August 3, 2004:

Below: Conversations With Jeff Peters on July 28, 2004 Twin Galaxies Guinness Book Referee from Upland, CA, for the 3rd Annual Masters Tournament of June 28 1985:

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Paul Dean, spy hunter champion, has had to find every referee and player
from 1985 and interview them and get them to talk to Walter Day before
Walter Day will consider giving Paul Dean his title back on spy hunter from
the tournament that Paul Dean won in 1985.  

Paul Dean is also required to find all the paperwork that was sent to
Twin Galaxies regarding the spy hunter settings of the 1985 tournament. 
Remember that Paul Dean is just a player who showed up for a tournament and
not an internal referee or judge or anything else, but yet he is required to 
act as a referee, detective, lawyer and interviewer in order to get his high 
score back.

Below: Conversations with 1985 TG Referee who was in charge of Spy Hunter Verified
settings on June 28, 1985 at Upland, CA, Jeff Peters.

Jeff Peters (1986) Link

1986 United States National Video Game Team
Guinness Players Biography Link Golden Age of Video Games Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Original Message ----- Jeff Peters From: Paul Dean To: Jeff Peters Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 1:17 PM Subject: spy hunter verified settings TO: Jeff Peters, Walter Day is suggesting that my spy hunter score of June 28, 1985 did not have verified settings, and he says that he can't be sure that the score was done on proper Twin Galaxies settings, therefore the score must be moved from the current high score players list. Do you have knowledge of whether or not my spy hunter settings were verified as being under Twin Galaxies settings before being printed in Guinness 1986? Please forward me any information or statements regarding TG Settings on my spy hunter game in Upland, Ca. in June 28, 1985 and what referee standards were in place at that time at that arcade. I will forward that information to Walter Day in order for me to get published in the next book. Walter Day is suggesting that if the spy hunter was on easier settings that would be the reason for my high score that modern era players cannot compete against. I had Phil Britt talk to Walter Day and this helped as well. Phil was watching my game in the Masters Tournament and was able to give Walter Day a blow by blow on my performance. Even after both of you came forward to help me, Walter had said that I have to replay the game to proof to him that I am the best. My injuries have kept me out of any type of game playing and frankly I don't believe I want to give up years of my time in order to prove to Walter that I did in deed get the high score.
It would be great if you emailed Walter Day as well regarding TG settings for my game played at that time. Thank you for your time! Take care, Paul Dean p a u l d e a n (no spaces in e-mail name) Paul Dean/Spy Hunter --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Below E-Mail has specific TG internal information left out, but the direction of this email is supportive of Paul Dean's spy hunter score which was done on June 28, 1985 at Upland, CA in the 3rd Annual Guinness Book Masters Tournament. Paul Dean would like his spy hunter Championship Title Back without discrepencies ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jeff Peters (world champion - pole position) To: Paul Dean Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 Subject: RE:spy hunter verified settings Paul, I do remember that we went around verified settings on arcade games that were in our locale, which yours would fall in. Spy Hunter didn't have drastic changes in settings like other games (like Robotron, Joust and Star Wars), so its not like you had unlimited lives or anything. Here's what the settings were: 3 cars to start 1 car is score at end of timed section is 10,000 pts (2 cars if at end of timed section is 18,000 pts) Extra cars at 30,000, 60,000, 90,000 and 120,000 pts Difficulty #3 These setting are input in the TEST MODE, not inside the dip switches (so it makes verifying them easy since the back of the game doesn't have to be opened up). One interesting thing, is to tell Walter to put the game on the easiet setting and see if his good Spy Hunter players can get close to your score. I know they won't be able to since there's little different between difficulty levels, but at least that would show that the settings are irrelevant. Regardless of that test, the settings on your game were correct. We spent so much time back then verifying scores and settings AND WE WATCHED YOU DO IT that I don't see that your score can be in question. UGH! As for standards in Upland, we went around with the staff and made sure each game was set correctly. Compared to today's arcade game enthusiasts, we had an advantage in getting good scores....there was nothing else!! When a new game came out, we all jumped on it and competed and tried to improve scores. Nowadays, everyone has multiple things to lose focus on. Each week 20 new games comes out and no one really spends the same amount of time on the old arcade games as we did. If a player today had the same determination, focus and pressure coming from other players focusing on teh same game for months and months, then we'd see their scores get higher and higher. I'm trying to beat teh Bubble score at the moment and so far, I haven't been able to do it. I'm not claiming the high score is false, I just know I'm missing a few things....after all IT IS THE BEST SCORE IN THE WORLD so it SHOULD be really hard to beat :) Point is.... I've seen you play. Phil and others have seen you play. We were some of the best arcade game players of the time, and THEN we still couldn't beat you!! :) If WE couldn't beat you then, why would anyone expect that someone focusing 1/3 of their time on that title to be able to beat you now....dunno. I think it's unrealistic. Focus of today's players is so different and the skills they've developed is different. I don't think asking you to repeat your score is quite much has changed for everyone since those years. I feel strongly enough to keep pressure on this issue and not let them start changing stuff. I think it's just a matter of different types of game players raised on different types of games. There's not as much pressure these days for someone to get good at an arcade game and since fewer people are doing it, there's not much comparing of notes and such (like we all did at Castle Riverside and similar places) which in turn helped each other out with getting better. Take care, jeff (Jeff Peters - 1985 Golden Era Twin Galaxies Referee)

----------------------------------------------------------------------- June 3, 2004 E-Mail Message from Mark Longridge, Twin Galaxies Referee states that he has no problem with Paul Dean's spy hunter high score ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Paul. Just so you know where I'm coming from... I have absolutely no problem with your Spy Hunter score, but I have no authority to rescind or reinstate any of the arcade scores tracked by Twin Galaxies. All I can do is make a recommendation. I only judge scores played on the MAME emulator. Before I had any contact with you I had some email correspondence with Jeff Peters who indicated to me you were a great Spy Hunter player. As I said before I believed your score was genuine. If I had known that your injuries were very serious I would have not even suggested that you re-game in the future. I merely thought it would be interesting to see you play, as I do enjoy watching expert players and it's always fun getting together at Funspot when possible. Obviously your health is _far_ more important than any video game. Here's hoping all goes well. As far as I'm concerned your score still stands. I'm not an expert at Spy Hunter but I have heard that David Neal of Hamilton Ontario has scored over 2 million points. This is not an official Twin Galaxies score, merely a score that a friend of mine told me about. I only mentioned it to give evidence that scores over 1 million have been achieved before. If you look closely at my site you will see that all the Guinness scores from 1985 all appear as they did in the Guinness book with a few spelling corrections and no scores have been removed. Best regards, Mark Longridge (Modern Era - Twin Galaxies Referee) Mark Longridge ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Phil Britt Witness Statement for Paul Dean's spy hunter score ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FROM: Phil Britt (world champion - paperboy) TO: Paul Dean Hey Paul: Sorry I didn't get a chance to fill in the info you sent me. I have been out of town quite a bit lately and I am behind in a lot of things. They called me though a few days ago - Walter and some other guy (I can't quite remember). We talked at length about your score and they approved it. Do they still need the paperwork? I got the impression that the talk was good enough. Phil ----- Original Phil Britt, Player of the Year 1985 Paperboy Undefeated Champion Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Danny Carranza Witness Statement for Paul Dean's spy hunter score ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FROM: Danny Carranza (world champion - Outrun) TO: Paul Dean - Friday, May 22, 2009 Hi Paul, My name is Danny Carranza I also played in the Mid 80's with players like Jeff Peters, Phil Britt, MLS (Mike Sullivan) (1985 - Return of the Jedi), JKJ, Ron Perelman 720 Degrees Champion, Tim Uydea, Mark Haber (1986 - Arm Wrestling), Mark Foster (1986 - Speed Buggy (South)), among others. Got two players together for some kind of reunion, by the way love your website. I don't get how Twin Galaxies could of took your score off there website or scoreboard, THAT'S A JOKE I was there that day in Upland it was a sit down machine! Mark Haber and I watched you eat lunch while your boat was in the water! We watched Kelly Kobashigawa get the Hyper Sports World Record, I guess it was a West Coast thing, NO question about it your the best in Spy Hunter. Gilbert "Danny" Carranza - Las Vegas, NV 1980's Guinness Video Game Scores Link ----------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information, go to this page on the internet: For more information on Twin Galaxies, go to or call Walter Day at (641)472-1949. ------------------------------------------------------
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