Let's go back in time to June 30, 1984 and the first Stargate Champion.... Scott Heyano

As of March 24, 2005 we have a new Stargate Champion!

Bill Jones beats June 30, 1984 Classic Era
High Score of Scott Heyano

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**1984 Stargate


Tournament Champion

Scott Heyano

Has been defeafed after 20 years of being the Champ.

Bill Jones beats Masters Player Scott Heyano from the 1980's Classic Era with a (New High Score) of 197,500 points.

The last high score of 194,200 was made way back on June 30, 1984 at the Annual Masters Tournament in Seattle, Washington USA which was printed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1985.

Scott Heyano Defeated World Record of 194,200
by 3,300 points with a new World Record on Stargate of 197,500 by Bill Jones on March 24, 2005 from Vernon Hills, IL, United States

RMRUCZEK (Robert Mruczek) Link
TG Board of Directors

Location: Brooklyn, NY
 Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 12:01 am    Post subject: New "Stargate"
                                      World Record (TGTS) !!   
Hello fellow gamers: 

We have a new world record on the tournament settings of "Stargate", the much tougher
sequel to "Defender". 

Gamer William (Bill) Jones, who hails from the US, surprised me with a VHS videotape 
of him playing at TGTS, averaging scores over 115K with each and every attempt, and 
whose highest performance of the tape was an eye-popping 197,500 points !! 

This barely beats the previous world record, but as things go with scores, if you 
beat it by even a point, it's a higher score. 

Without giving away his techniques and strategies, it has been awhile since I saw
a master picking up falling men while under heavy fire and attacks from the many,
many enemies in "Stargate". 

Patience is another of William's strategies. He doesn't have the kamikaze,
constant-fire strategy that many "Defender/Stargate" players have, myself included,
nor does he play at a snail's pace. He has found a balanced hybrid-strategy from
within the two. 

One of his five ships, if I remember correctly it might have even been the last,
didn't score many points, which makes sense because once the smart bombs and
inviso go, you're vulnerable to tough situations, save for the risky hyperspace

Congratulations, William !!             William (Bill) Jones - New Champion

Robert T Mruczek 
Twin Galaxies - Editor and Chief referee 
Star Wars classic arcade marathon champion

Stargate   Link
Variation: Tournament  
Platform: Arcade 
Rules: Difficulty : 9. Start Units : 5 
  Rank % Score    Score    Player              Date       
  1     100.00 %  197,500  Bill Jones        03/26/2005  
  2      98.33 %  194,200  Scott Heyano      06/11/2004  
  3      33.20 %   65,575  Brien King        05/13/2001  
  4      31.01 %   61,250  Donald Hayes      03/21/2004
  5      29.67 %   58,600  David Nelson      03/21/2004 
  6      28.49 %   56,275  Ron Corcoran      07/15/2001 
  7      20.09 %   39,675  Jason Cram        03/21/2004  
  8      17.97 %   35,500  Anthony Perrella  03/21/2004
  9      16.44 %   32,475  Mark W Schulz     03/21/2004 
  10     15.32 %   30,250  Shawn Cram        03/21/2004 

Title: Stargate Manufacturer: Williams Year: 1981 Class: Wide Release Genre: Space Type: Videogame Description The player's ship flies over a horizontally scrolling planet surface, protecting friendly humanoids from alien abduction. Destroying all enemies advances you to the next wave. Loss of all humanoids destroys the planet until it is reinstated every fifth wave. Cheats, Tricks and Bugs An easter egg is hidden in the game displaying the game's credits. To perform this trick, three sequences of joystick movements and/or button presses must be executed within a quarter of a second of each other without the player dying: Move the joystick down and press the one player start, reverse, and thrust. Press reverse, two player start, and fire. Move the joystick down and press one player start, thrust and fire. Conversion: The cabinet will accept a Defender board set. Defender (1980) Game Play: The stargate itself can be flown into by the player. If a humanoid is being abducted, the player is taken to the area of the abduction. If the player has 4 or more humanoids attached to their ship, the player is Warped forward three waves. Otherwise, the stargate transports the player to the other side of the planet. Waves 5, 15, 25 etc. are Yllabian Dogfight waves, where the player is in space (no planet or humanoids) against an Armada of Yllabian Space Guppies. Waves 10, 20 30 etc. are Firebomber Showdown waves. A special 2000 point bonus can be gained by simultaneously catching and dropping off a falling humanoid as the last event in a wave once all the enemies have been destroyed. STARGATE - the Sequel of Defender. It had everything that made Defender so appealing but the problem was that only those already studying Defender were potential customers and that was hard enough as it was! Defender was already taking huge amounts of money in arcades all over the world - with some places housing 3 or 4 Defenders in a row! Stargate Enemies; Stargate had the same smarter old enemies of defender and newer enemies, sexier graphics, a 'stargate' for warping and yet another button ("Inviso"), but it was still Defender, the sequel. That was where the ultimate challenge lay, not this new-fangled spin off only found half way down the country we professed to one another. Even to the great Defenderers, Stargate was bewildering. There was simply so much going on at once that the normal precision manoeuvring was made impossible and unless you were blessed with four thumbs. the new 'inviso' button proved worthless. Williams went understandably overboard on the whole thing buoyed by the massive success of its predecessor. Bookkeeping: There were new heights in bookkeeping tallies for the operator, testing programs for the engineer and extensive game difficulty permutations with a new buy-in facility which gave you another couple of men for the game for an extra credit. Bonuses were boosted and the game no longer clocked at a million - it was 10,000,000 now. The name up ceremonies were entertainment in their own rights! A good player entered the realms of the "Stargate Immortals" on a 40-strong all time list while a real big score earned the addict the status of "Mortal".....and should you ever become the game's highest ever scorer you had no less than twenty spaces to digitally chalk up your victory message - usually totally obcene. The Williams buffs limited individual entries on Stargate to five a piece with the new 100 place screen of fame (rather unfairly I though) so that only your best five scores were on show but with clever use of full stops and gaps and dashes, players using only two initials could get about 40 up if they so wished. This was also the case on Joust and Robotron as was the ability for the operator to type in a custom message which appeared on the game's attract mode. Defender Statistics: Defender Miscellaneous: Play the game on-line (requires Shockwave) at: Designed by Vid Kidz (Eugene Jarvis and Larry Demar) who also designed Defender, Robotron: 2084 and Blaster for Williams Electronics. Stargate was produced in upright, cocktail and mini cabinet versions. In Europe the game was manufactured under license by Williams Streets, commonly in a mini cabinet with different (poorer) artwork. The game is also known as Defender Stargate and Defender II. Defender Technical: There are no DIP switches for difficulty settings; it's all handled in software and on the screen. The sound board has its own CPU. Both the Sound CPU and the Game CPU are Motorola 6809. Defender Trivia: Approximately 26000 uprights were made plus about 1000 cocktail tables. For legal reasons, the name was later changed to Defender II for home versions such as the NES cartridge and the emulation on Arcade's Greatest Hits. The Defender names of some of the enemies in the game are William's competitor's names spelled backwards: the Yllabian ("Yllab" is "Bally") and the Irata (Atari.) Legacy: Defender Stargate Strike Force
Title: Defender Manufacturer: Williams Year: 1980 Class: Wide Release Genre: Shooter Type: Videogame Description: Defend the human population from swarms of attacking aliens. Extremely popular even though it was deemed a flop at a 1981 Chicago arcade machine trade show because of its difficulty. The attract mode for the game was programmed in just five hours. Cabinet Information: The machine shown at the top of the page is the classic cabinet that the majority of US players have seen. The machine to the right, however, is believed to be a prototype (or an early production model) that contains side art very much inspired by the film "Star Wars". Perhaps Williams changed the production side art designs upon advice from legal counsel? This type of machine is also pictured on Williams' Defender flyers. Oddly enough, a number of these machines have been seen in various countries throughout Europe. Game Introduction: Your mission, as captain of the Defender, is to protect the humanoids stranded on the planet from their alien abductors. The scanner will help you determine a strategy to shoot down the alien ships before they reach the humanoids. If you destroy the aliens after they have captured their prey, you must return the humanoids to the safety of the planet or they will fall to their death. If an alien carries its victim out of your range, the humanoid will mutate, join the alien force, and take to assault with deadly vengeance! The challenge becomes ever more intense as the action progresses. Fighter ships (Bombers) and mines will test your skills. A direct hit will destroy the mother ship (Pods) but smash it into a swarming mass of mini-ships (Swarmers) which then must be wiped out! If you do not act quickly, the cosmic Baiter will attack! Use your two escape options only if all else fails! Your "smart bomb" power is limited and "hyperspace" puts you into an unknown space warp. But beware! If all the humanoids are abducted, the entire planet will explode in a blinding flash! Game Play Tips: Avoid using hyperspace unless you are about to die. Fighting off attacks, regardless of the number of enemies will make you a better Defender player. Baiters can usually be overcome by hitting the reverse button twice quickly. They will fly past you and be in range for your fire power. Do NOT try to outrun them as Baiters are faster than your ship. Swarmers are easy to defeat. You can hit reverse as soon as they fly past you and fly behind them. They cannot shoot backwards so you can blast away at will. At higher levels you will need to play God and even sacrifice some humanoids (by killing them yourself) to preserve the rest of the planet's population. The planet is too large for you protect and you are sparing the humanoids from a fate worst than death (mutation). Do not worry, these humanoids reproduce quickly and overpopulation has always been a constant problem. The planet will be fully populated at the start of every fifth attack wave (configurable). This is one of many games that has been bootlegged or copied. Some of these versions have added improvements to the game but others are direct copies. Examples of these games are Mayday!!, Defence Command, Defense Command and Mirage. Defender was licensed to Taito for Japanese manufacture and distribution. Technical: All the game settings are configured in software on the screen. This is the Williams way of doing things. In Defender, they used the rudimentary system used on their pinball machines (no notations except in the manual). After Defender made it, they started clearly labeling the on-screen adjustment menus. The board sets use a 6809 processor for game play and a 6800 for sound (on a separate board). Trivia: This game shares the title of "Highest Grossing Video Game of All Time" along with Pac-Man. To date it has earned more than one billion dollars! According to Midway, the geneology of the games is as follows: Defender, Stargate, Robotron:2084, Blaster. This game was included in the "Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits" game for PCs and the PlayStation game console. The release also included Stargate (as "Defender II"), Bubbles, Joust, Sinistar and Robotron: 2084. Legacy: Defender Stargate Strike Force Strike Force Defender Pinball Machine: Released: December, 1982 / 2 Players Defender III prototype
(2005) New Alliance Video Game (Stargate SG-1) Stargate SG-1 The first officially licensed Stargate SG-1 video game is due out on the PC, XBox and PS2 late 2005 by Sydney-based Perception Inc. Stargate SG-1: The Alliance Will be an action shooter with exciting Additions to single-player multi-plaer Experience for al major platforms. The game utilizes background & ideas the Stargate universe has to offer by adding Intensive team interaction as well as Multiplayer elements to a fast paced action Game! Stargate SG-1: The Alliance offers a unique Story that ties in with events from the well Known TV series and is filled with Graphically stunning representations of Locationis - some of them familiar to fans of The series, some of them offering exciting New insights into the Stargate universe.
(2005) New Release And New Look for Stargate (Stargate SG-1) The upcoming video game Stargate SG-1: The Alliance have arrived, showing off both a Goa'uld cargo ship (with ring transporter activated) and the Earth ship Prometheus. (Stargate SG-1) The game will be released later this year for the PlayStation 2, X-Box, and PC. Learn more and watch the official trailer at the game's official Web site,! Stargate City (Stargate SG-1) Stargate Thrown (Stargate SG-1) Official Link of Stargate SG-1 The Alliance and Bandwidth Thank you, Paul Dean, spy hunter champion, Millennium June 28, 1985
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