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n. 1. The act of desolating or laying waste; destruction of
      inhabitants; depopulation.
      Unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
      - Dan. ix. 26. 

   2. The state of being desolated or laid waste; ruin; solitariness; 
      destitution; gloominess.
      You would have sold your king to slaughter, . . . 
      And his whole kingdom into desolation.
      - Shak. 

   3. A place or country wasted and forsaken.
      How is Babylon become a desolation!

Desolator An authentic re-creation of the arcade hit "Halls of Kairos" Spectrum 48/128K + 2 Sega Desolator Halls Of Kyros Category: Arcade

Link Copyright: Orig: Alpha, Sega C64: U.S. Gold Prod. Year: ? Programming: Source Graphics: Source Sound: ? Distr. Media: ?
====================================== D e s o l a t o r - Link (c)1987 US Gold (Desolator) ====================================== An authentic recreation of the arcade-hit "Halls of Kairos" Title Year Publisher Language Type Model Desolator 1988 US Gold Ltd English Maze Spectrum

The Mission:
Your mission as Mac is to fight your way through the castle owned by Kairos - the great satan, and free the captive infants (called "Peters" here) held behind mysterious mirrors. Smash the mirrors to break kairos' evil spell and upon completing your quest, transform into the invincible MachoMan and desolate all in your path !!!!!! So far to the story.......
Run/stop - pause Space - jump Fire - punch (joystick)
Mac the hero enters the castle to save the Peters and once the Red Peter is secured he gets a power up which transforms him into the invincible MachoMan.
Telephone: transform all of the enemies of which one is the secret invincible character. Gas pipe: your enemies disappear if you destroy the tip of the gas pipe. Energy bomb: can destroy the enemies in a straight line. Peters: Red Peter gives you a power up to transform you into the invincible MachoMan. Blue Peter increases your speed. Getting 2 of them in 2 steps results in attaining the maximum speed. White Peter enables you to score Green Peter gives you additional lives.
Timekeeper Characters:
Bat: When Mac stays in the same room for too long, it comes to attack him. Bee: Just as with the bat when Mac is in the same room for an excessive period of time, this comes flying at him.
Bonus Characters:
that were transformed when destroying the telephone. Capturing these items will score you points. Angel: the deburacho and gaburacho bros transform into angels. By capturing them, you become invincible. Panda: dom transforms into a panda Cat: parjo and zombies transform into a cat. Devil's Child: capturing this will cause you to lose your earned power up. Kairos, the great satan: only his head appears in stage 1 and a multiple kairos in stage 2 can attack you in various ways. You can easily destroy him by reading his movements in advance. Bajo, Kairo's mother: manipulates zombies in stage 3 and parjoin stage 4. She moves swiftly and fires flame shots from her cane. The only way to down her is to anticipate where she will move, wait in ambush and hit her when she leasts expects it. Henchmen: lower ranked henchmen, who when making contact with Mac absorb his energy. You can easily punch them. The one in the blue suit requires one punch and the other in the green suit requires two punches. Parjo, Kairos' daughter: she has a basketful of apples which she throws at Mac and goes away once pursued. If you corner her, punch once and she'll fly away screaming. Jidan, the castle's guardsman: hiding himself in the straw and boxes, he attacks swiftly when Mac comes close to him. Fireman: suddenly appears or ambushes mac on the bridge. He fires flame shots while obstructing Mac, he can be sent flying by a punch. Armor: attacks by throwing his sword. Barrel: rolls towards you, but by punching it, it can be turned into one of your weapons. Jar: if skillfully handled can become one of your weapons. Under it you will find a question mark. Depending on your score when capturing the mark, the enemy may change. Clock: stops enemy movements momentarily. Mine: step on it and you lose a life. Doll: the on-screen enemies disappear when destroying the laser emiting doll's head. Deer's Head: the on-screen enemies disappear when you destroy it by punching only whilst no flame is emitted. Mask: just as with the doll, destroying this causes your on-screen enemies to disappear. Warp: mounting this will take you to a completely different place. Energy: increase your energy by capturing this. Money Bag: increase your score by capturing this. Boomerang: can destroy your enemies on the curves. -------------------------------------------------------------

Desolator Name: Desolator Publisher: US Gold Copyright Date: 1988 Minimum Machine: 48k Spectrum Format: Cassette Type: Arcade Maze Review of Desolator from Issue 40 Link The evil and congenitally nasty Kairos has kidnapped the entire population and imprisoned them in his dark castle. Mac, hero of the coin-op, Halls of Kairos, is called into immediate action: his quest takes place over five multiloaded levels within the vertically scrolling fortress. This stronghold comprises passages, chambers and walkways - all of which are viewed from above, Gauntlet style.

Desolator: Loading Screen A charm has imprisoned the children in the many mirrors hanging from the castle walls. They are rescued and saved from a fate worse than death by punching the mirror panels and collecting the toddlers as they are released Progress is impeded by Kairos and his cronies: henchmen absorb energy on contact, fire men fire flame shots and swordsmen unleash a continuous volley of sharpened knives. Mac's dwindling energy is shown by a bar at the top of the screen: should this level drain to zero, then - you've guessed it - big Mac becomes a feast for the worms. Desolator

1986 US GOLD Initially, the hero has no armour and can only fight hand to hand; however, by punching rolling barrels and collecting bomb icons, he can improve his weapon power. Picking up nine infants temporarily transforms vulnerable Mac into his incredibly hard and rugged alter ego: the invulnerable Machoman. For a few brief moments he can march through the villain's castle without fear of harm and with his underpants on the inside of his trousers - unlike some superheroes we could mention.
Desolator: Halls of Kyros Game Basic Moves: Wandering through a castle, punching out the guards, knights, and samurai looking dudes, picking up powerups (like a boomerang, etc.) and it's a strange game, but it is rather fun. Points are boosted by collecting a series of treasures scattered around the levels; these occasionally materialise when certain icons are gained or landscape features destroyed. Points possessed on capturing these determine exactly how much Mac's score improves or the strength of enemy forces changes. At the end of each level, Mac encounters a particularly daunting set of enemies - these have to be killed before he can move on to the next. In the spirit of ZzapBack, you can have your say about how the game reviewed above, stands up in the cold light of today. Has it aged badly or is it still worth a few plays? Read other peoples thoughts and post your own. The hero of this game must a real 'ard man, because he starts his quest with no weapons. The only means of defence at his disposal are his own bare hands, with which he beats the hell out of all and sundry in his seemingly eternal search for the Peters (Mary? Peters and Lee?). Graphically, Desolator is pretty awful: chunky, garishly coloured blobs cripple around seemingly like-minded backdrops. Sound consists of an ear-grating tune that plays constantly: reaching for the volume button is highly recommended. The action is boringly repetitive: punch a few baddies, collect the goodies lying around, hit a few more nasties, etc. To make things worse, our heroic warrior can very often walk through the meanies without sustaining any damage. Sorry, US Gold, I can't say that you have got a winner with Desolator... If a game featuring Blue Peters, telephones, dolls, pandas, castle sketches and a person called Mac whose alter ego is Machoman, isn't odd, I'll eat my Walkman. In spite of such strange elements, though, Desolator almost manages to be a good game. Playability-wise, it's very competent, though at times the player is under-equipped to coping with hordes of malevolent firemen and cats. Not that you can really tell they're firemen and cats, mind you, because the graphics do tend to leave a bit to the imagination. Once you work out what sprite is what, it's apparent that there's a fair bit of variety to the action, certainly enough to hold the player's interest for several hours. It's just a pity that its superficial ugliness may discourage all but the most perseverant and unless you're feeling particularly affluent, I would check out what else you can get for a tenner this month. Desolator

Short Release Statistics 1984 2 1985 3 1986 3 1987 7 1988 3 1989 3 1990 5 1991 2 ???? 7 Alphabetical 720°, 1987 Ace of Aces, 1986 Bounty Bob Strikes Back, 1985 California Games, 1987 Combat Leader, 19?? Crack Down, 1990(?) Desert Fox, 1985 Desolator - Halls of Kyros, 1988 Dream Warrior, 1988(?) Dropzone, 1984 Dynasty Wars, 1990 E-Motion, 1990 Forgotten Worlds, 19?? G-Loc R360, 19?? Gauntlet, 1986 Gauntlet II, 1986 Ghouls'n Ghosts, 19?? He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, 1987 Human Killing Machine, 1989 Italy 1990, 1990(?) Moonwalker, 1989 Out Run, 1987 Outrun Europe, 19?? Psycho Pigs UXB, 1988 Road Runner, 1987 Rolling Thunder, 19?? Shackled, 1987 Shadow Dancer, 1991 Solomon's Key, 1987 Strider, 1990 Super Monaco Grand Prix, 1991 Thunder Blade, 1989(?) Thunder Hawk, 1988(?) Time Tunnel, 1985 World Cup Carnival, 1984 Chronological Combat Leader, 19?? Desolator - Halls of Kyros, 19?? Forgotten Worlds, 19?? G-Loc R360, 19?? Ghouls'n Ghosts, 19?? Outrun Europe, 19?? Rolling Thunder, 19?? Dropzone, 1984 World Cup Carnival, 1984 Bounty Bob Strikes Back, 1985 Desert Fox, 1985 Time Tunnel, 1985 Ace of Aces, 1986 Gauntlet, 1986 Gauntlet II, 1986 720°, 1987 California Games, 1987 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, 1987 Out Run, 1987 Road Runner, 1987 Shackled, 1987 Solomon's Key, 1987 Dream Warrior, 1988(?) Psycho Pigs UXB, 1988 Thunder Hawk, 1988(?) Human Killing Machine, 1989 Moonwalker, 1989 Thunder Blade, 1989(?) Crack Down, 1990(?) Dynasty Wars, 1990(?) E-Motion, 1990 Italy 1990, 1990(?) Strider, 1990 Shadow Dancer, 1991 Super Monaco Grand Prix, 1991 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full title Desolator Year of release 1988 Publisher US Gold Ltd (UK) Producer/Author(s) Source Software Ltd (Ross Harris) Tie-in licence Sega Enterprises Ltd (USA) (arcade coin-op) Machine type ZX Spectrum 128K Number of players 1 Controls Kempston, Interface II, Cursor, Redefineable keys Type Arcade: Maze Message language English Original price £8.99 (£12.99 for disk/microdrive version) Availability Available as both Perfect TZX and non-TZX Protection scheme Alkatraz Protection System Additional info Appeared on tape 1, side A of the compilation Go Crazy (US Gold Ltd) Remarks The original coin-op from Sega was called "Halls of Kyros". Score 6.00 (6 votes) Desolator "Save the Children" - Map

Kyros Alpha Denshi 1987 Videogame


Kyros © 05/1987 Alpha Denshi. Licensed to World Games for manufacture and distribution. This game is known in Japan as "Kyros no Yakata". Beat-'Em-Up. Release Data. Kyros, Alpha Denshi, 1987 This arcade game is a port from an original computer game called 'Desolator' released in 1986 on the Atari ST. Programmers : Akira Kobayasi, Hiroyuki Ryu, Hideo Samoda Sound : Satoshi Magitani Designers : Pop House, Keniti Sakanishi Producer : Hatsue Honba Ochya Kumi : Tomoharu Lunch : Wakana Title: Kyros Manufacturer: Alpha Denshi Year: 1986 Hardware: Main Processor: MC68000 (16-bit; 6 MHz) Sound Hardware: Z80 (8-bit; 3.579545 MHz); YM2203 x 3 (3 MHz); DAC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kyros Video Game Play Description A multiscrolling overhead view beat 'em up where the player has to fight various punks & monsters. The player has to free prisoners, and after freeing the one in the red (or other non-white clothes) the player's character becomes strong and muscle bound (pants turn purple). There are other special items like a clock that if punched will freeze enemies for a short period. There are also items that turn enemies into treasure/money or turn them into chickens or angels. When the player touches the angel, he will be invincible for a short period, and every enemy he touches will die. There are also bags of money lying around, and weapons that can be obtained by walking over the icon that represents them. Some include boomerangs and magical fire. There are also energy refill icons marked by an "E". The player can sometimes kill every enemy in a region by punching & destroying the heads that shoot fire. He can also kill multiple enemies that are lined up by punching a pot that's in front of them & wiping them out in a chain reaction, or also by punching a closed door when they are next to it. The enemies can also hurt the player with the door, so caution must be used. There are warp tiles in certain areas so that the player can get around the levels. Some enemies like the wolves like to gang up on the player & take a lot of energy away while doing this. The muscleman can pin the player down & start beating him so that the player has to press the attack & jump buttons quickly to get back up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Several Screen Shots: Link Emulation Status Emulator: MAME Playable: Yes Sound: Yes Note: The version emulated by MAME is a clone with a 1987 copyright; the original by Alpha Denshi has to be dumped ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kyros Manufacturer: Alpha Denshi Year: 1987 Class: Wide Release Genre: Scrolling Fighter Type: Videogame Details (according to MAME) Chips cpu: 68000 , 6.00MHz cpu: Z80 , 3.58MHz - for audio audio: YM2203 , 3.00MHz audio: YM2203 , 3.00MHz audio: YM2203 , 3.00MHz audio: DAC Video Screen: raster Orientation: vertical Resolution: 224 x 256 Frequency: 60.00Hz Audio Channels: 1 Input Players: 2 Control: joy8way Buttons: 2 Coin Slots: 2

Controls/Input Device: Control(joy8way), Buttons(2) Number of Players: 2 System/ConversionClass: SoundMix: Mono Developer: Manufacturer: World Games Inc Publisher: License from/Copyright: Creator: Coder/Software: Graphics/Artwork: Music: SoundFX: Kyros World Games Inc, 1987. Games Manufactured by Alpha Denshi:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Manufacturer Year Type Blue's Journey Alpha Denshi 1990 Videogame Bull Fighter Alpha Denshi 1984 Videogame Exciting Soccer Alpha Denshi 1983 Videogame Exciting Soccer II Alpha Denshi 1984 Videogame High Voltage Alpha Denshi 1985 Videogame Kyros Alpha Denshi 1987 Videogame Ninja Combat Alpha Denshi 1990 Videogame Planet Alpha Denshi 1979 Videogame Super Stingray Alpha Denshi 1986 Videogame Thrash Rally Alpha Denshi 1991 Videogame World Heroes Alpha Denshi 1992 Videogame -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KYROS ----- COMP SIDE CKT SIDE ----------- ---------- 1 +5V 1 +5V 2 +5V 2 +5V 3 PL1 UP 3 PL2 DOWN 4 PL1 DOWN 4 PL2 RIGHT 5 PL1 RIGHT 5 PL2 LEFT 6 PL1 LEFT 6 PL2 PUNCH 7 PL1 PUNCH 7 8 PL1 JUMP 8 9 9 COIN 1 10 1 START 10 COIN 2 11 PL2 UP 11 PL2 JUMP 12 VID GN 12 13 VID BL 13 2 START 14 VID RED 14 15 SYNC 15 16 GND 16 GND 17 GND 17 GND 18 GND 18 GND 1 +12V 1 +12V 2 2 3 +5V 3 +5V 4 SP+ 4 5 SP- 5 GND 6 GND 6 GND Here are the Dip Switch Settings for KYROS made by Alpha Denshi in 1987 DIP SW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ------ ON DEMO SOUND OFF OFF DEMO SOUND ON COIN/CREDIT OFF OFF OFF 1/1 COIN 1 ON OFF OFF 1/2 OFF ON OFF 1/3 ON ON OFF 1/4 OFF OFF ON 1/5 ON OFF ON 1/6 OFF ON ON 2/3 ON ON ON 3/2 OFF OFF OFF 1/1 COIN 2 ON OFF OFF 2/1 OFF ON OFF 3/1 ON ON OFF 4/1 OFF OFF ON 5/1 ON OFF ON 6/1 OFF ON ON 7/1 ON ON ON 8/1 OFF OFF 3 # OF MEN ON OFF 4 OFF ON 5 ON ON 6 OFF EASY ON HARD OFF TABLE ON UPRIGHT
Kyros Video Game MAME v0.37 Beta 2 Binary! The binary for MAME v0.37 beta 2 has been released. Download it from the M.A.M.E. MAME v0.37 Beta 2 Released! MAME v0.37 beta 2 has been released! This release supports the following new games: Pipe Dreams [Bryan McPhail, Aaron Giles] Tail to Nose [Nicola Salmoria] Poly-Play [Martin Buchholz] Kyros [Bryan McPhail] Other Versions of Kyros: Kyros No Yakata (Japan) Alpha Denshi Co. 1986 -


Monitor: Orientation: Vertical Type: Raster: Standard Resolution CRT: Color Conversion Class: JAMMA Number of Simultaneous Players: 1 Maximum number of Players: 2 Gameplay: Alternating Control Panel Layout: Single Player Controls: Joystick: 8-way Buttons: 2 Sound: Amplified Mono (one channel)

Description: A very impressive vertically scrolling beat-em-up with cool monsters like Dracula. Kyros No Yakata (Alpha Denshi, 1986) This is the original version of Kyros which was licensed by World Games Inc. It's a walk-along beat'em-up type maze game where you collect bonus items and have to reach the end before 1000's of baddies kill you. Fairly enjoyable for about 1 minute ;-)

Kyros {Alpha Desnhi}

Kyros PC Board Kyros Kit Alpha Denshi/World Game '87 2 Player Action Based Game

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