Class of 1983 Reunion

Poly High School Class of 1983 Poly Reunion and what are my Classmates doing now?

Poly High School 5450 Victoria Avenue Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 788-7203
Let's see what my fellow classmates have been doing lately. (2005) Robert Jen, Class of 1983, Feedback: Robert Jen: Biography
Yes, the 80's were the best times of our lives, and no, I am not Einstein of any sort, although my wife tells me my nerdy tendencies are still intact. A class update is a great idea. -------- After graduating from Poly in 1983 I went to Berkeley. There I ran into Jill Reves ('83), Dave Sailor ('83), Blythe Skeen ('83) & Tisa Poe ('85). Eventually I ended up going to school on the East Coast, got married, and have lived and worked in NYC ever since. While going to Wharton I also ran into Dana Cogswell ('84), who was going to nearby Princeton at the time, and Scott Cogswell ('82). Past Work: Financial Markets Recent Work: Working on a trading program and dabbling in real estate Currently I live with my wife Ginger in Tribeca, NYC. Everyone is welcome to email me, mailto:tribecabob(at) Especially if you are visiting the Big Apple anytime soon. -------- Robert Jen also came across the following information about other Polyites, thanks to Google:
Dave Sailor: He is a professor at Portland State. Jill Reves: She teaches at Falmouth Academy in Falmouth, MA. Reesa McCoy Staten: She is the VP of Corporate Communications at Robert Half International in Menlo Park, CA. Valerie Stadelbacher: She is a consultant for the California State Library Literay Project. John Connolly: He is/was the head waterpolo coach at Santa Ynez High School, CA. Lisa Winship: She is a principal at Hankin Bank in LA. Cathy Endo: She is a physician at the University of Nevada, Reno, Student Health Center. Victor Krummenacher: He is the Musician and Art Director for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Sam Wang: He is a professor at Princeton. Julie Press: She is/was a professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. Scott Cogswell: He lives & works in London for Baring Securities. Dana Cogswell: He lives & works in Seattle for Cingular. Check out the attached recent pictures of Polyites, again thanks to Google image. And thank you!! Robert Jen
Poly High School, Classs of 1983, Current Photos in 2005 (2005) Current Photos above for class of Poly High School 1983: Dave Sailor, Sam Wang, Julie Press, Reesa McCoy Staten, Lisa Winship Cathy Endo and Victor Krummenacher

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 June 10, 1983 - Exerts from the Classic Poly Spotlight School Newspaper

The (1983) Poly Spotlight Volume 63, Number 16, Riverside Poly High School, June 10, 1983

Front Page (1983)

Singers Win Silver Medal

The Poly Chamber Singers recently sang at an international music festival in 
San Francisco and received a silver medal rating.

Performing Arts Abroad (PAA) sponsors many festivals worldwide and judge groups
against an international standard for music, then award a bronze, silver, or gold

The three judges in San Francisco, who have judicated at numerous festivals nationwide,
told Poly director Mr. Don Morris that the Chamber Singers are the best choral group
they have heard this year.
Senior Activities

June 12, 1983 - Baccalaureate at 3:00 pm in the Little Theater
June 15, 1983 - Graduation rehearsal in the gym at 12 noon 
June 15, 1983 - Senior yearbook signing party from 3-6 p.m. on the Poly Field
June 16, 1983 - Graduation rehearsal from 12-2:30 p.m. in the gym
June 16, 1983 - Graduation at 6 p.m. on the Poly Field

Poly Spotlight Photo of girl with shoes:
Marian Davidson won first place with "Shoes" in the Best of Show contest in the 1983
Riverside County High School Art Exhibit.

Awards night honors students

Award winners for 1982-83 school years were honored June 7, 1983.

Riverside County Industrial Art Exposition
Brad Gamson (12), Dan Peterson (12) Adam Kelly (9), and Peyam Ataii (9) received
the first place trophy for their entries.

Edward North Reed
Carolyn Strong received this memorial award.

Maurice Beckley Memorial
Teresa Dipadora (12) was recognized for her business skills.

American Field Services
Four students via AFS will be spending their summers abroad.
Jeff Chance (10) in Denmark, Thea Norman (11) in Indonesia, Denise Stadelbacher (11)
in Spain, and Kent Staude (11) in Malaysia. Leslie Ransom (12) will stay the next
year in France. 

Charlotte Wilson Memorial Award for Outstanding Commission Members
went to Jill Reves and John-Mark Staude.

Edna Bailey Lockhart Scholarship
John Simmons and Lea Appleton received this award

California Savings and Loan League Award
This year's California Savings and Loan League Award went to Laura Brooks (12).

Music Awards-Outstanding Seniors
Robin Borden (12) and Scott Swindall (12) each received awards for their achievements
in vocal music.

California Math League
Robert Jen (12) was recognized by the California Math League.

Reba Wharton Memorial Award
John Simmons (12) received the English award, Tracy Morrow (12) the Social Studies
award and Reesa McCoy (12) the languages award.

Girls' Athletic Association
Linda Fithian, Paula Gooderum, and Jennifer Read received these scholarships.

Irma Sutton/Sally B. Watlers Memorial was presented to Christina Ellis.

Parent Teachers Association Scholarship
Mary Lurena Everett (12) and David Oetting (12).

Bishop awaits retirement

Poly's English department will soon be lacking the skills of Mrs. Doris Bishop who has
announced her retirement beginning at the end of the school year.

Bishop's 17 year teaching career has been spent solely at Poly. She has taught ninth 
grade honors English and tenth and eleventh grade regular English.

She has also contributed her services for the past 11 years as Koala advisor.

Following her retirement Bishop looks forward to spending time with her family,
traveling, writing, and doing things she has little time for now.

Although her future is bright, leaving will not be easy. "I'll definitely miss the
students most," she smiles.
ROTC students receive awards -- (12th Grade Awards Below)
Key personnel who served this semester were Battalion Commander David Hobdy (12),
Deputy Commander Ramona Romain (12), Battalion Executives Officer Kelly Thompson (12)
and Command Sergeant Major Peter Arnold (12).

James Oana (12) received the Americanism Medal.

A Gold Excellence in Drill medal was given to Major David Breed (12).
Daisy Chain tradition continues for Poly's graduating Seniors

Twenty-five junior girls will lead the Poly High School class of 1983 at graduation

Out of approximately 40 girls, 25 have been selected to participate on the chain. 
They are: Soma Alford, Marci Aron, Traci Bice, Elaine Carter, Ellen Donlan,
Karen Ferguson, Vickie Junkert, Heidi Hoffman, Kathy Kjos, Christi Knox, Dawn Lowe,
Trina Mangione, Dagney Moore, Catherine Muller, Linda Murray, Lisa Poole, Jamie Press,
Lynette Rinehart, Denise Stadelbacher, Dana Thompson, and Carol Waterhouse.

Daisy Chain girls are nominated through an invitation or turn in a request to 
Mrs. Majorie Kross, ome economics teacher.  They must have at least 25 hours service to 
their school or community.

Beforehand, the girls must ask people if they may pick their daisies, then, the day
before graduation, the go around and acquire a few hundred daisies apiece. Then the 
thousands of daisies are formed into the traditional chain.

(Poly Spotlight page 2)

Smoke pollutes bathroom, causes others to suffer - by Kathy Kjos

The administration has graciously given the students two areas on campus for the
sole purpose of smoking. Unfortunately, some abuse this privilege and insist
on illegally using the restrooms to smoke.

In using the bathrooms instead of the smoking area, students force non-smokers
to suffer from the hazards of related to this unhealthy pastime. People who inhale the
smoke from the burning end of a cigarette are unknowingly inhaling a lethal gas
found in car exhaust, carbon monoxide.

Researchers have proven that inhaling second hand smoke gives the same results as
smoking first-hand. Because of the great concentration of smoke in the restrooms,
breathing in this area is dangerous.

Students who enter the restrooms leave with the smell of smoke in their clothes and hair.
Parents often detect the disgusting odor and unfairly question their children about it.

The use of matches and/or lighters in the bathrooms also poses a serious fire hazard.
A person could carelessly forget to extinguish his cigarette and start a fire.

The problem of excessive smoke in the restrooms is a complaint from girls particularly. 
The reason for this is the fact that all the campus aides are male and the girls'
restrooms are not part of their patrolling area.

Besides female teachers, the one woman at Poly who cold watch over the girls' restrooms
and help solve this annoying problem is Mrs. Mary Munoz, but because she is the 
supervisor of On Campus Suspension (OCS) and spends all her time there, she is 
unable to.

fortunately, the administration is trying to work out a rotation system between male
campus aides and Mrs. Munoz. This would allow her to leave OCS a few days a week
and check for smokers in the girls' restrooms.

Another alternative might be to lock up the bathrooms.

(Poly Spotlight back page (1983))
Sports Recap (1983)
Poly teams complete winning year - by John-Mark Staude

Poly athletic teams won nine out of 17 possible league championships. They qualified 
for the CIF playoffs in 16 sports.

This year's athletic achievements have placed Poly in the CIF semifinals five times
and a CIF 3A championship in boys basketball.

Fall sports led the way by winning league in water polo and girl's tennis. Both teams
went undefeated in league and made it to the CIF semifinals.

After placing second in league, the football team finally lost in the CIF quarterfinals.
Both the boys and girls cross country teams qualified for CIF by finishing second and
third in league respectively.

All three winter sports teams won the Ivy League. The boy's basketball team did even
better by winning the CIF division 3A and playing in the quarterfinals of the 
California State Tournament. The boy's team mounted an overall record of 30-3.

Girl's basketball won league for the fifth year in a row with a record of 17-4.
Soccer remained undefeated in league (9-0) for the third straight year.

Spring brought four more league championships and three second place finishes.
Golf won the league championship for the twelfth time in 15 years.

The boys track team, running an undefeated league season of five wins, had 123
individuals qualify for CIF including both relays. Girls track finished second in
league and had four of the eleven members team participate in CIF.

The girls swim team won league for the ninth year in a row with a record of 7-0 and
finished second in CIF 3A, while the boys team placed second to Indio with a league
record of 6-1.

Girls softball placed second in league to Arlington. The baseball team finished third
in league with a record of 10-4.

Badminton ended up fourth in the Sunbelt league. 

The boy's tennis t4am rounded out the year for Poly sports by winning league (15-0)
and winning the quarterfinals of CIF.

Poly has won the Sports Award, which goes to the school that wins the most
league championships, for the seventh straight year.
Seniors win athletic honors

At the senior awards night last Tuesday night several students won athletic honors.
John-Mark Staude won the prestigious Athletic Service Cup. Kelly Obeso won the all-
around female athletic award based on her attitude, enthusiasm and high degree
of skill. 

Reggie Miller and David Myers shared the male award based on their outstanding 
ability, leadership, and inspiration to others.

The Bill Mumma Award recipient, Matt Forstie, won a $100 cash bond based on his 
high scholastic achievement and his earning of varsity letters.

Dan Bennett and Tina Kopcha won the Athletic Scholar of the Year Awards.

This honor, new this year, is based on participation in sports and a high grade
point average.

The Girls' Athletic Association (GAA) presented Jennifer Read, Paula Goodrum,
and Linda Fithian $300, $300, $100 respectively for their service to the club.
Backpackers flee summer crowds by Kenneth Rosenberg

Many students enjoy the backpacking sport, but their reasons differ.

Jenne Harris (12) enjoys the "good exercise, clean air, and scenic views," but
dislikes the fact that there is "no where to go to the bathroom."

Blythe Skeen (12) also backpacks and enjoys almost everything but "mosquitoes,
rain, mud, bears, and wolves."

For Sheryl Miller (12), the most rewarding part is "skinny dipping in the cool
mountain streams."

Whatever your reason, if you plan to go this summer, be sure to contact the 
National Park Service as soon as possible for information and permit reservations.
Sports Quiz - Some Trivia:
Some Poly High School Sports Trivia by Derek McKown

Who has scored the most points in a game?
  Reggie Miller, 49 points scored in one game.
Who has the most assists in one season?
  David Myers, 152 in 1983.

Who has the fastest time in the 200 yard freestyle?
"Sippy" Woodhead 1:47:43 in 1980.
Athleletes star as al leaguers by Jeanie Gardner

Boys Tennis:
Julian Barham (12), Shawn Goodsite (12), Jeryl Keith (10), Beny Mascari (12),
Steve Matulis (11), and Matt Nagle (12).

Boys Golf:
Ben Theobald (11), 2nd place, Warren Snider (12) 5th place

Spotlight Staff

Editor-in-Chief   Carolyn Strong
News Editor       Linda Oakes
Staff             Kathy Kjos
                  Scott Moyer
                  Jamie Press
                  David Rosenblum
                  Vajerie Stadelbacher
Features Editor   Dan Bennett
Staff             Amy Bailor
                  Robin Borden
                  Liann Lech
                  Trina Mangione
                  Steve Matulis
Sports Editor     John-Mark Staude
Staff             Lea Appleton
                  John Connolly
                  Jeanie Gardner
                  Kenneth Rosenberg
                  Don Wight
Editorials Editor Jill Reves
Staff             David Bacchus
                  Martha Denham
                  Derek McKown
                  Thea Norman
                  Stephanie Silver
Business Manager  Sabrina Lee
Advisor           Mrs. Marjorie Herring
Printer           Hearne's Book Crafts

June 16, 1983

Ninety-Fourth Annual Commencement
Riverside Poly High School
Riverside, California

Poly High Field, 6:00 P.M., June 16, 1983
Class of 1983

Procession: Led by Daisy Chain ....................... Class of 1983
 Junior Girls with Highest Number of Service Hours

Invocation ........................................... Nobie Hill

Salute to the Flag ................................... Jill Reves
                                                       Senior Class President

National Anthem ...................................... Poly Band

Valedictory Address .................................. Martha Denham
                                                       Jill Reves
                                                       Stewart Rowlands
                                                       Carolyn Strong
                                                       Susan Wellenkamp

Presentation of Class ................................ Mr. Joseph E. Rile
Graduates of the Classs of 1983
Rose A. Abdulla Diane Marie Bartoo Christine Lucille Brooks Cara Ann Adams Todd Matthew Beasley Laura Ann Brooks Dawn Ellen Adams Vincente Becerra Greg Michelle Brown Don H. Ahn John J. Beck Gwendolyn Yvette Brown LaRoy Charles Alexander Richard Duane Beck Jana Michelle Brown Sandra Marie Alexander Tina Marie Bell Tregg Robert Brown Kevin R. Alford Daniel Rhodes Bennett Thomas Daniel Buchfeller Roxsann D. Almond Thomas Richard Bernath Susan Ann Burns Liliana Elizabeth Alvarez Kelly Ann Bishop Marc Phillip Burruss Theodore Raymond Amidon Stacy Blackburn Raymond A. Carbajal Christina Lynn Anderson Steven Brian Blanton Debra Clara Cardoza Mark Radon Anderson Robin Lane Borden James Michel Carpenter Karen D. Anthony Sharon Lynn Born Debbie Ann Casale Lea Jean Appleton James Cleveland Bowen Jay Robert Cassinelli Duane Maurice Armstrong Dawn Bowerman Donna Marie Cavanaugh Peter Orrin Arnold Peter James Bowie Paul Angelo Chacon Richard Anthony Avellino Cheryl Lynn Bowyer Kelli Lynn Chaks Carol Lynn Avey Timothy Bruce Boylen Nancy Irene Chavira Sandra Avila Keenan Marco Bradshaw Renee Maree Cheney Veronica Avila Tina M. Braggs Matthew S. Christley James Tolbert Babbage II Maria Anita Brandon Lori Ann Christoplis Kenneth Darin Baber Mercy Bravo Jacquelyn Michelle Christy Amy Michelle Bailor David K. Breed Ronald Eugene Chupp Jerry W. Baker Coleen Ruth Brewster Kevin Earl Clark Kim Balestrieri Paula L. Briceno Nancy Jean Clark Debbie Ann Ballard Maurice Bridges Reginald D. Clark Brian Kennedy Bannon Karl E. Brinkerhoff Rita Cly Julian Vernon Barham Michael Wayne Brogdon Vida Cly Shannon Ryan Coco Terra Lynnear Goolsby Vance Joseph LeGarde Jillian Mary Coconate Cretchen Mikael Gordon Lisa Deborah Levin David Alan Cole Diane Kathleen Graham Anthony Alan Lewis Lori Anne Condinus Christopher T. Grigsby Jennifer Jean Lowry Kathleen Dee Conner Deborah Lynn Gudmundson Ray Leroy Lozano John Robert Connolly Robert Joe Guzman Wayne Evan Ludwig Maria Conte Douglas James Hale Jay Cameron Luebs Kimberly Cooper Carolina Ana Hall Wendy Anne Maberry Christina A. Corvin Michael John Hallisey Ramon Macias, Jr. Mary Walker Courtney Shelly Elizabeth Hare Carolyn S. Mann Jonahan A. Covel Cathryn S. Harris Terri Lynn Marchando Thomas Fanning Coyle Jennifer Lynne Harriss Brad Anthony Marcotte Michael Victor Coyne John Douglas Harvey Paul O. Marinos John Carl Dalman LaJuana JoAnne Haselrig Michael James Martin Patricia Ann Daniel Karen Lynn Haworth Bernard Joseph Mascari Sonja Deneen Darby Dawn Michelle Hays Brian Scott McArtor Casselle Donnette Darling Deanna Hee Chryl Anese McBride Marian Tracee Davidson Kevin William Hemborg Dennis Jay McBride Eric D. Davis Vicki Annette Henley Ellen Lee McCormack Jill Renee Davis Laurie Sue Henson Diane Jeanne McCoy Mary Towns Davis Christopher S. Herbst Reesa Dawn McCoy Paul Michael Dean Aimee Katya Hernandez Shannon McDermott Christopher Alan DeGonia Paul Gerard Hernandez Nancy Jannette McDonald S. Scott Degnan Raymond Peter Hernandez Maureen McDonough David J. DeLorenzo David James Hobdy Jill Susan McGoon Martha Lorraine Denham Dawn Marie Holmes Tracy Yvonne McLaurin Daniel Joseph Dennington Eric D. Holmes Jennifer Susan McNeil Ilka Depken Leslie Jean Holsinger Roosevelt A. McRae Gwendolyn Lee Dermody Mark Steven Hopkins Leslie Jean Meacham Tod L. Deveny Natalie Lynne Horvath Anne McRae Meeker Theresa Ann DiPadova Ann Margaret Hubbard Patricia Benavente Mediola Devin Fraser Donner David Gunar Hughes Kelly Eileen Menzia Michele Renee Dowdy Karyn Kristine Hunley Richard Anthony Messer Rex Arthur Drake David Andrew Hylton Gary Alan Meyer Kelly Celena Deneen Duncan Nicole Kathleen Ivanoff Marbeth Anne Michowski Roger Vincent Duncanson Art Jackson Reginald Wayne Miller Leslee Ekwall-Adams Brett Wayne Jacobs Sheryl L. Miller Christine Marie Ellis Robert Jyh Jen Rhonda L. Mitchell Cathy Sumiko Endo Lisa Irene Johnston Spencer Jones Moeller, Jr. Patty Reiko Endo Robert Eugene Jones Kirsten Elizabeth Monson Mary Lurena Everett Robyn Stacey Jones Scott David Montague Marie Antoinette Falzone Ruben P. Juarez Danny Louis Moore Leah Linn Nalani Faubion Craig Scott Jutila Marilyn Elizabeth Moore-Speer Robert William Fite Mark Walter Kamrath Luis Moran Linda Marie Fithian William F. Kannor Kelly Ann Morgan Keith Bernard Fletcher Lisa Ann Kelson Gwendolyn June Morris Margarita S. Flores Kevin John Kidder Dana Raw Lauren Morrison Philip Don Floyd Jennifer E. Y. Kim Tracy Anness Morrow Thomas Joseph Forbes Catherine Ann King Kristi Alice Moss Arthur Zigler Ford Paul Douglas King Erin Marie Mott Matthew Charles Forstie Robert Preston King Jenifer Anne Mottershaw Julie Ann French Margaret Rose Kish Steven Scott Moyer Michele Barbara Friedrich Leslie Lyn Kleinman Adam Stephan Myers Scott C. Fulkerson Christine e. Kopcha Brian Keith Myers Christopher Alan Gables Barbara Lynne Kraemer David Thomas Myers Bradley Lyndon Gamson Marilyn Sue Kraft Matthew Christopher Nagle Anita Dianne Garcia Scott Eric Krajian Kelly Lynn Nance Jeannette Akatherine Gardner Kyle Anthony Krivanek Franz Joseph Nasluchacz John Michael Gayer Jill Marie Kross Krista Diane Nelson Cynthia Anne Geerlings Victor H. Krummenacher Thao Thi-Phuong Nguyen Jeffrey Paul Geldreich Diane Ellen Krupsaw Nanette A. Nickson Kari Maria Gill Hanh V. Lam Sharon L. Nielson Charles Darren Guirbino Edward C. Larsen Linda Elaine Oakes Vitaly Glozman Douglas Allen Larson James Peter Oana Scott David Golz Michael Joseph Larson Kristopher George Ober Ralph Perez Gomez Loretta Ann Lazier Denise Kelly Obeso Paula Lynne Gooderum Thanh Le Juan V. Ochoa Brian Goodpaster Barbara Liann Lech Gary James Odebralski Shawn Kalin Goodsite John E. Lee David J. Oetting Troy Allen Goodwalt Sabrina Tracy Lee Michele Lynn O'Neal Sheila Ann Ott Daniel Scott Rudd Jeanne Carol Thoele Nancy Helen Ottenfeld Brian Douglas Rusaw Laura June Thomas Victor Padilla John Carlton Russell Kelly Michelle Baker Thompson Yolanda C. Padilla William James Sackett Malerie Lynne Thompson Leone Maximillano Palagi David Jean Sailor Maria Rene Thompson Brian L. Pallesen Mario Victor Sanchez Brian F. Thomson Beryl A. Palmer John Paul Sandra Debra Anne Thurman VonAaron A. Palmer Kurt Robert Schesser Carrla D. Toews Becky Lynn Peckels John Robert Schirmer Cary Bent Townsend Dan Michael Pedersen Lisa D. Schneider Linda Marie Trimm Jane Michelle Pelowski Susan Julianna Schrader Matthew Frank Turnbull Joseph a. Penrod Lori Lynne Sebree Joselito Tuscano Jon Joseph Perone David Christopher Semones Cheryl Ann Veth Matilda Jane Phanara Stephan David Serfati Robert R. VonPertz Susan Marie Pierce Ann Catherine Shackelton Thao Thi Vu Robert John Pina Stephanie Ruth Silver Jens V. Wacker Maxine Susannne Pinedo John Bradford Simmons Phil Edward Walsh Anita Louise Polite Ronda Lee Simpson Candy Renee Ward Jennifer Diane Pool Don Kurt Sims Kelvin Kenyatta Ward Clarissa Yvonne Poole Blythe Marie Skeen Theresa Marie Ward Whitney Megan Presser Lisa Rena Smith Scott Alan Warren Duglas I. Prosenik Nanette Marie Smith Brian Hans Weber Martin Ramirez Peter Dolen Smith Karin Ursula Weber Andrew Richard Ramos Rhonda Sneed Donald Ian Weir Sandra Josefina Rangel Warren Kirk Snider Bryan Burke Welker Leslie Flint Random Sherry Ann Sommers Susan Jean Wellenkamp Lesli Anne Rapp Mike Howard Sompayrac Theo White, Jr. Ruta Raterman Valerie Stadelbacher Tobin Lee White Shawna Lee Ravsten Kathryn Louise Starling Linda Marie Whiteman Michael Dean Rayburn John-Mark Gardner Staude Timothy Ray Whiting Jennifer Elsbeth Read Valerie Ann Steenhoven Adrian Dante Williams Jill Chrisine Reves Douglas Brian Stevens Dawn Marie Williams Donna Sue Ritter Jennifer Margaret Stewart Valerie Jean williams Eric Lance Robertson Carol Lee Stinchecum Lori-Anne Louise Willis Lisa Ann Rocha Angel Sheri Stowers Alan Ford Wilson Eric Wayne Roeder Carolyn Jeanette Strong Brock D. Wilson Brooke Mari Rogers Earl Dean Stuller Kerri Sue Wiltchik Ramona Irene Romain Michael Lee Sullivan Lisa C. Winship Gina Lyn Rosales Kenneth Scot Swindall Michael Francisco Wong Robert Stephen Ross Michael Sean Taber Suzanne Elaine Wulfing Bobbie Tyanne Rounds Lavarro Taylor John Peter Wynne Stephen P. Rountree Dean A. Teague Richard Christopher Ybarra Stewart Eliot Rowlands Keith Allen Terwelp Jacques Stalder Yeager Lisa Marie Theis
A Brief History of Poly High School High school classes have been conducted in Riverside since 1875. the first classes occupied a room in Lincoln, the first elementary school in Riverside. Later, the classes were moved to the old YMCA building at Sixth and Main Streets. In 1887, they were again moved to the old Grant School and in 1890 diplomas were issued to the first graduating class. In 1902, a Science Hall, Classics Building, and shop building were built on the Terracing site for high school boys. In 1924, the Applied Arts Building was added and the school became coeducational. The ninth graders were sent to the junior high schools and the buildings became known as Poly High School. Poly was relocated to its present site on Victoria Avenue/Central in 1965. About Riverside Community College District (RCC) Located on 108 acres in downtown Riverside, the City campus was built on the site of the former Riverside Poly High School. Several of the original buildings acquired by the District from RPHS still stand and serve our students. The first classes were held here in September 1916. RCC Riverside is one of California’s leading community colleges and is a landmark in downtown Riverside. It is also home to the RCC President’s Office and the Board of Trustees. The Riverside Community College Quad Beginnings In 1924 the first two buildings of the Riverside campus quadrangle were constructed. One was for a library; the other mostly for sciences. These buildings are now historic landmarks and are the oldest extant buildings dedicated to junior college instruction in California. The Quad, now named for Arthur G. Paul, was expanded in 1928 and 1932, and eventually completed in 1950. Recognized as a beautiful structure, the Quad owes a great deal to the vision of Paul and to the architect G. Stanley Wilson. Much of this construction was done to provide a more collegiate atmosphere for the institution; however, Poly High School was still just across the street, and the junior college was often referred to as “Terracina Tech,” a deprecating remark that would endure to the 1960s. Riverside Community College Raises Funds to Build the new Poly High School The new facility for Poly High School was decided for a site about two miles away from Riverside Community College. Of course this would involve considerable funding, but once again the citizens of Riverside came through in 1962 and passed a six million dollar bond issue to allow the college three million to purchase the high school property and three million for its own building program. link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1983 Poly High School Senior Pseudo Awards (Predictions/Winners) Awards voted for by the students of Poly in 1983. Winners Below:
Most likely to Succeed Dan Bennett Jill Reves Einstein of the '80's Robert Jen Carolyn Strong Age Fifty and Still Partying Shawn Goodsite Sue Schrader Most Sex Appeal Toby White Lisa Levin Longest Morning Preparations Roger Duncanson Tracy Morrow Biggest Ego Bobby King Lisa Levin Politician of the Year John-Mark Staude Valerie Stadelbacher Cutest Ted Amidon Maria Brandon Male/Female Chauvinist of the Year Warren Snider Carolyn Strong Best Body Bobby King Mary Courtney Best Dressed Roger Duncanson Mary Towns Davis Most Spirited Jerry Baker Tracy Morrow Space Case of the Year Billy Sackett Lisa Winship Nicest Eyes Keenan Bradshaw Kelly Menzia Biggest Gossip Roger Duncanson Tina Kopcha Class Clown Jerry Baker Robin Borden Nicest Smile John Wynne Jennifer Lowry Best Posterior Toby White Karin Weber Frat of the Year Roger Duncanson Mary Towns Davis Most Likely to go Bald Jerry Baker Tracy Morrow Jock/Jockette of the Year Reggie Miller Kelly Obeso Best Legs Toby White Maria Brandon Most Friendly Tommy Forbes Tracy Morrow Cutest Couple David Myers & Mary Courtney Playboy/Playgirl of the Year Toby White Lisa Levin Most Likely to Become a Millionaire Jacques Yearger Jill Reves Best Personality Tommy Forbes Ann Hubbard Eighteen and never Been Kissed Dan Bennett Kelly Nance Best All Around Person Roger Duncanson Ann Hubbard
------------------ Text from, "The 1983 Poly Spotlight Newspaper" Link Photo from, "The 1983 Koala Year Book" Link Poly High School Class of 1983 Link Poly High School Class of 1983 Reunion Link ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Year Reunion Recap for the class of 1983 Riverside Poly High School Class of 1983 Twenty Year Reunion October 25, 2003 Held at the Riverside Marriott See the Riverside Poly High School Class of 1983 current Twenty Year Class Reunion Class Photo Link Thanks to all who served on the reunion committee: Dave DeLorenzo, Ruta Raterman, Diane Graham Gregori, John Perrone, Maria Bradon, Roger Duncanson, Susan Schrader Sweica and Gina Rosales Note: The ten year reunion for the class of 1983 was held at the Mission Inn.
UPDATE: What type of music were we listening to in 1983? (1983) Music - Top 100 Music Billboard Magazine link
Top 10: Youtube: Sample Music from 1983. 1. Police - Every Breath You Take link 2. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean link 3. Irene Cara - Flashdance... What A Feeling link 4. Men At Work - Down Under link 5. Michael Jackson - Beat It link 6. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart link 7. Daryl Hall and John Oates - Maneater link 8. Patti Austin and James Ingram - Baby Come To Me link 9. Michael Sembello - Maniac link 10. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) link
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Poly Class of 1983

Reunion Update
Poly High School Class of 1983, Please Contact me and let me know what you have been doing and I will post the update here on this page for other classmates to enjoy. Link Thank you, Paul Dean The current facility, Riverside Poly High School located on Victoria Avenue was opened to its first class in September 1965. See some school Photos of Poly students during 1982-1983. Link Some Poly Pride Memorabilia from 1982-1983 Link Riverside Unified School District link FACEBOOK: Riverside Poly Bears Football link Go to the current Riverside Poly High School Football web page. Link Riverside Poly High School Band link Riverside Poly (1973) Pictures link 2012 - Poly High School Basketball Schedule link Dell Roberts recognition in the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame link Other Poly High School Sites Link