile Command World Breaker Movie Coming Soon!- Saturday 11 February, 2006 Link Jeremy Mack of MackAttack! Films has recently purchased some Gloss Laser Labels for a cool promotion on his upcoming film HIGH SCORE. HIGH SCORE follows Bill Carlton as he attempts to take down the Atari classic Missile Command Arcade Game. This record is over 20 years old and Bill will have to play Missile Command for over 2 days straight to beat it. Check out the link for more information. Will be premiering at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX on March 10th through the 18th. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Twin Galaxies High Score Board: Bill Carlton, Alison Vick, Terry Nelson, Robert Mruczek ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ William Carlton Portland, OR United States (all) Arcade Game Version VariationID Variation ScoringMethod RankingMethod Asteroids 12,756,970 World Record Place 13 Astro Fighter 18,840 World Record Place 4 Missile Command 29,788,385 World Record Place 10 Missile Command 417,605 World Record Place 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twin Galaxies Breaking News Archive Link 3/27/2004 Portland Gamer Takes Asteroids for 27-hr Marathon William Carlton of Portland, Oregon had his sights set on the Asteroids world record. 27 hours later, his loyal Asteroids steed broke down, ending his chances at winning an Asteroids Gold Medal. Yet, at more than 12 million points, he has won 5th place in the all-time Asteroids rankings. Still, his feat has drawn lots of media attention and Carlton will get feature attention in the forthcoming edition of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records. "No one has performed a major marathon in nearly 20 years," reveals Walter Day, editor of the record book. "Though the marathon was the centerpiece of competetive playing in the early 80s, no one has aspired in two decades to tackle any of the legendary marathon records of the past - and Asteroids is the most highly-regarded marathon title of all. In fact, the long-standing world record has stood nearly 22 years and is recognized as the longest standing world record in the record book." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Asteroids Record at Ground Kontrol Link Ground Kontrol - Classic Video Game Arcade for Marathons The facts, the prospect of attempting this particular Asteroids record is so daunting that Twin Galaxies wasn't sure any gamer would even think about it. Scott Safran, the recognized world record holder, set his mark of more than 40 million points more than 20 years ago. Twin Galaxies estimates that Scott's game lasted approximately 72-80 hours in duration, as some aspects of his achievement are no longer recoverable due to a loss of Twin Galaxies records nearly as many years ago. A Marathon...that is the term that Twin Galaxies assigns to such attempts, as it appropriately describes what gamers that play the same video game credit for 12 or more hours are engaged in. Ground Kontrol - Oregon Retro Arcade
Over the past year, Ground Kontrol has played host to more and more customers bent on breaking world gaming records. In March 2004, a regular named William Carlton achieved one of the world's Top 10 scores in Asteroids ever. Players at Ground Kontrol have also broken records on classic titles like Spy Hunter, Missile Command and Astro Fighter. What, exactly, is the point of setting a record on an antique game? Unlike flying an experimental plane around the world, becoming a retro video warrior is a down-to-earth goal. You don't have to be a millionaire to drop a quarter in a machine. While they aren't risking their lives, these weekend pixel warriors have a shot at catapulting themselves into fame-within the gaming community, at least. "It's The Challenge," Carlton explains. "It's hard to do this, and it makes history."
Peanut Butter and Jelly Breakfast of Classic Video Game Marathon Champions Carlton's record run on Asteroids took him 27 hours. "Orange juice, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches kept me going," Carlton says. "And Prince. Lots of very loud, early-era Prince." Setting marathon records on arcade games isn't a new phenomenon. In 1982, a 15-year-old named Scott Safran spent 60 hours in front of an Asteroids machine in Newton, Penn., achieving that game's all-time top score of 41.3 million points. Twin Galaxies, a Guinness Book of World Records for gamers, has been tracking high scores since 1981. Its website ( contains tens of thousands of scores on everything from ancient pinball machines to more recent Xbox titles.
In the history of Twin Galaxies, many marathons have taken place on a variety of titles. Yet amazingly, in all of years 2002 through 2003 combined, only a few verified marathons on arcade machines were accomplished. That is because the premise, and daunting outlook for attempting such a performance, is enough to turn away all but the most tenacious and hard-core of gamers. Just like the road-race that bears the name 'marathon', a video game marathon involves a lot of preparation, a few smaller-duration 'trial runs', and a little luck never hurts at all. In William's case, he had 2 out of the 3 going for him in the closing moments. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Asteroids For 27 Hours... Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shakey I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that 27 hours of straight Asteroids would drive me NUTS!!! This guy did it though. Taken from Worthplaying ( It's been nearly 20 years since a video gamer has played an arcade game for more than a day on a single quarter. In fact, not since Twin Galaxies conducted the 1st Annual Iron Man Contest for the Guinness Book back in July,1985, has a video gamer stepped to the plate intent on breaking a long-standing video game marathon world record. But, with the Asteroids world record in his sights, Bill Carlton, of Portland, Oregon, lasted 27 hours before his trusty Asteroids machine malfunctioned, ending his run for glory at the Ground Kontrol Arcade * a Portland video game center specializing in classic arcade games from the early 80s. With 60 classic games to choose from at Ground Kontrol Arcade, Carlton chose Asteroids for his ordeal, with other gamers also signing up for future marathons on other game titles -- a sign that players are ready once again to tackle big ticket records; ones that take days of playing to eclipse, demanding tremendous stamina as much as playing skill. "Carlton's 12.7 million points put him in 5th place in the all-time Asteroids rankings," explains Walter Day, editor of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, the industry's record book. "Still, he would have had to play for more than 2 more days to match the 41 million-point record established by Scott Safran back in November, 1982." A comprehensive report on the significance of Carlton's feat has been prepared by Robert Mruczek, Twin Galaxies' Chief referee and can be found at "Long-range, high scoring marathons like Carlton's were the meat and potatoes of the video gaming world back in the early 80s," says Day, who personally organized many such marathons for Twin Galaxies back in the classic age of gaming. "You were deemed a star if you could take a game for days on a single quarter. It brought tremendous prestige and everybody tried to master their favorite game and marathon it." During the heyday of the marathon age, Twin Galaxies found itself monitoring as many as a dozen marathons every weekend * with the biggest crop being held the weekend of April 2-4, 1982, when Twin Galaxies organized the 1982 Defender National Championship, which saw Defender marathons going on simultaneously in 23 different cities around North America. "It was a weekend affair," remembers Day. "The kids took off Friday from school and started in the morning, playing straight through until Monday." Though Rick Smith of Mission Viejo, California won the National Championship that weekend with 33,013,200 million points, he held the title for barely 1 month before Marvin Norton of Thatcher, AZ snatched Smith's crown away with a 49 million-point marathon. The most unique marathon conducted during the golden age of gaming, was the 1st Annual Twin Galaxies Iron Man Contest, which offered eight competitors a chance at winning $10,000 in cash if they could keep their game going on one quarter for 100 hours. James Vollandt of California, playing on Joust, lasted the longest with 67-1/2 hours. To read more about Bill Carlton's Asteroids marathon, go to ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mainstream reporting started in earnest in 2004 Link The award for tenacity, though, has to go out to Bill Carlton. The American made a run at the long-standing world record for the arcade game Asteroids. After playing for more than 27 hours, the machine died on Carlton, leaving him far short of the world record, but making him a minor celebrity none the less - at least for a short while. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asteroids Lurking Soon afer the release of Asteroids, some players discovered that small UFOs would be continually sent out when the asteroid count decreased to a certain level. Since these UFOs were worth 1,000 points each - a significant sum on this game - a strategy known as "lurking" soon developed around this. Players would shoot asteroids until there was only one small or mid-sized rock remaining, and then maneuver the ship to a spot approximately one inch from any corner of the screen. Small UFOs would then be ambushed as soon as they emerged, using wraparound fire if necessary. Since each 10,000 points awarded an extra life, players could continue almost indefinitely once the practice had been mastered. [1] Record breaking gameplay In March 2004, Portland, Oregon resident Bill Carlton attempted to break the world record for playing an arcade version of Asteroids, playing over 27 hours before his machine malfunctioned, ending his record run. He scored 12.7 million points, putting him in 5th place in the all-time Asteroids rankings. In November 1982 Scott Safran set the still unbroken record of 41 million points. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record breaking gameplay Link
In March 2004, Portland, Oregon Portland is the largest city in Oregon, and county seat of Multnomah County. It is a major Pacific seaport located about sixty miles from the west coast of the United States, situated on both sides of the Willamette River, just south of its confluence with the Columbia River. According the US Census estimates, as of July 2003, the city's population was estimated to be 538,544, a growth of 1.7% over the April 2000 census figure of 529,121. The Portland Oregon resident Bill Carlton attempted to break the world record for p laying an arcade version of Asteroids, playing over 27 hours before his machine malfunctioned, ending his record run. He scored 12.7 million points, putting him in 5th place in the all-time Asteroids rankings. In November 1982 Scott Safran set the still unbroken record of 41 million points. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funspot Classic Gaming Event Official Invitations Email List Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the list of people who have been emailed invitations, urging them to come to this year's event... Ben Carter (Centipede) Bill Carlton (Asteroids) Brandon Erickson (Star Wars) Carlos Krueger (Consoles) Chip Sbrogna (Cliffhanger)(Will be in China) David Foley (Ultracade) David Palmer (Everything) Dennis & Sascha Blechner (Time Crisis)(Can't come) Don Morlan (Joust) Donn Nauert (Everything)(Email Bounced Back) Doug LLoyd (Pac-Man) Dwayne Richard (Funky Fish)(Thinking about it) Ed Ray (Centipede) Eric Olofson (Everything) Eric Furrer (Space Invaders) Evandro Tessari (Brazil)(Moon Patrol) Frank Breneman (Pac-Man) Gary Hatt (Everything)(Thinking about it) Gary Whelan (Galaxian)(Thinking about it) George Weller (Karate Champ) Glenn Cravens (Consoles) Graham Dingsdale (COnsoles) Greg Sakundiak (Everything) Hector Rodriguez (Consoles)(Email bounced back) Hugh Falk (Everything) Jack Gale (Everything)(Thinking about it) Jamie Allen (Classics) Jay Woodard (Star Wars)(Email bounced back) J.D. Lowe (Consoles) Jean Baudin (Pooyan, Mad Planets) Jeff Peters (Everything)(Thinking about it) Jerry Byrum (Defender)(Email bounced back) John McCann (Gorf) John Rhodes (Joust)(Email bounced back) John Thomas & Josh Powell (Wizard of Wor) Juan Torres (Defender) Kevin Booth (Consoles) Leah Banks (Ms. Pac-Man) Les Martin (Pac-Man)(Email bounced back) Mark Androvich (Consoles)(Email bounced back) Mark Robichek (Frogger) Mark Little (SpyHunter) Mark Soileau (Wizard of Wor) Michael Eide (Dig Dug) Michael Weeg (Asteroids) Mike Klug (Pole Position)(Thinking positively about it) Mike Lockhart (Scramble) Mike Morrow (Everything) Nicholas Legare (Strikers 1945) Pablo Bert (Consoles) Rick Carter (everything)(Thinking positively about it) Rick Smith (Defender)(Email bounced back) Robert Bonney Griffin(Everything) Rodrigo Lopez(Consoles)(Thinking positively about it) Ron Hallett (Galaga) Stephen Knox (Consoles)(Can't come) Steve Harris (Everything) Steve Sanders (Everything)(Email bounced back) Steve Reisenberger (Robotron) Steve Wiebe (Donkley Kong)(Thinking about it) Stuart Morrison (Consoles) Tim Baldarramos (Pac-Man) Tim Curtis (Space Firebird) Todd Cravens (Classic)(Thinking about it) Tony Bueno (Mr. Do) Tony Perkins (Everything) Tristan Ducluzeau (French Player) Van Burnham (Email bounced back) Wolff Morrow (everything) Zack Hample (Arkanoid) Who is Going to Funspot 2005?? Here's the list of People Definitely Attending This list will be updated as people announce their plans on the forums... Definitely Coming: Abdner Ashman Anna Cram (everything) Brian Kuh Christian Cram (everything) Darren Harris David Cruz (Tron) Donald Hayes (Everything) Fred Pastore Greg Erway Jason Cram (everything) Joel Hedge Kelly Flewin (Consoles and anything he can get his hands on) Martin Bedard Mike Stulir Perry Rodgers Robert Mruczek Shawn Cram (everything) Tim McIlroy Todd Rogers Walter Day Official Referee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twin Galaxies Message Board Link Documentary on Classic Video Game Players Screening in Austin, TX SXSW 2006 Film Screenings: Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> Coin-Op Video Games View previous topic :: View next topic Author Message jmack
Location: NYC Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2006 5:48 pm Post subject: Doc Screening in Austin, TX -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- High Score A documentary that I made, High Score, will be screening at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX. It will be playing Monday, March 13th at 4pm and Thursday, March 16th at 7pm. For more information on the screening, here's the link to the festival site, with a downloadable trailer: The film follows Bill Carlton from Portland, OR and his attempts to break the WR for Missile Command. It also features Robert Mruczek. The official website is: Thanks, Jeremy Mack -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weehawk Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2006 7:26 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Nobody ever made history by being a big puss." Yeah, I'll be using that one. _________________ John Cunningham (JTC) Golden Era Game of the Week ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RMRUCZEK Senior Referee Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 1:22 pm Post subject: Bill Carlton -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello fellow gamers: For those who may not know, Bill is one of the very few gamers who has verified marathons on two (2) or more different classic arcade titles, defining marathons as 24 or more hours straight. Additionally, he is one of the current top "Missile Command" players at TGTS, and is a decent "Astro Fighter" player. Robert _________________ Robert T Mruczek Senior Referee Arcade/MAME Editor and Referee Star Wars classic arcade marathon champion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- March 1st at Barcade in Brooklyn Link Twin Galaxies Forums Forum Index -> Coin-Op Video Games RMRUCZEK Senior Referee Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 6:23 am Post subject: March 1st at Barcade in Brooklyn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello fellow gamers: There will be a special event taking place in the "Barcade" classic gaming arcade/bar in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY on March 1st at 8:00pm. Jeremy Mack, a producer, has put together a documentary concerning one outstanding modern-day classic arcade gamer from the west coast. The documentary film, which will be in the 50-60 minute range at most, will be premiered at this arcade. I've asked Abdner Ashman to be there, and asked him to inform Darren Harris. I will try to contact Zack Hample as well. But this is open to anyone wishing to attend. Should you be able to make it, I will be on-hand in a referee capacity and will be able to log scores on the spot. Their gaming roster includes the following titles. There are 20-25 in total, but this is what I can remember for now... Arkanoid Berzerk Centipede Dig Dug Donkey Kong Ms Pacman Smash TV Star Wars Tapper Tempest (assuming they fixed it) Hope to see you there. Robert _________________ Robert T Mruczek Senior Referee Arcade/MAME Editor and Referee Star Wars classic arcade marathon champion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ winslowe (Scores) JC- Padilla Orlando, FL United States Location: New York City, NY; Orlando, FL Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 3:48 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D'oh! If it was a couple days earlier I would have been able to make it, but I leave town on the 28th. What horrible timing I have! _________________ -JC- Padilla, Crazy Taxi Arcade Champion, GigaWing 2 Champion "You cannot stop me with paramecium alone!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RMRUCZEK (Robert T Mruczek) Senior Referee Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 2:31 am Post subject: Next Time, then !! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi JC: Will try to get a copy of this from Jeremy and see what his plans are for distribution. Robert _________________ Robert T Mruczek Senior Referee Arcade/MAME Editor and Referee Star Wars classic arcade marathon champion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ jmack (Jeremy Mack) Location: NYC Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2006 5:39 pm Post subject: High Score Documentary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, this is Jeremy Mack, the director of the documentary High Score. Currently, the only place to watch the doc is at film festival screenings. Aside from the Barcade party, it will be showing at a festival in Austin this March. I'll post the info for that screening in a new thread. Also, I'll post on the forum about any additional screenings as they arise. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to sell copies of the film right now due to legal issues with the music, but I'll certainly post here when/if that changes. Hopefully it'll end up on television or for sale on DVD in the near future. Thanks, Jeremy Mack - Director, "High Score"
LINKS: Other sites with same references to the above similar Asteroids article: The Man Without A Life Link Marathon Video Gaming Makes Comeback as Portland Man Plays Asteroids for 27 hours Link Asteroids Record Still Stands Link Old Sk00l Gaming & Emulation, Asteriods Gamers goes the extra mile Link Marathon Video Gaming Makes Comeback Link Twin Galaxies High Scores Tournament at Ground Kontrol in Oregon June 4-6, 2004 Link Asteroids Record Stands Link Portland Arcade To Face Foes in Houston and Madison, Wisconsin During Classic Video Game Championship Link 1981 Silco West Asteroids State Championships Link And while some people are struggling to find cure for cancer, others are trying to break 20-year old arcade game marathon world records. Link Gamespot: Portland man in 27-hour Asteroids marathon Link Marathon Video Gaming Makes Comeback as Portland Man Plays Asteroids for 27 hours Monday, March 29, 2004 - Twin Galaxies Link The Furnace Archives: Marathon Video Gaming - Asteroids For 27 Hours Link Portland man in 27-hour Asteroids marathon Link Marathon Video Gaming - Asteroids For 27 Hours Link Portland Man Plays Asteroids for 27 Hours - posted by Erich Becker at 10:28 am 2004 CDT Link Portland man in 27-hour Asteroids marathon Posted on Wednesday 31st March, 2004 Link 27 Hour Asteroids Record! Link Scifiwire: Asteroids Record Stands Link March 30, 2004 Asteroids Record Stands, From Skiffy's website: Link
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill Carlton playing his favorite game, Asteroids

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